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  2. The joke is on you drinkin the Blue Kool Aid. I prefer Sam Adams. They can beat your team playing any style: physical, skating, speed - unlike Dallas, Winnipeg or San Jose.
  3. I thought the Fenton plan was to get younger and faster. Well, maybe one of his new loyal acolytes can share with him that pursuing Kessel and Pavelski and nixing the Staal deadline deal is just a wee bit off course.
  4. A real entertaining game (Canada vs Switzerland). No way did I see the end coming that we saw once it got past 1.00 minutes left and the goalie out. I thought we were done for. I never knew Mark Stone was as good as he is. I especially love the early games now that I am retired and can watch them.
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  6. Obviously it's more of a PR move - like an "advisory role" type of position - but I'd be curious just how much executive advising he ends up doing - probably very little... Wonder what $ he gets for doing this... [Hidden Content]
  7. Yeah, that's a major factor too. I'm not sure he'll be worth the $10million plus for term regardless ,but he's definitely not worth the $10 million if he's going to be hurt. I hope Fletcher is wise enough to agree. Although his history with the likes of Suter (still a good player I'll grant) and Parise don't encourage me. Homer's history with such things encourages me even less. He may be an answer, but I'm not sure it's to a question this team is asking.
  8. [Hidden Content] Apparently he spent four years being assistant coach at Toronto, and before that coached the Oshawa Generals. I'm not sure what to think of this, he seems likely he's capable, not sure whale happen with him
  9. Same reason the hand pass in game #3 was not reviewable. The NHL review rules are stupid.
  10. As a Blues fan I just wanted to say that the Stars were the team that gave me the most concern going into the playoffs. I hated that we had to play y'all since both teams play a similar style and are extremely talented, It was a great series that could easily have gone the other way. Had it done that, I believe it would be the Stars ascending to the Cup finals instead of my beloved Blues. We got lucky but sometimes it's luck that makes all the difference. Your future is very bright. I see great things for your franchise in the next couple of years. Thanks for the awesome series.
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  12. Win or lose i think I have this for the second year in a row
  13. I'm on board with this - to an extent. Aside from firing Hakstol - which absolutely, no question, should have been done - I don't know what other moves he was "expected" to make that he didn't - and after he was fired his replacement managed to deal: Jordan Weal for Jacob Graves and a 6th Taylor Leier for Justin Bailey Dale Weiss + Christian Folin for Bryon Froese + David Schlemko Anthony Stolarz for Cam Talbot Wayne Simmonds for Ryan Hartman and a conditional 4th Hardly anything earth-shattering. Bailey (23 games) and Hartman (24) were the only skaters to suit up for the NHL team and their combined 2 goals and 5 assists didn't do terribly much for the direction of the team. Remains to be seen what they will do with Talbot. And the team was virtually out of options when they were basically forced to call up Hart, which they didn't do until the day they fired Hakstol - and only because Stolarz went down with an(other) injury. Presuming that not firing Hakstol was the straw that broke the "disrespected" ownership's back, why did they wait another three+ weeks to pull that plug?? Hextall signed the (arguably) #2 overall UFA this past offseason, drafted the Frost, Farabee and Ratcliffe you mention (in addition to Sanheim, Lindblom, Konecny, Provorov, Patrick, and Hart), signed Couturier to a tremendously team-friendly deal and Gotstobehere for a pretty good number as well. I get that Dave Scott and some Comcast Spectacor functionaries had their feelings hurt. I get that the team was underperforming - again, for the third coach in seven years. I get that that third coach in seven years needed to go. But this was only starting to turn into "Hextall's team" - and they had to dig out from the wreckage Paul Holmgren wrought for, arguably, the first three years of Hextall's tenure. Which is to say that the team will be benefiting from the "plan" that Hextall put in motion for the next 3-5 years. And that this offseason was the consequential one in that plan where there are good pieces to be had and - potentially - cap room to go get them. I wouldn't think for a moment that the "Frost, Farabee, Ratcliffes" of the world are "untouchable" under a new "win now" mandate. But at least the team is actually built to start winning. We'll see whether they do. I'm not sure I get this at all. How is hiring a coach to "spy" on the head coach the GM hired - and apparently at least in part got fired for not firing - "crossing a line"? What line? And, again, why wait three+ weeks after firing Hextall to can his "spy"? Legitimately curious.
