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Discussion as related to the HF.net Fantasy Hockey Leagues - All Star League, Conn Smythe, and Jack Adams

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  2. A new Fantasy Hockey season deserves a new FHL Thread. I am officially opening up the new All Star League thread. Good Luck to all!
  3. Oh I know .... things just did not pan out the way I wanted this year. I suspect you should beat me very easily this week .....I can't do much when both Barrie and Klingberg go on IR. I don't want to drop other players whom I know will be scooped up in a minutes by some of the sharks we deal with. (That is a compliment to my fellow mates!). So I am trying to stay above water by stacking up goalies and other positions until they get healthy again. Not what I wanted...trust me. At least I am in 3rd place in Conn Smythe. Good Luck to you! ~doc
  4. @pilldoc You and I are matched up this week. GL to you.. But you know, I looked at your lineup, and for a second, I thought you FORGOT to set it....but upon closer inspection, it's just your lineup is extremely lopsided!! Dude....buy a vowel...or a defenseman or two.... lol I might have some I can sell you...... Jeebus….very forward heavy. Start swinging some deals my friend...you have some guys there some GM's maybe willing to give you a nice defenseman or two for! Anyways, you and I...mano a mano……. Blades vs Pigs......
  5. I have three guys out (Buff, Arvidsson, Ferland) all too good to cut, hate playing a man down willing to trade one of the three along with either Jake or Carter in a two for one for roster flexibility to a team that has an open IR slot and can wait on the player to come back.
  6. Taking Tom Wilson mid suspension was supposed to be short term pain for long term gain. So far so good. Weber was more a roll the dice,, but let's see what he looks like upon return. He was never fast to begin with
  7. @Hockey Junkie @hf101 @The Mountain Man @Trefilov22 @swflyers28 @bbgarnett @JR Ewing @Bosque Bill @CreaseAndAssist @Jagged Ice @FD19372 @Hale Ok Folks, listed below is who I have committed to participate in this years Conn Smythe League. HF.net Conn Smythe League Team Name (if applicable) GM Mom's Trust Letang!! Brent (Hf Co-worker) Slick Sticks hf RickB's Legit Team Hockey Junkie Bambi on Ice the mountain man De Haan Job Trefilov22 Wolfe Pack swflyer28 Staal in the Family bbgarnett Victorious Secret JR Ewing Bosque Bill Bosque Bill creaseandassist creaseandassist JVH's Notable Team jagged ice PA40FlyersFan's Team FD (PA40FlyersFan's) Hale Hale If anyone else is still interested PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. Invites for the League should be going out within a week. As of right now we have 13 GM's. Even though this is supposed to be a 12 team league, we will roll with 14. (I will add myself since YAHOO really does not like uneven team leagues). thanks ~doc EDIT: once the League starts, all discussion goes in this thread. Thanks
  8. This Andrew kid is the only one that does not list his email address in the league? I just sent him a trade proposal I will be surprised if he turns it down. I offered him Okposo for G Smith from Calgary
  9. I dont think that @ruxpin or I posted our latest sitting around bored so why not do a deal. Rux gets Lindholm Cal Peterson The Foil add Taylor Hall Seabrook Losing faceoffs which I can afford to do because I get them everywhere, added the reigning Hart winner who is off to a nice start and Seabrook who has found life again this year as a multi cat guy. Obviously Lindholm is huge for Rux especially with losing Trocheck and trading Seguin for Price he needed faceoffs. Peterson could be a solid piece, nice insurance for him depending upon how long Quick is going to be out.
  10. I am coming for you Ded Flatbird (Pilldoc), you are mine!!!!!!! LOL
  11. I picked up Dahlin at the right time I think. 7 points in his last 9 games
  12. I have Klingberg / Hertl / Aho in Conn Smythe .... I felt your pain ...... Klingberg is the one that is really killing me though ......
  13. That was in NAHANA tho Yeah, Crosby, Hotlby, Klingberg, Hertl, Hischier, Aho were all injured for most of last week. At least now it is just Klingberg.
  14. Agree with your assessment. All Stars would be a crap shoot next year anyway. NAHANA, very tough decision. It was sort of what I was dealing with Crawford last year. I ended up NOT keeping simply because they had no idea when he was going to be on the ice again. I sort of had to drop him. Trochek is sort of in same boat. He may come back this year, but how effective will he really be?? Yeah poor Joe. LOL ..that is unreal. I too see both sides of the argument. LOL ...just ask my wife... thinking gets me in trouble a lot! LOL
  15. I wouldn't be against as I could argue this either way. The injury thing does kind of add dice rolling to the game of chess. On the other hand, it does force some hard decisions like I'm facing. I think Joe could use like 7 IR slots. Are there more injuries this year than some? It seems like it. It's funny, because of Joe's situation I was thinking on the way home that I was pretty lucky with it. Two hours later, Trochek got injured. Good thing I don't think often, huh?
