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  2. I think it was more than his 50 point season. If you compare some of his earlier stats to Burns, they're very close or better. He's steadily improved since the Wild drafted him. I used to be a Dumba hater, but he's shown me enough to where I'd be angry at the team if they traded him. If he hadn't gotten injured last season, he was on track for 60 points, which would have beat his previous season by 10 points. Part of Dumba's backslide could just be the team in general. Zucker, Zuccarello, Parise, Kunin, Donato, etc. aren't scoring. So he may feel he needs to score. Which could lead to him take more chances than he should. Which results in more defensive lapses.
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  4. I think this is true. And you're not gonna change a tiger's spots and all that. But that's my point: I just want them to occupy a space better with their big bodies, stop vacating the space, stop giving it away. I don't think that's too much to ask. But it might be.
  5. They don't have to try and blow guys up with a highlight hit or anything but they certainly need to get better at leaning on guys and separating guys from the puck.
  6. I doubt he'll say much. But I could see his teammates dishing out a lot of trash hoping to draw a few dumb retaliatory penalties from the Wild.
  7. Hard to believe seeing this. 1. #35 Darcy Kuemper (8-5-0) 1.99GAA .931%SP 1SO 2. #32 Antti Raanta (3-1-2) 3.06GAA .912%SP Maybe Darcy keeps his mouth shut tonight...Hopefully not.
  8. Im not talking about the whining and playing the refs I’m talking about the intimidation ,hammering the other team, hard nosed semi clean hockey. I don’t want another Carcillo or Downie, I’m talking about having guys with a blend of size,skating,toughness and a little old time hockey mentality. Guys like Getzlaf or Perry in their prime or like the Tkachuk brothers of today. If there is a chance to draft a player like that in the next couple of years , I think the Flyers should trade some assets and move up in the draft to get a player like that. Or trade for a guy like that if available.
  9. Since it's his last season...*Barring a nightmare extension*...You'd think he'd like to help. No worries about somebody taking your job.
  10. No matter what ,we are on the right track, the young guys are contributing and playing well, and will just get better Our special teams are vastly improved, goaltending is solid and we actually have a good coach. No more 10 game losing streaks for this team. Hopefully Patrick can return and be the player he was hyped to be ,or if not, Frost might make the team later in the season and if our skilled big wingers like Allison and Ratcliffe pan out, then that’s an added element to this team. I’m sure down the road as we become contenders there will be some sort of trades to shore up the weak areas. So far we improved dramatically in areas that have been total crap for years, goaltending and special teams, that alone is worth 20 points in the standings . So glad I don’t have to look at that moron Hakstol any more.,
  11. Nice comparison, Thanks. That's what I was looking for also in the others you posted. I'm looking for consistency and those have it. The "one season wonder" of Dumba's last year made so many people think he's the next Burns. The offensive stats overshadowed his defensive ability to the point it was acceptable. But like I mentioned before, Last season I bought in on Matt becoming more of an asset than previous years and then to have the frustration of seeing him backslide to those previous years again so quick. (so far) I'm ok if he's not traded as long as some improvement shows soon. I won't expect anything close to last year at this point tho. But Guerin has to do many things and take some risks at this point.
  12. It's BS hockey. I hate it. I don't mind agitating. I don't mind chirping at your opponent and I don't mind annoying them with hard hits or subtle hooks every once in a while. I don't mind trying to get them off their game or take a bad penalty. I effing hate massaging the refs and whining like a little brat trying to coax out calls against your opponent for crap you're actually guilty of. That part of old time hockey can stay in the past as far as I'm concerned. I don't actually even hate guys like Wislon for it (though I wish someone would pop them) I hate the refs for being thick skulled enough to fall for it. The Flyers CAN'T have that guy anymore because it straight up bites us in the rear. They've tried over the years (Carcillo and that lunatic Steve Downie come to mind) but it never works because they just end up causting more penalty kills because the refs DO NOT put up with that BS from the Flyers anymore. And it isn't really Old Time Hockey. In old time Hockey that guy would have his teeth bashed in and think twice about opening his mouth or sneaking in a slash the next time.
