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  2. It also leaves them with Kurtis "Who The Hell Is Kurtis Gabriel?" Gabriel* as a top 12 forward. And only 12 forwards. They will need some wiggle room to work in a Frost or Farabee, for example. Would not at all be surprised if Hagg is moved sometime between now and the trade deadline, but perhaps sooner than later. * yeah, not what I pictured, either...
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  4. Nah, there is a bottleneck with at least the Werenski deal, and possibly McAvoy deal, needing to get done first. Just seems like the Provorov deal is hostage to at least one of those deals needing to get done. Trouba getting done helps, I think. Hell, even Marner may be holding things up for the d-men.
  5. This is a long standoff. Each passing day makes me think we are closer to a trade.
  6. He's also been a "name" for a while. I agree that it sounds like an overpayment as well. Agree. I think they can do both on longer term deals, but they will have to move a least a little bit of money to make TK work and have some flexibility under the cap. Capfriendly has them with $13.4m in cap space. Assuming Provorov gets $7.5-$8m max (more money for more term), that leaves $5-$6m for Konecny, which should be enough for a relatively longer team deal (i.e., more than 2 years; not sure if more than 5 years). But that leaves them with no flexibility this year. Even trading Hagg would help things.
  7. Good analysis, espcially liked your sarcasm about the goaltenders. I think the remaining RFA's are much more fascinating than the FA's at this point.
  8. I agree with you. Makes sense for both teams, although the Hawks kept a pretty tight leash on Jokiharju. Didn't let him play too many games to see what he's capable of. 38, tall order... I don't think highly of older Nylander's attitude, didn't like his father's attitude either. Younger Nyl seems to be the worst of them in that respect... Who knows but I'd say a clear win for the Sabres.
  9. Taking surprisingly long to get the deal done... anyone want to guess what he's asking and for how long? And what will he get? I heard a rumor he wants $10 mil. a year or he'll look for other teams. IMO crazy money - not worth it, at least not yet.
  10. Fletch reunites with as many players as Fenton! A common strategy but is it any good? Who's the copycat? Do they eat the same cereals?
  11. You know Tom, I kind of agree and don't agree. It's true some of them didn't find a role due to reasons unrelated to them. But many of those players were acquired clearly past their prime. Some of them ended their career or found themselves in Europe after their stint with the Wild. It wasn't the Wild coach's or organization's fault in that respect that those players didn't get anything done in Minnesota. They just were through as top pros, they couldn't pull of the next gig nor get a decent contract anywhere else either. "Played out of position or told to play different game"... which players did you specifically have in mind?
  12. Maybe it was. I can give you though; as a POS cheapshot artist easily in the TOP10 of all time. If he wanted to be a star talent as a slimeball, he succeeded.
  13. Yeah, I agree. Honestly that deal for Trouba looks like a nasty overpayment based on just his last year of play. That kind of thing is dangerous. Not that he's bad, I'm just always wary of paying a guy who may possibly be coming off a career year at the value of just that one year, especially when his past history doesn't match up. Provo imo has higher potential than Trouba. But he had a down year, which we may all want to be thankful for. Had he continued to progress closer to his ceiling, we'd be in much worse right now... Fletch needs to lock him down to some solid term. Period. The complicating factor of course is TK also needs a contract and is in line for a nice bump. It's unfortunate timing.
  14. So are we thinking the Trouba deal is the ceiling for what Provorov would get? I get that the dynamics are different, e.g., Trouba had leverage in that he was arbitration eligible and one year removed from UFA. Provorov doesn't have that leverage (and neither do Werenski or McAvoy). Honestly, but for last year, I think Provorov has better argument stats-wise than Trouba. Certainly Werenski has better stats. In any event, I'm not sure Trouba sets the market, per se, but his deal is a data point. Still need to see what Werenski and McAvoy do. I think Werenski and CBJ are probably arguing over term, with CBJ wanting a longer deal and Werenski wanting a shorter deal that brings him to UFA. McAvoy's deal probably gets a bridge, but the $$$ probably depends on what Werenski gets. Provorov probably slots somewhere between Werenski and McAvoy. I really think Provorov's deal is a hostage of the other two deals. All that said, I'd be comfortable giving Provorov Trouba's deal. The only issue is what does that leave for Konency and how much cap space will they have after signing him? Rather not see him get a bridge. I still think a d-man gets moved at some point, which could free up some cash, assuming they don't take back salary.
  15. Actually that was me. Provorov ? I think he's good enough to warrant a lot of money and a lot of term. Of all the guys to back the Comcast money truck up to...- he's the guy you do that for. I think a shorter deal for less $ means less Ivan Provorov playing for the Flyers, which I don't like the though of. So I can totally see 5 years, 5.5 to 7 AAV being bandied about, I don't think I'll sh!t a twinkie thinking about that deal either. In 5 years, I'm pretty sure one of Ginning, York or St Ivanny will be knocking at the door looking for more responsibility and having the ability to accept it. Watching York on team USA, makes me think we might have another really really solid top pairing guy. He's always around the good stuff, always seems to have the puck on his stick on the exit...I think he was a strong pick. Having a pretty decent cadre of young guys in the system eases some of the pressure to lock Ivan up long term. If he wants 11 million on the next contract we'll have a guy to backfill who is nearly as good, maybe even grow to be better.
