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Superstars Testing Patience




Superstars Testing Patience


When fantasy hockey owners prepare for the draft there is a group of players that are basically guarantees. Well sometimes they just don’t pan out, and this year seems to be one of those years. For some crazy reason there is a group of usually consistent point getters that just are not producing.


Many owners are impatient and wonder what they should do? Should they offer a trade? Or, should they just drop the struggling star? That would definitely be a last resort, but I think the best advice is to just be patient. Go with the averages. If a player has been a strong performer for three or so years, just be patient. Believe me you will regret it if you hastily replace that superstar. It is frustrating, but use logic. Can you honestly tell me that you believe that Crosby will still be struggling come mid-season? I did not think so. Here are the superstars that are off to a rocky start.


Ryan Getzlaff – The Anaheim Ducks forward is in a serious slump. He has still not recorded a goal, and only has 5 assists in 11 games. He is a -5, and honestly has been a non-factor in many of the games this season. He is a big strong forward, and will pull through this slump.


Jakub Voracek – The Philadelphia Flyers forward was amazing last season. Voracek racked up 81 points in 82 games. This year he is off to a horrible start. He has 0 goals, and 5 assists in 15 games. His point totals are terribly off pace, and he is one player that I just don’t feel confident that he will turn it around. Yes he will improve, but he is playing under a new coach in Dave Hakstol. The system is different, and the team is struggling to learn to play it. Things will improve, but he will be hard pressed to turn it around totally.


Sidney Crosby - Crosby is the best player in the league. He has 2 goals, 5 assists for 7 points through 14 games. It is seriously off his normal pace, but there is no need to panic. Crosby is clutch and the points will start to come. He is just way to talented for this to carry on much further.


Nick Foligno – This was the year that many experts had as Foligno’s breakout year. Well, not so much. Foligno is struggling like the Blue Jackets he plays for. In 16 games, Foligno has 1 goal and 5 assists. His scariest stat is his -11 plus/minus. This is horrendous for a very gifted power forward. As things fall back into place for the Blue Jackets look for Foligno to pick up the pace in the points category.


Sergei Bobrovsky – Another Columbus player that just can’t find their groove this year. In his defense, he has not received any help defensively or point production wise. His confidence is shot, and he has been plain horrible. He is now 4-9-0 with a .882 save percentage, and a 3.64 goals against average. Well think of it this way. If you own him, things cannot get worse, it’s all up from here.



* Photo by USAToday Sports Images


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