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  2. Just binge watched season one again in prep for season 2. Premiere on April 3. Cant't wait. Think it is the best of the comic book TV series' so far.
  3. New shows pop up every month, it's no longer just a Sept and Jan thing.....just wanted to see who is watching what, and see if I'm not watching something really good. For my money, Star Trek Discovery is the BEST show on tv right now. The battle of the binary stars was wicked, one of the single best episodes I've ever seen, it should go down in Star Trek lore....not as good as the Borg stuff, but close. I must say, was not fond of a male member of the Discovery being raped and tortured by a female Klingon...and yeah, I just knew they would have gay stuff, no big deal, but why every show? Other stuff I'm watching...zombie off season is tough on me....LOL! Homeland just started back up, season 7 I believe....it's getting old, but I'm a sucker for Carrie. The Flash is the best CW show, but the plot lines are corny at times. Arrow is redundant, and I refuse to watch Black Lighntining, superhero overload. Supergirl is the best super hero show, glad I stuck with it....and it follows the comics pretty close, they brought in Braniac, the Legion of Superhero's etc this year, pretty cool. Has anyone watched the new Stargate SG-1? Looks decent. Quit Blacklist, totally lost interest, don't even care who her real dad is at this point. 2nd best show on tv, Marvel's Agents of Shield...I save up two or three in a row and it's like watching a friggin awesome movie!!
  4. It's on my Netflix watchlist, but I'm still catching up on other shows (Peaky Blinders lately) or getting distracted by re-watching other stuff (I recently finished my fourth watch of Deadwood).
  5. Wow so i'm the only one here who watches this? Well folks are missing a good series.
  6. I have from Amazon "The Essentials" a 10 disc set of Laurel and Hardy. Funny as all hell. My favorite old comedy duo f all time.
  7. Not sure if anyone here is into this series but i just finished the 1st two seasons and thought it was good. It starts slow and builds. It sucks now i have to wait till the next season. I burned through it real quick. Anyone else here watch?
  8. @MadDevil sometimes I think you are the North Daktoa version of me. well said all through this thread.
  9. If it makes anyone feel better, most of the evil bad "guys" in Divergent were women. But they were being divergent.
  10. In this particular case I think it's more to do with the First Order being modeled on the Empire, which was itself based on Nazis. So if you're going for continuity within the Star Wars universe, it makes sense that the First Order is dominated by white males. If you want to argue that basing them on Nazis is lazy, fine, but Nazis tend to be agreed on as being completely evil, which is why that comparison is still used. I agree it would be nice to see more diversity across the board, but given that white males dominated the film industry for so long, is it really surprising that when it swings the other way the heroic roles are being given to women or actors of other races? I think eventually there will be diversity across the board, but it's not going to happen overnight. In the meantime I think the "poor white man" can take some lumps and still be okay.
  11. I'm not saying they couldn't be. I'm saying the first six movies in the Star Wars franchise were already more than fair. Women were portrayed strongly in those movies and were already in positions of command. The last movie has gone completely overboard to the point of being absurd, and the fact that white men are the only demographic represented as the "evil" side in the movie is also a concerning trend. How do you explain the lack of diversity on the evil side in Star Wars? This is a very recent trend in Hollywood movies, and if you don't believe that it's happening, check out the interviews with the film's producer.
  12. Okay, fair answer. I don't agree with it in its entirety, but you articulate the position well (and patiently). Thanks for that.
  13. This sounds more like a you problem. I never once watching this movie went "there's no way these women could be in command" or thought there was some overarching "white men are evil" narrative going on. I don't know if I'm just too dumb to notice these things or if I just choose to go into a space fantasy movie without looking to be offended.
  14. LOL. No, I have no issue with women whatsoever. Honest! I just loathe when Hollywood tries to force something that doesn't happen naturally on its own. It comes across as fake. Hollywood is trying to coerce women into being something that they don't want to be. They're trying to define what they think society should be like and it doesn't reflect what society is or what people necessarily want it to be. Do you remember the movie Three Men And a Baby? Part of the joke of that movie was that three men are left to take care of a baby that is dropped off on their doorstep and abandoned. Naturally, none of them have kids and none of them know anything about babies. That was part of the movie's charm. In my field (STEM field), companies have made it their mandate to hire women into the field... only because they perceive there's a problem that the field is largely dominated by men. It's only a "problem" if you think women would do a better job and are being unfairly kept out -- which isn't the case. Women simply have different interests. They go into teaching. They go into medicine. They choose careers in accounting, real estate, sales, etc. They have different interests, but our government (and companies) are hell-bent on shoe-horning women into IT and STEM jobs at the expense of qualified male candidates. That does bug me a bit yes because I always feel like the deck is stacked against me whenever I'm looking for new jobs.
