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  2. The Punisher

    This exactly.
  3. The Punisher

    The sheer hotness of Kate kept me watching the Underworld series. In my wheelhouse, but refurbished garbage.
  4. The Punisher

    Uma Thurman is not at all hot, but she was in those movies. Sometimes it's as much about the character as anything else. Isla Fisher (and Kate Beckinsale), though, is hot to me even interviewing on Oprah. Isla is not aging all that well -- predictable for a redhead.
  5. The Punisher

    It's really weird, I don't really think Uma Thurman is all that hot, but man oh man, does she look awesome in the Kill Bill franchise. Love both those flicks, a fine example of an ultra violent movie with an actual plot line. What a fun ride that was, watching those two flicks for the first time.
  6. The Punisher

    You won't get any grief from me. At the time I watched it repeatedly. And not because I ever liked Jane Fonda. I just thought it was a pretty decent story and well done. I'm okay a little bit with such things. The Family Stone, Silver Linings Playbook, Winter's Bone, Definitely Maybe (I would leave my job, my wife, etc. for Isla Fisher, especially in this movie), Just Friends, Serendipity (same thing for Kate Beckinsale as Isla Fisher), etc.
  7. The Punisher

    Loved Silence and Cape Fear (not so much the remake). I avoid chick flick drama's like the plague, but the odd one, if done right draws me in. At the risk of being ripped for eternity, I thought On Golden Pond was done quite well.
  8. The Punisher

    On the other hand, you write some story where some psychotic ******** is coming after the wife or children and do it in a compelling way...you have me hooked and terrified. Taken terrified me as a father. The movie was poorly done, but the knowledge that the premise could happen at any time to anyone and that the solution was a ridiculous Hollywood piece of horse####, that terrified me. I wasn't terrified by Silence of the Lambs, but it was compelling. Cape Fear. That kind of thing.
  9. The Punisher

    I believe in Ghosts, possession....all that stuff, so it usually terrifies me. The series "The Excorist" is so scary, I have to watch it with my feet on the couch, so a random evil spirit will not grab my feet and make me crap myself!!! LOL
  10. The Punisher

    Just near the end of episode #2....Frank Castle taking it to the Taliban!! Classic. One of the best shoot'em up/****'em up scenes in recent history!!! GOOD GOOD THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!
  11. The Punisher

    She goes horror then drama/comedy (depending upon mood). Or some Indie flick where nearly anything bad you can imagine happens to the main characters and you leave the movie thinking you just stood and watched Sandy Hook happen. I will go Sci-Fi, but it has to truly be Sci-Fi. Star Wars, for example, is not Sci-Fi. I'll watch Star Wars and enjoy it to varying degrees (liked Rogue One, hated The Force Awakens). But Star Wars is a fantasy that happens to occur in space. I'm probably not going to go out of my way to watch some other fantasy story in space. Horror depends. Here is where I have to read the plot. By the way, growing up I loved the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. It's completely unwatchable for me now. I can't stand the synth music. It's completely distracting to me and takes away from any feeling of suspense. I know it was commonplace back then, but now it's an entirely circus feel and out of place. The synth worked for me in "Stranger Things," in that I didn't even really notice it. Then again, "Stranger Things" was a bit campy to me and not at all suspenseful to me, so the synth didn't work against that for me. It worked for me as an 80s throwback. I rarely enjoy an action/superhero movie. There are certainly exceptions, but if it degenerates into extended chase or fighting scenes I will quickly grow bored and it will lose me. I hated Miami Vice as a TV show because it was literally 90% chase and noise. While I loved the book, one of the reasons I hated the Hobbit movies was the extended fight scenes in which the outcome was guaranteed and where you consciously were aware they were 100% pointless time-filler. The superhero movie has to have some significant non-superhero (drama) plotline if I'm going to suffer through it. It's otherwise too predictable, and I'll bore quickly. (do you get the "bore" theme? Have any questions as to why I trade a lot in fantasy and why I haven't watched a Flyers' game in about 2 weeks?). So, again, for me it's sci-fi (done well), comedy (not stupid comedy like Dumb and Dumber or Waterboy or that kind of thing), or drama, not necessarily in that order. Some biopics work for me, too. "Theory of Everything" or "The Imitation Game" or that kind of thing. I'll walk in and the wife is watching some random "ooh, there's a ghost in the house" or "some random demon is possessing someone" and I'll usually roll my eyes and walk out. I don't believe in ghosts or demons, etc., so it has to be really well done (the Exorcist) and have some compelling subplot for it to work for me. Or a gorgeous girl as the lead helps, too.
  12. The Punisher

