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  2. Great seasons to all podium winners... @J0e Th0rnton , @Bakanekimiwa , and @ruxpin Of course, with Joe winning it all. I think Bak was the darkhorse, silent contender all year long (seriously...with all the ego surrounding the rest of us, did anyone see him playing for the championship? And Rux came from out of nowhere (wasn't he on the outs several times during the season??) to grab himself a bronze and remind everyone that its not about the QUALITY of a trade, it is about the damned QUANTITY, and no one throws more spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks more than this man! And what can I say? HF.net is a copycat league...so if Joe and his spreadsheets pulled out the win, you can bet your bottom feeding Buffalo team that everyone else is gonna hire spread sheeticians come next season! Good fun playing you all on the whole. Looking forward to next season!
  3. Since the HF.net League is divided into 2 leagues and we can't all see what happens in each of the leagues let us post our rosters, trades, and Free Agent pick up's and more in this thread.
  4. @J0e Th0rnton Congrats on the All star win!!! Of course knocking out both @ruxpin and myself probably was just the icing on the cake. You have the target on your back now sir, I am gunnin' for ya......
  5. Great match Bak. I was behind all week until the last minute comeback. Goaltending + Peripherals + a lottery category came through thanks to some all in pickups.
  6. @J0e Th0rnton Congrats @J0e Th0rnton! You complete the comeback to win the HF.net All Star FHL! Great job my friend! Final Results: 1st Place: Halifax Sharknado ( @J0e Th0rnton ) 2nd Place: Bakanekimiwa's Team ( @Bakanekimiwa ) 3rd Place: Hell Bear's ( @ruxpin ) 4th Place: Inside Edge Hockey ( @InsideEdge ) 5th Place: Divine Swine Ice Pigs ( @pilldoc ) 6th Place: Green Star Blades ( @TropicalFruitGirl26 ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th Place: Putting on the Foil ( @yave1964 )* 8th Place: Leafs Raisin Cup 2018 ** * @yave1964 earns a berth into All Star next year as my other team in Conn Smythe also qualified to move up. Therefore @yave1964 gets this spot. ** If a 2nd spot opens up for the All Star League, then Leafs will get the first opportunity to move up. *** If a 3rd spot opens for All Star then Slick Sticks ( @hf101 ) will get the invite to move back up. Thank You again for a GREAT SEASON! I will have the final results for Conn Smythe up later today.
  7. On the other hand, if I get the job and take it, hockey will become a bigger part of my life. Its government owned, so I would also get pension. But they run the new 500 Million dollar Halifax convention center and the scotiabank center where all sports happen. One of the questions in my interview was "you are on an 11PM shift waiting to flip the mooseheads playoff game to basketball and basketball at the scotiabank center and has an 8AM practice scheduled. mooseheads go into triple overtime and suddenly a snowstorm happens and a lot of staff cannot make it in to work. What do you do?" My experience in Events setup has been 17 years in a Hotel with 21000 sq ft of meeting space. The new conventions center has 150000 sq ft + they flip all events at scotiabank center! I have little experience setting up concerts and Hockey, but I can learn. My bread and butter has always been tradeshows, meetings, weddings, etc But I am pretty sure they liked me during the interview. in fact I am 100% sure since my friends who work over there told me at least 2 of 3 interviewers were big fans and they had not talked to the 3rd yet. They seem like good cats and I got more comfortable as the interview went on.
  8. This is a ****** nailbiter finals night. I think the odds of me catching Bak in any category but FOW are slim, but if Getzlaf plays and Koivu would just start winning some faceoffs, I can do this and win the week 9-8 provided no more lottery categories get clipped.. I still have a chance to flip that one and Saros just let in 2 goals, giving me some breathing room on him not flipping GAA and sv%
  9. rofl. Strangely a lot of questions were in this field. I avoided hockey analogies while describing my scalpel before sledgehammer approach to staff discipline. Use of excel and word were prevalent in describing how I organize shifts and teams while looking far ahead to plan.
  10. Hooo boy...I can imagine what a job interview with Joe was like... Interviewer: So tell us why you are the best candidate for this job? Joe: Because I am a Sharks fan living in Halifax. California to Halifax. Do you understand the time difference? Do you understand the games I give up to come into work for this company? If that doesn't show dedication, I don't know what does.... INT: I see. And how will you keep track and ensure your department is functioning a peak efficiency? Joe: Spreadsheets. Definitely spreadsheets. If a man can't spread sheet properly, he has no business in this department....OR playing successful fantasy hockey. INT: And if you were given multiple people to work for you, how would you best utilize them? Joe: Not like Todd McClellan, that's for sure..... INT: How can you best identify your least productive staff members? Joe: I look in their eyes.... and if they have the eye of the Stalock, I know they not be the best fit here. INT: Sounds great, you are hired. Any else you'd like to add? Joe: Yes. Can we have a company policy which allows for large hair growth beneath our chins for the playoffs? Only as long as the Sharks are in of course..... some may not know this, but Joe Thornton is my hero! Thanks. All joking aside, Joe, congrats and wishing you well whatever you decide!
  11. Glad to hear the interview went really good for you. Wishing you all the best in a potential job change.
