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Ottawa Senators



In this post, I will write about Ottawa Senators which is the capital of Canada and has a great hockey team. In the last couple of season Ottawa was at the top of the league, and this year they have a fantastic year.

This year Ottawa finished second in the Metropolitan division and not far from Montreal, there was a part in the season that she was very close and only two points separated them. But then they had a series of injuries to key players that caused them to lose some games, and it was a concern that they might not make the playoffs. But in the end, they got all their stars back and finished the season strong and in second place.

Ottawa has an excellent and balanced team, and they have a great offense and great defense which is leading by Erik Karlsson and 
Dion Phaneuf which they need to sign them to multi-years contract. They have high attack power and great defense that keep the opponent to a lower score. They are also very disciplined in their game and don't get unnecessary penalties most of the time. All of their games are close, and they have a situation to win in every game. I see a lot of games that they come from behind, and all the credit is going to their defense.

They did an upgrade to the offense when the trade for Burrows with Vancouver in the last couple of days in the trading date. With burrows, they have a lot of offensive tools that helped them to get far in the playoffs. They are a great team which in my opinion plays the game right, fast but with great defense. 

I think that the roster that they have now, it's an amazing one, and it's a steady one. I believe that this roster can lead the team in years to come, but they still need to do some upgrades and adjustments in the summer to go all the way. 

I think that Ottawa built itself in a right way with all the pieces to be a great team in the league and a playoff team for years to come. They are a well-balanced team with a great defense and offense. They also resilience team that can hold the leads in games or comes from behind, they have a lot of tools and can handle every team in the league.

They had a great run at the Playoffs this year and reached the Conference Finals only to lose to Pittsburgh in seven games. They got great performance from their stars players and from their goalie which in my opinion had a fantastic year and playoffs. I was sad that they didn't get to the finals as the last Canadian team that reached this phase in the playoffs. I was glad to see that Sydney Crosby won it as he is my favorite player in the league and Canadian Hockey.


I In my opinion, if they will keep the same roster and build around it then they will have a great team and will be a playoff team for years to come. Hopefully, they will win the Stanley Cup in a few years. I think that they are on the right path and if they will continue on the same route, I see a bright future for the team and will be one of the Canadian teams that will succeed in the league.


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