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  2. The new Leafs-Lucky

    It seems strange to be complaining about the coaching when the team is 20-10-1, especially given the years of suffering as a Leaf fan. If you google “Editor in Leaf.com”; Andrew Boehmer writes good stuff, no punches. His recent article “Babcocks performance Questionable” sums it up well. For me, I have to trust Babcock, he does win. I just hope I can watch some games where we aren’t outshot 40-25; where most of the game is in our end, and our saving grace isn’t just goaltending.
  3. Karlsson

    So i don't want to hi jack the thread talking about Neuvy and all. Back to the Karlsson trade. He has already said he wants to be paid what he is worth......so what is that about 10 mill per??? Not sure the Fyers want to move their Dmen they have collected for a guy like this unless they take a good chunk of salary back! Just a fantasy trade i guess. But hey since we are talking fantasy how about Captain for Captain.......Geroo is form Ottawa....and would be a good cash move. Flyers are deep at center!!! What say all??? CRAZY???
  4. Elliott tops league in 5v5 save %

    They were still only middle of the pack at best (80%). For them with the PK it's as much about timing as anything. I don't know what the answer is. Maybe it's Lappy... maybe it's the rookies. It's been significantly better since MacDonald's return (89% since he came back, 100% over the past 4 games). I assume not being able to ice 2 units without playing 2 rookies was a big problem during the Streak.
  5. Today
  6. Not sure how it all shakes out for tomorrow but just saw this.... Alt played pretty well and was very physical around the net. I would love to see Travis add this to his game he has the size he just doesn't use it to lean on guys and separate the from the puck he always uses his stick. I guess there is hope Travis will get feistier in the future...he doesn't have to be Denis Gauthier or anything just be a little harder to play against. Might do him some good to sit and watch. Guess we'll see if it helps/hurts.
  7. Leafs vs Penguins

    The NHL - No Hitting League. Awful to watch.
  8. Dec 10/17 @ Edmonton

    The Leafs are still undefeated without Matthews in the lineup.
  9. 2017-18 Manitoba Bisons/U Sports

    I just remembered one more international game: Mar 14, 2014: Ryerson 13, Israel 6 [LINK]
  10. Yesterday = Exhibit A

    So we lose another game badly as far as the score goes. Not as badly regarding how we played as a whole. Jimmy Howard just plain had a dreadful game. It happens. And let’s face it: Rarely does a team whose goalie has a dreadful game win that game. That is pretty much true across the board no matter what team you are talking about with very few exceptions. But even with that, the game is yet another example of the state of our team. We have enough talent where if EVERYONE plays to their potential or close to their best, we can win just about any hockey game, excepting maybe TB and the like. But our trouble is that if any part of our team does NOT play well, we just don’t have enough offense to make up for mistakes, and if we try too hard to make up for it offensively and overcommit, we end up looking just silly. Bad. Reminds me of Herb Brooks’ old saying, “You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.” That’s us. The bottom line is that every player who logs any kind of significant ice time has to be giving close to 100% effort on just about every shift if we expect to win games. That kind of expectation is unreasonable. Few teams can do that night in and night out. Most either falter or fall back on a surplus of talent that they can rely on to win the games where they don’t play their best. We do not have that kind of talent or team. I hate to say it, but it is time to sit Kronner and let a kid get some ice time on the blue line. He was the reason for the breakaway goal yesterday, and he has been costing us almost a goal a game. Again, we don’t have the offensive talent to make up for a free giveaway per night.
  11. Still looking for GM's. Winnipeg and Ottawa are open currently. We are about to start our Season One playoffs. The offseason will start soon so that will allow new GMs a time to rebuild. If interested, email me at commish@jafhl.com Also starting a second league, www.pofhl.com Take a look and let me know if you might be interested. This one should be a great league if I can find enough GMs to start it up! Shoot me an email at commish@jafhl.com Thanks again for your interest! Hope to hear from you soon! Brian
  12. Yesterday
  13. Question of the Day

