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Something has Got to Change



The Wild are now winless in its past seven on the road (0-6-1), with only five goals in that stretch. It's now 1-8-3 (five out of a possible 24 points) in its past 12 overall. They have gone from first in the NHL three weeks ago to seventh place in the West. Mike Yeo said after the Vancouver shutout that the timing of it couldn't be better as the team took a couple of days to regroup in Banff, but nothing has changed. The Wild only could put pressure on Kiprusoff in the first eight and final six minutes of the game against the Flames. No offense to the Calgary Flames, but if you want to be in the postseason, that was a game which was an absolute necessity to win.

The offense just isn’t there. This team plays with no emotion, no heart, no desire. They seem unable to play with a physical edge. Scandella in particular has no confidence right now, indecisive, and afraid to make a physical play. Today he was sent down to Houston and center David Mcintyre was called up.

Is it coincidence that upon Zidlicky’s return is when the team stopped believing in itself? Zanon has been benched a couple of games as a healthy scratch. With 8 defensemen currently on the roster could Fletcher be looking to trade a d-man for a forward to help generate some much needed offense?

So I put this up this suggestion to the Flyer fans on this board. Would you trade a forward such as Matt Read to Minnesota for either Zidlicky or Zanon?


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I have not seen either of those guys play much but I can tell you I would not do that. Matt Read in in the same boat as Sean Couturier, those guys are going NOWHERE other than Flyers unless you are bringing back a Suter/Weber type of d man. I would consider shipping out JVR before Read.

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Interesting.....both Zanon and Zidlicky played with Hartnell and Timonen with the Predators.

I'd hate to give up Read but your probably looking at at least a top 9 forward in trade. That would be tough.

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Fletcher did have a strong interest in Matt Read as well as Holmgren. I think Holmgren however gave a better offer especially when it came to stating the possibility of Read making the NHL right away.

As 101 stated both Zanon and Zidlicky played with Timonen and Hartnell so I can see the possibility of either one of them being trade bait to Philly. Zidlicky has better puck moving skills and for the most part plays the PP. Zanon is more the stay at home, steady gritty defenseman. His drawback is he has slowed a step in his speed.

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Everbody had an interest in Read. He was arguably the most highly sought after College Free Agent. He chose Philly as much as Philly chose him. That's the kind of cache the Flyer brand has. I don't mean that in a smarmy way either - it's just a fact.

Minny already has their version of Matt Read - Casey Wellman. He could turn out to be a good one. A RH sniper is a valuable thing and he is still learning the NHL game after putting up decent AHL numbers. He's had trouble staying healthy though. Anyway, I digress.

Personally, I'm not interested in either Zidlicky or Zanon. The latter is too slow for me - a plodder - and Zidlicky has had a serious concussion recently. Too risky IMO.


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Wellman is a nice player he has good skating speed and nice skills. Although Read chose to play for the Flyers he did attend camp with the Wild the prior summer. The Wild do a decent job in drafting Minnesota HS players as well.

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They tried to sign him during the summer of his Jr year, but Read wanted to stay at Bemidji State University. Read captained that team and wanted to give it another try to win an NCAA championship. Frankly, I think Holmgren assured him he would play in the NHL opening day, if he earned it. With that I believe Read was offered a one way contract as opposed to a two-way that the Wild offered.

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