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The Play It Forward Foundation - Our Story



"When I was a small boy, my love for the game of hockey grew while watching the game with my dad.  We would enjoy the time spent together just as much as the game itself and created a bond that can never be replaced.  My dad passed away as I started playing the game, but my love never strayed and built friendships that have lasted a lifetime. Through that time I was fortunate that members of the hockey community were there to help my family and I pick up the broken pieces left over from my fathers passing and help ease our grieving as much as possible by limiting the stresses of getting to practice and games.  I remain eternally grateful to these families and will never forget them.  This is why the Play It Forward Foundation exists today.  Many of those same people who helped my family in our troubled times are working closely to help others in need."   - Jeff Pagano, Founder & CEO 

Inspired by the compassion shown from others, Jeff Pagano, a youth hockey coach in New Jersey, began to think of ways that he could help give back to his local hockey community. Jeff knew that he wanted to find ways to support hockey organizations in his town, but more importantly, he wanted to spark his own chain reaction; one that would encourage everyone in the hockey community to find a way to “pay it forward”.
Returning to his roots, Jeff enlisted the help of a few of his former youth hockey teammates, all of whom had stayed active in the hockey community. As the group began to share ideas, the framework for the Play-it Forward Foundation quickly began to emerge.

At the Play-it-Forward Foundation:
The core mission of our organization is to provide assistance to youth athletes who are struggling to overcome circumstances that significantly impact their quality of life


Building off of Jeff’s original concept, the Play it Forward Foundation serves as a catalyst in developing a culture of generosity within the hockey community. In addition to providing direct assistance to local programs, we work to encourage all members of the hockey community to find a way to give back to the sport.
At the heart of our program we believe that the true power of this great sport is in the strength and camaraderie of the people who play it, so we are encouraging everyone within the hockey community to get involved, and join us in helping to Play-it-Forward.

and join us in helping to Play-it-Forward.


Learn More about our organization at http://www.playitforwardhockey.com/ 


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