    HA! That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while!!!
  13. The Punisher

    I don't want to know the actual plot lines, but I do have to know the genre, who is in it etc...it *has* to be in my wheelhouse. For instance, if it's a drama, it better be damn good or I'm not starting. I go after Horror, Sci-Fi, and Action (usually superhero stuff) and not much else. I can watch a good comedy also, but usually not back to back.
  14. The Punisher

    I actually like the vehicle of starting later and going backward. I kind of like the "how do they get to 'X' from here." @jammer2 My wife is an avid Netflix watcher. That and Comcast OnDemand. I'll walk into the room and say "What are you watching?" and she honestly doesn't know what the name of the movie is. She'll flit through the list reading the brief synopsis and/or who's in it and say to herself, "that looks good" and turns it on without having the foggiest idea what the name is. It makes sense, but I'm the opposite way. For me, it's name, genre, and then maybe who's in it. And if the majority of critics hated it on Rotten Tomatoes, I know I'm bound to like it.
  15. The Punisher

    I'm to the opposite of her....lol. Lot's of times, I will watch something without reading the plot, just so it is a surprise, it's better that way I find.
  16. The Punisher

    It is just so annoying because it is not a novelty anymore everyone is doing. Besides it just causes my wife to ask more non stop questions that i don't have the answer to. Dear lawd i love that woman to death but man she can't just sit and watch a movie and see what happens. She must know or guess what is about to happen or know why they are doing what they are doing. Just crazy.
  17. The Punisher

    I totally agree. If I wanted to figure things out like that, I'll buy a Rubick Cube.....lol.
  18. The Punisher

    I watch the first episode last night. Off to a good start. Why is always the new thing now instead of just telling a story from the damn beginning they always have to start someone in the middle then go back to explain. It's a small complaint but so many damn movies/shows do that and i just don't get it. Just start the damn thing from the beginning and go from there. Sorry rant over.
  19. The Punisher

    WTF!!!! How is this not in my Android box Exodous top 20?? Had to do a search to find it, THANKS BRO!! Watching it right now!!
  20. Stranger Things

    I enjoy this show on a lot of levels. I love the music, not just the licensed 80's pop, which is perfect, but I like the synth used for the score. The period era cars are a hoot too, so I really appreciate the attention to detail, and the little pop culture references. One that stands out is the kids bitching about how expensive it was to play Dragon's Lair, and how it sucked to put .50 cents in it and die in less than 2 minutes. I made that same complaint in the arcade. I think it is well acted for having such a young cast. And it is just scary enough, tween girl mojo likes to watch it too but not before bed. I do get the hype, this show is good genX nostalgia.
  21. Season 3 of True Detective announced

    Let's hope it is better than the 2nd season. Very disappointing.
  22. The Punisher

    It is already out on Netflix season. Going to start it tonight!
  23. Stranger Things

    A little bit, yeah. Oddly not a huge Goonies fan, though. Funny you mention Goonies, though. A woman passed me yesterday who was dead on for Mama Fratelli. Completely dead on,
  24. Same director, which was a relief. I liked season 1 better than 2, but unlike most, enjoyed the second season. [Hidden Content]
  25. Stranger Things

    You just knew that the season would end with some kind of crappy awkward fleeting teenage love with Eleven (Jane).....geez. I did enjoy the season though, it's a bit like a science fiction version of the Goonies
  26. The Punisher

    HYPED UP for the Punisher!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!
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