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  2. Traditionally we have always matched up well. Based on last years stats you might have a slight edge in G/SOG but from a peripheral standpoint I think I edge you out. Goalies are I think Hellboy/Lehner slightly edges out Holtby and Varly.... Should be an excellent match .... Good Luck!
  3. We officially begin All Star Leagu FHL action today....and want to wish everyone good luck and fun during the season. Good luck to my opening opponent @pilldoc and his Ice Pigs. We have a long matchup to start and we will probably be sick of each other by the end of it.
  4. On the surface, this looks like a clear "win" for the Hell Bears. I mean, Burns and Thomas alone may pay dividends and whatever Stuertzle can contribute so early in his career would be gravy. Larkin is, of course, a fantastic up n coming player....I just question what he will be able to do this season still given the fact that the Wings, while improved, still have a LONG way to go before being contenders, and the team, as a whole simply wasn't good offensively OR defensively...thus Larkin may not have the support to put up the kind of numbers a player of his caliber is capable of. Of co
  5. I'm comfortable. I'll need to find a crap ton of faceoff wins, but I'm comfortable. How many offers and counter offers did we go through combined? 20? More? From my end, Thomas made it happen.
  6. FIRST TRADE OF THE YEAR!! And i am certain that nobody is surprised that it is between @ruxpin and myself. RUX GETS Burns, Robert Thomas and Steutzle I GET larkin, Seth Jones and Cody Glass Rux niw has Carlson/Burns/Hamilton giving him the best trio on the back end in the league by far. The two kids, Thomas and Steutzle are on many lists for breakout candidates. For me I got Larkin, my favorite player with his tons of faceoffs and shots. Jones is okay, not a great fantasy player but not horrible. Cody Glass, i thought he would breakout last year
  7. I’m pretty up on NHL news. I just missed this....oh well.. so goes life in FHL.
  8. I drafted Strome because Lebrun and a few others were hinting that Toews was going to miss significant time. I wasnt expecting it to be possibly the whole season.
  9. You're very welcome. Hopefully this doesn't become an issue during the season. Right now, all my players are healthy so no way for me to test this, but I don't want to find out the hard way that something is wrong.
  10. @pilldoc @TropicalFruitGirl26 Thank you both. Yeah, that was what I was afraid of. I've put him in one of the phantom IR+ slots multiple times but he keeps going back. Not a big deal for this instance, but during season and things start falling off players, it could become interesting
  11. Where does Eichel appear to be from your vantage when looking at my roster as a different manager? @TropicalFruitGirl26
  12. I've actually done that far. But at that point it won't let me add without dropping and the player I have on IR reverts to his regular position (in this case it's Eichel). It sounds like it's an idiosyncrasy rather than my doing something wrong.
  13. We do and it is weird the way Yahoo made some changes. (Personally I do not like the way they did.) So ....lets pretend Eller is out with an injury. If you click on Eller's roster position, then the 4th IR+ spot would "magically" appear. The first two IR spots show normally, but the other 2 IR spots are "hidden" (though they are actually there). Like I said, I DO NOT like the way Yahoo changed that. If you have a 3rd player eligible for IR, just click and drag that player to the IR spot..
  14. Yahoo coders have it in for you after you constantly call them 'monkeys'?
  15. I thought we were to have 4 IR+ slots. Every once in awhile I see four, though I can't save it that way. More commonly, I see only two. Which is correct? If it's four, any suggestions why this is happening and what I'm doing wrong?
  16. Feels weird making moves ALREADY before the season even starts, but I felt I had to do one. Goalie is a bit strange this season because of the compressed schedule so backups will more important than ever in many cases. Varlamov and Holtby, whom I have should be the de factor starters for their teams, although their backups are gonna see substantial ice time I think too. I drafted Collin Delia in Chicago because his competition is....well, Malcolm Subban.... yea, not much competition there. And I have seen Delia play, and he isn't bad, especially given the rough situation with the Haw
  17. Yeah, I think rad is gunning for an evening. I'm likely good whenever, but evenings are definitely better.
  18. Agree... weeknights around 7 pm are best for me except Friday evening. (I work)
  19. Rad mentioned this date was just a place holder for now. The actual draft day & time in NAHANA wasn't picked yet.... as far as I know. We may need to ping Rad for the final time as we are getting close to the NHL season.
  20. If i were drafting, i would have been blowing up chat like I always do lol. As It stands, im worried now about NAHANA. It says the draft is set for 1PM saturday and I work 10 to 6. I might be missing that one.
  21. Completely agree with this. I ultimately went with Blackwood at the last minute. Not sure I made the right call.
  22. I was actually going to draft him under the assumption Varly misses a good portion of the season and the thought Sorokin will steal the cease at that point. You drafted just ahead of me in some rounds and I was sure you were at the wheel. Often HF had taken my first choice, but several times your droid took my backup. When the draft was done, and I took a bigger picture look at your team I was fairly sure you autodrafted. Goalies and especially your defense didn't seem to have your signature.
  23. Sorokin is an intriguing option. Being 25 yo, he is not green and not entirely untested as he brings almost 9 years of playing in the KHL. His last 5 years he played for CSKA Moscow - a pretty solid club, albeit no match for NHL. I can see him competing with Varlamov and if not winning the #1 job, at least stealing a lion share of starts from him.

  • 2019 Fantasy Cup Playoffs


     1. Hockey Junkie   92 pts 
     2.  hf101   65 pts
     3. Blyan   46 pts
     4. AJgoal   44 pts
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  • All Star League Standings

    Week 18

    *Clinched playoff spot
    Halifax Sharknado* 180-140-30 (390)
    putting on the foil* 167-123-34 (368)
    Green Star Blades* 163-120-41 (367)
    Hell Bears* 164-126-34 (362)
    Nasty Angryman 160-125-39 (359)
    Bakanekimiwa's Team 137-146-41 (315)
    AKOF 139-152-33 (311)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 128-160-36 (292)
    Leaf's Raisn' Cup2019 127-162-35 (289)
    Inside Edge Hockey 126-164-34 (286)
    LadyNeat's Team 121-170-33 (275)
    Ewing Oil 121-171-32 (274)
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 18

    *Clinched Playoff Spot
    Slick Sticks* 194-103-27 (415)
    Ded Flatbird* 181-105-38 (400)
    Mom's Luv LeTang Too* 170-116-38 (378)
    Mickey's Gang 163-132-29 (355)
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 151-137-36 (338)
    Jagged Ice 147-140-37 (331)
    Staal in the Family 139-144-41 (319)
    Bambie on Ice 138-151-35 (311)
    Hockey Throne 129-157-38 (296)
    SFN's Standout Team 124-160-40 (288)
    Wolfe Pack 99-179-46 (244)
    RickB's Team 88-199-37-21 (213)
  • NAHANA Standings 2018-19

    Week 11

    The Windsor Warriors 89-45-16 (194)
    pipers 80-55-15 (175)
    Elsiinore Catamounts 74-49-27 (175)
    Silky Mitts 75-57-18 (168)
    Billyport Crips 70-62-18 (158)
    Putting on the Foil 67-59-24 (158)
    AKOF 67-62-21 (155)
    MN Ice Kickers 64-63-23 (151)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 69-69-12 (150)
    Mighty Drunks 60-68-22 (142)
    Metadeke 55-74-21 (131)
    Halifax Sharkticons 50-77-23 (123)
    Lady's Knights 47-80-23 (117)
    Inside Edge Hockey 44-91-15 (103)
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