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  2. If true, not sure if I agree with Hextall on this. Mrazek has been able to carry the mail for long stretches and has playoff experience. Your thoughts @yave1964
  3. Got it. Instead of of being known as a supporting member of hockey forums, now just refer to me as “Some Guy from Upstate NY that loves Hockey”.
  4. You're banned from this site. You can still post, react, read, edit, and stay on 24/7 if you'd like. But dammit, you're banned.
  5. Agreed, I guess the only thing the IOC banned was the Russian Flag and Anthem.
  6. @yave1964 Having said all that, there IS good news: After Mike Green gets traded, Luke Witkowski will step in as our offensive-minded D-man! LOL!
  7. I'm not sure what effect the ban has had on Russia. There seem to be just as many "Olympic Athlete from Russia" athletes as any other Olympic year.
  8. Well I got to watch tonight's game in Punjabi...... since it wasn't on CBC again. Toronto loses 5-3 to Pittsburgh.
  9. @pilldoc Thank you, and I'm very sorry you were made to feel you had to explain. You're a good guy.
  10. @yave1964 @ruxpin @J0e Th0rnton Hey guys..sorry for the delay in getting back to you. First of all I am sorry for the angst this trade seems to have caused. I mean that very sincerely. FWIW and for the record I approached the other GM in regard to obtaining either Benn or Monahan. He always seemed to ignore me at work. He said, and I am paraphrasing here, that he realized his team was toast and to send him an offer. He also gave me a bunch of BS excuses to why he was not very active in the league. So I sent him an offer. That night he reject the offer and blasted me for the offer. For the number of players involved I tried to be fair and yet not hurt my team terribly either. He went on a tirade on he was just not going to let other GM's poach his team. That was the night he traded Benn. I honestly thought I did not have a chance to secure a trade with him. Fast forward to last night. During the day I decided to give it one more go around. I send him a modest offer of only Wheeler and Bernier for Pax / Konecny / and Kinkaid for starters. I also told him I was willing to throw in another player if he wanted. I really was trying to keep it fair. Well later last evening he rejected that offer and offered what you see is the present deal. He added Monahan on his own. Again, how could I say no. For the record, it was hard for me to part with Konecny. Granted not on the same level as Wheeler, however he has been on fire and is a 3 position player. Thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate the friendships I have here and would never to anything to jeopardize that. Anyway, I thought you guys deserved an explanation.
  11. I just want to make sure I'm clear because I'm scared I wasn't. I didn't mean to imply or suggest anything negative about Doc's character or integrity. The very last thing I would do is question either. He's as good a guy as it gets. He just stole some really good players. And I wish I had done it!
  12. Doc is as honest as the day is long, for a short time we were in an awful SIM league together with a bunch of the sleaziest owners I have ever seen. Tanking, cheap side deals, we along with HF all left for that reason. I absolutely believe in Doc's integrity, another owner and myself even discussed this deal last night and had a difficult time justifying the frustration because on the short list of owners with integrity, Doc is right there at the top. Always above board. This deal is frustrating because it changes the balance of power in what clearly looks like a tank move by the other owner. @J0e Th0rnton That is all well and good that Konecny has had a good month plus, but his stat line during that time is essentially what Wheeler and Monahan do EVERY month. I like Konecny, but on the best day of his life he is not Wheeler or Monahan and everyone knows it, I imagine Konecny does as well, lol. To say that one of the players has had a typical Wheeler month that Wheeler always has is not really a good reason for this deal. Maybe if we were in a keeper league with pciks going the other way, but Wheeler way over Konecny, Monahan miles and miles ahead of Pacioretty and Bernier over Kincaid. No way to sell it any other way. Would you take Konecny for Wheeler? Or any of the three for any of the other three? Hooligans hasn't set his lineup for long stretches at a time this year, he has had more top end forwards than any team in the league and that includes everyone. If he had simply set his lineup with maybe a transaction or two a week with guys like Ovie, Wheeler, Monahan, Benn, Marchand and more he would be in the thick of things. Instead he put in minimal effort and his team is out of it and now he gave two elite forwards away. I have sent a half a dozen offers to him this year, some good, some bad, all sit ofr a week or so until I usually give up and take it down. So just frustrated.
  13. We'll see he is small the reason he has went quiet he lit it up to start with and then teams change their attack plan in order to neutralize him and it has worked he has struggled lately. It will only get harder in the NHL. Some rise above like Tampa's Johnson and some fade away. We'll see which he is soon.
  14. For whatever it's worth, I think this trade is the exact example they use on urban dictionary dot com under "trade rape." But I'm willing to believe hooligan used the insane logic about Konecny and uses Neat logic to evaluate players rather than anything else. @pilldoc, no accusations from me. Maybe just a medium-sized case of jealousy. If fantasy hockey were a motor vehicle, hooligans should be on assigned risk car insurance.
