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On Intangibles (a small addendum)

More Hockey Stats


Original post.


One "intangible" being tossed around is "motivation" of the players. Which brings memories of an episode I was witness to.


In 2003/04, in the Israeli Top Tier Chess League (which is indeed no slouch) our club managed to assemble an outstanding team, featuring, among others, a former Champion of Russia and a former Champion of Europe. I was part of the management team, and orchestrated bringing the first of the two, who also happened to be my childhood friend back in Leningrad, Soviet Union.


And so, in round III we were to face our main rival for the title, and the club's GM (also a pedestrian chess player) gathered the team and carried out a pronounced motivational speech, how we have to beat the team we're facing, and so on, and so on.


We lost 1½-4½ without winning a single game and lost any chance for the championship we could have.


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