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  2. Draft Order for 2023-24 Season Note: Since FD has declined to participate this coming year Brewin Flames will pick #16 in each round. (per our guidelines from last year) This will be updated in Yahoo Shortly.
  3. As a recap from last years Final Standings .... Congrats to @yave1964 for once again taking home the GOLD @J0e Th0rnton takes home the Silver @bbgarnett takes home the Bronze Moving forward for this year's draft I am trying to keep it very similar to the NHL Draft using a Weighted Ball Lottery. Also as we discussed the draft order would be inverse of final standings up to 8th place. To prevent teams from tanking the the draft would then start at #9 finish overall with a weight ball system. Still giving those non-playoff GM's a shot at the #1 overall pick. From NHL Tankathon I used the following odds of drawing the draft order .... using final standings and calculated out how many balls for each draft position which gave the following: Draft Guidelines: (Starting 2023-24) Starting for the 23-24 season, we will be implementing a STRAIGHT DRAFT. Teams who make the playoffs will pick 9-16 with the winner of the league championship picking 16. Runner up, 15, 3rd place 14th, and so on. Teams who missed the playoffs will pick 1-8 with this twist to maintain competitive integrity: Teams will be PLAYING for the first overall pick by winning their consolation bracket. The overall winner of the consolation bracket gets the first overall, runner up 2nd overall, 3rd place 3rd overall, etc. This should keep GM's competitive and interested giving non playoff teams a goal for the next coming season. Should a GM bow out, and to keep things fair for GM's who played, will return, and put in their time maintaining their team, all GM's move up a spot in the draft to fill in for the GM who leaves. Any new GM's entering the league fresh will pick at the bottom of any given round. I.E., 4th place GM decides to leave, so everyone from 5th on down is slotted up one spot and the new incoming GM picks 16th. If two GM's decide not to return, then everyone moves up two spots in the draft, new GM's pick 15th and 16th, etc. Again, STRAIGHT DRAFT, so that gives more weight to the top picks, which in turn give more incentive for non playoff teams to play hard and grab that first overall pick, as they will be picking first for every round after that as well.
  4. Thanks Doc. As I mentioned earlier, Saturdays generally would not be my first choice, but I do understand that the draft day will be influenced by NAHANA draft date as well as the desire of the majority. So no need to adjust the schedule based purely on my preference. If I have to, I will autodraft...
  5. @yave1964@ruxpin@J0e Th0rnton@TropicalFruitGirl26@hf101@Hale@Mad Dog@Ladyneat@bbgarnett@Jagged Ice@molonosoff@pilldoc@Math@Brewin Flames Would like to officially announce @Brewin Flames as our 16th GM with FD deciding not to return this year. Welcome to the nut house! I will be listing the draft order shortly. Tentatively the Draft is Saturday, Sept. 30th at 7:00 PM EST. This is NOT set in stone. Just had to get something on the books. Please let me know if this date works for the majority of folks. If not I have to wait until Rad sets the date for the NAHANA Draft. Thanks, ~doc
  6. OK ...We now have 1 opening. I just saw that @FD19372 has declined participating this year.
  7. To All, This is to let everyone know that the Sweet 16 FHL has bee renewed fro the 2023-24 Season. Everyone who participated last years is automatically renewed for this coming year. You do not have to do nothing. Please let me know ASAP if you DO NOT plan on participating this year. I will be starting new thread shortly. Thanks
  8. To All, This is to let everyone know that the Sweet 16 FHL has bee renewed fro the 2023-24 Season. Everyone who participated last years is automatically renewed for this coming year. You do not have to do nothing. Please let me know ASAP if you DO NOT plan on participating this year. I will be starting new thread shortly. Thanks ~doc
  9. C'mon, I'm picking fourth. You know I'm good for trading you a starter for a 1978 Field & Stream magazine.
  10. Damn, I might take that challenge.... Probably get my tail handed to me but would be fun to see. I think I'm a 12 team league I might not embarrass myself too much but 16 teams might be too much of a stretch, especially in net, lol. One last comment about this season and I will put a pin in it. @J0e Th0rnton my arch nemesis and I played each other a record four times, I bested him in all four by tiny amounts beating him by a combined eight points. I can honestly see Koji banging his Head against a wall, lol. He had a hell of a year and a hell of a team and truthfully if we had played in either the first or second round he might have beat me, although facing him my seven moves would have been used differently and especially the first round I would have used the last two weeks worth of moves to face him. But seriously overall this was the best year I ever had and still barely snuck past an incredible team. Lots of respect for a great owner who is always right there in every league at the end.
  11. Wow, I get the first pick. Obviously I'll pick McDavid and he'll be on and off IR the entire year. As a suggestion for next year, Dave should not be allowed to participate the draft. He should have to build his entire team off the scraps on the waiver wire. The frigging guy will win the league again anyway.
  12. I get hosed lol Drafted 13th this year in our first random draft and by finishing 2nd, I now draft 2nd last at 15th Fortunately, I love challenges!
  13. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED THIS YEAR! It was a slightly different format than in past years. Having 16 teams was certainly a challenge. I would like to keep the same format for next year. Congrats to @yave1964 who again brings home the gold! Here are the final standings 2022-23 Season.... So the draft will be a bit different than in previous years. We are going more NHL style and invert the draft order based on finish. This will only affect 1st through 8th. Obviously with Dave being the Champion, he will draft 16th. @J0e Th0rntonis runner up and will draft 15th, etc ...... The 8 GMs who did not make the playoffs will have a certain # of weighted balls to determine draft order via this link: https://www.fantasydraftlottery.com/draftResults.html the number of balls I used came from the NHL Tankathon and I just rounded up (Obviously disregard the NHL teams) The final result is this ....... since I had a hard time finding GM's this year, everyone is invited back. If you do not want to participate next year, please let me know. Again ...thanks for a great year! ~doc
  14. I needed scoring and had goalie cats to give ..... I would do that trade again if in same situation .....
  15. I literally had one loss all year and it was to the new guy, lol. 25-1 weekly record, you spoiled my perfect season, looking forward to when the schedule comes out to circle our first matchup in red sharpie lol. Seriously, great year, gutsy move dealing kucherov for samsonov, you were bleeding goalie cats until then, after that you caught fire.
  16. You are welcome! So glad you had fun and it was an enjoyable experience for you. You should feel good about how well you did for your first year. Hope to see you next year! ~doc
  17. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a pleasure. Congratulations to Mr. Mastermind @yave1964 for his win. Figuring deals with you was fun, even though it cost me some extra hours and brain evaporation lol. Also, thanks a lot to the commish @pilldoc for running the League and for the WC spot, as well as your responsiveness to my question. Also, thank you very much @TropicalFruitGirl26 for the coaching and for answering my questions as well. That was much appreciated !
  18. Man this one was so freaking close, all but a scant few cats could have went either way and both of us had absolutely fantastic goaltending almost every night. One for the thumb. Five in a row in this league. Gotta admit it is a good feeling building my teams off god players and role players and not superstars. Shester/Georgiev were as close to Superstar status that my team ever has and my goaltending was good but not great in the finals, i was carried through by my usual Trouba/Eller/Meier/Hyman/Pietrangelo types, guys who all serve an exact purpose. Have to admit it was much more difficultwith the smaller roster but a lot of fun this year. congrats to @J0e Th0rnton for another great year as well. Looking forward to next season.

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