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  2. After Connor McDavid hurt himself in the last game of the 2019 season, the Oilers announced that the injury wasn't bad, and that they expected him back for the next season. The reality, as shown in the just-released documentary "Connor McDavid: Whatever It Takes" is that the injury was very severe: It turned out that he had -Fully blown posterior cruciate ligament -Tore the medial and lateral menisci -Tore the Popliteus muscle completely from the bone -Complete tear of the posterior capsule of the knee -Tibial plateau fracture The doctor assured him that he absolutely had to have surgery to repair the injury, that it needed to be done in 24-hours, and that he would miss the 2020 season at a minimum. After seeking a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis, McDavid, team doctors, and Gary Roberts set about creating a plan to rehab the injury, and as the full documentary shows, it was just about the only thing he did in his waking hours, even down to flexing the knee while in a hyperbaric chamber for two hours each day. The doctors have said that they've never seen this sort of recovery before, and are basically stunned by it. McDavid wasn't even supposed to put on a pair of skates until September, let alone begin to practice or take part in anything with the team. That he is still showing the sort of speed and agility as before is really shocking, and that he's once again leading the league in scoring despite not doing any hockey training in the off-season is a hell of a feat.
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  4. 5 points in the last 5 games, seems to be shooting the puck a little more. It is probably too early to sound any alarms. He is on a good team and will be well seasoned. Let's not read too much into the slow start he had.
  5. Gordie only had 2 GH hat tricks in his career. The first came in 1953, he entered the league in 1946. He also only had 32 fights in career. interestingly enough, one Rick Tocchet has the most career GHHT
  6. I would go to great lengths, including changing schedules and skipping events, to see a game. When I couldn't watch, I would listen if possible. If that didn't work, there was always somebody talking about the game. When I moved to NM, access changed and was limited to Center Ice on DTV. I watched every game for years. You never knew what might happen on any given shift. If a goal wasn't scored a fight might occur. If the team was losing badly, physical play would be elevated. PRIDE was evident at all times.This is what made the Flyers known for wildly entertaining and somewhat infamous (insert Hextall) incidents (insert Montreal game). This style of play also is/was responsible for soo many fans outside of the Philadelphia area. I've heard many tell me they are fans because they saw a game here or there, and the physicality of the team drew them in Now, I can take it or leave it. I often have better things to do. I FF through recordings and I don't buy center ice. The players aren't the same type, they don't have the same pride, and the franchise has moved on to a different approach. Maybe when they find a way to start making the playoffs, and contending, the fire will return for me. I won't hold my breath
  7. The other half of it is that Lindros directly lead to the clutch and grab era of the 90's that the NHL spend 15 years trying to undo. That was the only other way teams could slow him down and in the case of the Devils and the Redwings, it successfully lead them to multiple cups... except they called it "the trap" and got away with it. What it really was was assigning your biggest D man to grab onto Lindros whether he had the puck or not and not let go until you got the puck back.
  8. I think this is a big part of things. Refs and the league didn't have their attentions necessarily forced onto it because cheap shots and dirty hits that would have taken Gretzky or Lemieux or someone out for a few weeks kinda just bounced off Eric. Things progress though and guys keep getting away with harder and dirtier crap and eventually they start to do real damage to the point that he's blowing knees taking mid air WWE style elbows to his head and vomiting yellow fluid from a collapsed lung. But nah... that was because he was soft and prone to injury. Such utter B.S.
  9. That's a bad idea. I stayed in school far too long and became a total arse.
  10. This is a really good point. Like you said, I get it, but it really sucks for for the families outside of the Bryants'. I think @jammer2 said it after you but trusting a single point of failure is where I struggle. I've been up in single engines planes when I was younger, but for some reason now I just can't bring myself to do it. For example, going site-seeing in Hawaii via helicopter..... I would be so preoccupied in being scared that I wouldn't enjoy the reason I went up in the first place. I do get the argument that flying in a plane or helicopter is statistically safer than driving in a car and as a analyst by trade, that should make sense to my brain. But it just won't trust the data. I tried.
