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  2. - Bezirkschornsteinfegermeister Schmaltz ist ein Sitzpinkler und fühlt waldeinsamkeit - Nein! - Ja! - Nun fühle Ich mich wie ein schmaltz… - Lass Schmaltz sein Schmaltz. Wir gehen schmaltz essen und dann fühlst du ganz schmaltz!” The things one learns in a hockey forum... That's a funny clip in the pregamer. I'll have to link this clip, where the oddness of English is revealed: But back to hockey. I think the Wild is a pretty badass team nowadays. We should win the game, if we are not playing half-assed. The Yotes definitely won't. I
  3. Yeah, I understand. And it's a good point (the car dealership thing aside). Plus, if you pro...oh, nevermind. Lol
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  5. You do realize you contradicted yourself ..right? The NHL had nothing to do with the team moving. The changing financial environment in the NHL made things even more difficult. In 1995, team owner Marcel Aubut asked for a bailout from Quebec's provincial government as well as a new publicly funded arena. The bailout fell through, and Aubut subsequently began talks with COMSAT Entertainment Group in Denver, which already owned the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s Denver Nuggets. It is no different with many team transfers in the NBA or NFL ..... some teams move h
  6. Fans in Colorado have come back as the team has improved. Certainly 10 years (08-09 through 16-17) of three playoff rounds and no playoff round wins isn't a recipe for financial success for many franchises. The fans didn't "stop being fans" - to use your analogy, they stopped paying for a Camry. When the Ferrari was back on offer, they got more invested. Honestly, the only team in the league that doesn't have that problem is Tronno. Even in cities like New York and Philadelphia fans' attendance can drop - for example, it's really what cost Ron Hextall his job in Philad
  7. Hamilton has some game, he also has some baggage. Boston and Calgary wanted him gone. Perhaps he has grown up a little since then. IMHO, one piece like Hamilton or Jones doesn't move this group into the top 4 in the east. I would still like to see a gutting and a couple of years of top 3 picks. Thats just me. I just don't see this team being playoff hardened. Montreal and NYI rag dolled them in the playoffs last year, with little push back.
  8. True, but I'm using the example to show what happens when you gift fans in a new city with a championship calibre team from day one. So although the Av's were a relocation of an existing team and not a true expansion team, the comparison to Vegas is valid in that sense. Vegas was a team in a new city, Colorado was a team in a new city. Vegas had instant success, Colorado had instant success. (My comparison begins and ends there on those two points alone.) It's like if I have a teenage son and I buy him a Ferrari for his 18th birthday. It doesn't matte
  9. I'll try to keep the rant short and to the point this time (I promise). Every game there is at least one goal that is scored which results in confusion because the puck pops out of the net as quickly as it went in. This results in a video replay needing to be done and wastes a few minutes of time. (It's even worse when the play continues for minutes afterwards and has to be undone.) The root cause of the problem is the design of the modern NHL net. The problem is that the mesh on an NHL net is way too firm, and it doesn't even look like they use rope any more. It looks like plas
  10. For that matter, there was a "true expansion team" that came into the league in 1967 and then won two Cups within a decade. They haven't won another Cup since, but have remained a Very Popular franchise among their fanbase. Trying to remember the name...
  11. Yeah, they were not an expansion team by any definition.
  12. I would not consider the Avs a "true" expansion team as this team was essentially just a transfer from city to another. The 94-95 Nordiques already had the likes of Sakic / Forsberg / Nolan / Foote and solid goaltending in Thibault and Fiset. When they moved to Denver it was hardly a "build from scratch" team. It was virtually the same team with the notable addition of Roy being traded from Montreal to the Avs. The Avs were NEVER a build from scratch expansion like other NHL expansion teams. Therefore your example with the Avs is incorrect, IMO.
