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Stalemate in Winnipeg



Stalemate in Winnipeg


The Winnipeg Jets opened the season with a victory over the Carolina Hurricanes and then dropped a heartbreaker against rival Minnesota.  Not a terrible start for a team missing one of their key defenseman.  Restricted free-agent Jacob Trouba is still out of the lineup due to a contract dispute.  The young defenseman has requested a trade out of Winnipeg, but general manager Kevin Cheyeldayoff is digging his heals in and taking his time with the dilemma. 


The Jets are not willing to give up Trouba without a healthy return.  A return that many teams are not willing to give up.  The Jets are in a very strong position, and hold the cards on this one.  They have until December 1 to sign the restricted free agent.  If they do not, Trouba will not be eligible to play this season.  Judgment day will be here before you know it. 


So who is this stalemate affecting more, the Jets or Trouba?  My guess is Trouba.  Hockey players want to play and truthfully sitting out is not helping his contract asking price at all, and who knows how a whole season away from the NHL would change his value.  Darren Drager discribed the ramifications for Trouba, “Because the one thing that every player wants more than anything is playing and the ice time. And this isn’t necessarily out of his control. I mean, he put himself in this situation by deciding that he was going to withhold his services and demanding the trade, and it hasn’t worked out.”  The heat is on young Trouba to figure this one out.  All signs show that Cheveldayoff and the Jets are in no hurry fix this situation.  The cards are in Trouba and his agent Kurt Overhardt’s hands. 


The Winnipeg Jets have always worried about players not wanting to play in a cold, small market city such as Winnipeg.  I highly doubt that they will let him off the hook easy and outrage their fan base by throwing in the towel.  This will be a message sender, so look out Jacob Trouba.  It does not look like this one will be ending anytime soon. 

 NHL: Trade Talk

-       The Los Angeles Kings have been kicking the tires on goalies around the league.  Word is that they have been looking at Ondrej Pavalec in Winnipeg.  Just don’t think they have to pay that big of a price tag for a fill in netminder.  Jonathan Quick was injured in the first game of the season, and it looks to be a long term injury.

-       New York Rangers have been looking to make a move for defenseman Jacob Trouba or St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk.  With an early season injury to Dan Girardi the Rangers just may need to hit the hurry button on this one.

-       Everything looks very quiet on the Anaheim Ducks and Hampus Lindholm contract dispute.



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