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  2. If it's any help, Patrick Kane has 24 points in 14 games vs Detroit and Columbus. And 16 points in 19 games against everyone else. He doesn't play Detroit or Columbus even once in the playoff rounds. Meanwhile Robinson's Dallas stars plays Detroit 4 times in week 1 alone lol.
  3. I just got home ... I just saw it pop up on my phone.... Again it was never meant to get this far
  4. Please reject... i was joking around. Never thought he would accept. Please reject....
  5. doc traded robertson of the stars even up for patrick kane with a team that made zero moves all year. i bit my lip on a couple of these but for gods sake rescind this now
  6. Yave and I play the 4th and 5th place teams this week who are only 5 and 6 points ahead of you. You will be cheering for us this week too lol
  7. My team is sinking faster than the Titanic. Now tied with @TropicalFruitGirl26 for the 6th and final playoff spot. In addition to that we are also matched up this week. Winner grabs the 6th spot going into the last week.
  8. I think Boston having a stupid good night last night and ppd days on his goalies did it. My Boston 1st line combined for 6 goals and 2 assists last night. Was a pleasant surprise to wake up to given I was down going to sleep
  9. you put a hurt on dumba allowing me to slide into second dont think i will catch up to your team but the bye has been an important goal of mine.
  10. Man this fight for the top 2 First round bi spots is going to be tight. Dumba and I are locked in Mortal combat with a close week while Yave seems to be cruising over this week to catch up
  11. I get it, I really do I went into Sunday hoping to crush you but everything broke wrong for me and right for you right down to the brilliant toe save by Blackwood, that win/40 saves/shutout tightened it up. Good match. I feel the opposite of you, I feel I left a few points on the table somewhere, lol
  12. "Happy" would be too strong a word, but this may have been the first time I've felt good about a 5-8 loss in a week matchup. It's kind of like being glad to walk away from a fiery car accident with a tanker truck.
  13. "Happy" would be too strong a word, but this may have been the first time I've felt good about a 5-8 loss in a week matchup. It's kind of like being glad to walk away from a fiery car accident with a tanker truck.
  14. Hmmm....well, I finally gave up on the enigma that is Holtby and decided to go with this Dan Vladar (as in sounds like Vader? **breathes heavily**) against Buffalo. Vladar looks poised to get some starts with Rask on the shelf and he played well when he was in there before. Vs the Sabres today...yes, THOSE Sabres...should be a slam dunk, right? Ahh, if only life were that simple...... Buffalo, as of this posting, is already up 1-0 and it would not surprise me one bit of they broke out in a big way out of their ginormous slump today. Because losing the week to a wooden GM this week
  15. Trade betwee the tax man and myself HE GETS Reimer Hertl Zaitzev I GET Lankinen Bjorgstrand Backlund He has targeted Reimer from me for several weeks now, with us going back and forth with a package that would work for us both, he now gets a defenseman who gets points in a ton of categories and Hertl who gets faceoffs/points as well. I add Lankinen to my ever growing list of goalies with three guys all about ready to come off IR. Backlund replaces Hertl's faceoffs, Bjorgstrand I will likely stream until a better option comes a
  16. This is embarrassing..... I am playing that Devil Randy team, who apparently doesn't bother to set lineups or swap out IR players, and I am freaking LOSING because: A) I screwed up on the Sorokin start yesterday B) My skaters to this point have all decided to take a simultaneous crap AND I have postponed games this week on top of that. So this person is winning to this point with whatever haphazard lineups were set probably since season's beginning (and what a waste of Victor Hedman, Mat Barzal, Artemi Panarin, and Mitch Marner on there! ) I know its only Tuesday
  17. DAMN! Rux, i need you to pull a rabbit out of your hat this week. Maybe if you trade me Tristan Jarry in NAHANA he will suddenly go on Covid protocol or break his femur and Yave owns him here? its currently a 3 way race for those 2 first round Bi spots. Dumba and I play each other next week in a pretty important match too since he is currently #2 and that can only help Yave, who is right there in 3rd.
  18. Apologies in advance to those jockeying for position with @yave1964. Y'all will be losing ground this week.
  19. So, I play @yave1964 this week. By comparison, the Flyers got out of Madison Square Garden easy.
  20. I’m going to eek out a close win vs. #2 Dumba and Dumber to stay close to you guys....
  21. fantastic matchup asusual. the Vegas loss hurt you. i picked up two Dallas defenders to try to hold you off in blocked shots. your Boston boys missing time with covid hurt you
  22. I'm chasing ya hard this week bud. Been just a sliver behind all week lol.
  23. This is about my tenth move to improve my offense, Eichel, (ugh!) Schenn, Makar, Guentzel, Barrie, Zibenajad, all brought in and still second from bottom in goals scored. I know I am right in the thick of things but of my three teams this is my smoke and mirrors club and the one I am least satisfied with.
  24. Yeah, I agree he's the weak link here, but it's educated risk and also the trade-off you kind of have to pay given the goalie situation. I just think it was a really good trade for both of you. Strong moves.
  25. Yea, negotiations were kept to a minimum here between yave and I, as we both pretty much knew what we wanted out of this. One tweak and that's all it took to agree. Tyler Johnson is the "weak link" in this deal, but, since I follow the Bolts more than anyone here, I also know that coach Cooper has been giving him time with either Point or Stamkos and he has played a bit better because of it. Whether that stays that way remains to be seen, but he was worth including in the package for me to get an upgrade in goal, as I have plenty of solid defensemen.