  12. Good lord. This is razor close coming down to the wire. I Absolutely need Getzlaf to play tonight from his "Flu". If Saros or Rinne have a solid game tonight, it will flip GAA or Sv%, both of which I need to win, so I need Nashville to get blown out Koivu + Sutter + Getzlaf and I SHOULD flip FOW categories unless Johansen has a monster FOW night. Another reason to pray for a Nashville flop tonight. Currently I trail FOW 143 to 150. Currently trail 8-9 in categories. But only behind by 2 goals, 2 PPG, 2 PPA, ahead by 1 in SHP and tied for GWG. I was out of it so long this week behind everything that this could be the miracle comeback. Crossing my fingers. Also, my job interview went super well and I feel like now I just need to decide if it is the right fit to leave my current place.
  13. I had a few starter disasters of my own. Actually, all of them, although Allen started hot and I managed to leverage him in a trade for Rask when Rask was cold. But Murray and Anderson were trainwrecks. Burns was a trainwreck for the first 20 games and is seeming to head back to Meh status now. Simmonds is definitely meh.
  14. @J0e Th0rnton Here is my draft board ..... RD Overall Player / Team / Position 1 -12 Devan Dubnyk (Min - G) 2 -13 Joe Pavelski (SJ - C,RW) 3 -36 Frederik Andersen (Tor - G) 4 -37 David Pastrnak (Bos - RW) 5 -60 Rasmus Ristolainen (Buf - D) 6 -61 Alexander Radulov (Dal - RW) 7 -84 Alex Pietrangelo (StL - D) 8 -85 Jeff Skinner (Car - LW) 9 -108 Anze Kopitar (LA - C) 10 -109 Vadim Shipachyov (VGK - C,LW) 11 -132 Patrick Sharp (Chi - LW,RW) 12 -133 Shayne Gostisbehere (Phi - D) 13 -156 Radko Gudas (Phi - D) 14 -157 Kyle Okposo (Buf - RW) 15 -180 Jonathan Marchessault (VGK - C,LW) 16 -181 Steve Mason (Wpg - G) 17 -204 Erik Johnson (Col - D) 18 -205 Evgenii Dadonov (Fla - LW,RW) 19 -228 Joe Thornton (SJ - C) 20 -229 Mathieu Perreault (Wpg - C,LW) I have 6 out of 20 that remained. I know I traded Risto / Dubs / March. Dadonov started hot went cold (I dropped him) and when he got hot again someone nabbed him before I could get him back. Mason was a total unmitigated disaster. His career as a starter is over. Shipachyov was a risk and then a disaster..
  15. I am pretty sure you eliminated me from all stars like 3 years running now. Once after I made a trade that was the difference in our match for you, the year you won it all. I have some catching up to do before I start yapping lol
  16. Wrong choice of words .... my bad. What I meant is that once the top obvious players are drafted, one gets into drafting for a specific need like FOW / Hits / Blocks etc..... Exactly why you drafted Borowecki is a perfect example.
  17. Thanks @yave1964 . I was worried all day yesterday. Had the Red Wings started Howard, it definitely could have made my life a lot more challenging. I was also dealing with BOTH Orpik and Russell getting injured. I lucked out on picking up McElhennry so quickly when Andersen got hurt. It could have been a completely different story. It was a tremendous match. So again, thank you for the kind words. You had a tremendous year and just had 2 down weeks at the wrong time.
  18. At a glance of my drafted team, I still have: Burns, Kadri, Koivu, Lucic, Lindholm, Borowecki, Zibanejad, Palmieri, Nick Ritchie(Who I only recently picked back up), 9 out of 20 I guess. I would not say it is a crapshoot after the star players. I drafted Halifax Sharknado 1.(5)Matt Murray (Pit - G) 2.(20)Brent Burns (SJ - D) 3.(29)Jake Allen (StL - G) 4.(44)Wayne Simmonds (Phi - RW) 5.(53)Ryan O'Reilly (Buf - C) 6.(68)Craig Anderson (Ott - G) 7.(77)Nazem Kadri (Tor - C) 8.(92)Dion Phaneuf (LA - D) 9.(101)Mikko Koivu (Min - C) 10.(116)Milan Lucic (Edm - LW) 11.(125)Elias Lindholm (Car - C,RW) 12.(140)Ondrej Palat (TB - LW) 13.(149)Mark Borowiecki (Ott - D) 14.(164)Mika Zibanejad (NYR - C) 15.(173)Kyle Palmieri (NJ - RW) 16.(188)Nick Ritchie (Anh - LW) 17.(197)Dmitry Orlov (Was - D) 18.(212)Johnny Boychuk (NYI - D) 19.(221)Mikael Backlund (Cgy - C) 20.(236)Radim Vrbata (Fla - RW) A lot of those guys I had for a good chunk of the year. But the bolded seems to be where my drafting is more solid than my early rounds. I know I caught some Flak for Borowecki being a tweener, but he is one hell of a tweener for PIMs, hits and blocks.
  19. Of the players I drafted, I'm pretty sure Ghost remains in NAHANA. Among keepers, I have Malkin but he went and came back. That's it. In AllStars, I think it's Schwartz, Landeskog, Oshie (not sure), Morgan Rielly, OEL, Letang, Lee, Kessel, Fleury. I don't think I started with Hellebuyck. I think I ripped someone off for him.
  20. @pilldoc Congrats on whooping me this week, strong week by your entire team, I never got traction. Congrats again! Congrats to @j0e and @bak for making it to the finals, if J0e wins after knocking both me and Rux out we wont ever hear the end of it, lol.Good luck to both!
  21. you know .. I am very interested to know the % of players that are drafted by a particular GM, who remained on the same team all year round. Without looking, I bet you I might only have 2 or 3 or 4 players remaining whom I drafted. After all, drafting really is a crapshoot once you get past the star players .....
  22. You know, yeah, seriously. I make it a little harder for myself in NAHANA because I don't often have draft picks. But I think I may actually have started out with a better base team in AllStars having autodrafted. It came out weak on things like hits and blocks, but I had some workable pieces to trade with, too.
  23. or how to draft as you have made that quite evident how you lack some basic drafting skills ....
  24. Ha! I think not. Participation awards are for suburban peewee soccer leagues. And whatever I get, it should come with the requirement that I spend it on classes on how to properly set a roster.
  • 2018 Fantasy Cup Leaders


