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Vancouver Canucks



In this post, I will talk about Vancouver that is a Canadian team that was at the top of the league until this year. They reached the Finals seven years ago but lost to Boston in seven games.

Vancouver has been building itself on a roster that based on the Sundin brothers, they are great players and having an incredible career. They are from Sweden that emerges to be an excellent hockey team that is in the top of the world stage. They achieved a lot of milestones in their careers and had high numbers on their resume, they will go to the hall of fame and will have their numbers taking out after the will retire.
Vancouver was also at the top of their division and conferences, with Montreal the most consistent Canadian teams that succeeded in the NHL and reached the playoffs every year, but it's not the case this year. This year they won't make the playoffs.They had great teams through the years. But the roster got older, and they didn't refresh the lines with young players. I think that if they want to have success in years to come, they need to update their lines.

I love the Sundin brother, but in my opinion, they are over their peaks and Vancouver need to start thinking of promoting young and talented players that will play along with the Sundin brothers, it will give a chance for young players to learn from the experience of the veteran players. They need to take an example from Toronto and Edmonton and to start building on a core of talented young players. When I see Vancouver games, I don't see a young prospect that I can say that he will carry the team and will take the Sundin brother place and roles.
The style of the game is base on speed, and most of the successful teams are relying on it. I think that it is another area that Vancouver lacks in and they need to address it.

In my opinion, they need to start the rebuilding process from next year and to build on a young core of talented players that will play along with the veteran players. They need to find young prospects from the draft or the minor leagues, like Toronto is doing. They need to do as soon as possible, and it will be better now when the Sundin brothers are still playing on the team, they could be great mentors for the young players. The Sundin brothers can pass their experience and guide them how to play in the NHL, which will make their adjusting period shorter. I would love to see Vancouver get back to the shape that they were and back in the top of their division and conference. But in my opinion, if the won't start the rebuilding next year it will only hurt them in the long run. The sooner that they will initiate the process of reconstruction, it will be better for the team.


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