  13. sorry, hit submit too soon. I'm not so worried about the size aspect of physical. I don't really think that was a problem for anyone other than Farabee for long. I noticed the defense was extremely good at using their sticks and shutting down lanes. The thing that worries me more about a 7 game series with a team like that is the Flyers 4th line and the PP. The Caps got about 2 more minutes and a goal from their 4th line than the Flyers did. Our top 6 outplayed their top six. That was the difference in a very very tight game. Over the course of a 7 games series, those extra shifts are going to really start to wear down your top 9. If a couple of games go to OT... it's gonna happen faster. The PP has to get better. They're wasting opportunity after opportunity. I don't know what's wrong and I don't care anymore. They're better than this. Figure it out. if their power play was a mere 20%, a half these games never would have gone to OT. To fix the 4th line, they really don't have anyone in the system. we know this because they keep trying. Andreoff has potential and actually did pretty well last night (though in less than 6 minutes of work). So to add they can a) trade for 4th liners from outside. b) add top 9 guys and drop better players who belong there (like Raffl and Laughton) to the 4th. I'm not ready to trade yet. The 4th line is Raffl, Laughton & Pitlick / Andreoff. I think if you can roll those guys as your 4th line, then you're going to be able to play them 9+ minutes a night which means keeping your top 9 more fresh and competitive throughout the evening and that will matter over a playoff series. I think these things get sorted out as the season goes. It's very possible Washington is just going to be a monster all year, or it's possible they're just peeking now.
  14. JVR and and Voracek are too passive , the bottom line is they are nice guys. It’s not in their nature. We need some mean guys like one of the Tkachuk brothers.
  15. I’m old school I love that . You need an agitator to get the other team off their game .The Flyers don’t have anyone that the other teams hate or the other fans hate . In the past we were the most hated. If the other teams hate you, then your doing something right. Wilson has 40 points last year, he has 8g and 8a this year , that’s not a goon, that’s old time hockey.
  16. The Islanders out hit us big time. Sure there will always be bad matchups but if you have a more balanced team then you have a better shot sat winning against any type of matchup. Our most physical and biggest guys are not on the top 2 lines. In the past we had too many big slow guys and not enough speed and skill. Now we have gone the other way, we have improved our skill and speed with smaller players, but we are lacking in big skilled physical players.Your right we don’t have a small team JVR, Voracek, Hayes and Patrick have size and skill but other than Hayes none of these guys are physical. Raffl and Tarwynski have some nice size and battle hard but they are not playing big minutes.
  17. Was Superfan88 on philly.com or was that only on PTPITN?
  18. I agree, eventually we need a couple of scrappy wingers who can play on the top 2 lines and do some scoring. We need a 6ft 3 , 215lb Konecny. Or a Hartnell with skating ability . Maybe Allison and Ratcliffe in a couple of years.Also a rugged defenseman who can play defense. One thing I look forward to is a first line of Frost, Farabee and Konecny. Would probably be our best line since the Legion of Doom.
  19. General... opinion of maybe 4 posters, pretty uncrowded here. I think (from the very few games I've seen) he's been ok, not part of the solution nor the problem. It would be easier to see evaluate his input if the top6 would perform better. Now that they don't and the team fails, does that make Hartman a failure too? On the other hand, hard to compliment him since the team is constanly losing. But I think in his role, he's better than most players in recent years in the Wild jersey.
  20. You are 100% correct. Not offering to extend two of the Country Club, and diminishing the TOI of the other two will diminish their on ice contribution, and by default, their appalling lack of effort and team play on the ice. However, I think the most effective 'shot across the bow' would be to pull the A's. That will either change their arrogant attitude to positive, or motivate them to request a trade - which would help the team greatly - addition by subtraction. We can then get a better look at what we don't have, and ensure some years of high draft choices and a full rebuild. Not sure if BG would do it, but I am guessing CL will get in the way.