     1. hf101   89 pts 
     2.  Pilldoc   85 pts
     3. MoreHockeyStats   75 pts
     4. J0e Th0rnton   72 pts
     5. AlaskaFlyerFan   69 pts
  • All Star League Standings

    Week 20

    *putting on the foil 211-106-43
    *Leafs Raisn' Cup2018 178-140-42
    *Green Star Blades 176-140-44
    *Hell Bears 162-151-47
    *Divine Swine IcePigs 166-158-36
    *Bakanekimiwa's Team 166-158-39
    InsideEdge Hockey 161-157-42
    Halifax Sharknado 155-148-47
    Slick Sticks 159-163-38
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 130-179-48
    Whiskey Sticks 131-189-40
    Hooligans 106-202-52
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 20

    *AKOF 194-114-52
    *Nasty Angryman 188-110-62
    *Ded Flatbird 192-117-51
    *The Shock 193-121-46
    *Mom's trust Letang!! 189-128-43
    *MrDanglez67's Team 159-154-47
    *Lady's Knights 156-159-45
    *Bambi on Ice 132-176-52
    De Haan Job 130-181-49
    Your wife's a dyke 130-181-49
    RickB's Legit Team 99-207-54
    Wolfe Pack 99-213-48
  • NAHANA Standings

    Week 20

    putting on the foil 160-96-44
    Metadeke 152-108-40
    Silky Mitts 142-107-51
    Billyport Crips 139-114-47
    Inside Edge Hockey 141-117-42
    Halifax Sharkticons 135-122-43
    pipers 132-119-49
    Elsinore Catamounts 123-126-36
    AKOF 119-132-49
    Mighty Drunks 122-136-42
    The Winsor Warriors 109-151-40
    Divine Swine IcePigs 105-148-47
    Minnesota Ice Kickers 96-150-54
    Lady's Knights 102-157-41

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