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HF-Fantasy-Hockey-Leagues_Logo.png   Welcome to HF.net Fantasy Hockey Leagues


The HF.net Fantasy Hockey Leagues are free and consist of at least 2 leagues (12 teams each) in a Tier'd format.  Our Leagues are played via YAHOO fantasy hockey format and consist of Head to Head scoring via categories.  See League page for more info.  


Our League of Champions is known as the "All Star League".  This League is by invite only to those members who have earned a final placement (after playoffs) by finishing 1- 6 in last years (2016-17) All Star League and by finishing 1-6 in the Conn Smythe League. Each year the top 6 teams (after playoffs) will remain in the "All Star League" and the top 6 teams will be promoted from the Conn Smythe League.  In 2018 we would like to expand to 3 Leagues.  If interested in being placed on a wait list send a PM to the HF.net League Manager @pilldoc or @hf101 .




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  • 2018 Fantasy Cup Leaders


     1. hf101   107 pts 
     2.  Pilldoc   95 pts
     3. FD19372   83 pts
     4. MoreHockeyStats   76 pts
     5. J0e Thornton   75 pts
  • All Star League Standings

    Week 20

    *putting on the foil 211-106-43
    *Leafs Raisn' Cup2018 178-140-42
    *Green Star Blades 176-140-44
    *Hell Bears 162-151-47
    *Divine Swine IcePigs 166-158-36
    *Bakanekimiwa's Team 166-158-39
    InsideEdge Hockey 161-157-42
    Halifax Sharknado 155-148-47
    Slick Sticks 159-163-38
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 130-179-48
    Whiskey Sticks 131-189-40
    Hooligans 106-202-52
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 20

    *AKOF 194-114-52
    *Nasty Angryman 188-110-62
    *Ded Flatbird 192-117-51
    *The Shock 193-121-46
    *Mom's trust Letang!! 189-128-43
    *MrDanglez67's Team 159-154-47
    *Lady's Knights 156-159-45
    *Bambi on Ice 132-176-52
    De Haan Job 130-181-49
    Your wife's a dyke 130-181-49
    RickB's Legit Team 99-207-54
    Wolfe Pack 99-213-48
  • NAHANA Standings

    Week 20

    putting on the foil 160-96-44
    Metadeke 152-108-40
    Silky Mitts 142-107-51
    Billyport Crips 139-114-47
    Inside Edge Hockey 141-117-42
    Halifax Sharkticons 135-122-43
    pipers 132-119-49
    Elsinore Catamounts 123-126-36
    AKOF 119-132-49
    Mighty Drunks 122-136-42
    The Winsor Warriors 109-151-40
    Divine Swine IcePigs 105-148-47
    Minnesota Ice Kickers 96-150-54
    Lady's Knights 102-157-41