  21. Not sure. He doesn't seem like a helper kind of a guy to me.
  22. Don Cherry says Finlanders are ******* on the faceoff and should be required to wear the poppy on their sweater when playing in Canada.........OK OK just making a little joke there. I am American whose grandparents emigrated to the Red River Valley from Ontario. If Trump sees this I may be deported to Canada......
  23. Crawford, Blackhawks win 5-3 for 1st victory over Vegas G Game # 20 3 5 By Associated Press Updated: 11 hours ago LAS VEGAS -- Corey Crawford and Robin Lehner have played almost equal time in net for the Chicago Blackhawks, with neither emerging as the starting goaltender. It's a ploy coach Jeremy Colliton has insisted upon and is starting to pay off. Wednesday night it was Crawford's turn, and he did something neither he nor the Blackhawks had been able to do since the Vegas Golden Knights entered the NHL in 2017. Crawford made 39 saves and the Blackhawks beat Vegas 5-3 for their first victory over the Golden Knights. "We've got two guys that are outstanding, and I think they're both going real well now and that's a huge advantage for us," Colliton said. "No matter who is in the net, we're getting a chance to win. It gives our guys a chance to come through offensively, so they've been big for us." Crawford, who improved to 2-0-2 in his last four games, entered 0-3-0 versus Vegas with a 5.38 goals-against average and .859 save percentage. Colliton said while both his goalies would like to be the primary starter, he's comfortable with a system that has helped the team to a 5-2-2 streak since Oct. 27. "Part of that is keeping both guys fresh, keeping both guys playing at a high level, and that's going to be a benefit for us as the season goes on," Colliton said. Calvin de Haan and Erik Gustafsson each scored his first of the season, and Patrick Kane, Kirby Dach and Dylan Strome also had goals for the Blackhawks. During their nine-game run, the Blackhawks are tied with Florida for the second-most goals (30) in the NHL behind Boston, which has 35 in that span. "I know that's been a long time coming playing these guys, so it's nice to beat them," de Haan said. "Tonight was kind of a track meet. We were taking a lot of odd-man rushes here and there, but we were creating a ton at the same time and obviously we just out-capitalized them. These guys play hard at home and we weathered their storm. It was a fun game to play." Meanwhile, in an attempt to shake up a stagnant offense that was outscored 11-7 while going 1-2-1 during its most recent road trip, coach Gerard Gallant shuffled Vegas' lines dramatically. It seemed to spark the Golden Knights from the opening faceoff, as William Carrier and William Karlsson gave Vegas a 2-0 lead just 6:29 into the game. But Kane answered 16 seconds after Karlsson's goal, extending his season-high point streak to seven games since Nov. 2. The second period took a wild twist in favor of the Blackhawks, as Vegas went from thinking it was ahead 3-1 to trailing 3-2 in a matter of 65 seconds. In his first game back from his second injury of the season, Vegas wing Alex Tuch lasered a shot past Crawford. The puck appeared to go in, setting off the lights and goal horn, but actually hit the crossbar and was ruled no goal. Only 20 seconds later, de Haan beat Marc-Andre Fleury with a wrist shot over his glove to tie the game and swing energy further Chicago's way. And 45 seconds after that, Gustafsson took advantage of the momentum shift -- and a Vegas turnover -- to put the Blackhawks in front 3-2. "Hockey is a weird game and you can feel the momentum swing on the ice sometimes," de Haan said. "It took the wind out of their sails pretty quickly and we had a good second period for the rest of the period I thought. "It was definitely a big part of the game." Dach extended Chicago's lead early in the third with his third goal of the season, when the 18-year-old knocked his own rebound past Fleury, who stopped 21 shots but dropped to 10-6-4 against Chicago. Strome beat Fleury over his glove with a little more than three minutes left to make it 5-2. Nate Schmidt closed the scoring with 1:01 to go. It marked the third straight home game the Golden Knights squandered a lead, as they dropped to 4-4-2 in their own arena this season. "Right now it's not putting the whole game together," Schmidt said. "We have spurts of the game where I feel like we dominated the game tonight, and then not have the resolve to keep going if something bad happens. To give up two goals, it takes the wind out of our sails."
