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  2. So last night was Kotkaniemi's in Montréal. Without any surprise, this is how Habs hockey consumers reacted. Dumb, but what else could we expect...? The perfect reaction came here: And at the end of game, this: The site was only available last night but basically they used a free app. creator from... Québec with the title "Did the Habs lose?" And Aho, scrolling down his cell phone saying "Yes !". This is to pinpoint how brilliant the Canes' marketing/social media dept. is. They are keeping on teasing the Habs because they kn
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  4. With 3 games in 4 nights, and Boston will be in a foul mood after that loss in Philly. Of course they used the guy I never heard of and Ullmark no doubt will face us tonight. I know what Ullmark can do. He is a solid goalie. I really thought he was going to sign with us and stay. Not sure how the coach will play this? Anderson and Toharski will obviously share the duties the next two nights. Both havre been good so far. Middlestadt is still a week from return I guess? I do not miss Jokuharu. Not one bit. I would keep things the way they are if it were me. But we need Middlestadt bi
  5. When i have my next day off...I will share a lengthy heartfelt story about my dad and what pain meds did to him...
  6. McDavid gets goal # 200 10/21/21
  7. OR loves him! Has him for his avatar. Enemies entering the zone must deal with him. He is a big boy. Tough as nails. I wish him the best. Alway liked him and was sad to see him go.
  8. Games Played on 10/21/21 Flames Milan Lucic vs Wings Givani Smith Winner ? Lucic Vancouver Kyle Burroughs vs Hawks Riley Stillman Winner ?
  9. Game # 3 Calgary 3 Wings 0 Markstrom shuts out Red Wings in Calgary's 3-0 win ByAP Updated: 5 hours ago DETROIT, Mich. -- — Jacob Markstrom stopped all 33 shots Detroit took Thursday night in the Calgary Flames’ 3-0 victory over the Red Wings. Markstrom recorded his ninth career shutout in his 12th season in the NHL. He’d allowed seven goals with an .881 save percentage in Calgary’s first two games, but the rangy goalie had an answer for every challenge in
  10. I'm not saying he should be Behn Wilson, I just want him to have the strength to win some puck battles and to not get manhandled ny Nathan Gerbe again. I didnt hear anything about him reporting to camp with any added strength/size. So if he hit the gym this summer than that's a good thing.
  11. I can already see a hungry Doug Wilson driving his car to a McDonald's in San Jose...
  12. Ya at first when I heard it, I was....what the huuck!(in beaver face) but that's the thing....this song is soo Rick Rolled-isc' that if we hate it, how much more funny/funner is it going to be to sling this pooh song to our competition every time we score a goal on them. It's like someone took a dump(the goal song) and flung it in the air and we Lacrossed it toward our enemies....face.... It's meme awful, but in a good way as long as it don't hit us.... Just picture yourself shimming your shoulders in a Vogue way, with an indifference face(look) at your competition as you just
  13. Myers a healthy scratch tonight for the Preds vs the Rags, fyi.
  14. He was at the gym and rink all summer. He has one of the better work ethics of all the players on the team. I've heard from multiple sources (through pod casts and interviews)that he's a rink rat. There was only one Behn Wilson, he's not playing anymore. Sanheim isn't that guy, his projected playing partner is though so... See if you can find some good in the guy's game, there is some. Or you can continue to wish a fish can climb a tree, up to you.
  15. Well you will like him. He is a beast. Can handle puck and shoot it also. Getting ready to watch this stinker of a Thursday night game, NFL. Watching some live look ins on NHL network
  16. Eichel is a tremendous talent that no player on this team is fit to tie his skate laces. Yes he may be arrogant, if we could really use him
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  18. One thing is for sure, this is the most exciting Flyers hockey I have seen in years. I would like to see Morin take Brauns job and give us another hitter on the blue line and I think Allison would be a clutch PP guy and give us size and skill on the wing, we do not have any big physical wingers with skill.
  19. So why the hell didn’t management send him to the gym this off-season. He still has the strength of a 98lb weakling
  20. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I vomited also. Painful bastard
  21. There is a twitter video of Jack going down the tunnel, f-bombs, and vomiting, wish i could find it.
  22. New Jersey Devils place Jack Hughes on IR with dislocated shoulder The Devils said Hughes will not need surgery after an MRI confirmed no additional damage to his shoulder. The former No. 1 overall draft pick has begun physical therapy and will be evaluated again next week, when the team expects to determine a timetable for his return. Hughes, 20, suffered the injury late in the first period of New Jersey's victory over the Kraken on Tuesday, when he was ridden hard into the boards by Seattle defenseman Jeremy La
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