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The Website - A Page A Day, Part III - NHL's Yearly Tendencies

More Hockey Stats



Despite all the delays we move on to League's Yearly Tendencies.


This view shows stacked bars of various event counts per season in the NHL.All the stats are presented per game, since the amount of games played varied every season. 

For the first time we encounter the stat selection menu, on top of the graphs. On this page it features the following options:

  • Category of the stats
  • Stage of the games (Regular or Playoff)

Available stats are: 

  • Shots
    • Goals (available since 1987, from Boxscore reports)
    • Shots on Goal (available since 1987, from Boxscore reports)
    • Misses (available since 2005, from PBP reports)
    • Blocks (avaliable since 2005, from PBP reports)
  • Icings (available since 2002, from PBP reports)
  • Margin of victory (available since 1987, from Boxscore reports)
  • Penalties
    • Minor
    • Major
    • Fighting
    • Misconduct
    • Match Penalty
  • Goals per Game

The stats are available for regular season, playoffs and both stages combined.

The PBP reports from the NHL dating before 2005 are wildly inconsistent, thus we didn't use them for MISSES and BLOCKS.

We are using the wonderful d3js library for producing these graphs.

If you are an experienced Webmaster, especially with Javascript and CSS we would greatly appreciate the potential tidy-up and enrichment you could provide to these graphs. Your work will be credited for future reference! Write to us, or get in touch with us on Twitter. Thanks!

Possible future additions:

  • PowerPlay success
  • Minor penalty breakdown
  • Aggregations and overlays
  • Mouse graph manipulations
  • Your ideas are welcome!


Recommended Comments

27 minutes ago, WordsOfWisdom said:

What do you need help with from a web design standpoint?  :)


Hey, and thanks for the interest.

I'd like to have the graph more responsive, like showing the actual number on the bar when the mouse goes over. Also in the screens with composite stacked bars, I'd love to have the ability to have the components as checkboxes, and toggle them on/off on the graphs when necessary.


And, of course, any advice, and for overall design as well, is welcome.

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I went to the website but I didn't see any graphs or anything. I saw lots of tables with statistics but no charts or graphs.  :)


I do software development so it's something I might be able to help with. I would expect compensation though of course. (I only give my services away for free to family members lol.)  ;)


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Well, there are two graph/graph-like pages. One is the one referred in this post, another one is West vs. East (see next blog post :) )


I can't pay for the services, sorry. Thanks for the offer, though. Credit or data is the only compensation I can suggest.

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