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  2. 2018/2019 Schedule What do you guys think? season opener @ COL then home opener against VGK, 7 of the first 10 at home 7 in a row on the road. longest road trip in franchise history, 3 4 day breaks plus 8 days around the all-star break.
  3. I hope the Flyers snag Sandin with the #19 pick...
  4. Something tells me Ron just holds tight and sees what falls to him with #14 and #19....i think the rumors we are hearing are the ones wanted to leak so as to stir interest... ...or Ron just doing his due diligence see what the stick price on some of the fire sale items like Chiarelli is probably throwing out there. Can't blame him that is what he is suppose to do...i just don't think they are close enough to do anything crazy.
  5. Lehner is actually a RFA. Just saw this today that the Sabres won't be giving Lehner a qualifying offer and letting him become a FA. Looks like Ullmark will be #1.
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  7. There are quite a few intriguing prospects who might be available at 24 but a good sized kid who shoots right, can fly, competes, is a rapid riser while being very young for this draft...he might be safe, but he might be a potential homerun too.
  8. I am on the tip of jersey no toxic dumps lots of sun and sand .
  9. NHL Salary cap is 79.5 Million. Cap floor is 58.8 million. I never thought I'd say this: The Flyers are officially under the cap floor (57.8 million).
  10. A friend of mine suggested taking those letters from those 3 precisely because it would anger them, as they are stuck with us as much as we are stuck with them. I said on the old boards more than once, I'd like to see "Angry Mikko." What is going to do, take it out on the Carolina Hurricanes the next time they are in St. Paul. If culture is the problem then they need to get serious about addressing it. If they don't like it, waive your NMC's and we'll ship you out.
  11. Dragged THEIR teams kicking and screaming? Nice try. Except the Flyers don't even make the playoffs if Giroux doesn't score 9 points in the last 4 games including a hat trick to clinch. He had 28 in his last 19 games over the last month of the season. And Let's be serious for a minute. YOu're going to tell me that the guys who had Schneider, Kincaid and Varlamov in their nets did more heavy lifting dragging their teams into the playoffs than the guy with Mrazek and Lyon? They didn't have the supporting cast he did is a loser's explanation of why he lost and besides which, in this case it happens to be a lie! McKinnon's line mates outscored GIroux's line mates. And yes, Coots did outscore Hall's line mates but Hischier did outscore Konecny... HOWEVER, maybe that's because HALL WASN'T AS GOOD AS GIROUX and DIDN'T MAKE HIS LINE MATES BETTER THE WAY GIROUX DID because: Couturier, & Konecny had career years because they played with him. Voracek fell off a cliff after moving off the top line. Patrick started scoring more as soon as he was put on PP1 and Ghost was in the Norris conversation partially because of his PP1 production WITH GIROUX. Whoever they put with GIroux Started SCORING. Case and point: Hak mind bogglingly takes Konecny off the top line and puts Raffl on... Raffl puts up 3 points in the last 2 games of the season and Konecny (in 3rd line hell) disappears. Couturier and GIroux were #1 and #2 in the league in Goals for when they were on the ice. GIroux was 16th in Selke voting... don't see Hall or McKinnon on that list either. Giroux had a better faceoff % than either one of them DESPITE being a wing and taking a ton of faceoffs. Frankly, the fact that Hall and McKinnon both sat for the last games of the season should have taken them out of the running. MVP's effing PLAY. Simply put, GIroux was the MVP of this league. It's not homerism to say so. It's reason. I'm not on about Couturier getting snubbed because Kopitar had a better season (and they both did better than Bergeron-who hasn't deserved it for a few years now). Ghost wasn't the best D man and I'm not complaining about him. I wouldn't complain about this at all if I could see a decent argument for him not being named the MVP. If the fact that Hall missed a few games and had to play with Palmieri are the best arguments he has, then that's pretty sad. McKinnon literally has no argument over GIroux that I can see.
  12. Did Barzal thank Boser for getting hurt???
  13. I read yesterday that he resigned as a coach of Caps after 11 days of winning a Stanley Cup. That happened very rarely in NHL history (this is only the 4th time). It seems for this case is a banal story - money issue. Here is a link from NY times about some of this story: [Hidden Content]
  14. Curious to be honest. I was happy just ejecting Boedker. But doing this gives the Sharks a lot more cap room than I was expecting. 11.5 million right now with the cap going up to 80 mil minimum according to all reports out so far. So that is 16.5 mil. Add martins 2.8 mil in cap savings from a buyout (or 4.8 mil via trade which is highly doubtful). So 19.3 mil in cap space to sign 3 forwards and maybe a defensemen. 12 for tavares 5 for hertl and that leaves 2 mil for thornton + bonuses. Trade karlsson and that gives us 2 more mil to round out the team with rookies.