  14. This would be a good option if Tampa was wanting to move him. But at what cost? He has a good contract and can play all 3 forward positions. They don't have much leverage if they were to move him however with his speed (which the Flyers really need) there would be a lot of teams in the bidding for his services. I could see the Bolts wanting to move him out west if they have a say so. Tampa and Philly had a good trade history going on but most of that was when Stevie Y was there. But count me in on doing this but i could change my mind on it due to what they want in return.
  15. Last week
  16. PRESEASON OUTLOOK Most folks expected them to be a non competitive team from start to finish and a big seller at the deadline. Most people got this one right. FINAL RECORD 32-36-14 78 points 7th in Metro miles out of a playoff spot. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR The Rangers went 9-1-1 through November 12th beating a bunch of very solid teams during that stretch to run their record to 12-8-2 making many believe they could end up fighting for a wild card spot. The other high point was at seasons end when they moved up to third in the draft. LOW POINT OF THE YEAR Well from there they won a few and lost a few more with regularity. They faded badly at years end, going 4-10-5 down the stretch to finish well out of the race. WHAT WENT RIGHT They managed a nice haul for Zuccarello who rumor has it they intend on making a run at bringing him back. Mika Zibenajad turned into a star or nearly so. The net combo of Lundqvist and Georgiev were a great duo with the kid giving the king rest without a significant dropoff. Kevin Hayes brought a nice return. Kreider had a smashing year. Tony DeAngelo and Neil Pionk established themselves as top four blueliners.They continued to move veterans out for picks and assets and appear to have a serious plan. Kids Chytil and Howden look to have a future as in next year in the top nine. WHAT WENT WRONG Shattenkirk looks dreadfully lost in New York. Namestnikov, Vesey and Buchnevich were all okay but more was expected. Skei took a big step back. Staal continues to steal his paycheck. Lias Anderson looked hopelessly overmatched in his first season. FREE AGENTS None to speak of. the concern is next year as Namestnikov, Kreider and Vesey are all UFA after the coming season and the Rangers need to decide where they are in their rebuild between now and next deadline. OFFSEASON QUESTION MARKS Okay here it is, the Rangers seem to have a plan, putting a bunch of talented kids in place, accumulating tons of picks, do they stick with the plan or turn back into the Rangers and overpay for free agents wrecking what they have been working on? Rumor is they plan on making a huge run for Erik Karlsson which makes sense but he has been fragile in recent years to me the only question is do they stay the course of a pretty solid rebuild or do they spend stupid money on free agency as in years past? To me if they come out of the offseason by dabbling in free agency without the big splash it fits the blueprint they have been working on and IMHO would be better than giving Karlsson 7 years 77 million or some such.
  17. May 21, 2019 AWAY HOME San Jose 3 St. Louis 2
  18. Wait, I thought losing to a Cup Finalist was a good sign? Shouldn't losing to three consecutive Cup winners be even better?
  19. Kunin is impressing me more and more. I just read a nice recent article about him at the main Wild weblink. Most games last season he played for our big club, he also was playing at AHL for our farm club as well as he successfully participated(6 goals) at all 11 games of the Calder Cup playoffs Iowa Wild run. Now I was pleasantly surprised that he joined our USA team few days ago at the IIHF World Championship in Slovakia and played already a game against Germany team on May,19. According to that article he had a hard time to reach Slovakia country because of his plane emergent landing, and he was using a car to drive in Europe(6 hours) just to get to that world tournament. It seems he made a solid/ serious efforts this season by playing in NHL,AHL,Calder Cup Playoffs and the World Championship. Sincerely, I am proud that we have him in our team. At the end of the article he was asked what type of transport he would like to use in Europe. He answered - cars. I still would prefer to use train - the most cheapest and safest way of transportation there. Regarding Ek, I am not sure of his bigger roles at this moment. Hope maybe some day. He is more type of Koivu style of game play. We need some more highly productive players. Second recent article from same main Wild link is dedicating to Kaprizov. Nice interviews were taken during the World Championship in Slovakia from different Russian NHL players about a Kaprizov's readiness to NHL level. Hope we will see him next year. Agree about Cullen - nice experience, a great teacher, as well as he was the most productive player for the 4th line in the Wild history.