  24. Pavelski leads surging Stars to 3-1 win over Flames Ga Game # 21 1 3 Associated Press Updated: 8 hours ago CALGARY, Alberta -- The first NHL goal for 29-year-old Dallas forward Justin Dowling will be a memorable one for many reasons. For one, it was the game-winner as the resurgent Stars continued their strong play with a 3-1 victory over the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night. Second, it came in his hometown before a bunch of friends and family. Third, his mom missed it because she was in the beer line at Scotiabank Saddledome. "That's why we've got TV and highlights and everything," Dowling said with a smile. "So she'll see it eventually. It's OK. I'm just happy they were here." Undrafted out of Swift Current in the Western Hockey League, Dowling has played 495 games in the minors. Wednesday was his 34th NHL game. "It felt great," said Dowling, who entered with just three career assists. "I've had a lot of close calls with pucks sitting on goal lines, hitting posts. I think my first game last year I had one disallowed. Long time coming, but it feels good. A lot of weight off my shoulders." Dowling toe-dragged around Calgary goalie Cam Talbot and fired from a sharp angle just inside the far post to make it 2-0 at 6:38 of the third period. "Your first NHL goal in your hometown for the game-winner. It doesn't get much better than that," Stars goaltender Ben Bishop said. "I don't think you can draw it up as a kid any better. ... Maybe if he was playing for the other team, but I'm glad he's on ours." The unassisted goal on a 2-on-1 came just seconds after the Flames blew a chance to pull even. Mark Giordano and Mikael Backlund went back and forth with short passes on a 3-on-1 before Backlund fired wide from directly in front. "Unfortunately, we had a 3-on-1 the other way and we didn't bear down when we needed to. Instead of 1-1, it's 2-0 and that's just how hockey goes sometimes," Talbot said. Joe Pavelski scored twice for Dallas, including into an empty net. The Stars are 8-1-1 after stumbling to a 1-7-1 start this season. "We've had a good little stretch but we're not out of the woods by any means. We're one game (above .500). Our team's got higher standards than that," Pavelski said. Sean Monahan scored for the Flames (10-8-3), who lost for just the second time in regulation at home (6-2-2). "Tight game the whole game," Calgary forward Matthew Tkachuk said. "That second goal hurt a little bit when they got it, then we got one right back and it's still a one-goal game. We gave a little bit of a push in the third, but not enough." Bishop made 24 saves to improve to 6-5-1. Talbot turned aside 29 shots but fell to 1-4-0. He was especially sharp in the second, keeping the Flames close in a period when they were outshot 18-6 but only gave up one goal. Dallas grabbed the momentum early in the second thanks to a goaltender interference penalty on Sam Bennett. It was on the sixth shot of that power play that Pavelski put a bouncing puck past Talbot. "I gave up a few too many rebounds in the second period, made myself and some of the guys work a little extra hard. But overall, I made a lot of key saves when we needed it in the second period to keep it a one-goal game heading into the third," Talbot said. "Just needed that one more save in the third to make it more attainable." Monahan's power-play goal cut Calgary's deficit to 2-1 at 9:57 of the third. Both teams had eight shots on goal in a scoreless first period. Calgary had the better chances, but could not solve Bishop. The best opportunity came in the opening minute when Andrew Mangiapane appeared to have Bishop beaten, but couldn't tuck the puck behind his outstretched pad.
  25. The 4th line didn't really play in this game. And I think that had more to do with their size and defense than lack of scoring ability. The third line isn't going to score much in it's current form. Jake and Hayes are too similar and they each need a more skilled line mate than each other or twarynski. Putting a Giroux or a TK or a Farabee with them might help them out, but then what's that going to do to the line you take that guy away from. Its games like this that have Fletcher not wanting Frost up yet and I get that. But I still think he's the best hope of evening out the finesse and skill level on all three lines. Farabee Hayes Gee . (The Heebee Gee Bees) Lindy . Coots . Teeks JVR . Frosty . Jake . Raffl Laughton . Andy / Pitlick If you run into a game like last night and you have to shorten the bench, you know Laughton can come up to 3C and Raffl can come up to 1W.
