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Connor McDavid



In this post, I will talk about Connor McDavid who is a Canadian player in his second year that plays at Edmonton Oilers and is taking the league by storm. His numbers are incredible for a player in his second year and are leading in almost all categories. He is leading the league in assists and points. It is probably not the only blog that I will write about him in his career. There will be more in the future.


I see him play in Edmonton and I admire his skill and abilities. He and Matthew from Toronto blessed with amazing skills and abilities.He has an amazing ability to skate and control the puck even in tight spaces. I see him a lot of times taking the puck from his zone and going all the way to the goal without anyone succeeding in taking the puck from him. He also has an amazing ability to steal the puck from the opponents and making scoring opportunities from nothing.

Another quality that I admire in his game is his unselfishness play. He will always think of his teammates, and a lot of his points come from assists because of that. I also, love about him that he doesn't force plays in the offensive zone and he will pass to his teammates if they have a better shot and better scoring opportunity.

He is very dangerous, and you can never leave him alone especially in the offensive zone. He can score or generate a scoring opportunity for his teammates whenever he wants. Most of the time you don’t see him coming. He will sneak in on the opponent and with his speed will steal the puck. Because of that, the opponents need to stay on their toes and always be alert of where he is on the ice all the time. One second that they let their guard down could cost them.

He has an excellent orientation in the offensive zone, and he knows where to stand to get the rebounds or to jump into the play, which leads to a lot of scoring opportunities and goals.

Another quality that I admire about him is his mentality of a team player and that he will do everything the team needs and isn’t afraid of a physical game and also isn’t afraid to take hits for his team. He will do what the team needs from him to gain the win.


He has a quality that all the great ones have, and that is modesty, which in my opinion is the most important thing, just like Wayne Gretzky and Sydney Crosby have.  He doesn't brag about his skills and always treats his teammates favorably and acknowledges their contribution. Even with all the success that he has he plays hard and doesn't take all the credit, which is very important in my opinion. I think that this quality is what separates the great one and I see it in him. I saw a couple of interviews with him, and they asked him about his comparison to Sydney Crosby. He was modest and acknowledged to the press that he still has a way to go before he reaches the level of Crosby.


When I see him play, I see a huge resemblance to Sydney Crosby in his amazing abilities and skills. Also, in his style and approach to the game. He has the same devotion to the game and strives to improve his game and help the team win every game that he is on the ice. Also in all the analysts that I read, they are comparing him to Sydney Crosby, and even I remember that Wayne Gretzky said that he has the talent of Sydney Crosby. I couldn't agree more, and I think that he will have an incredible career in the NHL and on the world stage, as part of the Canadian Olympic team.


I am excited and blessed to see him play and his progress and in my opinion, he is on the way to be the next Sydney Crosby, and I predict for him a great career and future. I think that he will emerge to be a superstar in the league and one of the leaders in the Canadian team. He has an incredible talent and personality that I see in all the great players of the game.   It's only his second year, but you can already see in his game that he has the mentality and the skills to be the next Sydney Crosby of Canadian hockey.





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