  • 2019 Fantasy Cup Playoffs


     1. Hockey Junkie   92 pts 
     2.  hf101   65 pts
     3. Blyan   46 pts
     4. AJgoal   44 pts
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  • All Star League Standings

    Week 18

    *Clinched playoff spot
    Halifax Sharknado* 180-140-30 (390)
    putting on the foil* 167-123-34 (368)
    Green Star Blades* 163-120-41 (367)
    Hell Bears* 164-126-34 (362)
    Nasty Angryman 160-125-39 (359)
    Bakanekimiwa's Team 137-146-41 (315)
    AKOF 139-152-33 (311)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 128-160-36 (292)
    Leaf's Raisn' Cup2019 127-162-35 (289)
    Inside Edge Hockey 126-164-34 (286)
    LadyNeat's Team 121-170-33 (275)
    Ewing Oil 121-171-32 (274)
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 18

    *Clinched Playoff Spot
    Slick Sticks* 194-103-27 (415)
    Ded Flatbird* 181-105-38 (400)
    Mom's Luv LeTang Too* 170-116-38 (378)
    Mickey's Gang 163-132-29 (355)
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 151-137-36 (338)
    Jagged Ice 147-140-37 (331)
    Staal in the Family 139-144-41 (319)
    Bambie on Ice 138-151-35 (311)
    Hockey Throne 129-157-38 (296)
    SFN's Standout Team 124-160-40 (288)
    Wolfe Pack 99-179-46 (244)
    RickB's Team 88-199-37-21 (213)
  • NAHANA Standings 2018-19

    Week 11

    The Windsor Warriors 89-45-16 (194)
    pipers 80-55-15 (175)
    Elsiinore Catamounts 74-49-27 (175)
    Silky Mitts 75-57-18 (168)
    Billyport Crips 70-62-18 (158)
    Putting on the Foil 67-59-24 (158)
    AKOF 67-62-21 (155)
    MN Ice Kickers 64-63-23 (151)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 69-69-12 (150)
    Mighty Drunks 60-68-22 (142)
    Metadeke 55-74-21 (131)
    Halifax Sharkticons 50-77-23 (123)
    Lady's Knights 47-80-23 (117)
    Inside Edge Hockey 44-91-15 (103)
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