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  2. Zetts to retire this season or next....

    It *does* look stinky as hell. This is an obvious, wink...wink...nudge kinda thing. When you say it like that, it makes the league's stance a little more palatable. Maybe a tad more believable if he did not talk about missing Sweden and prognosticating when he might leave...which just happens to coincide with his 1 mill season kicking in...ha ha. Just springing it on everyone might have made it a bit more real.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Flyers System Ranked #1

    Oh, I'm actually with you on all of it. I'm just trying to figure out what the heck the writer was talking about.
  5. Rubstov: QMJHL or Phantoms ?

    I still think you are misinterpreting that. Most of those players are not eligible to play in the AHL until their junior season is over. It's NHL or back to Junior. The AHL games that site is referring to are the games that are played at the end of the year after their Junior season is over. They do not count as any of the 10 NHL games. However, if Rubstov plays the season in the AHL then he burns the first year of his entry level contract. The team does not get a free year effectively turning a three-year entry level contract into a four-year.
  6. I was so pissed I totally forgot to enter a name for the team! Blueberries?! good god, the entries must have been few and horrible. I was going to enter "Casco Crush".....but not sure what a mascot would look like! ANYTHING but the bluberries....danger with that as a choice is one or a few people getting "cute" and voting for it like a thousand times just to be an ass!.... I like the Watchmen right now (think lighthouse on jersey and some salty lighthouse keeper as the mascot).....But agree that the Mariners brings back a lot of nostalgia!
  7. Id say the number is small, as most have homes but a few remain. For me the biggest surprise is Jagr. While i know hes not young, and wont put up close to the numbers of his prime, hes still a very useful player, and good with the young players, which kinda surprised me. Hes great with puck possetion and draws attention. maybe hes just asking for to much $.
  8. Who's The Greatest of Them All?

    Ok, I change my mind.
  9. 15 Teams that Won't Make the Playoffs in 2018

    I do not know how things will unfold, but the Sabres are going to get better. And I say on paper they are better than Montreal right now. And I think they will prove it on the ice. I am not saying that translates into a playoff berth. It may take one more year or maybe they will surprise? The goaltending is a problem. The defense is a work in progress. If healthy I think they can produce enough offense to be competitive. But Chad Johnson I have more faith in than Lehner. And Chad Johnson, in comparison to past Sabres, is no Ryan Miller.
  10. The Western Conference

    You are right that Calgary is more balanced than Edmonton. I think that Edmonton has better weapons on offense and one of the best duos in the league. I believe that also in the goaltender the have the edge over Calgary. In my opinion, Mcdavid and Draisaitil can carry the team, and they have a great supporting crew. I don't disparage Calgary, and it's abilities, but if I consider all the roster and the talent so, in my opinion, Edmonton is better. Mainly because Mcdavid, Draisaitil, Lucic and the rest of the supporting crew but it will be a close race, and hopefully both of them will be at the top of the league. If both of them will reach the higher stages of the playoffs, so I will be thrilled. Hopefully, they will meet in the second round or maybe in the conference finals.
  11. Are the Blue Jackets for real?

    Yeah we'll see when Bob turns into more than a good regular season goalie....till then....meh!
  12. Early Skating Rinks

    These are some earlier images of Skating Rinks in Alaska.
  13. Why no Canadian NHL team will win the cup

    I do not think any team in Canada is currently good enough. I suppose Edmonton would be the closest? Calgary perhaps a live longshot? But a real long shot indeed. Montreal I believe is in for a long season. Not sure how much better the Leafs will be but I have to believe they might be better than Montreal. Vancouver is in rebuild, or at least they should be. I am surprised nothing was done about the Sedin's? Maybe Winnipeg will surprise us? They could be better than we expect?
  14. Toronto off-season signings

    I fail to see the logic of signing a 38 year old to a 3 year contract at 6 mil. per when that player is obviously in decline, Marleau isn't Jagr, isn't Howe and the fact that he can still skate isn't enough justification for me. 27 goals is great but 46 points isn't a 6 mil player on any level. Does Marleau's contract mean that there isn't room for Kappy or Sosh or does it mean TO's cap will be so stressed that Leo, Bozak and or JVR have to go even tho those 3 are far younger and still productive. TO scored enough last year to make the playoffs but the d was less than ideal so will his contract make it nearly impossible to truly upgrade the d where his money should have been spent? At the very least any team that can spend 6 mil. for a player should be getting a 6 mil. value. The Hainsey and Moore signings make sense because TO was filling a need.
  15. Last week
  16. Pens will meet with Will Butcher

    Is there a center in WBS that is ready to play in Pittsburgh that could fill the 3C spot? To bad the Pens could not sign Cullen! They could have maybe swung a trade with the Wild for a 3C!
  17. It may be water under the bridge, but the team's feet are still wet.
  18. David Bernhardt wrists a goal past a screened Felix Sandstrom during SHL exhibition match http://sonsofpenn.com/david-bernhardt-wrists-goal-felix-sandstrom-shl/ Trade Sandstrom now that bum can't stop a beach ball!!!!!!!!
  19. A.H.L. team

    The Eagles, who play at Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colo., will move from the ECHL to the AHL starting with the 2018-19 season. Their venue holds 5,289 for hockey but will likely be renovated for larger crowds and improved dressing rooms. The Avalanche’s current AHL affiliate, the San Antonio Rampage, will then become the Blues’ minor league team as they have signed the 5 year contract with the Rampage. So for the 2018-19 season, the Golden Knights will have the Wolves, the Avalanche will have the Eagles, the Blues will have the Rampage, and every team will be back to having its own AHL affiliate
  20. 2017-18 Manitoba Bisons/U Sports

    Aug 19: A week away from 1st game, and CW gets new look The CW got a new logo, and a secondary abbreviation version. They even have different colour schemes for each team to use. I display the Bison colours here. MANITOBA BISONS (0-0-0, 0-0-0) BELFAST GIANTS (0-0-0, 0-0-0) Saturday, August 26th, 1:00 PM CDT @ The SSE Arena (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Sunday, August 27th, 10:00 AM CDT @ The SSE Arena (Belfast, Northern Ireland) The Herd opens the season in one week. They face the Belfast Giants on Sat Aug 26 and Sun Aug 27. There are a whole lot of links from the Irish. The Bison roster page is still on 2016-17. Links: ¶ Launch Day: [Giants' Story] ∞ [Facebook Event] ¶ Roster: [@Elite Prospects] ∞ [@Giants] ∞ [@UofM] ¶ Elite Prospects career stats: [Paul Deniset] ∞ [Kevin Saurette] ¶ Giants': [Facebook] ∞ [Twitter] ∞ [Wikipedia] The Giants have one of those free events for fans today. They are the EIHL's best franchise when it comes to putting fans in seats. So the Bisons should be in an AHL-type environment for the games. The team is also quite successful on the ice. Founded in 2000-01, they have won the championship (finishing 1st overall) four times, and the playoffs twice (this is considered secondary in British hockey). In the last 8 years they have been 1st twice and 2nd three times, including last year. The Giants have been successful because they identify with neither Irish nor British, nor Catholic nor Protestant. Sports teams over there usually do, which adds spice (and sometimes violence) to rivalries. Two former Bison stars played for the Giants in the past but are now retired: Kevin Saurette and Paul Deniset. Kevin Saurette was with the Bisons for 5 years starting in 2001-02 and finished his pro career in Belfast. He arrived there during the 2012-13 season and stayed for 2.5 years, finishing in 2014-15. His peak Bison season was 21-32-53 in 40 games (Elite Prospects included non-conference games in some stats) and his peak Giants' numbers were 31-34-65 in 52 games. Paul Deniset was a Bison for 4 years starting in 2002-03 during which he was usually lined up with Saurette. He had two stints in Belfast, 2008-09 and 2011-12. Hard to choose his best Bison season. Is 34-22-56 in 42 games better than 26-25-51 in 32 games? He was a dynamic goal-scorer for the Bisons no matter how you look at it. His numbers were also impressive in Belfast, peaking at 27-39-66 in 39 games. A smattering of Giants pictures shows they have a choice of colourful jerseys. And their fans seem to appreciate a tussle once in a while.
  21. Today in Flyers History....

    On this date in 1982... 1982: The Philadelphia Flyers acquire defenseman Mark Howe in a trade that sends forwards Ken Linseman and Greg Adams, plus two draft picks, to the Hartford Whalers. Howe becomes a three-time First-Team All-Star with the Flyers and helps them advance to the Stanley Cup Final in 1985 and 1987. After 10 seasons with the Flyers, he plays three more with the Detroit Red Wings before retiring in 1995. He joins his father, Gordie Howe, in the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011.
  22. Draisaitl resigns 8x8.5mil per year

    I think that Edmonton did the right thing in securing Mcdavid and Driasitl for the next few year and in my opinion, they deserve the money that they got. I think that they were one of the best duos in the league and by securing them, Edmonton acquired the backbone of a great team. In my opinion, now Edmonton can go and sign the supporting crew that will make Edmonton a great team in the next years. Also, they got a great chance of winning the Stanley Cup in the next few years. I believe that we can expect great things from Edmonton in the next few years with Mcdavid and Draisaitl are the core of this team.
  23. Travis Roy Foundation

    The Travis Roy Foundation got another big boost from the wiffle ball tournament at Pat and Beth O'Conner's. $585, 496, to be exact. Over 4.6 million since the tournament started 16 years ago. Travis lives not far away, at Mallet's bay in Colchester. The O'Conners have built three replica ball parks. Little Fenway, Little Wrigley, and Little Field of Dreams. They are really neat, look just their namesakes. They're on a hill behind the O'Conner's house. This event is just one of many during the summer there. The teams are usually coed, with lots of families and kids. Low key, and fun. If you get the chance, visit the place. I think you'll like it.
  24. Eastern Conference next year

    In this post, I would like to talk about how I see the eastern conference which Toronto is part of it. As I was reading the writers and saw the trades that the teams did and also the players that they lost to Vegas team. I think that the conference is more open than it was last year. Don't get me wrong; I still believe that Pittsburgh, Washington, Rangers, and Columbus have amazing teams and I predict that they will be at the top of the conference and I won't be surprised if they will be in a separate group far from the rest of the conference. These teams have a caliber roster that is better than the other teams. I think that these teams are the best of the conference and will take the top spots in the conference and the standing. In my opinion, the rest of the conference is open. Montreal, Boston, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia has become weaker, but Ottawa stated the same and didn't lose key players. Toronto has a fantastic core of young talented players which it's their second year together, and the chemistry is outstanding, and they know learning each other style of game. I believe that the experience that these young core of talented players gained last season and the signing of the veteran players this summer will make Toronto a dangerous team and a force in the conference. I think that in the situation of the teams in the Conference will help Toronto get into higher position in the standings this year which will assist them in the playoffs to get further in the playoffs than last year. I believe that Babcock and the management of Toronto are obligated to the rebuild and as I see it, they are doing it. I think that the young talented players are ready to make the next stage and with the signing of Marleau and the other veteran will only help them. I believe that they can gain a lot from the experience that the veteran players bring. I liked all the signing that Toronto did, and they did it without trading our young and talented assets. I think that there is a lot of potential for this young team and we had only a glitch of what they can do last season. I believe that with the mentoring of Babcock and all the veteran players that Toronto signed during the off-season this could be another incredible season and hopefully, a better one. I think that we can expect great things from Toronto next season and the future is bright. In my opinion, Toronto this year is a more dangerous team from last season as a result of the experience that they got last year and the signings of Marleau and the other veteran players. I believe this year we will see more from the talent that this incredible core of young talent has, and hopefully the can grasp a higher position in the standings in the eastern conference and get further in the playoffs. For a conclusion, I believe that it will be a long and exciting season and hopefully, Toronto will get into the playoff at a higher spot than last season. I recognize that now the teams in the league know us and it will be harder and more challenging because they know how to prepare and to play against us. But I have faith in Babcock and the veteran players that Toronto signed to help these talented young players to take the next step and to help Toronto have another successful season and hopefully reach the playoff in a better position from last year and go further. I can't wait for the start of the season, and I am proud to be a Maple Leaf fan.
  25. Marleau turns over new Leaf

    I see what you did with the title yave1964 I must admit that I just don't get what Lou thinks Marleau can do for this team. At least, on the ice. 6 mill a year is a lot of money for a dressing room philosopher? Time will tell, eh?
  26. At least for the regular season, should NHL clubs be forced to accurately report the nature of their player's injuries? Look, the players that are injured are going to be sitting out until they're healed. They won't be playing through injury during regular season games. This isn't putting the player's life at risk by specifying their injury. I'm sure the opposition knows where the player got hurt. The replay tells the whole story anyway. A specific injury report simply updates people who didn't watch the game. Saying "upper" or "lower" body injury is just insane.
  27. Gretzky's Greatness from Another Angle

    Do you know what's kind of wild too... I got wondering about other prolific scorers from the 1980s, how many may have double-shifted. Using my memory and Quant Hockey's site, I searched [name & double shift] and I couldn't find anything about anyone else, of the ones I checked, other than Mike Bossy , about whom anything was written regarding extra shifts. (Mike was double-shifted sometimes. Can't imagine why a coach would want a guy like that on the ice all that much.) My search wasn't all-inclusive but not that much popped up right away. It'd be interesting to have TOI stats for all players from all eras. That could make for some more interesting comparing and contrasting between the greats.
  28. Nolan Patrick shared cover THN Yearbook

    Maybe Cunneyworth was who I was thinking of? This isn't the image in my head, but it's pretty terrible and I definitely had this one.
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