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End of the Road



blog-0258361001326317396.pngThe company I worked for picked a good weekend to send me to Atlantic City for work. I missed the 2 and a half games over the weekend. Loses to Carolina, Winnipeg, and Toronto. I walked off the plane last night and the first thing I saw on the TV at the bar outside my gate was a 2-0 Leafs lead last night. I said to my co-worker "It's like I never left". That score would hold up. The Sabres combined for 3 goals in their last 3 games. Vanek, Pominville, and Myers being the 3 goal scorers. A scary trend teams are starting to figure out with this team is stop 26 and 29 and your going to beat the Sabres. Vanek left last nights Leafs game early with the flu and the Sabres offense produced almost nothing, besides Gerbe ripping it off the post late in the 3rd. Vanek has 19 goals on the year and Pominville is at 14, the next closest is Luke Adam with 10 who hasn't scored since Europe I think. The Sabres as a team have 107 goals for meaning that Pominville and Vanek are responsible for 30% of the scoring this team does. The two have a combined for 83 points on the season and have combined for 242 shots on the season. Nobody else on this team fears anybody else and why should they? Stafford and Roy don't want to play hard consistent, Adam is in a rookie funk (Ruff thinks McCormick and Ellis will help get him out of it), Gerbe hits iron like it's nobody's business, Leino has been hurt and produced little when he plays, Hecht is Hecht, Ennis hasn't played all year, Gaustad is useless, Kaleta is even more useless now that he gets a penalty for hitting, Boyes is the new Ales Kotalik (only good in shootouts).

Now to Ryan Miller who is doing his best to play himself right out of town in the offseason. He makes some good saves, but at least 2 goals a game go right through him. This also seems to come at the most critical times in the game, starting to become a trend (Game 7 vs Philly last year and Crosby goal in the Olympics to name a few). He just seems to not be able to handle the pressure when things are the hardest. Once the Sabres are way out of playoff contention he will put together a solid run. Hello A-Rod. He currently sports a 3.01 GAA and .902 save %, he also makes 5.25 million dollars.

I said I wanted to wait until Myers is back to offically kill this team, well he has played 3 games and all have ended with an L. One point against Toronto, Winnipeg, and Carolina just simply unacceptable. Now have lost 9 of 10, I am almost getting into Bills mode with the Sabres. Bills mode means I hope they lose as many games as possible and get the best draft pick they can.

Friday should be a home game at the FN Center for the Leafs, Sabres fans are making Panthers games seem like a party. There's no life in the arena, you could hear a pin drop. All of the Sabres faithful just wait for the bad to come and most nights they are not disappointed. This team as currently constructed shows no enthusiasm or sense of joy. Watch this team after they score, it's like they just lost their dog. Nobody is happy on the bench no smiles and they just go through the motions. Go to a pre-game skate you will feel the doom and gloom this team lets surround them and it shows on the ice.

For those Pegulaville faithful hoping to see a new coach behind the bench your day may be coming. I honestly would be shocked if both Regier and Ruff survive the month of January. After games against the Leafs and Islanders the Sabres end the month with a lovely road trip making stops in Chicago, Detroit, Winnepeg, St. Louis, NJ, and Montreal. Then they come home to start Feburary and host the Rangers, Bruins, Stars, Tampa, and NJ. Not to mention the West Coast trip to start the month of March which the Sabres are annually poor at. I think after another poor month of January where the Sabres will accumulate single digit points for the month, Terry Pegula will have enough and no choice other than to send Ruff and Regier packing.

With no trade in sight with the patient Regier at the helm the Sabres seem to destined for more boring 2-1 loses.


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Time for a coaching change.Hardly a novel idea since 7 other coaches have been fired in the first half of the season. Ruff has been there a long time, time to go.

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If you see a guy named Rick walking the streets mumbling to himself in Rochester (possibly near a Applebees) please call the authorities!

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