  11. Agreed. They all look good.
  12. Mom not the one who brought him up. I think someone did just as hyperbole to get us going. Obviously that’s not realistic. Unless for some reason Barzal or Peterson is on the table.
  13. Made we still talking about Toffoli? I think we get him and a low pick for ghost. Easily. Unless someone else is crazier. They’re out. They know it. They’re collecting assets. If they can resign him, then they can still resign him (they probably can’t regardless). They’re not losing anything, they can only gain. But i’m Just not sure. As pointed out elsewhere ghost for a rental seems weak.
  14. A lot of this has been said before, but yeah, the NHL game has essentially opted to evolved with the times. Tough guy style game play is still coveted, but it's not as prominent as it may have been in the past. League rule changes are one thing, but really they're just a reflection of a growing social sensitivity to things like head shots, especially in sport. Hockey still hangs on to a reputation of being much rougher than the majority of other high profile sports -- it's just not quite as overt for those of us who remember days where every hit under the sun was waved away as "just a part of the game" regardless of the health repercussions involved for the players. With a growing understanding of the importance of mental health and neurobiology has come a tempering of sorts to things like hockey and other institutions with a goon-style tradition. Are key players targeted more now? I dunno about that. I think they always were targeted. As with so many things related to mental health, we're just talking about it much more now than we did 20+ years ago. Concussions are no longer just part of the game now; they're something that the league actively tries their best to suppress. And when potential concussions happen, players are taken off the ice to try and limit the impact as quickly as possible. In reality, this is exactly what should happen if the goal is to reduce the damage done by concussions, so it's understandable. The NHL is just trying to change with the times. They feel they have the licence to do so in part because none of the big sports tolerate things like fighting anyway. Hockey has always been an outlier in this regard, so this might be a sort of course correction in a way. The hitting is still very prominent in the game; it's just not as commonly the type of hitting that'll land you in the hospital with two years off your life. The other important element here is likely money too. If the NHL doesn't work to reduce the negative health outcomes of certain play styles, they know they're going to be dropping into court cases like mad. They need to be seen to be doing something for both social perception and to save on the bottom line and stay out of trouble, so they're trying to do what they feel they can. I also agree with the talk on Lindros. I do think that is exactly the period where things began to change. Again though, they changed socially before changing within the game. The NHL is just trying to adapt to the times. While we can certainly talk about whether their moves have worked, I don't know that it's fair to blame them for trying to change at all. It's an evolve or die scenario, like so many others.
  15. Gordie Howe says hello. Of course when you do this to your opponents "tough guy" you may not have a lot of willing participants.
  16. I thought you were saying TO doesn't have the right players because you've stated TO should start shedding players before the TDL. These players with this coach are well positioned to make the playoffs and perhaps even do well. Holl and Sandin look to me to be quality players that TO has now and will into the future, Engvall and Mikeyev are substantial adds this year, I really like the way the team is looking right now and I think it's going to be dangerous especially if it ever gets fully healthy. Hy/Matthews/Marner Mikheyev/JT/Ny Johnsson/Engvall/Spezza Tima/Kerfoot/Kappy I think this forward group can do a lot of damage especially when supported by an active d, something we'd never see with Babs. Rielly/Barrie Muzzin/Holl Sandin/Dermott or Ceci This is the best lineup I can remember TO having in about 20 years and I'm expecting a lot from it.
  17. Then what? That was going to be my next point. Maybe the Leafs need to move some one-dimensional forwards out for some guys who are of the "Selke" variety. When I talk about Toronto improving its defence, it's a team thing. All I'm saying is that if this group can't get it done, and if nobody is willing to part with what the Leafs need at the trade deadline, then Toronto needs to go back to the drawing board and draft what they're missing. If you can't acquire a Selke quality forward or a Norris quality defenceman, then just build your own.