  16. Thank you. That was along the lines of what I was thinking but that put the time frame in better relief. I was thinking drop in Allstars and keep in NAHANA and punt the keeper decision until seeing what he looks like once back. It seems like the type of injury where there's the possibility that he's just never the same. Fantasy hockey aside, that would be a shame.
  17. Sort of OFF Topic, however, it does relate to FHL..... For next year, should we consider increasing the number of IR+ slots from 2 to either 3 or 4. With all the injuries I am seeing this year, a GM should not be penalized because of injuries. Just a thought I am throwing out there. We can discuss at length during the off season ........
  18. See and that is the tricky part .... exactly how long will he be out? From my experience, it is often a minimum of 6-8 weeks for the actual bone fracture to heal. It could be longer depending on the severity of the break. Then you have to account for any ligament damage. That is addition time. Finally, until you build up enough strength to be able to support your foot on a skate, that could be still more additional time. Factoring all those in I would say 8-12 weeks, so a minimum of 2-3 months. Now granted I understand he is an elite young athlete and his recovery time will probably shorter than say a non-athletic 44 yr old. @ruxpin, the earliest I could possibly see him back would be end of January beginning February, or it could be end of February, beginning of March. Our playoffs usually begin the 2nd/3rd week of March. The other question, how effective would he really be after having 2-3 months off. I'm sure Florida would probably have him in some conditioning games at their AHL affiliate. So realistically maybe middle of March till he skates with the Panthers. Its a tough situation I agree and I feel for ya, but realistically, I think he is done this year from a FHL perspective. I would probably drop him, but that is just my opinion and thought process.
  19. Trochek is expected to return at some point this season. Nylander has to sign by Dec 1. -- I'd probably wait it out another week or so.
  20. Going to put this on this league's board instead if NAHANA because I know what Pipers' advice will be. So, I have Trochek in both leagues. I have IR space in NAHANA, so it's not as pressing an issue there. In Allstars, both IR slots are filled and I additionally already have Nylander just sitting there doing nothing. Now Trochek. If things continue to progress, I should have Quick coming back in a week or two and can flip he and Trochek. But with the likely length of the injury and recovery and the fact it's not a keeper league, would you bother or cut bait?
  21. First, to yave and doc's trade: I hate everyone involved. Also, Hellsbears trade Tyler Sequin to Nastygram for Carey Price. Tyler Seguin has now been trade 3 times this season for a goaltender.
  22. And we have a trade ....... The Ice Pigs say good bye to E. Lindholm. It was hard to let him go, however, I need LW help. Yave and his fellow band of Foil players will welcome Lindholm wil open arms. In exchange, he must part with M. Domi. Overall, this is as fair as trade as it can get. Both players have similar numbers so far this year. He even's out his roster and I even out mine. Mr Domi welcome to the Ice Pigs....your 20 lbs of Brisket and Ribs awaits you! .... hmmmm Bacon!
  23. Trade between my team and Bakinekamawa or however the hell he spells it, lol He receives Karlsson Kadri Keller The Foil receive Couture Jenner Seth Jones Obviously the big name is Karlsson who I was reticent to deal as he has heated up, Kadri is scoring nicely after a slow start, Keller still hasn't found traction but has 30 goals written all over him. For my team, more faceoffs from multiple position qualifiers, my team like my politics is now a bit out of balance land leaning towards the left and I may dangle one of my LW/C types for a scoring RW Jenner has the added advantage to me of being my wife/daughters new favorite man crush since Dubinsky isn't really much more than an overpaid 4th liner anymore. Jones is heating up and will hopefully offset some of the loss of offense from Karlsson. So yeah, shopping a LW/C for a decently scoring RW with hits. Any interest HMU. I think I literally have eight guys who qualify at LW and every single one also qualifies at least one other position.
  24. Tom Wilson's suspension just got zapped to 14 from 20, so he is eligible to return tonight. I could use the hits and PIM's
  25. And yet MORE Crow... I get Victor Hedman returning to the Lightning and the Green Star Blades today! He has started out very slowly, especially for a defenseman of his caliber, but with the extended time off to heal and the team really playing well up n down the lineup, maybe he comes back very hungry to get back to being the Victor Hedman I know and love! First up for Hedder? The Ottawa Senators.
  26. Crowing some more: And there it is... Brian ShutOut Elliot gets it done for the Green Star Blades....o yea, and the Flyers too...
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    Weekly Winners

