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  2. We were able to place 21 shots after 2 periods. They did 18. It is a time to put goals in their net. Kuemper is better than Raanta, but we still can do it. I just do not liked when Arizona commentators said that we run out of gas. I think we slowed down our play after they started to create a pressure against us. We should create an opposite pressure too. And we should stay also out of penalty box. We do not need that "challenge".
  3. I think 11 and 20 tell CL that they are OFFENDED by their playing time. If they had anything OFFENSIVE to their game, their play would not be OFFENSIVE to the rest of US....I rest my case
  4. You kind of slip on and off this board like SMOKE.....Appearing and dissipating. You must be BIG BROTHER with the 'watchful eye?'
  5. That's mildly offensive. I was trying to be 'above it all,' and post a pile that was appropriate post the dinner hour...
  6. @pilldoc "GRIMSON SUUUUUUUUUCKS !!!" thanks for the memories I'll add Churla and the Boogeyman Boogaard to that list. And probably give a shot with Derian Hatcher: he was not a true fighter but could be a real b*tch back at the time. And I'm obliged to go with the great Enrico Ciccone, who's now a deputy in the Quebec government.
  7. Rau's shift looked like 20% of the period. Can't happen. Loved him in HS, but he is out over his skis with that much TOI on a single shift
  8. I mean not to get political or anything, but prior to the 2018 elections here in Wisconsin, Leipold personally brought then Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Suter’s house. I’m sorry, but this is too close of a relationship between employer and employee and tells me everything you need to know about Suter/Parise and this team.
  9. You nailed it. The entitled 'widdle Zach's feelings are hurt', and he went and blubbered to the owner. Something he has done MANY times over the last few years.
  10. I still want to know how he went from a healthy scratch to a meeting with Evason to the first line. I’m guessing there was a call made to Craig by #11.
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