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  2. I like Laine where he is - on my FHL team. I miss the days where Finns were raised to be defnesively responsible and if you were lucky you got a Sinisalo, Kapanen (Sami) or dare I say a Selanne or Kurri out of them. Hoping Laine hits 30 goals with Voracek feeding him on the power play. Don't really want either on the Flyers at this point...
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  4. Now trade JVR for him. Laine signs qualifying offer, 1 yr $7.5 million
  5. I had mentioned some time back that Pius Suter would make a very good middle six option for someone.....never thought it COULD be the Wild. I'd be very happy if it were! Small NHL sample size of course, but he has shown he can be streaky (I will live with that to be the beneficiary of his 'good streaks') and is quite the 'pick pocket' as well. May thrive better in Minnesota's more structured two way systems as opposed to Chicago's more wide open freestyle play.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of fawning from the Flyers over their 10 year player Voracek. What's your favorite Voracek memory as a Flyer? I honest to God don't know that I have one. By all accounts he's a good guy. I just don't immediately recall the defining thing that he did. Anyone?
  7. Team needed a radical makeover. It got one. Whether it works out remains to be seen. IMO this is a crucial season for Giroux in terms of whether they ee-sign him as a lifetime Flyer. If nothing else it's not boring.
  8. Fletcher does suck. The fact he moved Gostisbehere, a 1st, 2 2nd round picks for 'cap space' but acquired and infinitely worse defenseman says all what needs to be said. Fletcher is creating the same mess Holmgren created that Hextall had to come in and clean up. Look at the mess he left in Minnesota that Guerin is having to clean up. It's a pattern with Fletcher.
  9. This is true. At this moment they are undefeated.
  10. Yandle is terrible. Talk with Florida fans and they'll tell you that for the past four years, his play has deteriorated. So now the Flyers sign him and for what? He immediately blocks York now and if you think Vigneault is going to play a rookie over Yandle, think again. The bottom pairing of Braun and Yandle is pretty much set now. As for Atkinson, he scored 41 riding shotgun with Panarin. Now he comes to Philadelphia and once again, a young player is going to get bumped so that he can play with Giroux and Couturier to maximize his value. So now we get to see Farabee and Konecn
  11. I can answer this for you He thinks fletcher sucks
  12. Yandle is "eh" but a temp hire. Risto is a terrible move. I'm curious though what the issue is with Atkinson. Would you explain? Or did you already and I missed it. The term doesn't thrill me, but I'm really excited about the player in the near term. What are your thoughts?
  13. What are you going to do with all that free time you will have, not watching the flyers?
  14. The addition of Ellis makes them better. But it's negated now that Atkinson, Ristolainen and Yandle have been added. Just wait until day one of free agency when he does something really dumb.....
  15. Hell Yeah! They could be called the Philadelphia Royers
  16. They may win. They may not. But they are different and that means they don't suck, YET I'm excited and appreciate that Chuck is trying to make a difference where we all knew one was needed
  17. Some valid points in there Digs. Mid 1st round this year did look like a crap shoot...except for the fact the #1 ranked Goalie Walstat (sp) was sitting there for the taking. Who knows maybe this Belarusian wonder we took in the 3rd is a steal, but on the surface, missing out on the top ranked Goalie hurt. This organization badly needs quality prospect depth there.
  18. Report: Fleury has no desire to play for Blackhawks after being blindsided by Golden Knights Justin Cuthbert Tue, July 27, 2021, 12:20 PM Marc-Andre Fleury has reportedly been traded to Chicago. (Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Twist the dagger. The Vegas Golden Knights have traded face of the franchise and reigning Vezina Trophy winner, Marc-Andre Fleury, to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for prospect Mikael H
  19. It hurts your position when the player is trying to wiggle away from his second organization.
  20. Including, it would appear, the GM. This is now a radically different squad than the one with the "pandemic" problem. It needed to happen and has and is.
  21. Number is good. Term is good. What's not to like here? I'll give it to ol' Fletch this isn't going to be the same ol' Flyers team.
  22. If a lot of things go our way...top 5 team. If Hart and the defense stink, bottom 5...literally could go to either extreme.
  23. I can honestly say i don't know what the fcuk to expect this upcoming season. I am not buying the season package....now if they look good by the end of the year i may buy the half season....till then they have a lot to prove. And i mean everyone under the umbrella of the Flyers, owners to management to gate personel....to the cop directing traffic into the parking lot. I hope i have a reason to fork over the cash...i really don't want another year of bad hockey. Otherwise i'll just catch the lowlights on ESPN........yuck. I feel bad i
  24. It's called the Fletcher 401K plan.
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