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  2. Since the HF.net League is divided into 2 leagues and we can't all see what happens in each of the leagues let us post our rosters, trades, and Free Agent pick up's and more in this thread.
  3. Yikes .... I finally leveled off after dropping in the standings. Hard to believe a few weeks ago I was 2nd. I tell you what ...except for Yave who is way out in front....it is a tough race..... especially slots 6th through 10th.
  4. I saw that I was ahead 16-1 for a very brief time, I knew that would never hold up. Go figure I beat the best team and I drop to 9th place.
  5. Congrats on the win, solid performance from your boys all week. At one point Saturday evening I was down 16-1 so I am thrilled only getting beat instead of my butt kicked lol. Hoping not to draw your team in the playoffs, your strengths are mine as well and your team is a matchup nightmare for me especially on the weeks that my goaltending forgets to show up.
  6. It's been a decent week for both teams. Winning a week against @yave1964 doesn't come too often. My teams are inconsistent just trying to hang in there to make the playoffs.
  7. lol - I've been trying to warm his team up for ya all week.
  8. Good luck this week, @yave1964. May the better team lose by a big margin.
  9. Heads up everyone.... Winter storm in the NE has claimed an NHL game... Florida at Boston is postponed. So if you benched any players in favor of Panthers and Bruins players, go have a reset of your lineup. NYI at Phi TB at Mon SJ at Tor Car at Pitts All those games COULD be affected, but as of now, are still on. Might wanna pay attention and see what happens with those....I know I will.
  10. Ouch.... I've struggled recently in All Star. Need to have a good week here.
  11. Bleh. FIghting for a playoff spot and I set my lineup's last night. Somehow Zibanejad and Grabner still benched today....WTF Left a goal, 6 SOG, 9 FOW, 1 hit and 1 block on the bench today
  12. Yup! You are correct. Right there on 72 across from the Renaissance Fair. Next time you are in the area you should stop. I'm pretty picky when it comes to BBQ. This place does it pretty good! I highly recommend it.
  13. Out near the Renaissance Faire, right? I used to go to the Renaissance Fair quite a bit through HS and college. Enjoyed it, minus the nagging problem that nearly all of it had nothing whatsoever to do with the Renaissance. Always wanted to stop there for BBQ and never have.
  14. @pilldoc You know, Doc, I am thinking the REAL Ristolainen could probably pull the same stunt, but instead of BBQ pork, say he is tired of buffalo wings, and could whine...errrr, talk his way out of being on the Sabres and maybe get a trade to the SJ Sharks.
  15. In what has turned out to be a disappointing season so far ....... Rasmus Ristolainen is tired of eating BBQ Pulled Pork and Ribs. In a statement to team reporters (while dousing his Brisket sandwich with more BBQ sauce) .... "Too much BBQ is affecting my skills on the ice..... " Therefore to accommodate his request he has been dealt to the Sharks ( @J0e Th0rnton ) for Mathieu Perreault. Perreault could then be over heard saying ........ Time to get me some BBQ!!!!!! EDIT: My team, Divine Swine, is named after an awesome BBQ joint here in Lancaster, PA. The BBQ is outstanding!
  16. Well for a gripe, My goalies this week are 6-0 with a 1.70GAA and 0.941% this week and I am losing the goalie categories, along with everything else lol. All my teams did poorly this week in all 3 leagues
  17. @ruxpin I got three underachieving potential stars or busts, you got the sure thing in Matthews, an under achieving Bishop and an overachieving Wilson. You probably got the safer players, I got the boom or bust.
  18. Not sure how I feel about this one, but probably will regret it. Wilson, Matthews, Duchene, Bishop to Hell Bears Backstrom, Simmonds, Talbot to Putting on the Foil You know what? I just can't get myself to like Backstrom. He's okay, but he's less okay this year than others. Simmonds should be better than he is. I hope as a Flyers' fan that he improves, but this may be his fantasy down year. He seems to be one up one down, but last year was two ups in a row. Talbot will likely eventually turn around. I think we're actually at the beginning stages of that. But even then, I think the goalies are probably even or Bishop slightly better. Wilson was largely for peripherals in categories I need to improve on. Duchene is a throwin to help with the FWs I'd lose in Backstrom but may be waiver wire/streaming fodder. And Matthews actually started out on my team and has come full circle. I think it's likely that Yave comes out on top on this one, but it could go okay for me.
  19. Big deal type trade that processed late last night.... The Green Star Blades get: G- Devan Dubnyk (IR), G- Alex Stalock, LW- Taylor Hall (IR), LW/RW-Dustin Brown Puttin on the Foil gets: G- Ben Bishop, C- Auston Matthews (IR), D- Erik Johnson I have been calling this trade a "hybrid trade".....that is, part hockey trade, part 'feel good' trade, as the players involved, I believe can help each side with categories, but at the same time, part of the dealings were because each side simply liked players the other had..... I am still a Dubnyk fan, and I do like Taylor Hall, meanwhile, Yave seems to be an Erik Johnson fan. I feel the Wild are starting to come around defensively a bit, and Stalock has looked better than I ever thought he would...of course, getting Dubnyk back will be huge for my team and the Wild themselves too. Taylor Hall is a dynamic scorer having a good season on a team that is trending upwards....just waiting on him to get back from the IR list. And Dustin Brown is a multi-category type player playing top six minutes on a Kings team that looks very, very strong this year. The Foil get Dallas starter Ben Bishop to offset his loss of Minnesota goaltending. Bish can still be a great goalie, but he also has the potential for a powerful Stars offense to back him up. Erik Johnson is kinda like Dustin Brown on defense...a multi cat guy who seems to be anchoring that Colorado defense surprisingly well. Auston Matthews, well, what can you say? Might be the single best player in the deal, but the Star Blades have a glut of centers right now, and I thought the team has enough offense even without Matthews, but the Foil can add his scoring touch (when he gets back) to his already finely balanced team. Overall, I think both sides did well on both the performance front and in the "I want that guy" front.
  20. I can't do that.I am sorry. I need Giroux too much at the moment. Henrique just hasn't put up the goals and assist at this point as Giroux. Plus, Giroux is really strong on PPP AND faceoffs. I don't have a lot of other players with that kind of flexibility.
  21. Thanks. A double edged sword at best. I mean, on the one hand, Yay...I held off the Crippled Bears. On the other hand... Yikes, I BARELY held off the Crippled Bears.....
  22. @TropicalFruitGirl26congrats last week. Held off the Crippled Bears!
  23. @pilldoc Thanks, same to you. This week, more than ever, will likely come down to who's star players perform. LOTS of underperforming going around so far this season. And Auston Matthews can't seem to stay healthy for me lately....
  • All Star League Standings

