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  2. Our 3 Wild players(Boldy; Hartman; Merrill) are playing now for the USA team at the 2022 IIHF Hockey World Championship in Finland. Hartman and Boldy have 1 goal each during this tournament so far. Tomorrow they will have a semifinal toughest game against the Finland team. And Canada team will be playing a semifinal game against the Czech team.
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  4. I met Mr. T when I was 8 years old! (1989) Gave me a little black A-Team van....Dude was SUPER cool. He available?
  5. No one should have expected this team to be good. They were terrible the year before and they made lateral moves at best.
  6. I just don't understand why Calgary changed its entire roster and make these unknown dudes play with the same uniforms and numbers. Even though they had to go to game #7 against the Stars, the original Flames weren't that bad...
  7. Meh, this one sucks.... If you had said that Smith would outplay Markstrom i would have laughed...but he did, or did he. The Oil stars were stars, and they needed to be, but the flames Star players all but vanished, and Markstrom was terrible. Oh well, off to next year, now i can watch the rest of the playoffs as an unbiased fan.
  8. Edmonton Oilers eliminate Calgary Flames in 5 games to advance to Western Conference finals 12:53 AM ET Kristen ShiltonESPN NHL reporter CALGARY, Alberta -- Edmonton Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft thought his team needed a boost. He had a hunch how to get it. The Oilers were one goal away from closing out a second-round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Calgary Flames in Game 5 on Thursday night. Woodcroft went with his gut and swapped Zach Hyman for Evander Kane on Edmonton's top line with Connor McDavid a
  9. I hope they can. One, for a shot at Bedard. Two, to get rid of the Keystone Cop management.
  10. Calgary didn't play tough enough...how can there be a Battle of Alberta without beating up a single Edmonton player...guess it hard for Lucic to fight guys he's friends with...and the rest of Calgary followed his lead...Calgary should have been playing with same emotion like against Nashville...
  11. Why not. Gonna start with a T though, bet on it. Already said which T I think it'll be. Pity the fool that thinks otherwise.
  12. Yea, the way the media went about it, Edmonton were heavy underdogs. I just felt the way the Oilers play....well, they just had more than just a passing chance to win. Why I picked them. Don't forget, people bought into Calgary vs Colorado WELL before the playoffs. Even I bought into that a bit. And had it been LA getting past EDM, I easily pick CGY to beat them and get to the West Finals. But, as you know, even though hockey is more a team sport than the other major North American sports, I just couldn't discount having the two best producers on the same team....and THIS time, wi
  13. If it's an upset, I think it's a minor one. They went 2-2 against each other this season, and since Tippett was fired, had the exact same number of points. People talked about this matchup like it was the '76 Habs vs the '75 Caps. As ever: there's a reason they make them actually play the games.
  14. The Oilers will be the road team regardless of who wins the StL-Col series, but you think they care? No. They just know they are in. They'll happily have bags ready for Missouri or Colorado.
  15. Game. Set. McDavid Match. Oilers move on. Will now await the winner of Blues-Avalanche in the West Finals. Upset Special........ Complete. Close Red Files.
  16. As I view this Battle of Oilberta as a neutral, my sense is that those living north of Red Deer will go to bed happy. Free-skating contest, offensive zone mostly gained without serious checks and without having to dump and chase… …Edmonton seem to have the skating edge to my eye. I say 4-1 Oilers.
  17. Just hilarious. They go to commercial break just before the Nurse goal. Come back when it's 2-0, and Boucher is praising Markstrom's play. And, on that same shift after the commercial break, Nurse scores. Puljujarvi just over 2 minutes later. And 6 goals scored in the rest of that period after Boucher's jinx. You'd think a goaltender would know better than to talk about goaltenders playing well. Or maybe you need to have actually been a good goaltender to realize that. Since Panger does the exact same thing.
  18. If this were one of those EA video games you guys talk about, I'd say someone found a cheat code and applied it Game just went from sim mode, to bat$#it crazy arcade mode.
  19. I put away the juju seasoning, and Calgary comes back with two.... I'm worse than the officiating...artificially influencing games here!
  20. The game was being played so conservatively, and after the Oilers first goal, business really picked up.
  21. 2-2 game after that Pulju goal... My juju magic worked again (unintentionally!)...sorry bout that Flames fans. I've been uncorking that stuff all playoffs long everywhere!
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