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  2. Perfect opportunity to move Ghost to wing. No, I'm not kidding. He would actually be a perfect 3rd line winger.
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  4. My biggest concern. The term is stupid. The dollars are stupid. The NMC is ridiculous. Now we HAVE to protect him in the expansion draft. Great. I like that Fletcher hasn't dealt a 1st rounder or one of our top prospects....yet. But his moves all reek of Paul Holmgren. Who left the Flyers in shambles. Much like Fletcher left the Wild. I guess this signing shouldn't surprise anyone.
  5. For the right price. And it ain't no 3rd line RW. Or a backup goalie. It better be good.
  6. Doesn't matter he bombs the next two years Chuck won't be here anyways he won't care.
  7. I know you don't like Hagg, but if he was paired with a better defenseman I highly doubt he would seem as bad as the season he had last year.
  8. The contract is designed that Hayes can be traded after year 3. It's actual a well structured contract the Flyers signed him to. And before anyone says "well, he's making more than Couturier", Couturier signed his contract knowing that eventually there would be others that would sign bigger contracts than him. That's the reality of things. In terms of the final move the Flyers make, I don't think Gostisbehere is off the hook just yet. I say that because the right side is now Niskanen/Braun/Meyers. The left side is Provorov/Sanheim/Hagg or Morin. Gostisbehere is clearly the odd man out.
  9. If the Flyers could get Kapanen for Hagg, I would not only drive Hagg to the airport, but I would also pack up his apartment. He was statistically one of the worst defenders in the NHL last year. The only thing Hagg has going for him is that he's big and he hits. He can't handle the puck if his life depended on it. He's a mediocre defensive defensemen as per all of his advanced stats. Hagg is pure garbage and if some team thinks they can turn him into an elite shut down guy, all the more power to them.
  10. Not sure but talking to them is free.
  11. I was fine with the deal as just the cost of doing business. Until I saw the NMC through the Seattle draft. That's a big risk he's taking on believing that Kevin Hayes will deliver. For us as fans, let's hope he's right for most of it.
  12. You're only friendly when sheep are involved.
  13. Yes, but then Hextall should have signed him a couple of years ago. Williams is Captain of the Hurricanes. I highly doubt he is leaving with the season the Canes had.
  14. So we traded Schenn to sign more expensive Schenn ? I thought we already had the homegrown pivots, then Hayes money for Simmonds...or is Hayes, Frost and Farabee a better future? Don't know how lesser TOI and forward depth will help Nolan's game, either. Either before or after we look like a slow team. JvR Giroux V - Big $ Schenn Coots Simmonds - Not 2 Shabby Lindb Nolan Konec - Young Turks Rat Rafterman Raffl - Schraaps
  15. LIG , What do you think about 2 Minnesotans : according to NHL Central scouting ranking #17 forward Bobby Brink and #36 a high-scoring defenseman Jackson LaCombe? It seems they could be a pretty promising prospects for us if available.
  16. What kinda $$ and terms you figure they are looking for? We just overpaid for a 7yr deal . Guys who are 27, 28 are looking for 6 year deals generally. I dont know what their salaries were but obviously they are looking for a nice raise . It would be cool for Williams to finish up in Philly, he is a true winner and can really show our guys how to be winners too.
  17. I would opt for Brett Connolly. I think J Dub stays in Carolina or retires. Nyquist would be my 2nd option.
  18. Hope, he will not trade Jason Zucker at all, who is having a tough time regarding his mom's battle against the cancer. Too serious unpredictable disease. It will be too cruel for him to do that, especially now. Here is a link to read about it: [Hidden Content]
  19. Ok, hello Toronto, Fletcher here..Im gonna offer sheet Kapanen, id like to work out a deal..Take your pick, Haag or a second round pick which i will have when i trade Haag somewhere else. So the younger guys you listed didnt become UFA to sign a 2-3 year deal and sign a reasonable deal right, they will be looking for term and $$$. So id opt for Williams for one year or go for a young guy like Kapanen. If however, we draft that speedy midget goal scorer with our pick, then i would sign Williams or Pavelski for no more than 2 years until our midget is ready.
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