  15. Its a win for Doc, but I do not think it is trade rape category. Schneider has not even resumed skating yet and is still on IR and could be out for weeks, so by default, Kincaid is a #1 goalie. Bernier is out with a concussion Konecny has been on fire lately with 7 goals and 5 assists and +9 in his last 12 games, 34 shots and 27 hits in 12 games. Sure his season numbers do not look pretty like many rookies who take awhile to get it, but that triple position eligibility and recent point surge elevates his value. He has actually outscored Monahan and Wheeler in that timeframe. Looking further, in his past 22 games, he has 21 points. If someone wants to send my a triple eligibility PPG in the last 22 games player, send me an offer.
  16. Eeli Tolvanen is about an inch shorter than Marner and maybe 20 pounds heavier, he's also an inch taller than Johnny Hockey and more than 20 pounds heavier. Size has been a huge concern in the past but in the NHL now with enforced rules size isn't as much an issue.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Perhaps. It would be hard to part with any of the forwards. I'd rather give up one of our current defencemen and mix in a few draft picks. Ottawa could have Rielly or Gardiner but I wouldn't part with Marner or Nylander, especially if the team is going to trade JVR. If JVR goes in a trade, no other forwards would go. No way.
  19. Yeah but that's what I mean. You can't trade that many players for one guy. Forsberg turned out to be as good as Lindros by himself. Then you add in the other players you mentioned and the trade becomes a landslide win for the Avs. Ricci was a great defensive center and Simon was the game's ultimate enforcer during the fighting era of hockey. Who could afford both? One player can make a huge difference to a team in a salary cap parity infested league.
  20. Nice return from Ron's first draft. 2014 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2014 Entry 17 1 Travis Sanheim D Calgary Hitmen [WHL] 35 1 4 5 12 2014 Entry 48 2 Nicolas Aube-Kubel R Val d'Or Foreurs [QMJHL] 2014 Entry 86 3 Mark Friedman D Waterloo Black Hawks [USHL] 2014 Entry 138 5 Oskar Lindblom L Brynas (Sweden Jrs.) 2014 Entry 168 6 Radel Fazleev C Calgary Hitmen [WHL] 2014 Entry 198 7 Jesper Pettersson D Linkopings HC [SweHL]
  21. Yes i feel you're right. Will they get Neuvy from the Devils game or Neuvy from the Jackets game. This (besides injuries) is what drives the fan base and front office batty about this guy. And it has plagued him his whole career. But he is making only like 250K less than Elliott so he is getting compensated to start when needed........well the Flyers need it...they are in a dog fight with several teams and good goaltending can help them hold their position and maybe get to the point were they pass the Pens....winning is the only thing that will do that. Yest this game scares me since the Rags are 3-7-0 in the last 10. Lost 3 straight getting blast today by a Sens team in flux. The King getting the hook today (815%). So back to backs for them and the Flyers will be rested. All the signs of a let down to me. Flyers DON'T DO IT!!!! PEDAL TO THE METAL!!!!!!!
  22. WAY TO GO KID KEEP IT UP!!!!! [Hidden Content] Hart made 30 saves in a 4-3 overtime win on Friday night. Hart won 18 games in 2014-15, 35 games in 2015-16, 32 games last season, and picked up his 23rd win this season to break the record. Hart is now 23-4-1-2 on the season with seven shutouts. He leads the league by wide margins in both goals against average (1.57) and save percentage (.951). The second place goalie in both categories has a 2.78 goals against average and .916 save percentage. His numbers this season are insane. With the conundrum the Flyers are facing currently in the crease after Brian Elliott’s injury, it’s nice to see the potential goalie of the future playing so well in the WHL.
  23. Danick Martel scores two goals in return from jaw surgery to help Phantoms to 8-2 win Corban Knight also pitched in with own hat trick on the night. John Muse gets the win. Phantoms lead the Atlantic!!!! Three Stars 1st 2nd 3rd Corban Knight Lehigh Valley Phantoms G: 2 A: 1 John Muse Lehigh Valley Phantoms SA: 38 SV: 36 TOI: 60:00 Danick Martel Lehigh Valley Phantoms G: 2 A: 0
  24. Of course the Pens could win the division, but in the end it does not really matter. They simply need to focus on their game at this point, and keep honing it for the second season. Look how those division and President's Trophies have helped out the Caps over the last few years. The division title is a nice thing, but its not what the end goal is.
  25. Game 59: Flyers @ Rangers, 2/18 @ 12: Greetings:   There is no line on this game as of this posting (other 2/18 gam… https://t.co/ffe0Uzrt89

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