  15. I mean no offense to you, but between this thread and the other: were you badly beaten by women as a child? The misogyny is striking. I'm just wondering what causes that.
  16. The latest Star Trek trilogy did things right. They know who their core audience is (overwhelmingly males) and they cater to it instead of trying to pander to feminists. The Enterprise crew is a nearly perfect reflection of what it would actually be in reality if we travelled through space and had crews of astronauts on these ships. Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov: all male. That's STEM for ya. It's a male dominated field. The only female on the bridge crew is Uhura (however you spell that). That's the "right" number if you want a sci-fi movie to be believable and have any credibility whatsoever. On Star Trek: The Next Generation, they had Troi (counsellor) and Crusher (doctor) as females. Believable. Also a number that works. When they put a female as captain (Janeway) on Voyager, the series bombed, and I mean bombed as in "vanished from television for over a decade" bombed. If not for the 7 of 9 character, it would have died a death in its first couple of seasons.
  17. Now I'm going to have to re-watch the first three movies. Thanks a lot! Here's the thing: If Star Wars is a fictional futuristic look at civilization (which is what it's meant to be) then there are certain aspects of civilization that don't change with time, namely that men do most of the fighting when it comes to war. So even having the number of males to females being 50:50 in a movie about fighting is far fetched and unrealistic. Even at 50:50 it qualifies as pandering, because the reality is closer to 9999:1. There are times when you can watch a Hollywood movie and say "I'll buy that" and other times where you watch and say "Never gonna happen". Star Wars: Last Jedi was one of those "never gonna happen" moments. The only way the Rebels would have that many women in their fleet and in command would be if all the men had been killed off already and only the women were left.
  18. I hadn't really thought about it in that way, but that's really pretty good. Great post.
  19. To be fair, Poe just about destroys the Resistance himself through the failed Finn/Rose mission that ended with DJ betraying the plan to evacuate to Crait. Failure is a very big theme in this movie, which I enjoyed. TFA had more of a heroic tone to it, while this one went darker, kind of like Empire did after ANH. This one plays with our expectations and takes Star Wars to places it hasn't been, which I think has rubbed some fans the wrong way. And that's perfectly okay. Not every risk a film takes is going to work for everybody. Thankfully this discussion here has been more civil than in most other places on the internet.
  20. Okay. Sounds like we actually agree. Yeah, it's NOT a problem (for me, anyway). It just is. What you describe just means we're not quite there yet (in the Star Wars universe, anyway... Or maybe not just there).
  21. I don't "deny" it at all. It's a natural evolution. Moreover, how is it "a problem" that women are in leadership position when they need to be saved by multiple men because their decisions blow up in their face? If they follow what Leia and Laura Dern want to do the First Order kills them all unless Luke saves them and Poe figures out that the plot device crystal animals are the "way out."
  22. Yeah, I know what you meant. And for very similar (if not identical) reasons. I don't think the other is a blizzard though (I prefer Heath Blizzards if you're wondering). It's as valid a discussion as any other. I don't know. I think completely denying the evolution from the first trilogy to this one is almost as odd to me as being upset about it.
  23. No, he just chopped him up and left him to burn in a lava pit - after Anakin had only, you know, killed a bunch of children and oversaw the destruction of vast numbers of Jedi while already in thrall to the dark side. I meant hiding out on Tattoine. Quite frankly, I'm not sure what "the point" of whingeing about male/female casting to the point of demanding better representation of men in the Rebel Alliance (aside from the major Rebel characters who are men in a story written and directed by a man, focused on the male Luke Skywalker as a "savior" who *actually does* "save the day" after the plans of the female leaders blow up in their faces, in a franchise founded by a man and overseen by JJ Abrams who, of course, is also a man) is meant to achieve. Maybe this thread should have a Blizzard warning in addition to "spoilers"?
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