    Week 14

    putting on the foil 146-77-29
    InsideEdge Hockey 122-97-33
    Leafs Raisn' Cup2018 125-102-25
    Green Star Blades 120-101-31
    Hell Bears 119-106-27
    Bakanekimiwa's Team 114-113-25
    Divine Swine IcePigs 112-112-28
    Slick Sticks 113-117-22
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 107-112-33
    Halifax Sharknado 105-119-28
    Whiskey Sticks 93-134-25
    Hooligans 66-152-34
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 9

    Ded Flatbird 96-52-14
    AKOF 81-51-23
    Nasty Angryman 84-47-31
    The Shock 84-60-18
    Lady's Knights 74-68-20
    Mom's trust Letang!! 73-70-19
    Bambi on Ice 68-69-25
    MrDanglez67's Team 65-75-22
    De Haan Job 65-77-20
    Wolfe Pack 52-88-22
    Your wife's a dyke 49-93-20
    RickB's Legit Team 45-93-24
  • NAHANA Standings

    Week 14

    putting on the foil 117-61-32
    Metadeke 102-82-26
    Inside Edge Hockey 99-82-29
    Silky Mitts 98-81-31
    Halifax Sharkticons 99-85-26
    Billyport Crips 93-84-33
    pipers 92-83-35
    Divine Swine IcePigs 85-92-33
    AKOF 85-92-33
    The Winsor Warriors 82-99-29
    Elsinore Catamounts 83-101-26
    Mighty Drunks 79-101-30
    Minnesota Ice Kickers 74-103-30
    Lady's Knights 71-113-26

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