  18. I wouldn't forget the unheralded winger...Noah Cates...i know Patrick and Frost got all the limelight in 2017 but i think the Flyers have a very good hockey player who will push hard for a spot next camp if he signs. Uness he decides to go back to school one more year he is just as lethal (actually has 5 more goals in two less games)as older prospect Tanner Laczynski.
  19. In all seriousness no one is going to move those four off the top lines to take a flyer on an AHLer. Look how long it took Boudreau to finally move Koivu from the second line to the fourth line. A year of no production. Those other four are more or less producing. So they’re not going to get moved. Maybe if Guerin can move Zucker or Kunin or somebody there will be room for GerryTime. Plus it depends on the owner. If Fan Boy #1 still thinks this is a Cup contender, I doubt anyone gets moved. They shook up the roster last season to get into the Playoffs and we all know how that turned out. Not sure what their plans are right now. But who knows. Maybe after the bye week they’ll be too far out of the Wild card spot that there will be only one decision.
  20. Well fiala is the only one that you listed that has a positive plus minus so I guess any of them. Mayhew has the potential to help the wild improve (if their goal is to make the playoffs).
  21. It is interesting to see most other players who were on that USNDTP team pretty much picking up where they left off, and then there’s Boldy...
  22. Yesterday
  23. The other thing is, the previous superstars did not play physical hockey. Because of Lindros' size and style of play, the cheap shots he took were rarely called. If players hit Lemieux and Gretzky like that it would have been a different story .
  24. I havent watched an All Star game in 20 years, if they have to do one ,it should be played outdoors and have the Stanley Cup champs go up against an all star team.
  25. I got to see SRV with Jeff Beck and Jeff Healey. Saw Clapton with Beck. Got a little spoiled that way. I had a friend or two killed in car accidents. I still drive em. Like I said, they're a great vehicle for certain situations...much like a Humvee. Neither makes a good commuter vehicle though.
  26. If I had a helicopter the Flyers would have won a cup since 75.
  27. I feel the exact same way. No way am I going to have my life in the hands of a single motor...ditto for single motor planes like the Cesena. I know people can quote stats on helicopters being a safer mode of transportation than a Greyhound bus...but this just does not pass the common sense sniff test. Back in 1991 a bunch of us went to see Eric Clapton. The back up band was Stevie Ray Vaughn. He was skipping dates ...so Stevie did Carolina the night before, but skipped Detroit. In route from Carolina to Chicago ( to catch up with the next gig on the tour) his helicopter went down and he tragically passed. Been anti helicopter after that nightmare.
  28. The traffic out there is simply nuts, though. If I had a helicopter, I'd take it to the grocery store out there.
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    • Okay, after listening to feedback (I do occasionally listen lol) I took a second crack at this stat.... and here's what I came up with: 

      To me, what was missing previously was a way to get defensive scores back UP again through continued playing time, so now it's here. It's like a "counter-balance" to allow defensive scores to rise. 
      With this recent improvement, there was no longer a need to add 100 to try and pretty up the scores. I left them as is and they fluctuate between positive and negative values, just like regular +/-..... but this is NO +/- !!!  This is much closer (I hope) to what people have been looking for. It is quite literally DEFENCE..... just defence and nothing else. 
      Now, I know what people are going to say: "But guys are still being punished for offence..."  (That comment makes me cringe.) No player is ever technically "punished" for offence. They're just not able to boost their DEFENCE rating by scoring points. That's it. If you're the worst defensive player in the league, you can't score 100 goals, boost your stat, and then turn around and claim a Selke trophy. This isn't +/-. Just like you can't erase ERRORS in baseball by hitting more home runs. It doesn't make sense. If you commit 50 errors in baseball, the only way you can get better is to stop making errors... and if you play long enough error-free, you will eventually raise your fielding percentage to a respectable level. But the bottom line is that you can't hit your way out of bad fielding stats.
