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  2. Just to be clear here, you're going to continue to harp on them losing Mark Alt to waivers and you are apparently OK with Hagg being an overpayment with a 2nd and a mediocre goalie for a stop gap fill in in Anderson? Asking for a message board.
  3. Swoop liking Gritty is the definiton of a bad endorsement. Swoop is behind the St. Joe Hawk and Temple's Stella when it comes to Philly's avian mascots. Stella is Bad Ass and the Hawk will never die.
  4. This is a Practice Pickem - Scoring doesn't officially start until the 2018-19 NHL season. We will pick the winning posts. Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post and add the final score. The topic will lock 15 min before the first game of the night. SATURDAY, SEP 29, 2018 AWAY HOME Calgary Edmonton Philadelphia Boston Tampa Bay Florida Toronto Detroit Montreal Ottawa Columbus Chicago Arizona Vancouver Anaheim Los Angeles Example: Calgary 1 Edmonton 4 Philadelphia 2 Boston 3 Tampa Bay1 Florida 3 Toronto 5 Detroit2 Montreal 2 Ottawa 0 Columbus 1 Chicago 3 Arizona 1 Vancouver 2 Anaheim 0 Los Angeles 1
  5. This is a Practice Pickem - Scoring doesn't officially start until the 2018-19 NHL season. We will pick the winning posts. Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post and add the final score. The topic will lock 15 min before the first game of the night. FRIDAY, SEP 28, 2018 AWAY HOME Carolina Washington Buffalo N.Y. Islanders Pittsburgh Columbus Detroit Toronto Dallas St. Louis Minnesota Colorado Los Angeles Vegas Example: Carolina 3 Washington 2 Buffalo 4 N.Y. Islanders 1 Pittsburgh 2 Columbus1 Detroit 3 Toronto 5 Dallas4 St. Louis 3 Minnesota 3 Colorado 2 Los Angeles 2 Vegas 1
  6. Had to edit the previous post @ruxpin I mean DOESN'T.
  7. If he doesn't regain his form from the year before then no point in even trading for him. Might as well stay the course with Elliott and reboot the goalie position after this year.
  8. This is a Practice Pickem - Scoring doesn't officially start until the 2018-19 NHL season. We will pick the winning posts. Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post and add the final score. The topic will lock 15 min before the first game of the night. THURSDAY, SEP 27, 2018 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers Philadelphia Florida Tampa Bay New Jersey Winnipeg Ottawa Chicago Arizona Edmonton Calgary San Jose Example: N.Y. Rangers 2 Philadelphia 5 Florida 1 Tampa Bay 2 New Jersey 1 Winnipeg 3 Ottawa 1 Chicago 4 Arizona 2 Edmonton 3 Calgary 2 San Jose 4
  9. Dave Tippet, UND grad and former cup winner w Pitt and coach of Arizona is a consultant, potential 1st GM or coach.
  10. I'm not sure. Anderson two years ago is vast overpayment. Anderson last year? Not sure the Flyers aren't overpaying. Unless he's jumped the shark, gotta figure last year was an aberration for Anderson. So yeah, probably an overpayment for Ottawa. I want a pick from them, though.
  11. HAHA very funny. That story is the best part of this thread. Thanks for adding some value to it.
  12. vis


    I see that your daughter takes after her dad.
  13. Pretty sure I told this story before, but @OccamsRazor's "I can't believe people care" post made me think of it. So, my two daughters, my wife and I were at a State College Spikes game in State College. They are Single A. My daughters were 11 and 7. I got the tickets from my boss and they were literally on the home dugout, so it was kind of cool. Kind of. They have two mascots there (or did--this has been about 11 years now!). One is "Spike," who is the main mascot and interacts with fans. Being right at the dugout, the girls got to dance with Spike on the roof of the dugout and interact with him frequently. The other mascot is called "Nookie Monster." In dead center field, there is a "nook" in the fence where the outfield juts out slightly further than the rest of the fence. When the Spikes hit a home run, Nookie Monster would come out of a little door in dead center and do some sort of dance or cheer or something and go back in. So, it was late in the game and the Spikes were down with a runner or two on, and my youngest screams at the top of her lungs, "we want Nookie! We want Nookie! We want..." My wife and I glanced at each other instantaneously and "Noooooooooooooo!!!!" LOL The people around us thought it was hysterical. In the meantime, there was what I think was a 12-14 year old boy behind us with his grandfather. A know-it-all little twit who had running commentary on every single pitch, every single play, explaining to his grandfather (and anyone in earshot) what the player did wrong. On both sides. "He shouldn't have thrown a slider there (it was a curve)! He should have thrown a curve (it was)!" etc. Anyway, late in the game, Spike was in the aisle to our right, maybe 8 seats down, signing autographs. So, naturally my girls wanted some illegible scribble on their program. So off they went. When they returned, the know-it-all twit behind us says really loudly to his apparently deaf grandfather, "Man, some people just come for the puppets!" My 11 year old wheeled around. "I happen to like puppets!" she roared. "Especially hand-puppets." [while raising her middle finger and making a scooping motion with her hand]. "If you don't shut your hole, you're going to be one!" The people around us went into convulsions. The kid never spoke again.
  14. Anderson is overpayment for Elliott and Hagg. Let Ottawa overpay. They're good at it.
  15. How is Elliott and Friedman overpaying?? What are you saying Elliott and Anderson straight up??
  16. Those are my 4 cuts as well. Not necessarily what I would do, but what I think will happen. Really, though, those guys will be the first call ups in the case of injuries or trade. Next year, spots open up from expiring contracts. Up front, they have Weal, Simmonds, Raffl, and Lehtera expiring. Neuvirth and Elliott in goal. And Folin on D. Of those, I think Simmonds and Raffl are the only two they may keep. Room for guys like Frost, Twarynski, Rubtsov, Allison, Hart, Sandstrom. Too bad our defense is still logjammed. They have to move someone out (or bench a vet) to fit Myers.
  17. Yesterday
  18. What? No. Ottawa was overpaying. Why are you upping the payment?
  19. Yeah i would swap Friedman out with Hagg and see if that does it. Seems like Ottawa would be ok with that considering the get out from under Anderson's contract for 2019-20 too. And get Elliott and Condon in net so they look like they are trying. It is risky for the Flyers next year if Anderson bombs though.
  20. Yeah, that's an overpayment on Ottawa's part, but their GM is terribad, so we might even be able to get a pick out of it.
  21. Yet the team, before the game, said Dubnyk is looking good so far in the preseason.
  22. So does the shorthanded sniper make the team??? I think one of Lehtera or Wiese needs to be sent down...my vote is buh bye Jori!!! They are in trouble with this stiff in net... I don't think he makes it through the year....
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