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HF-Fantasy-Hockey-Leagues_Logo.png   Welcome to HF.net Fantasy Hockey Leagues


The HF.net Fantasy Hockey Leagues are free and consist of a minimum of 2 leagues (12 teams each) in a Tier'd format.  Our Leagues are played via YAHOO fantasy hockey format and consist of Head to Head scoring via categories.  See our League page for detailed Information.  


           Tier 1 = All Star Division == All Star League


           Tier 2 = Bantam Division == Conn Smythe League + Jack Adams League


The top tier or All Star Division is known as the "All Star League".  This League is by invite only to those members who have earned a final placement (after playoffs) by finishing 1- 6  (including the President's trophy winner) in last years 2017-18 All Star League and by the top 6 (including the Presidents trophy winner) in the  2017-18 Conn Smythe League. 


For the 2018-19 season, we plan to expand to 3 Leagues which will include the "All Star League" and two "Bantam Division" leagues known as the "Conn Smythe League" and the "Jack Adams League".  Each year the top 6 teams (after playoffs) will remain in the "All Star League" and the top 3 teams (including the presidents trophy winner will be promoted from each of the Bantam Division Leagues to the 2019-20 All Star League.   



With the "Jack Adams League" expansion we are looking to add at least 12 new League Managers.  If interested in joining our HF.net Fantasy Hockey League please post in the League topics or send a PM to the HF.net League Manager @pilldoc or @hf101 .         ... SIGN UP HERE  





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  • 2019 Fantasy Cup Playoffs


     1. Hockey Junkie   92 pts 
     2.  hf101   65 pts
     3. Blyan   46 pts
     4. AJgoal   44 pts
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