      Okay, so how does this work now? It starts with the Minus stat (as described previously) but now I take TOI (Time On Ice in minutes) and divide it by 60. That value gets added to the score. So for every game you play without committing a "-", your defence score will go up. Notice that this accomplishes a few things: It sort of considers "quality of opposition" into the stat (because your best players play the most) but it also rewards the players who contribute the most to your team. 
      I still don't know if I have anything viable here, but it gives me a good feeling this time around.   
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    • Cale Makar's Assault On The Record Book
      OK....some crazy stuff going on in Ave's land! The all time record for a rookie defensemen is 76 by the great Larry Murphy. Even Ray Bourque had under 70...he had 4th best with 65 rookie pts. Makar is on pace for 93. Staggering. 
        The scary part is he is doing this with Rantanen and Landeskog both out with serious injuries. Cales hockey sense is outrageous for a rookie...howitzer of a shot...wicked moves, agile and smart. He reminds me of Bourque as a rookie. He has 100 pt potential...as silly as that sounds in this day and age. 
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    • Vladimir Tarasenko Out 5 Months
      The defending Stanley Cup champion St Louis Blues have just received a dose of bad news.  Teresenko, the superstar that helped the Blues hoist their first Cup, is now to be lost for 5 months due to shoulder surgery.  If they can survive without him and still make the playoffs, it would seem he would return for that.  I believe they are deep enough to do it. 
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    • It's Demko time!!
      Small deal between the Canucks and the Senators today with possible large implications for both.
      Vancouver gets: Taylor Pyatt, a 13th forward not much of a player. McKenna, an AHL goalie pressed into duty because of injuries to the Ottawa net and a 6th round pick.
      Ottawa gets Anders Nilsson who in two years as a backup in Vancouver went 10-27 and Darren Archibald who has been a meh prospect forever now and who looks like he is just a body to even out the players involved.
       A bunch of hot garbage in other words but it may be a sign of things to come for both.
        First Ottawa seems almost certain to trade Craig Anderson at some point now and ride out the season with Nilsson in net. A contender wanting a veteran goalie will take a shot at him. 
        Vancouver likely will ship McKenna to the AHL and call up top prospect Thatcher Demko to share the net at the least and possibly become the primary starter after two very successful seasons with Utica in the AHL. Demko is a California boy, a big surfer looking dude who Benning has shown surprising patience with as he developed. Moving Nilsson clears the way for him to get his shot probably moving Markstrom to the backup role for the remaining of the season to see what Demko can do.
        So a trade of junk for junk has implication for an aging brittle goalie and for a kid chomping at the bit wanting a shot.
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    • Post in Paul Fenton has been fired as GM after just one season.
      It's possible. But I think right now your biggest issue is timing. The Wild fired Fenton at a time is year where the replacement pool is such that if the candidate were any good, he'd already be working. 
      Leipold should get a lot of "credit" for badly bungling this situation (and it's on him if what you describe is accurate, and I think it is up an extent).  His statements indicate this started at exit interviews. 
      First of all, if you did any credible due diligence, you knew this before. But make a decision when you did realize it.  You don't go to the end of July, in hockey's no man's land (we'll call it "Miami," for short) and then make this move. 
      Leipold is nearly single-handedly destroying his own franchise. 
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    • To answer your question, what makes a good NHL GM?
      You noted player personnel wins and losses... But didn't cover anything else. Understandably, I get it, but IMO there's a ton more behind being a good GM.
      Looking at it from a fan perspective player personnel is about the only thing one could care about. But from an operations standpoint, or from an owners standpoint, generating $$ is all they ever put much emphasis on. Business, or rather being a successful business equals follow the money.