  15. Last week
  16. LOL, even if it's BOGO. He basically won me a fantasy hockey season championship a few years ago. The clock struck 12 and he went back to being an ECHL goalie.
  17. From the wonderful Bill Meltzer.... [Hidden Content] Today in Flyers History: On June 20, 1992, one of the most franchise-shaping and certainly the most historically debated trades in NHL history took shape at the NHL Draft. The Flyers and Quebec Nordiques struck a handshake agreement on a trade that sent the rights to Eric Lindros to Philadelphia. The Nordiques then turned around and traded Lindros for a second time; this time to the New York Rangers for what they believed was an even better deal. With the trade in heated dispute, the Flyers ended up making the 7th overall pick of the 1992 Draft. The pick was originally part of the Lindros trade. Philadelphia selected Ryan Sittler, the son of Hall of Fame center (and former Flyer) Darryl Sittler. The disputed trade went to arbitration, where arbitrator Larry Bertuzzi ultimately ruled the Flyers trade was enforceable. The reason: upon making the handshake agreement, the Nordiques provided to Philadelphia the personal contact information for the Lindros family; something they had steadfastly refused to do for any team until there was a finalized trade in place. Thus, although the paperwork for the trade with Philadelphia had not yet been put through NHL Central Registry, the NHL accepted the handshake deal as enforceable. The final compensation was adjusted slightly as Quebec said it would not have taken Sittler with the seventh pick. Either which way, the Nordiques were going to make out like bandits from the sheer volume of NHL roster players, top-notch prospects, first-round picks and cash coming their way. Lindros had a Hall of Fame career but no one player could make up for all that went the other way. The final trade from Philly: Mike Ricci, Peter Forsberg, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, 1993 1st Rounder (Jocelyn Thibault), 1994 1st Rounder (Nolan Baumgartner) and $15 million (U.S.) in cash in exchange for Lindros' rights.
  18. The practice facility is in St. Paul, not Minneapolis. They practiced at Parade Ice Garden for a while, then St. Thomas Academy, sometimes Braemar in Edina. It isn't really that big of a deal when you have as many rinks in the Twin Cities as we do.
  19. Wasn't Mike Keenan the last guy who won it all and walked away??? Or does my memory not serve me justice?? Edit: He didn't just walk away from hockey just the Rangers and signed with the Blues...
  20. Standing in line for toilet paper really makes you appreciate the simple things in life...
  21. I simply meant they weren't getting the full effort they wanted to see out of him. 21 goals his second year at a whopping +21 is amazing and frankly, trading that kid sounded stupid at the time and sounds ridiculously stupid now. When Homer traded him his was coming off 11 goals in half a season and was a -1. I think the trade had more to do with what was perceived as a lackluster playoffs (after what had been a pretty phenomenal playoffs the year before). Either way, just more evidence to support my "Homer had a stroke sometime in 2012" theory. My money is on JVR going to the Rangers this off season for too much money.
  22. Not a Caps fan either, but actually do like the city. It's quite special to go to a US city where the highest building does not have more than 12 floors. And do not forget: it's the only city in the world where you could can go by mistake in a sports-gay bar, getting out of it drunk, then yelling "looook over there, it's the IMP boss. Hi IMF boss !" when it was actually the IMF boss over there...
  23. Man, what a difference 4 hours or so makes, huh?
  24. Right from the start with the big press conference I kind of got the vibe this was a big PR stunt, an attempt to say that this was an organization serious about winning. Parise and Suter brought up the 'strong prospect pool' being a reason to sign and I almost barfed. The funny thing is, as the team continued to stall out in the 1st round of the playoffs season after season suddenly someone tried to bring up that Suter and Parise signed on because of Mikko Koivu and I wanted to hurl again. They have used this deal to try to justify just about anything this team has done or has not done. Parise and Suter signed here because they got a market that won't put much pressure on them to deliver much of anything substantial, they get a hockey market for their kids / families to grow up with and they're set for the rest of their NHL career, results on the ice be damned.
  25. Or the secret collaborator guy in Battlestar: Gallactica, take your pick. Unless Erik Karlsson were to suddenly admit an affair, which would likely submarine his current marriage to flip the script on Hoffman's wife...he's going to deny it and thus confirm to Hoffman what his wife has probably been saying to him. She gets to keep firing jabs and impugning Karlsson's wife's character as well as Erik. No matter what, its an awful and ugly situation that is not likely to get better unless one of them is dealt from the team. But like I said before, its not like this would be the first time this has happened to an NHL team among wives / girlfriends and players.
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