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  2. Allison not on the bench to start the 3rd period……..
  3. Yes, we call it "the past decade"
  4. I don't think the age is such an issue. 42 GP, 27 wins. That's a helluva winning ratio for any goalie. Besides, he's closer to 30 than 20. Just like I used to be...
  5. Today
  6. Sure you got the right pic, Shelf? Looks like a Flyers' fan heading out from the arena after the first period against the Sabres.
  7. Always fun reading your posts. You must be invited to alot of parties.
  8. I remember slightly the time that landed them the mighty JVR...those days being rough but it always felt like they were competing, it wasn't there fault they were good enough...and those memories are very faded in the brain like i hope this season does quickly. So this season is about as bad and i think even worse than that season. I just want it to be over with....it can't come quick enough.
  9. I couldn't care less where it's located, I wouldn't watch the snoozefest that is the Olympics. So I'm with you on the rest.
  10. Giroux- veteran Coots- veteran JVR- veteran Hayes- veteran Nisky- veteran Voracek- veteran Elliott- veteran Provy- veteran Braun- veteran Konecny- veteran Raffl - veteran Laughton- worthless veteran Thompson, grant, pitlick, brassard, ghost, Gustafson, Atkinson
  11. I give you guys (on this thread) a lot of credit for keeping up with the prospects in juniors and other leagues. But I'm afraid this quote is true. I don't know exactly what "clean house" means but it has to include at least Fletcher #1 and Yeo #2. As far as the suits Clarke Homer and the Comcast clowns I doubt they're going anywhere...but I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Games played on 1/21/22 Hawks Riley Stillman vs Wild Brandon Duhaime Winner ? Hawks MacKenzie Entwistle vs Wild Connor Dewar Winner ? NYI Matt Martin vs Yotes Liam O'Brien Winner ? Ana Buddy Robinson vs Bolts Cal Foote Winner ?
  13. Game # 40 Seattle 0 Blues 5 Husso sharp, Bozak gets shorty as Blues beat Kraken 5-0 ByAP Updated: 2 hours ago SEATTLE -- — Ville Husso stopped 27 shots, Tyler Bozak scored short-handed and the St. Louis Blues pounded the Seattle Kraken 5-0 Friday night.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Sell everything big you can move. Go ahead bring Emil and Samu over and starting getting them familiar with the north American way. Bring the main kids who contracts can be utilized in the AHL so get the head start. Why wait? Playing the 2nd best league can work wonders. Show them how far they have to catch up. The more kids that play by next season the quicker it gets fixed. But management must be sorted first.
  16. *ahem* Paul Holmgren is sitting right there. But there is competition, yes. I'm no fan of ol' Fletch, but in both of his most recent positions, he's been directed to do things. In Minny, he was told to sign Suter and Parise. In Philly, it's "make the playoffs" (because, you know, anything can happen, or so I'm told). So, to "make the playoffs" he "had to" go out and sign a 2C because they "needed" one for 2019-2020. So he did go out and sign the "best available" 2C, to a seven year deal. Was the "best available" 2C a good fit? Was the "best available" 2C at
  17. Ya, but if Hayes were healthy the whole time we'd be on a 25 game losing streak.
  18. First game this year... 21 shifts, 3 shots, 15.00 Time on ice
  19. Game # 37 Bos 4 Caps 3 McAvoy's late goal lifts Bruins to 4-3 win over Capitals By AP Updated: 5 hours ago BOSTON -- — Charlie McAvoy scored a power-play goal with 45 seconds left in the third period, lifting the Boston Bruins to a 4-3 win over the Washington Capitals on Thursday night. David Pastrnak had two goals and Jake DeBrusk also score
  20. I like to say even more we (our Wild organization) were helping before to sick kids. And Nate Prosser was part of it. I have one single card of NHL player with his autograph (only from Prosser) when he was visiting kids at Gillette hospital. Our employee gave it to me as a Wild fan. Actually, former Wild player Jason Zucker was a part of this medical help too.
  21. Last week
  22. I have no idea how it will work out for the Habs, but that's what everybody said when the Panthers hired Bill Zito after years of being a player agent.
  23. Might be the best fight so far this season...
  24. I think Dubas is an average GM at best. Some good moves, some bad ones (Kadri at his salary for Kerfoot and 1 yr of Barrie was the worst leaf trade in a long time). The current version of the leafs will lose if any combination of Sandin, Dermott or Liligren are playing on D come playofff time. A team can run with one small defensemen; not 3!!! Wake up Dubas. Sandin’s turnovers and sloppy play let MTL win last year. Instead of realizing that he continues to rely on small defenseman that are just undersized for teams like the Rangers, Capitals, Bruins, Lighting, etc. Wake up Dubas !
  25. Markstrom with strong game and Calgary being tougher and stronger - could tell no one on Florida wanted to fight Calgary heavyweights they didn't even want to fight Ritchie or Zadorov nevermind Lucic or Gubrandson Sutter boys getting it done defensively again
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