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  2. No kidding. If this actually happened that would it for me I think. And to think I just got a Gritty tattoo on my back...
  3. I never thought he "must go," but I also thought he wasn't doing a good job with the pro team. This is all Dave Scott's doing. I believe Holmgren is a soldier and nothing more and the reason why that press conference was a mess was because he couldn't defend the move. But he had to carry it out at Scott's demand and be the messenger to Hextall and in the press conference. I still can't get out of my mind that odd, congratulatory handshake between he and Scott at the end of the conference...who does that? The bad old days are already here...
  4. [Hidden Content] Meltzer speaks....good perspective.
  5. Starting Hart behind this defense is like starting your franchise QB behind a Swiss cheese offensive line with no running game . He will be shell shocked in no time.
  6. Never wanted him gone. To adjust maybe? Sure. But you can't sell me on the idea that the bad old days aren't coming back.
  7. @FD19372 and @AJgoal Wouldn't be surprising. Wouldn't touch this organization if I was Quenneville. What a disaster. Anyone want Hextall back?
  8. Oh even worse. So Hart will be starting by the 2nd. Dear Lawd.
  9. No reason to call up Hart unless he is starting tomorrow night. If Neuvirth was starting pretty sure Lyon could open the door for the D.
  10. Yeah. Crawford got hurt either yesterday or Saturday (it's all bleeding together). He may be out for awhile.
  11. Lyon was sent down. So it's just Hart and Neuvirth. So even if Neuvirth is starting, Hart is finishing.
  12. Knowing the Flyers, it's probably to showcase him for a trade.
  13. That was my thought last night, and I hinted at it when I was talking about how the org was screwing the pooch with how they were handling the whole mess. If in fact the sources that talked to Isaac (and Driver, she actually had said something before the Vancouver game) were right, the way the story broke and the circus that followed could very well have soured him on joining the team. Or they could have been completely wrong. But Meltzer wrote in his blog about "how almost there and likely can change in a second..." which leads me to believe that there's some underlying truth to our theory.
  14. Wonder if something fell through with Crawford? Interesting that Lyon was sent down. I think there are multiple things going on (Hakstol fired, trade and possible coach hiring) and they want to coordinate announcement on all of it at the same time. Then they got blindsided by a leak about the Hakstol part.
  15. My take on that, if true, is the moron who leaked what was going on p*ssed off Quenneville.
  16. LOL at BSH trying to bring some clarity when they were one of the first, if not the first, to run on social media with the "OMG Hakstol is fired" story without him actually being fired. Now she is trying to walk that statement back with "things change very quickly" comment. The real kicker is that she says this all is unfair to Hakstol. WHEN IT WAS HER PREMATURE TWEET THAT TOUCHED OFF THIS FIRESTORM. I cannot stand BSH. Just dreadful, clickbait garbage. Their podcasts are unlistenable. Vultures.
  17. Hart had a real rough start at the AHL level but was able to turn it around, I'm not so sure I want to see him getting any game time in front of this dumpster fire of a team.
  18. I hope it is to sit on the bench and open the door for Lyon. However I know this is what Homer wants. He has been itching since he left juniors and was just sitting down there in LV. This ruined the rest of my work day now...
  19. Some of it is just bad luck, but I also believe that when you're chasing the game, making mistakes and in panic mode, these things tend to happen to your goaltending and lineup in general. I could be wrong, but that's just my two cents.
  20. This entire situation is a complete mess. This organization is an embarrassment. Q should be looking at this situation and saying no way am I going to that circus. Between this and the Buffalo wings post, Hextall must be lol'ing pretty loud right now. Is it bad that I am interested i seeing this completely blow up in their face? I don't know why I feel that way, but I kind of do.
  21. Hell no if I am going to move Sandstrom it would have to be in a deal for a younger guy like Oscar Dansk. And as far as the 1st for them too. Can't do it. Especially since Stone is a UFA at seasons end. I would just have to walk away if we could find some other way to work it out like a lower prospect or something or much later pick.
  22. This kid could get hot ,then no coaching changes.. .. !!!!!! the duce you say,.
  23. Lyon also sent down. Neuvirth will start tomorrow night. Hart in net by the 10 minute mark of the first period. Flyers need to trade for a goalie. This is unacceptable.
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