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  2. Allison has got to be the most injury prone player I have ever seen. It’s been constant injuries for three years . It’s too bad since he has size and a great shot, he would have been a great asset on the PP. Giroux is having a great year his value is very high, we better trade him immediately, I wouldn’t wait until the deadline, with our luck he will suffer a season ending injury before we can trade him.
  3. Allison not on the bench to start the 3rd period……..
  4. After today we are one point away from the 5th pick…
  5. True, with the obvious caveat that Buffalo planned to be in this position. And they're the ones moving in the better direction.
  6. Well in fairness, Buffalo is essentially missing most of that as well...they just traded them for future assets. Brilliant!
  7. That's the sad reality. Buffalo is in a traditional rebuilding mode, and they are going about it the right way. They have a future goalie stud in Luukkonen (that kid will be a star in this league), and a good, solid group of young players, like Tuch, Thompson, Cozens, Krebs, Jack Quinn, Asplund, Jokiharju, and Dahlin. Some of them will be phenomenal players. Give this team 2-3 years and time to develop, and with a good coach and patience, the Sabres *can* be scary good. The Flyers' current state is sad and depressing, because there is no direction. I wouldn't mind for them to
  8. Yes, we call it "the past decade"
  9. In fairness they are missing their 1C, 2C, top pair D, top six winger... But the contrast with Buffalo is striking as you watch a young team actually playing the game of hockey effectively and in position to tie(!) The Flyers in the standings... It's two teams going in different directions, and the Flyers aren't going the right way.
  10. Taryn and the Gang are getting unnerved. Al is right: They fall apart. Taryn just let something slip--after Al said they need Hartnell in front on the PP, she said "or maybe behind the bench." She corrected herself but that was on point. Hartnell wouldn't put up with these wimps.
  11. My thoughts on the Flyers are that you guys are hurt by your own success. You win just enough (and recently enough) that the GM can't blow things up. You're going through that "9th place" phase that the Leafs went through about 15 years ago where they were just competitive enough to give false hope and prevent the team from rebuilding.
  12. I don't think the age is such an issue. 42 GP, 27 wins. That's a helluva winning ratio for any goalie. Besides, he's closer to 30 than 20. Just like I used to be...
  13. I expect an embarrassed Chicago team to come out much stronger this time around....but at the same time, I would think the Wild would be aware of that, and keep the same "boot to throat" mentality they were showing in the last game and not give the Hawks an inch. As far as I am concerned, this game is still the Wild's to lose, and even if Chicago comes back stronger, if the Wild don't let up, they should take this one too. Funny how a going nowhere team like Chicago will be providing a good character test for the boys in green. If Minnesota really wants to compete with the likes of the
  14. If things are THIS bad for two more seasons, then I could definitely see Hart ask to be moved.
  15. 5 good games in a row is big ask for a young goalie and the team might be tempted to take it a bit easier. A little bit less consistency and effort makes a big difference. I hope they prove me wrong, of course.
  16. Today
  17. How long do you think before hart asks for a trade....
  18. What a total wreck this team is. My God... This is the worst Flyers team I have *ever* seen in my lifetime. Thanks Fletch! Nice job assembling this Titanic on skates. Thanks a lot! You own this!
  19. Dear Gawd Frost WTF are you doing why you so damn soft like this??? Man they can't blow this squad up quick enough.......Frost is officially on my trade block...why not?? Are Maple leafs still drunk enough to be interest in Travis Sanheim???? I hope so....someone anyone. Make me an offer......
  20. Trade him today his value will never be higher... ...Wild fans said send him over here!!!
  21. Kahkonen is red hot. Getting 3 goals behind him is a big ask if the Wild play like they did in the last game.
  22. I swear i feel so cheated....how long i have waited for a goalie like this kid...we all have waited... ...and it hurts me to my soul to waste his talents....pains me to crush his soul. Will the waste assets again??
  23. Sure you got the right pic, Shelf? Looks like a Flyers' fan heading out from the arena after the first period against the Sabres.
  24. Always fun reading your posts. You must be invited to alot of parties.
  25. Wow how bad is this team defense? Buffalo skaters just waltzing right into the zone, skating down btw the dots - nobody lays a glove on them - and they're firing away at will. This isn't on Jones at all. Just like it won't be on Carter when he takes another loss. Flyers must be colorblind they're seeing yellow no-contact jerseys on all the Sabres today. It's just ... wow is all I can say.
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