  14. Caught Carter Hart play against Portland last night. He looked really good. The only goal he allowed was on a screened shot that was well placed. He certainly lived up to the billing. Pdx brought it late and he just played his game...oozing confidence and calmness. Made an unbelievable shoulder save in close while on the PK to maintain the lead. Flyers have not had goaltending like that in a long time.
  15. My 2 cents: If this is really about salary clearing, than we aim for draft picks and maybe a Weal type prospect. A goalie prospect is another possibility. We are not at a stage of rebuild at which a "key player" is yet identified. At best, we might have too many D-prospects and need to swap them out for forwards. I love Simmonds' compete level and skills but in some ways he is the wrong man at the wrong place and the wrong time. He is not going to build others' scoring--he feeds on others. It's interesting that so many articles are out there on the net. They aren't about our youth or prospects. That may be a worry. The bottom line--I would not be sad at his departure. I love him but it would probably be a better to fetch what we can now.
  16. Building just like Hexy/Lombo did?

    Not even counting trading away the 1st round pick (that turned out to be John Carlson) for Steve Emminger.
  17. Goalie Interference

    Yes. It should have been waved off i think clear and simple he was interfered with no doubt the amount is arguable but there was interference thankfully they won the game and it didn't matter. Hey wouldn't be the first time the got f**ked this year. Getting use to it.
  18. Tkachuk suspended for spearing-from the bench

    Let me clarify. I was a fan of their dad....haven't seen his kids too much and i certainly don't condone the spearing.
  19. Tired of the pressure

    See my Tor vs Pit thread for details...
  20. Murray

    Murray returned to practice on Saturday, still no time table for return, but apparently he had no restrictions in practice. [Hidden Content]
  21. Balance

    In the game tonite Connor Brown played 18+ minutes, Nylander 8+ minutes? Brown might be a more appealing defensive player, willing to defend, Nylander defends thru possession. Watching Pitts. control the puck thru most of the last 2 periods I would think TO was in need of player(s) that can move the puck, aid in possession. I feel that Matthews with Brown and Hymen on his wings is now centering TO's new 3rd line?
  22. Last week
  23. NHL Name Drop

    **Bump** Because this is STILL damned funny..............
  24. Baby Wings farm report

    Kid is a tough bugger, played for my Spits for a few years, I'm sure he will bounce back from this, gritty soldier type.
  25. Seattle May Get NHL Team in 2020

    I suppose that would be the easiest route. Since television rules when games are shown now, it seems important to the NHL to keep teams in the same time zones as much as possible within a division. For some reason, I kept thinking Phoenix/Glendale was Pacific Standard time, but they are in fact, Mountain Standard Time....same as the Colorado Avalanche, who are in the Central Division. That would make they Yotes only one hour off the Central time zone and quite doable for TV prime time purposes.
  26. Frederik Andersen - Toronto's new Cujo!

    Agree WOW. BUT, I think you're a little early with the call. Winning games in the regular season is one thing and winning games in the play-offs are two really different things. The real test for this group is in the future.
  27. I give up (terrible calls)

    Although statistically heavy the following article attempts to objectively look at referring in the NHL. The study concluded that 1) teams that are ahead have more chance of having the next penalty called against them, and, 2) Teams that have taken more penalties are less likely of having the next penalty called against them. The article also rated referees on the variables looked at in the article. people.stat.sfu.ca/~tim/papers/penalty.pdf
  28. Voracek Taking Over

    No worries my friend it will work it's self out. It's the beauty of the AHL and ELC guys are RFAs and you have exclusive rights. All they need to do regardless of level is keep getting better because as well as the closer they all get to the NHL the less there are of roster spots to fight for. This is good for the Flyers and all these kids see this and know this. It will benefit the club big time and when there is no more room to put guys then you have a problem. A good one though now you have to decide who is the better prospect and loser could be moved. No matter i believe prospects who have been developed some are always better than just a draft pick....it gives them some sort of concrete value. Ron will have to continue to wheel and deal. I just can't wait till the Mcdud, Lehtera and Weise like contracts are gone!!!
  29. Kind of story that makes you feel good.
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