  26. Holtby was extremely good last night. If the Capitals didn't have Holtby, I'd have no problems believing the Flyers could win a 7 game series with the caps. Still, I'll be curious to see how the next game between these two teams goes. The Flyers really seemed to crack to code in the 2nd and Holtby was the only thing keeping the Caps in the game by mid-third. That said, the Flyers did seem to tire out (probably due to their short bench for most of the game) in the waning minutes. Those huge saves Carter had to make were due to the FLyers looking decidedly more tired than the Caps. With a healthy Laughton and a Farabee experienced enough to be trusted a little more out there against a team like this, that level of fatigue should become less of an issue... I'd hope. I hope the coaches have a nice encouraging session with them that includes trying to explain to Hayes that he's not a fancy skating stick handling finesse wonder. Defense and play driving. Setting up the guys who can do that. That's your job Kev, Thanks!
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    • Vladimir Tarasenko Out 5 Months
      The defending Stanley Cup champion St Louis Blues have just received a dose of bad news.  Teresenko, the superstar that helped the Blues hoist their first Cup, is now to be lost for 5 months due to shoulder surgery.  If they can survive without him and still make the playoffs, it would seem he would return for that.  I believe they are deep enough to do it. 
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    • It's Demko time!!
      Small deal between the Canucks and the Senators today with possible large implications for both.
      Vancouver gets: Taylor Pyatt, a 13th forward not much of a player. McKenna, an AHL goalie pressed into duty because of injuries to the Ottawa net and a 6th round pick.
      Ottawa gets Anders Nilsson who in two years as a backup in Vancouver went 10-27 and Darren Archibald who has been a meh prospect forever now and who looks like he is just a body to even out the players involved.
       A bunch of hot garbage in other words but it may be a sign of things to come for both.
        First Ottawa seems almost certain to trade Craig Anderson at some point now and ride out the season with Nilsson in net. A contender wanting a veteran goalie will take a shot at him. 
        Vancouver likely will ship McKenna to the AHL and call up top prospect Thatcher Demko to share the net at the least and possibly become the primary starter after two very successful seasons with Utica in the AHL. Demko is a California boy, a big surfer looking dude who Benning has shown surprising patience with as he developed. Moving Nilsson clears the way for him to get his shot probably moving Markstrom to the backup role for the remaining of the season to see what Demko can do.
        So a trade of junk for junk has implication for an aging brittle goalie and for a kid chomping at the bit wanting a shot.
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    • Post in Paul Fenton has been fired as GM after just one season.
      It's possible. But I think right now your biggest issue is timing. The Wild fired Fenton at a time is year where the replacement pool is such that if the candidate were any good, he'd already be working. 
      Leipold should get a lot of "credit" for badly bungling this situation (and it's on him if what you describe is accurate, and I think it is up an extent).  His statements indicate this started at exit interviews. 
      First of all, if you did any credible due diligence, you knew this before. But make a decision when you did realize it.  You don't go to the end of July, in hockey's no man's land (we'll call it "Miami," for short) and then make this move. 
      Leipold is nearly single-handedly destroying his own franchise. 
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    • To answer your question, what makes a good NHL GM?
      You noted player personnel wins and losses... But didn't cover anything else. Understandably, I get it, but IMO there's a ton more behind being a good GM.
      Looking at it from a fan perspective player personnel is about the only thing one could care about. But from an operations standpoint, or from an owners standpoint, generating $$ is all they ever put much emphasis on. Business, or rather being a successful business equals follow the money.
