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Week 1 Power Rankings



What a first few days of the NHL season! Austin Matthews and Connor McDavid are showing why they were taken number 1 overall. Toronto continues to suffer bad loses. The Penguins are flying without Sidney Crosby right now.


Here are my thoughts on the teams after the first week:


1- Washington Capitals (ranking last week: 1) - Caps lost in a shootout to the Penguins. They are still one of, if not the best team in the league. Over the next few weeks, we will find out how good they are.

2- Pittsburgh Penguins (2) - The Pens won the Stanley Cup last year. They beat the best team regular season team in the league last season. With a healthy Crosby, this team could challenge them the Capitals are the best team in the league this year.

3- San Jose Sharks (4) - Newcomers Boedker and Schlemko looked good in a good game against the Kings. No reason to doubt this team right now.

4- St. Louis Blues (6) - Two division wins to start the year? Things are looking good! Grabbing Nail Yakupov for basically nothing looks GREAT right now!

5- Nashville Predators (7) - Any questions on if PK Subban fits in this system?

6- Tampa Bay Lightning (8) - Nikita Kucherov is back, but questions on defense after a poor showing against a Red Wings team that struggled to score last year arise.

7- Florida Panthers (5) - Johnathon Huberdeau is a big lost to this team.

8- Chicago Blackhawks (3) - Let's face it: The 'Hawks did not look good through two games. The talent level of roster suggested they are still a good team. They need to start acting like it.

9- Anaheim Ducks (9) - Not a lot of evidence in either direction on the return of Randy Carlyle. We'll see how they look in a few games.

10- Dallas Stars (11) - Not a bad start beating the Ducks in the first game of the year.

11- New York Rangers (13) - Maybe this deep team can score enough to not rely on King Henrik as hard in the past. Brandon Pirri looks like a steal right now.

12- New York Islanders (12) - So-so game against the Rangers hopefully won't be the norm for this team with high expectations. 

13- Philadelphia Flyers (14) - Did you stay up to watch the game against the Kings? Maybe you should make an effort to watch this team.

14- Montreal Canadiens (15) - Carey Price is not back just yet...

15- Boston Bruins (19) - I know it's the Jackets, but the offense, particularly Brad Marchand (who is WAY underpaid this year at $4.5 mil) is rolling.

16- Edmonton Oilers (18) - Captain Connor McDavid. 'Nough said.

17- Minnesota Wild (16) - Thoughts on Eric Staal thus far: playing better than last year. What does that say about his play this year though?

18- Los Angeles Kings (10) - Watch out: Johnathon Quick is on IR. Carey Price effect?

19- New Jersey Devils (17) - Cory Schneider is still Cory Schneider. The Devils still can't score. What else is new?

20- Carolina Hurricanes (20) - Kids could be a shocker this year. The 'Canes can score, but can they score against good goalies?

21- Ottawa Senators (21) - I'm not sure how to feel about the Senators. They did basically nothing in the offseason, which is not a good thing. But they are fun to watch so far.

22- Toronto Maple Leafs (28) - Austin Matthews is a huge star in the making. Will Nylander looks good on his wing. The future is bright in Toronto.

23- Detroit Red Wings (23) - They put up four on the Lightning (including the weirdest goal of the year, maybe all time). Does this mean the offense is going to last?

24- Winnipeg Jets (24) - Conner Hellybuck is bound to experience some growing pains. Jets miss Trouba. That is obvious.

25- Calgary Flames (25) - Brain Elliot has looked like very Flames goalie since Miikka Kipursoff. Not a good sign.

26- Columbus Blue Jackets (26) -  Seth Jones looks good. The offense is not bad. The rest of the defense is...?

27- Colorado Avalanche (27) 

28- Buffalo Sabres (22) - Jack Eichel and Evander Kane missing a significant period of time puts this team back into the rebuild mode. Maybe next year is the year?

29- Arizona Coyotes (29) - Still not going to be a playoff year for the young Coyotes. They should be fun to watch, though. And they should steal some games against some of the better teams around the league.

30- Vancouver Canucks (30) - Year by year, I question the management of the Canucks more and more. Now you lose Etem? Maybe they don't value young players at all.




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