  13. https://thesportsdaily.com/?p=1202991 Minnesota Wild (28-13-3) 59pts 3rd in Honda West 3.09 Goals For Per Game (12th in the NHL) 2.64 Goals Against Per Game (9th in the NHL) 18.0% Power Play (24th in the NHL) 84.2% Penalty Kill (5th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #97 Kirill Kaprizov ~ 18G 19A = 37pts 2. #22 Kevin Fiala ~ 15G 13A = 28pts 3. #36 Mats Zuccarello ~ 10G 17A = 27pts 4. #18 Jordan Greenway ~ 6G 20A = 26pts 5. #14 Joel Eriksson Ek ~ 14G 8A = 22pts Top 3 PIM's: 1. #21 Carson Soucy ~ 47 PIM's 2.
  14. So you're saying more fans pay to see a successful hockey team than do a perennially underachieving franchise? That there's more interest when a team is winning than when they're not? You don't say. Now, do Tronno next.
  15. I’d love to have Jones, but i don’t think I’d want to give away too much in terms of proper rebuild pieces. We need far more than just a guy like Jones. and i love Jones. He’s very near the top of my list personally.
  16. I could see that plan backfiring however because....... (here's my theory).......... New franchises generally have a "honeymoon" period where fans are just happy that they have a franchise. That honeymoon usually lasts about 5-10 years before wearing off. At that point, the team either has to win to retain fans or things go bust. Now, if you put a Stanley Cup level team on the ice from day one (as we saw in Colorado and are now seeing in Vegas) then your honeymoon period creates a generation of "spoiled" fans. You already had their money anyway just by having a new fran
  17. As long as fans know that Hamilton isn't that shutdown type of defenseman that was mentioned to be needing. But he can help get this power play going and he can help with the puck possession game and he can help take some pressure off Ivan when it comes to securing the puck and getting it up to the forwards to get the transition going. I think when it comes to actual defense he is slightly better than Sanheim. But you wouldn't have to move TK and Myers and the pick to get him just the contract offer this summer for about 7-8 mill per season. I wo
  18. Good for him.....watched him play a lot of college hockey and was worried he have to play on a terrible florida team that would ruin him, however, getting some draft picks and hiring Q has them heading in the right direction...
  19. Rask gets first shutout of season to help Bruins defeat Sabres Makes 32 saves in Boston's fifth straight victory by Heather Engel / NHL.com Independent Correspondent April 20, 2021 BUFFALO -- Tuukka Rask made 32 saves for his first shutout of the season, and the Boston Bruins won their fifth straight game, 2-0 against the Buffalo Sabres at KeyBank Center on Tuesday. "[Feeling] well, good enough to play," said Rask, who pla
  20. https://www.bcinterruption.com/2021/4/20/22395073/spencer-knight-shines-in-nhl-debut-florida-panthers-hockey-boston-college-eagles Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the (K)night changes? Three weeks ago, Spencer Knight signed his entry level contract with the Florida Panthers, leaving Boston College after two phenomenal seasons as starting goalie. Tonight, he made his NHL debut, wearing his BC mask and Team USA pads with his Panthers sweater. And boy, what a debut it was. Knight — who became the first goaltender born in the 2000s to appear in a
  21. I would. Jones was really looking like he was becoming a top defenceman in the NHL, but his last couple of years have been pretty underwhelming. And he'll likely be looking for a big raise after next year. So maybe he'd fit right in.
  22. Giroux - Couturier - Allison Laughton - Hayes - Farabee Lindblom - Patrick - Konecny Frost - Laczynski - Aube-Kubel Provorov - Hamilton Sanheim - Myers Morin - Gostisbehere Braun Hart Halák
  23. No. The players are going through a lot of pain in getting a Cup as it is. More rounds means more rounds playing through injuries.
  24. Yeah, true. To me, they'll always be the Oakland Raiders. I thought that way, when they were in L.A. They will outearn the Golden Knights, because the NFL. However, the Golden Knights are Vegas's only pro team to ORIGINATE there. Maybe there's a soccer team or something...I don't follow it.
  25. Miami says "hi" and LA/Anaheim is on line two. The Vegas Raiders would like a word. There is no evidence their previous teams didn't want them. The Flyers are likely to lose a player to Seattle they would rather keep in their system. It's all part of the NHL's effort to avoid a team being a doormat in a new market.
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