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Canadian Hockey Team



In this post, I want to talk about the Canadian Olympic team and my thought about it. As it is the team of the country that my father was born and his family. Also, I have a Canadian citizenship and passport, and I also feel as a Canadian because they way that I raised.


I started to follow the Canadian Olympic team the same time that I was starting to follow the hockey. It is part of me and my love for all the Canadian hockey, and it's an important part of my being a Canadian. Also, it"s the pride of Canada and it's a significant part of me as a Canadian.

Canada has a fantastic team and always was at the top of the world with Russia and the USA. The team was also in the upper part in all the world tournament and having a dominant team. I am always a little sad that I couldn't watch the team in the 80s when Wayne Gretzky played, to see him play as he is a legend in Canada hockey.

In the last five tournaments Canada won four of them, and in 2010 it was the only one that they didn't win, they lost in the final game to Sweden. It was a heartbreaker loss that influences me a lot, I remember reading in the media about it, and I was in a bad mood after that for a long time.


Canada has surprising teams with a roster of fantastic players, every time they are putting up a great team. I see their games that I can find because it"s a problem to find a site that broadcast the Olympics, they are playing great, they are always coming through in a big way. Because of the status that hockey is in Canada which is the national sport, a lot of young kids going into the hockey and with the infrastructure that they have they develop a lot of great players. This result in that Canada has great teams all the time, and it leads to great success on the world stage.


I think that the mentality of the team that starts at the coach position which is Mike Babcock, all the way to the players. They have the mentality and desire the be the best in the world and always play hard. They always strive to perfection and to play the game correctly, and they have a lot of self-criticisms. I think that the hockey tradition in Canada is something to admire and to look up.


I respect in the Canadian team and system that they always strive to completion and have an amazing self-criticism. I remember that in the last world tournament even though won it all. But in a couple of games didn't play right, after that in the interview all the players and the coach mentioned it. They told in the interview that they were disappointed in their game and that they needed to improve, which is not obvious for a team to say it after you win the tournament in a dominant passion like Canada team did.

I think that it shows a lot about the team mature and able to criticize itself to get better. It demonstrates the mentality of always wanting to be the best and not settle for less even if you win and the mindset of a real profession.


In my opinion, Canada is the best in the world, and they prove it every time in the world stage, by winning all the last world tournaments. I think that their mentality and self-criticism is something to admire and shows their professionalism. They have an excellent system of producing great players each year. I am proud of the Canada team which gives pride to Canada and Canadian hockey.




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