      Something I brought up several years ago was the Wild, under Doug Risenbrough, were an economically successful team. The team never spent to the Cap but they had sellout after sellout. Contrary to some the previous ownership claimed they were losing money. Where have we heard that with the Minnesota North Stars? Hence, they left for Dallas and won a Stanley Cup, 2 Conference Titles, 2 Presidents Trophies and 8 Division Titles... They're doing well generating revenue. They were bought for $84 million in 1995 and are now valued at $525 million. The Dallas Stars are a prime example of spending more (wisely) can create residual earnings. Which is something the Minnesota North Stars never figured out.
      Insert the Minnesota Wild. So under Robert Naegele, Jr., and GM Doug Risenbrough, as mentioned they ran a tight ship on spending. Wild fans here viewed them as cheap. The results as some pride themselves as describing, they're a successful team because they've had so many sellouts in a less than desirable "Hockey Market" because everyone here keeps reminding everyone (nationally) that Minnesota isn't a very good hockey market. (That's something I totally disagree with.) Minnesota probably has more hockey pucks and hockey arena's per capita than any other state or Canadian Providence... To match it's 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' boast.
      Granted, it's a bit off-topic talking about Minnesota's hockey market, but in the grand scheme of things no one can match Minnesota's superior high school hockey programs or the number of successful college hockey programs... Fans following them could have gone to more North Stars games, or more Wild games... But why if neither of those teams have anything to show for their efforts except being on the losing end of highlight reels (nationwide)?
      Okay, back on topic now that I've eliminated any just cause that Minnesota can't be a major hockey market.
      Read more ... https://www.hockeyforums.net/topic/71822-what-makes-a-good-nhl-gm/?do=findComment&comment=390931

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    • The more I'm thinking about this the more I'm coming to the conclusion it's not simply the coach but the result of the coach trying to compensate for the goaltending -- which is ultimately on Hextall. 
      The centers ARE a mess. And so is Ghost. Why? Because the centers are not staying low in the offensive zone and--Patrick and Coots in particular--not mucking it up in the slot to cheat back to hedge against being caught. 
      Ghost is doing less going low or pinching much for the same reason.  It's possible they're doing this on their own. Whether deliberate or not, it's a natural response to the knowledge that any mistake, any odd man or often even man rush the other way will end up past the incompetent sieves in our net. 
      It's just as likely that this is per coach directive much for the same reason. 
      The question remains--bluntly--how does a competent GM look at his goaltending this past summer and not move to fix this while leaving $10M in cap space on the table? 
      How does that same competent GM go through the summer knowing he doesn't have a 3C  and not move to correct that in any sober way? Again, with the $10M sitting there. 
      I know he doesn't want a contract that blocks kids and doesn't want to move said kids for it, but that effectively and explicitly tosses this season away. 
      Meanwhile, the tickets are still full price. 
      You see the results in the stands during the game. The last game, the stands had all the energy of a wake.  
      There was apparently zero thought of putting out a quality product this season. And there's no good reason for it. 
      I do like what Hextall has done with draft picks.  But it sucks that the most exciting time of year is the lead up to the draft.  Only to keep saying, "boy, in five years!" 
      I've been uncharacteristically calling for patience the last couple of years. Those who have been around for awhile--especially those from the silly.com days--know how out of character that really it.  But the patience has waned.   At this point, supplement through trade. Move out "leadership" that isn't leading. 
      Do SOMETHING other than punish kids you yourself have damaged only to bring up other soon to be damaged kids.  Wake the hell up and get the lumina out of neutral and go get us some damn halibut! 
      We're starving! 
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    • Why no Canadian NHL team will win the cup
      Gary Bettman who is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL) was brought in 30 years ago with one agenda, and that was to grow the game of hockey in the USA.  In Canada the game of hockey is like a religion, with winters lasting 6 months all there is, is hockey.  Fans are passionate and it's the number one sport.  Football and baseball come second and third.  Unfortunately for fans in Canada, no Canadian NHL team has won the Stanley Cup for 25 years since the Montreal Canadians have won.


      This thesis will explain why no Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup until at least 2050.

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    • Hey It works!
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