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  2. The joke is on you drinkin the Blue Kool Aid. I prefer Sam Adams. They can beat your team playing any style: physical, skating, speed - unlike Dallas, Winnipeg or San Jose.
  3. I took Bruins in 6. I really can't see the Blues doing it. I think the Bruins simply have more mental and physical toughness. The Blues will get sucked in to Boston's style, and no one in the league is as good as the Broons at that.....
  4. I thought the Fenton plan was to get younger and faster. Well, maybe one of his new loyal acolytes can share with him that pursuing Kessel and Pavelski and nixing the Staal deadline deal is just a wee bit off course.
  5. A real entertaining game (Canada vs Switzerland). No way did I see the end coming that we saw once it got past 1.00 minutes left and the goalie out. I thought we were done for. I never knew Mark Stone was as good as he is. I especially love the early games now that I am retired and can watch them.
  6. Sounds like Kessel and Jack Johnson for Rask and Zucker. If this happens Zucker will score 40 next year.
  7. Today
  8. You will be drinking Martini's with Tropical Fruit Girl who could not bash the Blues enough. Now her Lightning are toast and so are the rest of the West. You have come on here many times hating Boston and now you are backing them. Its quite a joke
  9. I have a box of tissues for you to wipe away your tears after you lose.
  10. Ugh - obviously some concerns on how great players seem to go to the Wild and start their retirement - but curious what they're going to give up to get this "asset"... "Jim Rutherford has said publicly he's willing to shake up his roster" - hmmm, so did it move to some minor tweaks to shaking things up...? Wonder how much his gopher status plays a role in all of this... [Hidden Content]
  11. Obviously it's more of a PR move - like an "advisory role" type of position - but I'd be curious just how much executive advising he ends up doing - probably very little... Wonder what $ he gets for doing this... [Hidden Content]
  12. Oh your a little drunk all right. A LOT DRUNK. The Blues are the better team and proved it since January. Gee, you do not seem to remember the domination by a team called Tampa in the East. NOT BOSTON. The Blues are not only deeper, but have Teresenko and Schwartz, two guys that are far better than anyone Boston can muster up. Not even close. Teresenko and Schwartz are both beasts
  13. I don't like Boston, but I call it how I see it. Boston is a better team. You're only hope, HJ, is that you somehow get more secondary scoring than Boston AND Binnington outplays Rask SIGNIFICANTLY. If anybody saw my pre edited comment, I'm a little drunk on cold medicine.
  14. What is going on here? All of a sudden you like Boston?
  15. Yes it will come down to special teams and goaltending for sure maybe. He Sharks powerplay struggled and cost them the last 3 games of the series from what I remember.
  16. Yeah, that's a major factor too. I'm not sure he'll be worth the $10million plus for term regardless ,but he's definitely not worth the $10 million if he's going to be hurt. I hope Fletcher is wise enough to agree. Although his history with the likes of Suter (still a good player I'll grant) and Parise don't encourage me. Homer's history with such things encourages me even less. He may be an answer, but I'm not sure it's to a question this team is asking.
  17. [Hidden Content] Apparently he spent four years being assistant coach at Toronto, and before that coached the Oshawa Generals. I'm not sure what to think of this, he seems likely he's capable, not sure whale happen with him
  18. We don't need offensive production from the 3rd D line (although Bortuzzo scored what was perhaps the most pivotal goal in the series against the Sharks). I'm not terribly worried about the Blues' D ability to jump into the O-zone when they need to. They've done it all year. I'm basically concerned about two things: the Bruins PP which has been lethal and Tukka Rask. I think these teams compare very favorably without splitting hairs and the series will likely be decided by special teams and goaltending. How's that for a hot take? LOL....
  19. Their bottom pair is Matt Grzelcyk and Clifton. I will give the Bruins the edge there because of Grzelcyk (3 goals 7 points in 17 games) ability to add offense too over Bortuzzo or Gunnarsson's (who both together only have one point in these playoffs). You don't have to agree and i'm fine with that. I think the Bruins are deeper down the middle too. The 2nd line center i give the edge to O'Reilly over Krejci even though it's close. I have like Coyle over Bozak too even though that is close too. But Bergeron is a huge boost over Schenn i think. No matter it will play out regardless of what we think. And i give the Bruins the edge is goal which is close too. But unless Rask comes back down to earth this could be quick series.
  20. I am concerned with Karlsson and his wonky groin...it seems to always be a thing with him now he is at the age where he is starting to break down and it comes a lot from not taking care of yourself so i'm not sure how important to have a player of his skill level if he is always hurt in key games....like the playoffs.
  21. I'm with you, but I don't think we need to go as far as Karlsson. I'm not saying I don't want him and that it wouldn't be amazing. I'm A) just not a huge fan of putting that much money for that long into any one player, and B) Think we have enough pieces, that they can be extremely successful with a Myers or Trouba or someone.
  22. Same reason the hand pass in game #3 was not reviewable. The NHL review rules are stupid.
  23. As a Blues fan I just wanted to say that the Stars were the team that gave me the most concern going into the playoffs. I hated that we had to play y'all since both teams play a similar style and are extremely talented, It was a great series that could easily have gone the other way. Had it done that, I believe it would be the Stars ascending to the Cup finals instead of my beloved Blues. We got lucky but sometimes it's luck that makes all the difference. Your future is very bright. I see great things for your franchise in the next couple of years. Thanks for the awesome series.
  24. For the record, Parayko-Bouwmeester has become our #1 lockdown tandem as the playoffs progressed and they've been pure money for us. Taking nothing at all away from the Bruins D (which has been excellent) but the Blues have the edge in depth on the blueline in my book. Assuming Dunn doesn't play (and I wouldn't bet that he will since he's got a broken jaw), the way things are set up now according to MoneyPuck, I'd still take our third pairing of Bortuzzo-Gunnarsson over Clifton-Moore.
  25. I know- right ? I have worked with really arrogant guys in the production world from Boston. (and some cool ones- but far more douches) They are actually worse than New York crew because, well, it's not even New York and they act like they're the hottest guys not in LA. for the record LA guys are the worst. Screw Boston - Go Blues
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