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The Website - A Page A Day, Part I - Home Page

More Hockey Stats



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The main page of the website shows the summary of all its features.

The site menu features the main statistical sections:

  • League - league-wide statistics
  • Teams - team-based statistics
  • Players - personal statistics
  • Coaches - statistics for the NHL coaches
  • Drafts - statistics for currently drafted players and the historical performance by draft
  • Fantasy - tools to help the fantasy player

On the top we have a ticker of the scores, as predicted by the model. The ticker is always scrolled to the current date, however you can navigate it back and forth using the two arrows at the edges. The away team is on the top, and the home team is on the bottom. The predicted score is in the Prdct column. The actual score is in the Act column. The projected winner is displayed in bold. If the prediction failed, the displayed teams will be painted red. We never adjust our predictions backwards. Only the scores for the current season are featured.

Then, on the top right we have three very important links that would help you with understanding the pages:

  • Learn More - about the methodology of the Website
  • Glossary - about the terms used in the pages
  • Blog - link to this blog which, as you see, also takes time to elaborate on the site.
We also display our latest addition to the website and the latest blog entry.
Then we have three random snippets in the columns. The snippets represent excerpts from the tables published elsewhere on the site and may change after each publication, which happens overnight. The snippets currently (hopefully they would become more diverse) are:
Only current season data is displayed in the snippets.
Below the random snippets we feature a permanent snippet that shows the best projected picks for the daily fantasy competitions. We provide a model-based evaluation of the expected score for players in the three most popular Daily Fantasy websites - Yahoo, FanDuel and DraftKings.
Below each snippet there is a link to the page with the full data.
At the bottom we have a collection of information links. Make sure you visit the Glossary and the About pages. The Links page has an ever-growing collection of hockey-related links. The Forum link leads to hockeyforums.net, the site we're partnering with - this blog is broadcast there as well. The Data section shows the software and the data sources this website is built with.


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