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My Passion for Hockey



In this post, I will talk about my passion for hockey that came from my father and was part of the Canadian tradition that I inherited from him. I grew up on Christmas and all the Canadian holidays and traditions.


Hockey is a sport that I started to watch around 15 years ago, and I was addicted to it from the outset. I was and will always be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan as it's my father’s favorite team growing up and he passed the love for them to me. I love this game, and I am crazy about it and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Most of the games they don't show in Israel, and the games that they are showing on Fox aren't the Canadian teams, so I usually get up early in the morning to watch the games live and go to work afterward. If I don't work the day afterI usually stay all night to watch it. In this case, I sleep in the morning a few hours.


 In Canada, it’s a passion that you are born and grow up into it. It’s the most popular sport there. There is also baseball but now the only Canadian team, Hockey is like a religion, and it has this status in Canada. Is Toronto so I think it isn’t as big as Hockey. As I see it

I try to watch all the Games of the Canadian hockey team in the Olympics because they don't broadcast it on FOX sport in Israel I always need to try to find a site that I can watch through the internet. I love to see the games against the USA or Russia. I think the rivalry between Canada and the USA is one of the biggest rivalries in sports. It’s a rivalry for the prestige of who is better on the continent and in the world as both teams won the most gold medals on the world stages. Also, most of the biggest names in hockey come from these two countries. The rivalry between Canada and Russia is also an excellent one, and the games are taut and exciting, but it’s not like the rivalry between Canada and the USA. I don't think it's even close to it.


These three countries are the best in the world, and also Sweden is emerging to be a great team. In the last world tournaments, they had great performances. They even won the gold medal in Vancouver after they beat Canada in the gold medal game. But the most exciting and tense games are against the USA and every time that Canada wins it makes my day and usually a couple of days after. It’s a unique rivalry, both for the States and Canada. I know they often tease each other about which team will win, and I read about this in the media. Mostly it’s the Canadian team that has won the last big world championship tournaments, but in the last junior world championship tournament, the States beat Canada in the gold medal game. It affected me, and I was in a bad mood afterward.


Because of my love for the game, I have a subscription to the NHL Site that I renew every year. I watch all the Canadian teams and cheer for them as they are a part of Canada, and I want them to succeed. On the world stage, I will always cheer for Canada and try to watch all the games. But most of the time it is a problem to find the site that broadcasts them. I always follow them even if I don't succeed in watching their games and I take it to heart as I am a devoted die hard fan, both for the Canada Olympic Team and the Toronto Maple Leafs. But I want the other Canadians team to succeed, also. Hockey is my religion and passion.




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