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  2. Just gonna throw this into the thread....Spit's expected to go this year... 1)Curtis Douglas....rated anywhere from 55 to 85....he is by far the biggest player in the draft. He's 6'8 and change...and weighs in at approx 232 to 240. Thing is, kid has ok hands, but can't skate a lick. Usually I just dismiss guys like this, BUT, it could be his body has not really adapted to his size type of thing. He looks uncoordinated though, and you usually can't fix that. 2) Connor Cochoran.....This kid is REAL interesting. His rookie year he barely played cause of our Memorial Cup run/win. In fact, they played the lifelong dman at C just to get him into games. Rook year was a right off. He showed limited offense in his 2nd year, but only gained pp time at the end of the year. Thing is....this kids stride, it is breathtaking....like straight up beautiful, a lot like Scott Niedermeyer only less speed. A right hand shot....if he lasts past the 5th round, something is wrong. I think he goes early 4 cause of his skating. 3)Matthew McDougall....might be the most talented of these 3 draft eligible Spits. Nice hands, speed, IQ, but a tad undersized. Could be a home run for somebody. Prob 5th or 6th rnd.
  3. He's a huge gamble and I'll be watching close to see where he lands. He's a defenseman who doesn't play defense at all. Which explains the minus -29. 67 pts though in 63 games in the OHL for a defensman is impressive. People who watch him (I have not other than YT videos) claim he's very gifted offensively. I've also read if he could play defense he'd be drafted after Svechnikov. He's projected to go anywhere from 15-25. Not overly small at 5'11. He's 17 until August so the baby of this class.
  4. As in does he report? Or does he get traded again? Or does his psychotic girlfriend kill him in his sleep? I suspect he's not traded again unless something becomes far worse with the Karlsson story. And I don't know why he wouldn't report, but crazier things have happened. My money is on that he should sleep with one eye open.
  5. There you go! That makes sense to me.
  6. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Skinner. @OccamsRazor asked what it would cost, and I honestly have no idea. I have a feeling he's probably worth more than what I want to give him credit for, but I'm lukewarm to him at best. I think my problem with him is more fantasy-league driven than maybe actual on ice. He's of little use to me in fantasy. I think seeing what Lindblom can do is more than likely the way this goes. And while I would like a scoring left winger, it's behind goalie and 3C on my list of priorities. If Skinner really is available, I think due diligence dictates you at least check into it and if the asking price is doable then you pull the trigger. I think it takes more than I want to give up, though.
  7. Well they only have 5 Dmen signed. They are looking to move Faulk and Hanifin so I think they could have interest in Gudas for their bottom pair and he is signed at a reasonable rate. It doesn't have to be for Skinner I would look to move him at the draft and I think the Canes could use his toughness. I'd flip him for a 3rd.
  8. You’re probably right. I’m still not very interested in Skinner though. Simmonds for him would be an overpayment, and I don’t imagine Carolina wants Gudas. Not that he’s a bad player, it just doesn’t feel like a fit right now. Let Lindblom ride shotgun for Patrick for the season and see what happens.
  9. You ain't getting the Breadman. Jarmo has already come out and said they ain't trading him and plenty of time to work out a deal. But if he is to be moved it won't be till the trade deadline I think. Then it will take a King's ransome... ...Skinner is much more affordable.
  10. Definitely a contract discussion would need to happen. In fact, he should agree to sign an extension right this year to prevent anything unfortunate from happening. Panarin is elite good. He’d instantly make our second line as good as most top lines in the league. Skinner, while not horrible, is really not in the same ball park. He’d be a consolation prize at best in this comparison. I’m also not sure he’s much better than what Lindblom might become at that position. If Hex could somehow swing a Panarin for Simmonds+ deal that essentially guaranteed Panarin would sign an extension, i’d be interested for sure. As far as salary and term go, he clearly wouldn’t be offered more than The VeeGees. Would he sign for seven over five years? I think that would be worth a shot. We have the space and will be rid of more bad contracts by the time the kids need a raise. Again though, I have to question his reason for wanting out of Columbus. As it stands, Columbus should make the playoffs next year and could make some noise once there. The Flyers are most likely going to push the bubble again at best unless Hex can find a goalie somewhere. It would be a lateral move at best if contention is what he wants. There are many worst places to be than Columbus right now.
  11. He went from Ottawa to Sharks and then to the Panthers.
  12. So what would Skinner cost I wonder. I would love to at least flip them Gudas in the deal....but whatelse?
  13. Yeah, the May 15 was the second time (just obtaining the rights back). But what I can't find is the date he actually agreed to return (his rights were traded back to Philly while he with the Blades in the WHL). The June date makes a lot of sense to me for this, but I cannot find it.
  14. I thought so, but I was also very much a Johnny Carson fan back then. The thing is, his schtick never changed over the years. Sometimes the humor coming from a young 30 something doesn't quite work coming from someone in their sixties. Especially when its oddball immaturish humor to begin with.
  15. I think it was the second time.
  16. Was that the first time? Because when they traded Toronto for his rights, it was May 15, 1973. That was his rights, though. Did he sign with the flyers on June 23 the following month? That's still some coincidence, huh?
  17. Is he really going to join the Panthers though? I mean, he went from Ottawa to the Panthers.
  18. Yes, but in all of those years, June 23 was either before the draft or on the day of the first round of the draft. So, it's not necessarily the date as the draft day. I think if it happens, it happens Friday night. You know, we've talked about this all year long and often clinically and "it's business," but now that it's approaching the possibility saddens me some.
  19. Thanks @yave1964 for posting the awards topic. I think most of these are obvious. Giroux should have been nominated for the HART, and not only nominated Giroux should be the preferred choice to win. Without Giroux in the mix, my vote is for MacKinnon.
  20. Nor the return. Panarin is already a point per game and we're only hoping Skinner will be despite being in the league 8 years and not coming close (my God, has it been that long already?). Your bolded, though, is pertinent. I'm with you that I highly doubt anything with Panarin. I also agree that the cost, both in terms of assets in trade and in cap on a new deal, makes me more than hesitant. If it's me, I want to see what it would actually take rather than reading on Twitter afterward that I could have had him for Raffl and a 2nd (deliberate hyperbole, but the point is I want to know before finding out via a trade with someone else that it was well-less than I thought). Skinner is intriguing to me and I agree he's a little better-suited to the 2nd line than Panarin might be. And honestly, while he's not the point producer Panarin is, he's pretty similar in goals. And I just got done saying I want a winger that can score. Maybe he increases some with better linemates and a fresh start. If it doesn't take much in a trade, I'm onboard, and I agree he should be less than Panarin.
  21. Out of curiosity, how ya feeling now?
  22. Yeah, terrific point. It's a whole barrel full of ironic laughs!
  23. I think the biggest shock is Hoffman ending up in the Atlantic division.
  24. The irony is that he was traded for the exact winger that would have fit along side him.
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