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Can it get worse than this?



Wow what a rough weekend for the Blackhawks. On Friday, the Hawks could not escape the Avalanche at the UC and were shutout 4-0 and last night they gave up a two goal lead to the Deadwings and lost 3-2 OT. During last night's game with the Wings, Sharpie absorbed a slash on his left arm as he scored the second Hawks goal. No penalty was called. Moments ago we learned that Sharpie will be out 3-4 weeks. It is believed that he has a broken wrist.

The Hawks are now on a four-game losing streak and are watching teams glide past them in the Central Division standings.

It is becoming more evident that the Hawks (as I have said before) could use a second line center and they need another top 4 defenseman in the worst way. And now add to the mix a left wing, given the fact that Sharpie is out up to four weeks.

Hawk fans these are just some of the issues facing the Hawks. Another issue is the overall team character, although improved over last year, some are still a a bit lazy and undisciplined as compared to other top teams in the league. Example, it is becoming evident is that Patrick Kane needs a firecracker lit under his ass. He has three goals in 23 games and his back-check is terrible and in my opinion, he is making bad decisions and playing poor hockey. Hey Q, send him a message and sit him a game!

Hawks' fans, nothing is going to get easier any time soon. After Columbus and Minnesota this week, here’s how it looks, in order: at Detroit, vs San Jose, vs Buffalo, vs Florida, at Nashville, vs Nashville, at Vancouver.

Stay tuned tomorrow as the Blue Jackets come into town.

Thanks for reading.


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Sharp will be a huge loss for the Hawks. You can add the Flyers to the list of teams that need another top 4 defenseman.

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