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Is Islanders Halak Available?




Is Islanders Halak Available?


The solid playoff performance of Thomas Greiss has started the talk that goaltender Jaroslav Halak may be available this summer.  The 31-year-old Halak was a little upset at the end of the year with the goaltending setup in Brooklyn.  This talk fueled the rumor fire and speculation even more.  To bring speculation up another notch, Arthur Staple of Newsday reported that Islanders General Manager Garth Snow is very high on Greiss, and suggested that he is ready to make the step up to NHL starter. 


Halak has been a strong starting goalie in the NHL since his amazing run with the Montreal Canadiens in 2010.  He also had a strong stint in St. Louis and Washington.  Halak has proven himself as a strong starting NHL net minder, but he has been injury prone.  Halak has two years remaining on his $4.5 million dollars a year contract.  His contract does not have a no-trade clause. This would make things a little easier for the Islanders.  


How much would Halak fetch on the trade market?  I think he would be a great transition goalie for a few teams.  His value may be limited a bit because he has been injury prone, and some teams may balk at his $4.5 million a year.  Other teams may look at it as a value because he is only locked up for two years.  Personally I look at his salary as a positive.  The Islanders may also look at dealing him as a cost cutting move that will free up some space to supplement their forwards. 


The Islanders have Thomas Greiss under contract through the end of next season.  Jean-Francois Berube and Eamon McAdam are prospects in the system that the Islanders are high on.  Berube would probably fall into the back-up role behind Greiss if this were to happen. 


There are a number of teams that just might be interested in Halak.  Calgary would be a good fit.  He could fill the nets for two years as they prepare for prospect John Gillies.  Dallas would probably be interested, but their hands are tied with the goaltender contracts they currently have.  Arizona may be interested, and Edmonton may just want some insurance for Cam Talbot.  Carolina may also need reinforcement in net.  Calgary looks like the most likely landing spot, if this transaction came to fruition. 


* Photo Credit- USAToday Sports Images



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Greiss is a career backup and I do not think much of him. Nothing there,

Berube is not really much of a prospect. Nothing there either.

That said I agree with the premise that Halak may not be the answer for long in net. He is getting up there in age, and he is starting to become brittle. I think if he had stayed healthy the Islanders may still be playing in this round. His health failed the team.

 IMHO if the Islanders can find a taker for Halak they should go after someone like Frederik Andersen or Varlamov, or even a Jake Allen. All could be had in the right deal in the offseason.

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I question if Greiss is ready to start too.  But I question about 40% of the starters.  I am not sure anything will happen with this, but decisions need to be made.

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6 hours ago, InsideEdge said:

I question if Greiss is ready to start too.  But I question about 40% of the starters.  I am not sure anything will happen with this, but decisions need to be made.

I agree wholeheartedly. Greiss does not do much for me, he is not the answer unless the question is who is a capable backup. Berube is already 25 and was waived out of Los Angeles even after the Martin Jones trade so they did not think much of him. He is, IMHO an organizational third goalie at best.

  Halak is past his prime and the Islanders are loaded. Kids like strome, Nelson, Anders Lee and then throw in Barzal and Del Colle along with Tavares and the remaining vets, this is a team primed with tough and skilled young forwards simply chomping at the bit. They need a skilled young goalie to complete the team.

  I like to play around with trade scenarios, which teams need what and how they match up, to me the Ducks and Brooklyn are perfectly mated for a deal. The Ducks lacked offense for much of the year, especially secondary scoring after the top line. I think they match up perfectly with a trade along the lines of:


Anders Lee for Frederik Andersen


 Lee is big and a net front presence but expendable because of Del Colle and Barzal chomping at the bit and the hope that Strome is ready to take the next step. It is a scenario that makes too much sense for both clubs which is why it probably would never happen, lol, but I would do the trade in a minute if I were either team. Then swap Halak for whatever you could get, Calgary would give up a high second rounder in al likelihood as they need a veteran goalie to bridge a year or two until Gillies is ready.

  Just my two cents worth. Thanks for posting these.

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