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Mitchell Marner



This blog I would like to write about Mitchell Marner which is an amazing rookie, he leads Toronto with Auston Matthews to an incredible season. He is also one of the amazing rookies in the team that only 19 years old and have incredible talent and potential.


He has amazing abilities and skills which he implements them on the ice to help Toronto to reach their achievements. He has amazing skating skills, and he plays forward for Toronto and usually Babcock putting him on the same line as Matthew, which in my opinion is the perfect combination. Matthew has incredible shooting and Marner completes him by his amazing ability to pass the puck, even in tight situations in the offensive zone. He has an amazing ability to handle the puck and finding the perfect pass to his teammates.

Also, he has amazing skills of scoring, and he is at the top of the rookies in scoring and points. That is in addition to his skills of skating and passing. He is second only to Matthew which leads the team.

I think that the combination of Matthew and Marner is a great one and also they complete his other.

In my opinion, it's a fantastic combination that Toronto will only benefit from this. As they already benefit this season from the performance of this two amazing rookies, with the Nylander they are making robust and amazing frontline that makes a lot of points for Toronto.  I think that it might be one of the best frontlines in the league especially, that they are a young line and have a lot of time to play with each other. I think that this line: Marner, Matthews, and Nylander will only get better and will become a great line that will lead the offense of Toronto in years to come.


Marner is a big part of the system of Toronto and in their style of game that Babcock wants, which is "play right, play fast." It's a system of the game that I think is the right one for this young and talented team. There was a period that he was hurt and didn't play and Toronto didn't look the same, and he is an essential part of the puzzle of the Young and talented Toronto team.


I see his game and process during the year, and I think that I am blessed. To see how he develop his games and gets better every game. He is learning from his mistake, and I predict that he will emerge as one of the biggest stars in the NHL. He still makes mistakes during the game, but the mistake is getting fewer as the season progress, and I think that it's part of his learning curve, I sure that as he will get more experience and will only play better.

With Auston Matthew, Zach Hyman, and  William Nylander. They will form the next four superstars in Toronto which will lead them to a great future.  I think that Toronto needs to build around This amazing young talented players, which Marner is among them.


I think that Toronto needs to sign him also on multiple contract deal, that he can lead the team to a bright future and success. He is an essential piece from the big four stars of Toronto, which include: Auston Matthews,  Mitchell Marner, William Nylander, Zach Hyman.




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