  16. The Tampa Bay Lightning completely agree with you. Just sayin'.
  17. @mojo1917 I'm just messin. Never visited Cleveland...……...just seemed like the right place to internet bully on... My apologies for derailing the topic. Honestly, may take on Provorov? If he is staying with the Flyers, I don't expect a deal like Trouba's. Their situations are much too different. Comparisons between Provy and Serge on the Lightning are more accurate, and some within the TB fanbase figure Serge to get some sort of bridge deal worth about 2-3M per.....but since Provorov has actually been thrust into a more major role on the Flyers than Sergachev has on the Lightning, then I think a fair deal for a defenseman of Provorov's experience would be something in the neighborhood of 4-5M per. And that is NOT saying Trouba is "better" than Provorov. I think we've all been around sports long enough to know that payscale doesn't necessarily equate to greater talent....usually about timing and team desperation...……..and let's face it, although I do believe the Rangers' rebuild is accelerating nicely, they DID seem desperate to get that young defenseman signed long term and didn't blink twice about giving Trouba what they did. Flyers have been building a bit more steadily, less desperate (at least it appears that way), and I think they and Provorov's camp can come to a reasonable amount that will be fair, yet allow the team cap flexibility moving forward in order to ice a winner year after year. So, yea...thinking something between 4 and 5 mil....perhaps on a shorter deal...before he sees that big 6M+ contract.
  18. I wish I could completely agree but I have never been to Cleveland nor do I really want to. So i will have to take your opinion on this because Atlanta sucks just like you said. The only good thing I know about it is that they film the Walking Dead and Stranger Things down there. And I'm sure much more that I am not aware gets filmed there. So that is all I got on those two.
  19. @TropicalFruitGirl26 @ruxpin One word guys. Atlanta, it's the "new Cleveland". Aside from Coca-Cola, Jimmy Carter's park, Sevendust and MLK...it's awful. It's hot as hell there, humid too, traffic is bonkers, even when there's "no traffic" you're still sitting in traffic. It is huge, and not very walkable, but since it's so hot when it is walkable... you arrive needing a shower. Hartsdale-Jackson. Lots of sports teams, not much winning. Did I mention it's hotter than hell there ? The green spaces (which are nice) are actually voluntary torture pits. So fun for the BDSM crowd I suppose. Food's good, Better, if you like traditional southern food- which i'm lukewarm to- for example sweet tea and grits I find gross, collared greens...? they're a-okay. Atlanta, it sucks today the way Cleveland did 30 years ago...I submitted it to the Chamber of Commerce- still waiting to hear back.
  20. This. 12 teams Get rid of the stupid points and the shootout. 10 minute overtime 3 v 3. If it's still tied, it's still tied. If a team is out by Christmas, so be it. Get them next year. But an owner might be quicker to do what he needs to do to correct it if he doesn't want his investment to die. And again, I hate the casual fan. Go casually step in traffic.
  21. I agree less teams should make the playoffs, but I don't agree with the argument. My problem is the exact opposite. It's the early season games that are boring for me. Well, all of it, but especially the early games. Actually, it could be the fact that I cheer for a team that is NOT one of the 80% getting in (and don't win anything if they accidentally do), but the entire regular season has been cheapened and has become boring (could also legitimately be age, too). The past several years, I've been much more involved with fantasy hockey standings than nhl. It's not just the "too many teams get in" thing. It's the three point games that hide some real suckage among some of the teams and delude some really not too bright fans into believing their team is good. (no offense, Minnesota) All this to attract "passive fans." Well, screw passive fans. We've sacrificed competition and excitement on the altar of universal mediocrity and bloated contacts. The resulting product is bland and uninteresting. It's really not much different than watching people skate at Rockefeller.
  22. Always liked the Islanders-Rangers rivalry. I wasn't thrilled when the Colorado Rockies transferred to New Jersey. (Thou I do like the Pens-Devils rivalry). I was hoping to see the Devils transfer to Houston to rival the Stars or back to Kanas City to rival the Blues. Then bring Nashville East to rival Columbus or Carolina. (I believe Nashville is closer to Columbus.) As for the playoffs I would like to see a 12 team playoff with divison winners receiving byes and the next 8 with the most points play it out. (Get rid of the loser point and bring back the tie or do away with the point system like MLB and the NBA.)
  23. Well, he is familiar these guys. I don’t blame him with going with what he knows. O’Reilly is going to be tough to replace in Iowa. Good signing for Lehigh Valley...
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