    ClusterChuck 2 wins

    Lonkkis 1 win

    hf101 1 win

    rottenrefs 1 win

    Pilldoc 1 win

    Bylan 1 win

    Villette/Lavaux 1 win

    bbgarnett 1 win

  • All Star League Standings

    Week 3

    Halifax Sharknado 44-10-0 (88)
    putting on the foil 35-15-4 (74)
    Leafs Raisn' Cup 2019 28-22-4 (60)
    Naty Angryman 26-22-6 (58)
    Bakanekimiwa's Team 24-27-3 (51)
    Green Star Blades 23-27-4 (50)
    Inside Edge Hockey 22-26-6 (50)
    Hell Bears 22-26-6 (50)
    AKOF 21-28-5 (47)
    Ewing Oil 21-30-3 (45)
    LadyNeat's Team 19-31-4 (42)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 14-35-5 (33)
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 3

    Bambie on Ice 35-15-4 (74)
    Slick Sticks 34-17-3 (71)
    Mom's Luv LeTang Too 31-17-6 (68)
    Ded Flatbird 28-19-7 (63)
    Mickey's Gang 24-27-3 (51)
    Hockey Throne 23-26-5 (51)
    Staal in the Family 22-26-6 (50)
    SFN's Standout Team 23-28-3 (49)
    Wolfe Pack 22-27-7 (47)
    Jagged Ice 20-27-7 (47)
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 17-32-5 (39)
    RickB's Team 16-34-4 (36)
  • NAHANA Standings 2018-19

    Week 3

    pipers 32-9-4 (68)
    Putting on the Foil 28-11-6 (62)
    The Windsor Warriors 26-14-5 (57)
    Elsiinore Catamounts 24-16-5 (53)
    MN Ice Kickers 23-18-4 (50)
    AKOF 20-18-7 (47)
    Lady's Knights 19-20-6 (44)
    Halifax Sharkticons 18-22-5 (41)
    Mighty Drunks 18-22-5 (41)
    Inside Edge Hockey 16-23-6 (38)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 17-25-3 (37)
    Silky Mitts 17-26-2 (36)
    Billyport Crips 13-27-5 (31)
    Metadeke 10-30-5 (25)
  • 2018 Fantasy Cup Leaders


     1. hf101   107 pts 
     2.  Pilldoc   95 pts
     3. FD19372   83 pts
     4. MoreHockeyStats   76 pts
     5. J0e Thornton   75 pts

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