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An Open Club for all members of the HF.net community to discuss their favorite TV and Movies and more...

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  2. Game of Thrones!

    I still love that the Wheel of time was able to bring together an even more bloated spread out universe into an amazing conclusion.
  3. Game of Thrones!

    Ok, we've got a Star Wars thread, a Walking Dead thread (it rhymes), a Lost thread, a Break Bad thread, an Almost Human thread, a few others... I think it's about time we had a GoT thread. Along with Lost probably my favorite show ever on TV. I assume there are at least a few other posters here who live from Sunday to Sunday looking forward to the next episode. And tomorrow should be a big one- the Red Viper vs the Mountain. Sounds a little like a Vince McMahon production but whatever.
  4. Game of Thrones!

    Just to comment on the travel time/distance thing, I think it's mostly a symptom of them putting their foot on the gas as the show approaches it's climax. Plus this is a show with multiple POVs in multiple locations, and is based off source material that itself doesn't stick to a consistent timeline. I think in general the writing has suffered from having less source material to base it off of. The first 3-4 seasons there was plenty of material that was well plotted out. Beyond that though they've gotten into unknown territory and are having to bring characters together who are spread all over the damn place in the books. Martin himself can't seem to figure out how to untangle the bloated monstrosity he's created. The show runners are having to do that without having years to try to figure it out, so I think that's where you get the logical inconsistencies that have popped up in recent seasons.
  5. Game of Thrones!

    I love this show and I still loving watching every episode. However in the squeeze of getting the storyline completed in like 8 more episodes or such (including the finale this week and next season's shows) I find that the fast forward travel system is a bit annoying as well as other story line cracks. I think the overall show suffers from this which the earlier seasons following the books (more or less) did not. I would have preferred they did more seasons and dealt with the fact that somebody in the south needs time to get to the wall.
  6. Game of Thrones!

    Oh ok. I didn't think you would put it in my quote box hidden comments. Yeah makes sense.
  7. Game of Thrones!

    Its in the hidden section, isn't it? I commented inside your hidden segment so as notto be seen
  8. Game of Thrones!

    Huh? Did you forget to comment???
  9. Game of Thrones!

    Ok i like last episodes but i have a few questions maybe some experts here can help with....
  10. Game of Thrones!

    Wow what an episode!!!!!!!! Only one more left for this year....damnit!!!!!!
  11. Game of Thrones!

    Yeah, I just watched the leaked version of episode 6. Hard to believe that this was leaked by HBO on accident itself. Apparently it popped up on the On Demand services in Europe for a small period of time, and that was enough.
  12. Game of Thrones!

    HBO needs to get their **** together with all the leaks this season. It's like navigating a mine field of spoilers on the Internet lately.
  13. Game of Thrones!

    Speaking of spoilers, I just watched the leaked episode. I have not watched an episode since season....Its been awhile
  14. Game of Thrones!

    That's what I meant by my oldest theory lol
  15. Last movie you saw

    @fanaticV3.0 I guess it all depends on who's reviews and interpretation you read on this. I never saw the project as a sequel, and even some of Kings comments made is sound not to be. He had an interview where he talked about a sequel to the movie, after a possible start of a TV series, that would carry on more on line with the books. Which makes me think he wanted it to be more of an adaption than a sequel. It may be how they are trying to sell it to appease the fans of the book. Either way, I'm not sure it worked well, and I doubt after reading reviews that its going to move forward on either media.
  16. Last movie you saw

    Looked around but didn't see a thread like this, if there is feel free to delete So anyways, last Saturday I saw Sicario and it was very good I thought Del Toro was great in it. After work today I'm going to catch the Bond movie, I love Bond so super excited sad it's the end of Craig but I think a change to a new Bond will be refreshing.
  17. Last movie you saw

    from Wikipedia:
  18. Last movie you saw

    A sequel???? I don't think there was ever a movie about the Dark Tower series before??
  19. Last movie you saw

    It was one of those things that I knew I had to go back, was distracted from the get go. I saw probably 80% of it, and what I saw I really liked. I find with M.Night Shaly it is either real good, or real bad. The Villiage was a waste of time, the Lady in the Water was really stinky, but a lot of his other stuff is awesome.
  20. Last movie you saw

    It's a sequel, not an adaptation of any of the books.
  21. Last movie you saw

    And you didn't go back and watch it? I have to either pause the movie if I leave the room or go back and watch what I missed. Did you like it? I thought it was good.
  22. Game of Thrones!

    So, getting into some spoilers here...
  23. Game of Thrones!

    It might be even longer than that. Season 8 was rumored to not be coming until late 2018/early 2019.
  24. Last movie you saw

    I watched Split, but don't remember the Willis scene, must have left the room at a bad time.
  25. Last movie you saw

    The Dark Tower. The adaption of Stephen Kings Dark Tower series. Probably was a little disappointed as I'm a big fan of the books. The plot was based on the books, and all the elements in the movie were from the book. But it was like mushing seven or so books into 90 minutes of film. People who are not fans were probably lost on the plot line and references. This is apparently going to set up a TV series, we'll see how that works out.

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