      Something I brought up several years ago was the Wild, under Doug Risenbrough, were an economically successful team. The team never spent to the Cap but they had sellout after sellout. Contrary to some the previous ownership claimed they were losing money. Where have we heard that with the Minnesota North Stars? Hence, they left for Dallas and won a Stanley Cup, 2 Conference Titles, 2 Presidents Trophies and 8 Division Titles... They're doing well generating revenue. They were bought for $84 million in 1995 and are now valued at $525 million. The Dallas Stars are a prime example of spending more (wisely) can create residual earnings. Which is something the Minnesota North Stars never figured out.
      Insert the Minnesota Wild. So under Robert Naegele, Jr., and GM Doug Risenbrough, as mentioned they ran a tight ship on spending. Wild fans here viewed them as cheap. The results as some pride themselves as describing, they're a successful team because they've had so many sellouts in a less than desirable "Hockey Market" because everyone here keeps reminding everyone (nationally) that Minnesota isn't a very good hockey market. (That's something I totally disagree with.) Minnesota probably has more hockey pucks and hockey arena's per capita than any other state or Canadian Providence... To match it's 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' boast.
      Granted, it's a bit off-topic talking about Minnesota's hockey market, but in the grand scheme of things no one can match Minnesota's superior high school hockey programs or the number of successful college hockey programs... Fans following them could have gone to more North Stars games, or more Wild games... But why if neither of those teams have anything to show for their efforts except being on the losing end of highlight reels (nationwide)?
      Okay, back on topic now that I've eliminated any just cause that Minnesota can't be a major hockey market.
      Read more ... https://www.hockeyforums.net/topic/71822-what-makes-a-good-nhl-gm/?do=findComment&comment=390931

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    • The more I'm thinking about this the more I'm coming to the conclusion it's not simply the coach but the result of the coach trying to compensate for the goaltending -- which is ultimately on Hextall. 
      The centers ARE a mess. And so is Ghost. Why? Because the centers are not staying low in the offensive zone and--Patrick and Coots in particular--not mucking it up in the slot to cheat back to hedge against being caught. 
      Ghost is doing less going low or pinching much for the same reason.  It's possible they're doing this on their own. Whether deliberate or not, it's a natural response to the knowledge that any mistake, any odd man or often even man rush the other way will end up past the incompetent sieves in our net. 
      It's just as likely that this is per coach directive much for the same reason. 
      The question remains--bluntly--how does a competent GM look at his goaltending this past summer and not move to fix this while leaving $10M in cap space on the table? 
      How does that same competent GM go through the summer knowing he doesn't have a 3C  and not move to correct that in any sober way? Again, with the $10M sitting there. 
      I know he doesn't want a contract that blocks kids and doesn't want to move said kids for it, but that effectively and explicitly tosses this season away. 
      Meanwhile, the tickets are still full price. 
      You see the results in the stands during the game. The last game, the stands had all the energy of a wake.  
      There was apparently zero thought of putting out a quality product this season. And there's no good reason for it. 
      I do like what Hextall has done with draft picks.  But it sucks that the most exciting time of year is the lead up to the draft.  Only to keep saying, "boy, in five years!" 
      I've been uncharacteristically calling for patience the last couple of years. Those who have been around for awhile--especially those from the silly.com days--know how out of character that really it.  But the patience has waned.   At this point, supplement through trade. Move out "leadership" that isn't leading. 
      Do SOMETHING other than punish kids you yourself have damaged only to bring up other soon to be damaged kids.  Wake the hell up and get the lumina out of neutral and go get us some damn halibut! 
      We're starving! 
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    • Why no Canadian NHL team will win the cup
      Gary Bettman who is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL) was brought in 30 years ago with one agenda, and that was to grow the game of hockey in the USA.  In Canada the game of hockey is like a religion, with winters lasting 6 months all there is, is hockey.  Fans are passionate and it's the number one sport.  Football and baseball come second and third.  Unfortunately for fans in Canada, no Canadian NHL team has won the Stanley Cup for 25 years since the Montreal Canadians have won.


      This thesis will explain why no Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup until at least 2050.

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    • Hey It works!
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