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  2. I'm optimistic the Flyers will have more wins than the Eagles.
  3. Does Beckman have junior eligibility left? Or is it Iowa for him?
  4. Welcome to the Forum! Absolutely love your screen name. You will fit right on in here. Again Welcome ~Doc
  5. @GrittyForever Welcome to the forum! You will enjoy this place!
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  7. Me too. I like Svechnikov a lot since he was playing in OHL together with our former prospect Dmitri Sokolov in one line. Sokolov had in that season 97 points. Even had more points than Svechnikov had. Carolina gave a chance to play to Svechnikov at age 18 in the big club, but Wild was afraid to give one single game to Sokolov in 4 years and did not signed extension contract with him this year. Now Sokolov is playing at VHL (Supreme Hockey League)for Wings of Omsk and having already 5 points(3 goals;2 assists) in 4 games. In my opinion as well as my observations, a lot depending from a coach
  8. Agreed !! Had the Wild/Guerin sent Boldy and Rossi etc+ for Eichel, I may have sat out this season in disgust. That's a Fletcher move imo and would go against the "Younger-Faster" plan by Guerin. I too want to see a young group gain chemistry together and see what happens, Not another 'F'n All-Star'. Great write up, Always look forward to these groups and including other teams' fans.
  9. I'm very optimistic about this team. So much so I joined a discussion forum (Hi) . Amazing how beautifully they redid the D (which was the biggest problem imo) and now this team is so much more balanced than it was. I definitely think this is a playoff team, and Hart should be much better behind this D too. It will be a good year.
  10. Svechnikov did enter the league as an 18 y old kid, Kaprizov was 23. That's a pretty big difference. Will Svechnikov make as many headlines as Kaprizov in two years, I don't know but the difference between those two IMO isn't really that big despite Kaprizov's awesome rookie season. I'm sure you and me and the Russian hockey channels will be much wiser after the upcoming season. I'm thinking Kaprizov will have his hands full of keeping Andrei behind him in that pecking order rather than surpassing any of those guys above him. I guess it's pretty clear already but I really, real
  11. Also, Pitlik seemed to be injured and didn't finish game
  12. My online time is going to be very limited this year, so i will try and keep up as best as i can....
  13. The 2021/22 "Fight Club" The rules of "Fight Club"... 1st Rule "You do not talk about fight club"2nd Rule "YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB" 3rd Rule "If someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over"4th Rule "Only two guys to a fight"5th Rule "One fight at a time , fellas"6th Rule "No shirts, no shoes"7th Rule "Fights will go on as long as they have to"And the 8th and final rule of "Fight Club" is... "If tonight is you're first night at fight club, you have to fight"
  14. Seattle Kraken open with 5-3 preseason win over Vancouver Canucks SPOKANE, Wash. -- The concourses of the Spokane Arena were jammed. The merchandise lines snaked through the crowds, causing bottlenecks as fans filed in for their first glimpse of the Seattle Kraken. There seems to be little doubt about the popularity and reach of the NHL's newest franchise, even when playing 300 miles away from home. "It was unbelievable to be honest. I mean, I'm from the East Coast so I've never been out here. It just goes to show how e
  15. Flames pre-season game # 1 The C of Red has returned. It had been 567 long days since the Flames last played in front of fans in the Scotiabank Saddledome. That's 13,608 hours, give or take. On Sunday night, fittingly enough, the first game back in front of the faithful was a Battle of Alberta preseason tilt. It took just 2:38 into the game for the first raucous 'Go Flames Go' chant to break out. The visiting Oilers, though, skated to a 4-0
  16. Bruins pre-season game #1 Jake DeBrusk and Erik Haula each scored and had a goal in the shootout to help the Boston Bruins defeat the Washington Capitals 3-2 in the preseason opener for each team at Capital One Arena in Washington on Sunday. Garrett Pilon tied the game 2-2 at 5:26 of the third period for the Capitals. Joe Snively gave Washington a 1-0 lead 4:15 into the first period before DeBrusk tied it 1-1 at 12:56. Haula made it 2-1 at 1:09 of the second period. Jeremy Swayman made 18 saves on 19 shots playin
  17. I'm pretty high on this team this year. A decent amount of new blood, changed up locker room in combination with players wanting/needing to prove themselves (TK, OL, Hart, Frost, to some extent Risto....). It *can* be a good combination to have and if everything comes together, this team can win some playoff rounds but they have to stay healthy and get off to a good start.
  18. Frost -> JVR because he's just standing there hoping someone puts the puck off his stick. Things are getting back to normal friends.
  19. https://www.nhl.com/flames/video/embed/tanev--hanifin-250921/t-277437092/c-9019402?autostart=false Haha, it wasn't a goalies broken teeth after all
  20. Well, first preseason game very very disappointing, was hoping Sutter would get more out of his players - especially his farm players. But, preseason nothing to get worried about anyways - still disappointing though. Only good thing was seeing Lucic with the A on his sweater and Zadorov hitting everyone - also Vldar looked good in net too.
  21. Thanks a lot. I seem to be thinking on the same lines, good riddance to 11/20 and no to Eichel without a major reduction in the price asked - and even then pretty reluctant to trade for him. I'm sure the next articles have very different views on where we are going, will there be any success, how will Fiala, Boldy and Kap turn out, etc. I'm looking forward to it
  22. With that kind of money 35 goals is a minimum expectation with 80 to 85 points to go along with. Considering Guerin's decision actions speak louder than words. Giving the NTC is totally crazy - except if he really believes the Wild can be developed to a point that Kap might be tempted to stay. I hope he's right of course, but I'd say the Russian NHL enthusiasts with their 73 percent prediction of failure is pretty realistic ☹
  23. Good for Beckman but otherwise a pretty horrible result
  24. MN Wild made 8 cuts and trimmed roster to 46 players today.
  25. Hopefully, soon. It seems he could be our next candidate for Calder trophy. Dean Evasion was very happy how Beckman played last game and he thinks that our prospect is not only a scorer but has already a real professional NHL mentality. Actually that line Beckman- Giroux - Bitten was very good last night which netted 2 goals in our loss 6:2.
  26. I want a minimum of 40 goals. I want 80 points or more. I am not going to expect any less. The guy is getting big money, he's got to accept the pressure that comes with it and the criticism if he doesn't meet those expectations. My disappointment is irrelevant, but we should demand more now.
  27. 6-2 loss actually. I think he's at least a season off, although if Greenway keeps dogging it like he did in this game it might be sooner. He looks to score and seems to know how to find ways to get himself into position to do so. He's really made a good initial impression during both of the prospect scrimmages where he was shooting a lot, and again last night. Will Bitten also got some good praise for his hustle, speed and good work with Beckman. The team sent Carson Lambos, Daemon Hunt, Pavel Novak, Kyle Masters and Ryan O'Rourke back to major junior as well as Bryce Misley
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