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  2. That is outstanding Perhaps I should spend a couple of hours of looking at Vasilevsky playing and learning what a perfect goalie is like. Goalies are so difficult.
  3. Definitely. Hope reminds me of this after game clip: KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, MR. EVASON! No time to lose one's swagger here. The Wild has recently played it's best offensive hockey in years. Just fix that PP and we'll be competitive.
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  5. I guess Moose gets the nod in goal. I hope the team in front of him can come out motivated and more importantly sustain a good game for the entire 60 minutes required. HA. I make myself laugh...
  6. Rantanen scores twice as Avalanche blank Sharks 4-0 ( By JOE STIGLICH Associated Press SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) Mikko Rantanen scored twice and had two assists as the Colorado Avalanche beat the San Jose Sharks 4-0 on Wednesday night. Philipp Grubauer made 26 saves for his 14th career shutout and the Avalanche got payback for a 6-2 loss Monday night in San Jose. Gabriel Landeskog added a goal and three assists for Colorado, which went 3-1 on its road trip and pulled into a three-way tie for third place in the West Division
  7. I need to check that site too from now on. I had lost interest because of their lack of interest in the the Wild.
  8. I'm the same way. I never considered it earlier because it wasn't relevant. As we draw closer to the playoffs, it becomes more intriguing. Also hard to believe but we're almost at the halfway mark on the season!
  9. I absolutely hated the pick then and I still hate the pick and there are several reasons why I hate the pick. First, I hated the fact that O'Brien stuck to playing in a high school league that he absolutely dominated in. There was no challenge for him and he should have moved to the next level (USHL). I do remember that he played a handful of games at the USHL level and then when things got tough, he split back to the comforts of the Massachusetts High School Hockey League because it was 'easy'. Then, he goes to college, runs into injury and discipline issues and then he splits bec
  10. With this defense needing a boost i just for the life of me can't figure out why this kid didn't get a chance to play defense for a few games... ...why can't kid's work on their game you know during a game??? God forbid he proves useful...
  11. I agree with you in the way you frame it, but I think I view the team with rosier glasses. I actually think we're simply stabilizing the defense away from being a threat. But I'm really not in favor of blowing huge holes in the roster to do it. Certainly not Sanheim. And, really, not someone like Patrick or even Laughton or some of the others. I don't really like even talking about Frost in an Ekholm deal. Like you, when we wade into trading such names, I want looking term. And in the case of either Ekholm or Savard, I don't want either one to resign. I like Savard
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  13. Congrats to our prospect 23 y.o. Brennan Menell who helped to Dinamo Minsk team (in 46 played games he had 38 points (5 goals;33 assists;+/- +7)) to reach Gagarin Cup playoffs. The team is playing now against one of the best KHL team(SKA, St.Petersburg) in Conference quarterfinals. Probably, they do not have a chance to pass that team. 1st game they lost already with a score 2:4. I think for the Minnesotan Brennan Menell it is already a superb achievement to be one of the best league defensemen as well as to get some unique KHL experience in one season. Probably, he will be available for us by
  14. On Martin Necas: I began to notice him last season, thanks in large part to playing fantasy hockey. Every time I needed a 'fill in' winger/center, there was this young man who seemed to deliver on the stats, even if for short bursts at a time. Yep. It was Necas. Then, when I started watching more Canes games regularly, I began to see that this guy really did look like an up n coming player for Carolina.... he just needed a bigger role. Well, this season he is getting that bigger role with his increased ice time and playing with the top lines on the team and in more situations. G
  15. So if one player is affected by covid, the team plays on? I'm curious how the covid protocol works because it seemed like the NHL was blocking the entire team from playing if any one player got infected on that team. Yay!
  16. Nino Niederreitter was fined 5 grand for an elbow to the head of Predator goalie Saros in last nights game. Too much? Not enough? Alex Chiasson went after Jimmy Vesey of the Leafs after the game was over and received a one game suspension for doing so. Truth? I think Chiasson shoulda been fined and if you had said Nino was suspended for a game for the hit to Saros I would have understood that better. Sometimes I do think the player safety committee really does have a wheel they spin to determine punishment. These two, I really think they got them in reverse.
  17. I have a feeling about him....big, strong, had solid shot, uses his body to create offense.
  18. Yave robs...errrr, pulls off another deal! I too believe Pullock may be the best player you got from that deal. Underrated indeed. If the Sabres ever pull their horns out of their bisons, Reinhart may be a decent add as well. Granlund...well, I like Granny actually, but his fantasy value has been spotty at best. For Darth, Timo Meier seems to be heating up. I almost added him myself, but still not sold on the Sharks as a whole. Smith is good as long as he is healthy, but I think EVERYONE knows that by now. McDonagh is good for peripherals and is one of those players that is MU
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  20. An even higher skilled Wayne Simmonds. He’s gonna be deadly on the PP.
  21. And this was supposed to be a breakdown team this year. What a disaster... This franchise doesn't deserve Jacob Markstrom.
  22. Back to back shutouts! 3-0 Leafs win! Hutchinson gets the shutout! Both wins coming without Matthews or Andersen.
  23. Torts for me. They can't be losing like this. It's not on Torts, but what can you do?
  24. We'll hope he continues like this![knocks on wood]
  25. Yeah the $$ has ruined everything. Every time there a big FA in any sport and he is interviewing with several teams , you will hear him say something like, I’m going to go to the team/city that is best for my family ....it always ends up that it’s the team that offered the most $$, and usually it’s not the top 2 or 3 teams that have the best shot at winning a championship. You see a lot of these a holes in the NFL ,they care more about their stats and moronic end zone posing than if they actually won the game.
  26. Agree on St. Louis..... they are SUPPOSED to be top of the heap in that division...and I can't even quite put my finger on what is their issue. Missing Pietrangelo more than they thought? Krug not quite up to par with what AP did for them? Binnington thinking more about prize fighting than goaltending? Brayden Schenn really was the "bad" Schenn, and not Luke? Ryan O'Reilly, seeing his team going down, now wants out and will whine till he is traded? Who knows.... But while St. