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  1. Yesterday
  2. Is the King dead?

    Father time catches us all eventually...others sooner rather than later...however i have not seen one minute of them playing so i can't comment but it hasaybe come time to pay the piper... ...yet with their demise other teams have risen to take their place in the East. Those teams look to be the Devils and Leafs at the moment so the East is no easier to win sadly.
  3. Hands of Scone

    It went dark. Until Coots this year was unmasked, as a secret scoring centermen, who is privy to firstline minutes.
  4. I agree with this. They'll lose, sure but last year even when they were winning ten in a row, any of those games could easily have gone the other way. They looked sketchy. Right on the edge. Not so now. They look like a team that's still only figuring themselves out but which no one can keep up with anyway. I am am feeling strong that this is the beginning of the new era. Not that it's cup run time, but the corner has been turned.
  5. Fast Skaters & Fast Thinkers

    The team plays faster, now, whether that's because these new guys think the game quicker than PEB and CVV and Read...or maybe Hagg is the magical breakout passer we've longed for... but this team is faster all over the ice. I think there is something to these young guys playing with a lot of confidence too, they are contesting every inch of ice. They go to the net and are looking to make the aggressive play. I was fond of PEB but I don't miss him because of what the guys filling his slot are doing with their chance.
  6. Have we seen the last of Stolie play for this club???? Window is closing....
  7. Statistics

  8. On September 9, 2017 the Play It Forward Foundation hosted their first event under their new sports model where athletes have the ability to compete in events and raise money for a charity of their choice. The volleyball tournament took place at Bungs Tavern in Burlington, NJ. Teams began flooding in early, the mood was quite light as players, and staff conversed together and casually spoke of their eagerness to start play at 10 am. After a brief speech by Play It Forward President, Jeff Pagano, match play began and the tournament was off. Throughout the day, there were plenty of laughs and smiles. “Our goal at Play It Forward is to provide fun active events for individuals within the sports community who want to give back to the charity’s they hold near and dear to their hearts”, said Pagano. Some of the great charities represented were the American Cancer Society, United Way of Greater Houston, St. Barnabas Burn Foundation, Autism Speaks, and a number of animal adoption and shelter organizations. In this tournament, teams selected a charity they wished to represent and were required to raise a minimum amount to enter where that money was used for a prize pot. After the minimum was reached, anything they raised over that went to their charity regardless if they won or not in the tournament. A prize pool was awarded of $600 for first place, $400 for second place, and $200 for third place to add to their donation total. The team from NJ Volleyball took home first place and raised a total of $627 to be donated to the Burlington County Animal Shelter. At the end of the day, over $1700 in money was donated to 10 different charity’s. This event was fun and all participants loved the aspect of helping out a charity they could choose while at the same time doing something fun with their friends.
  9. Game 7: Predators @ Flyers (10-19-17 - 7e/6c)

    I think the Preds are going to get the angry Flyers this game. Anytime you put 4 goals or more up against Rinne, you should be a winner. Goal tending once again is the Flyers weakest part of the game but the defense(even MacDud included) have been playing outstanding. With the new found speed and balance across all 4 lines, the Flyers have become a joy to watch play again....'bout time.
  10. 20 Predators in 20 Years

    In this thread, i'll highlight 20 notable players in the 20 year history of the Nashville Predators. They will be presented in order of first appearance. But I'll start off with some honorable mentions, and some non-players who have to be noted, each photo has been carefully chosen to best represent their contribution to the team... David Poile 1997 - Present NHL hockey in Nashville begins and ends with David Poile. Everyone that will be included in this thread has been put in place by the hand of David Poile. He has grown the game here, from the early days where he and Trotz themselves were in the community organizing pickup games in the streets for kids and teach the rules of the game, pumping up the community for the inaugural season ticket drive, and handing out gear for an unknown team at every stop. Now one of the most respected names in the league, Poile has won the Lester Patrick trophy and the General Manager Of The Year award. Barry Trotz 1997 - 2014 Much like Poile, Barry Trotz laid the foundation for Nashville's NHL identity. Although he was never able to lead the team out of the second round of the playoffs, Trotz personally worked in the community to build a fanbase, and on the ice he coached a team that played a hard working style and endeared themselves to the new fans in Nashville. Peter Laviolette 2014 - Present Transforming the Predators identity after Trotz, "Lavy" has gotten the most out of the Predators transition to a more skilled team and lead the club to their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Final in 2017. While he likely won't have the longevity of Trotz, or endear himself to the community in the same way, he was the right coach at the right time. Mike Dunham 1998 - 2003 Dunham was the first name that most hockey fans in Nashville heard. He was the first building block in the foundation of Poile's plan. While he didn't become the star that he was projected to be, he was more than adequate for those early seasons and helped the Predators to be one of the most respectable expansion franchises in league history. Patric Hornqvist 2008 - 2014 Hornqvist was the last pick of the draft in 2005, and he carried that chip on his shoulder into the NHL. He is a feisty net front presence, always causing havoc around the crease and banging in the dirty goals. By the time he left, Hornqvist had worked his way into the leadership group. A fan favorite during his Predators tenure, Hornqvist later scored the Stanley Cup clinching goal against the Preds as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. P.K. Subban 2016 - Present It's never easy when a team trades the face of their franchise, a captain beloved by an entire city. But when the Predators traded Shea Weber to Montreal, they got the incredible P.K. Subban in return. Subban is a dynamic player on the ice, contributing at both ends of the ice as well as the locker room. What really stands out is his larger-than-life personality and his incredible contributions off the ice. Subban immediately jumped into Nashville charities and reached out with his own foundation, he became an instant sensation around town and as great as he is as a hockey player, he will probably be best remembered for bringing smiles to the faces of so many people outside of the rink. That's it for the honorable mentions, I just wanted to give a small snippet on them because they are too important to leave out completely, tomorrow we'll start to get more in depth with the 20 Predators in 20 years!
  11. Game 6: Avalanche @ Predators (10-17-17 - 8e/7c)

    On last night's game: First period... Pretty even, no scoring but plenty of chances each way. Second period... Preds allowed an early PP goal and then took over the game. Arvidsson, Josi and Sissons all scored and the Preds controlled play for the majority of the period, defensively they looked much more settled down. Josi makes a huge difference up and down the lineup in all situations, his presence totally changes the dynamics of how the Preds play, gives them a lot more confidence. A strange penalty occurred at the end of the period. Colton Sissons was crashing the net, in a bang-bang squence, he flies right in on net while getting shoved by an Avs forward (MacKinnon or Duchene?), scores the goal and then bowls over Varlamov. The goal is allowed to stand, but then Sissons is called for charging. Third period... Preds shut it down. Watson scored early to make it 4-1 and it was clear that Colorado didn't have any answer. The Preds have totally dominated the Avs recently. Forsberg and Rinne each have their career best statistics against the Avalanche and they each had a good night again. Special teams was a difference here. Each team had 7 power play chances, [Correction: too many 7's on my brain] The Preds had 5 PP's and 7.5 minutes of man-advantage but managed 14 shots including many high danger chances, while the Avs were limited to just 7 shots on 7 PP opportunities and none of them were particularly difficult stops for Rinne. Of course each side only scored once, but the way the Preds dominated on PP and PK really set up their momentum at ES.
  12. Not the start Mason wanted

    Elliot's numbers are not looking that impressive either... Elliot 884% 3.25 gaa Neuvy 956% 1.51 gaa I know which one i would start next...
  13. Steve Mason - Ooof!

    It is Philly's fault....if they never had platooned him in net he'd have Vezina in hand...
  14. Off to a Flying Start!

    Anybody else find that game last night boring? The NHL has become a sissy league!! Look what they've done to my song, Ma ....
  15. Meaning Behind Your FHL Team Name

  16. Ovechkin's quick start...

    Yeah, I really am not sure what the deal is either.. They would be smart to try and move Grubauer I think. I know he is a restricted FA in the offseason, but they have Ilya Samsonov most likely coming over from KHL, which would make Grubauer expendable. I fully expected him to go to Las Vegas in the expansion draft... Oshie and Ovechkin are doing their parts... The D needs to step up, but with Niskanen out now, who knows.
  17. Yahoo App...

    Yes, yahoo fantasy sports.
  18. Game 5 Caps at Flyers 10/14/17 7:00 pm

    Couturier: Scorin' Machine! (c.f. Moneyball)
  19. Last week
  20. 2017-18 Tampa Bay Lightning Season

    I DO believe Jon Cooper has found Steven Stamkos a regular winger...... Nikita Kucherov! Two star players on the same line...it may ultimately not matter WHO is the third member of the line, although I must say, Vladi Namestnikov has been doing pretty well there. Stamkos himself isn't finding the goals just yet (1G, 8A in 6GP), but 9 points in 6 games is nothing to sneeze at...especially when it is his linemate Kucherov that is picking up the goals. If this continues, and more attention by the opponents is drawn to the Stamkos-Kucherov top line, it should open up things for Brayden Point and Tyler Johnson's lines below them. On defense, Dan Girardi has NOT looked as slow as many thought he would, he has been making some excellent quick decision plays to help out his goaltender, and has also been his usual shot blocking self. It will remain to be seen how he holds up over the course of the season, but so far so good. Mikhail Sergachev looks like he is fitting in well with the big club......I wonder if the Bolts will keep him up, at just 19 yrs old, once his 9 game NHL stint expires. Anton Stralman has looked like his old self perhaps dispelling any notions that he is 'washed up and done'. Word was, he was nicked and bruised with a bunch of minor nagging injuries throughout the season last year, and from the looks of his play, those aren't an issue now.
  21. Sabres in Vegas

    Well, even if someone has...remember, what happens in Vegas..................
  22. $80M, 8 Yr deal for Eichel

    80 million? I don't think Eichel got that playing the role of Bill S. Preston, Esquire....
  23. And Now for the Real Test

    @TropicalFruitGirl26 Witkowski was brought in specifically for sandpaper quality, same as Steve Ott last year, not that it did any good. Nevertheless, your statements are true, and Wings fans will undoubtedly agree. How do I copy this text to Jeff Blashill, though, so he'll consider it when developing his next lineup? Anybody know his handle? @JeffBlashill2017.... maybe?
  24. Morin sent to Phantoms

    Objectively, the only reason to lose either would be for cap relief which this team does not need right now, but what the hell, it'll come in handy resigning Simmonds if they try to. That said, I'd much much much prefer to keep manning as the 7th man and FRANKLY, there's no reason not to keep Manning and Mac as the 7/8 in the press box. They'll get nothing out of AHL time and they're there if you need them to relieve the rookies. I just don't see the downside of carrying 8 D men and giving the squad of the next 3 years a look now. Manning is UFA at the end of the year anyway, and I highly doubt they'll be resigning him with Myers and Friedman luring in the AHL. Because of this, I think it's obvious that Hextall is trying to showcase Manning and try to get something for him now before he leaves town. That's a fair position, but I feel like at a certain point you have to put your cards on the table and let them play. If this is what he's thinking, Hextall's basically at the blackjack table and showing 19 and hoping he'll draw a 2.
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