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  2. Yeah, I was largely responding sarcastically to the over the top "burn it down" in the thread and elsewhere. But I'm pretty serious on the selling the franchise stuff. I don't want the relocation part/expansion club, though I understand why you're including that and that may have to be part of it. If it is, do like the Jets or Cleveland Browns (but without the several years of delay). Nice the club, change the name, the new franchise gets the name and logo
  3. Well, look, that whole North division was a free for all throughout the season. You are right...Montreal looked like the team to beat early on, and at times Winnipeg and Edmonton looked good enough to win it...hell, even for a split millisecond, Vancouver had a bit of a run that had me at least, thinking they could do it too. Of course, Toronto eventually takes over, then they have their issues where it looks like they were gonna lose the lead. Just nuts. But SOMEBODY had to come out of the North Division into the Final Four, and it just so happens its the team that started out stron
  4. I don't doubt you're being sarcastic and a bit in tongue in cheek, but I actually feel that way. Nothing would make me happier than having the team relocate and then Philadelphia being awarded a brand new NHL franchise. Nearly 50 years of not being good enough has not only frustrated the hell out of me but has made the Flyers the fifth most popular sports team in town. This organization is bleeding a slow death due to decades of nepotism in the front office. Seattle will have a Cup parade before the Flyers.
  5. Spot on post nothing more for me to add except well done. I hope the Flyers have the right coach the dead weight needs to be remove still regardless of the coach...no one has ad success with it yet.
  6. Yeah, I don't believe they talent (depending on how it's being defined here) is 90%. And it's not just hard work. Both are important ingredients, but it's the group working together in a cohesive way that enhances the talent. And that part is coaching and I don't think that's limited to 10%. People will instantly tell Barzal in response to this, but I don't think the Isles have a tremendous amount of talent (as typically defined by "skill" in terms of offense). But they're even this far because of hard work in a coordinated way on defense and counterpunch. Mid-ought a Sabre
  7. I don't think coaches are overrated, and I actually would have pointed to Montreal as a terrific example of the coach making a huge difference. But I'm with you on its not being necessary to chase the star or popular hire. In many cases, it's simply the right coach for the right team in the right moment. And each of those ingredients are often of equal importance. The perfect cake isn't about the eggs or the sugar or the flour, but in the absence of either, the cake fails. You could use that analogy in talking about a cup winning team in general and that is also true, but it's
  8. Hard work can beat talent. But talent and hard work is usually what makes a champion.
  9. Coaching can put you over the last 10%, but talent is the other 90%.
  10. Perfect new Flyers’ slogan. Gets me hyped.
  11. I would love to see the upset but no. Montreal lost Petry, Vegas has depth on top of depth and should win this one easily
  12. Its a pure fluke and most realize this. Fluery can match Price. Vegas has far more. And Pietrangelo is one that could be the difference in every game. Montreal started the season on fire. Remember that? And all of them were excited and thought they had something. Then it went South fast. Loss upon loss. How could anyone see this? This is 2006 Edmonton.
  13. Now we'll finally get to see how the North division representative fairs against an opponent outside the division.
  14. And so it shall be. I was really hoping for an Avs-Habs match up because I still think Colorado was the stronger team. Another Oops by Grubauer on the early tying goal not seeing where the puck when again allowed VGK yet another momentum swing. That game 6 could have been entirely different if it wasn't for that moment. At this point I'll bet the award goes to whoever's team gets the furthest. The easy way for the deciders.
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  16. From a television revenue perspective, it's a disaster. I've been cheering for the Isles, actually. Cheering heavily for the Habs against the Leafs but just watching the Habs/Jets with perverse amusement. I called Habs for that out of the gate (but in 6. Never imagined a sweep). Fans vs fans I think I'm cheering for the Knights but like a handful of the Habs players. I'll likely just watch that with perverse amusement, as well. But I think Montreal wins. In six. I'm kind of hoping for the Isles really largely because when he wins, I want Trotz to smack the Capitals'
  17. this is the worst possible outcome for this season. Unless of course when the Islanders are supposed to hit the ice in game 1, we hear "wait, that 's the PENGUINS music"!
  18. I said VGK in 6. I think the quality 1-9 and physicality of their bruiser line wears the Mtl defense out. I think all these games will be super competitive. It won't be as fun to watch as VGK /COL was, but i think it will get ugly, and be entertaining. I dont know if i think Price can steal this series because i think Fluery can match him save for save.
  19. I think the forum needs a vacation! beers, bar-b-q, and Bourbon
  20. Hopefully you know this is just in jest and an guy my age those use those terms triggered that is a made up term for today's kids. And there is a difference is an 18 year old kid with one year of juniors under his belt than a 24 year old man fresh out of college and a season of pro hockey played. Surely you know the difference. Right? When I was Wade age I was back from a combat deployment and the kids age I was coming out of bootcamp. (Stupid ******** phone doesn't know what bootcamp is) Clearly I was in two different areas of my dev
  21. Good to see the kid still finding a way to work on his game even with no ice or snow. I have high hopes for this kid. He and Joel are currently the type of snipers the Flyers need more of. I think his future is bright. And I know that won't sit well with others. And IDGAF. Stanley Cup or bust!! Enjoy your day. I also enjoy your opinion even if we don't always agree. You have talked me down off a ledge countless times. Maybe one day we'll enjoy a beer or bourbon together in celebration!!!
  22. @CoachX @radoran Oh I definitely think my aversion to those particular posts is more of a 'me problem' . The posts where I feel compelled to push back with "what are they supposed to do" remind me of childhood shaming I witnessed and resented and apparently still do today. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their outlooks. Also kindly recognize, I'm not here saying everything is great either. I'm saying Dave Scott, in that article, recognizes there are improvements that need made. @flyer4ever I've played on some terrible te
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