  20. PRESEASON OUTLOOK The year before they came back from the dead fighting their way back from double digit points out of a playoff spot to barely missing the playoffs, hopes were extremely high that with the addition of Mike Hoffman for free they would compete and make the postseason. FINAL RECORD 36-32-14 86 points 5th place in division, 11 points out of a playoff spot. HIGH POINT OF THE SEASON Well really there wasn't one. They won a few and lost a few all year, never quite falling out of contention until late in the season, never quite making that push. I suppose if I had to say a high point it was the hiring of Joel Quenneville to coach the team at seasons end. LOW POINT OF THE SEASON The Cats lost 8 of their first ten to throw away the momentum of the previous season and never quite recovered. WHAT WENT RIGHT First off they hired Quenneville which is huge, one of the games all time great coaches and GM Tallon go way back and know a thing or two about winning cups. Hoffman was better than hoped for with 36 goals, Barkov with 96 points and the games greatest defensive forward has turned into the new Datsyuk. Huberdeau was amazing, Dadonov was solid, the quartet of Ekblad, Yandle, Weeger and Matheson are a solid top four on the back end. Frank Vatrano came from absolute nowhere to add 24 goals. Borgstrom was worked in gradual and looks like a sure fire top six forward for years to come. WHAT WENT WRONG Losing Trocheck for several months with a ugly leg injury was devastating, the team was really a two line team and when he went down it took a lot of wind out of their sails. Really the biggest disappointment last year was the simply dreadful goaltending, both Luongo and Reimer had goals against over 3 per game in spite of a young solid defense in front of them, Luongo cannot play anymore and Reimer never could. With average goaltending this team would have coasted into the playoffs. FREE AGENTS Veteran forwards McGinn, Sheahan, MacKenzie and Brouwer all are free agents and all will be gone. The next year Hoffman and Dadonov are UFA's and will command big deals. OFFSEASON QUESTION MARKS Both Bobrovsky and Panarin are rumored to be Florida bound can the Cats add one or both? If they have to pick which one which will it be? Can they resign their own pending free agents for next year in Hoffman and Dadonov? Most important, if they don not sign Bobrovsky, what can they do about their goaltending mess with both Reimer and Luongo still with multiple seasons remaining on their deals?
  21. @intheslot @Podein25 Ahh...the good ole days
  22. May 19, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 5 San Jose 3
  23. Thanks for wishing us well. And same to you and your Oilers. Sure have our work cut out. Now the draft and the trades after this stressful playoff is over. I just hope it ends well
  24. He's probably planning for Koivu being gone after next year and is looking at long term as a reason if things don't change much next season. And yet he signs Staal to 2 years....
  25. Before i clicked on this thread i thought you knew....and how thoughtful...i was wrong. j/k Sweet today is the wife and mine's 12th anniversary....someone should build her a statue on our front lawn for tolerating me for that long. She has a high threshold for pains obviously....what a beautiful day outside too...not a cloud in the sky and 84 degrees. Pool time!!!!! Cheers!!!
  26. Playoff - PickemWelcome to Playoff Pick'em. Those who qualified via the regular season having earned 250 or more points or who won at least 1 week can compete for the HF.net Pick'em Trophy. Of course, any member can join in to play throughout the playoffs. Copy and Paste the matchups and add your predictions for the final scores. Topic closes 15 min prior to the first game of the night. Good Luck! May 23, 2019 AWAY HOME 5 St. Louis 3 San Jose 9:00 PM
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