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SkyLand Kings Coach Continues To "Skate It Forward"



Allen Magie, coach of the Skyland Kings squirt white team and winner of the first "Play It Forward Award" is back at it this year with his "skate it forward" campaign which which promotes teaching his players to give back to the community and those who are in need. They have started our season with green stick tape in honor of liver cancer awareness. The Players each have a bottle that they are filling with spare change and will add to it throughout the year. Coach Magie will then match any amount raised and all collections will be donated to a hospital of their choice.

Last season Allen was the head coach for the Skylands Kings Squirt Gold team which consists of 9 and 10 year old players.  Each month Allen would purchase a stick tape depicting a color for a cause that we were going to raise money for and skate for throughout the month. When he would distribute the stick tape to his players each month, Allen would speak with them in the locker room along with their parents to give them some background about what they were raising money for each month.  


His vision was to teach the kids to "Skate It Forward" by learning to give back to the community.  Allen wanted to instill in my players that their parents work very hard to pay for them to play the great sport of hockey and as players they are extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to skate.  He wanted them to learn that not all people are as fortunate and in today's world, kids CAN make a difference by stepping up and learning to give back. 


Allen was presented with the first "Play It Forward Award" at our Casino Night in June 2016.  The award is given out to someone who embodies our mission and values within the hockey community.


To read the full story and see what other charities benefited from this great group of hockey people click here

Up next in October, his team will be skating with pink camo tape for breast cancer and are selling pink pucks for breast cancer awareness. Great work, coach!



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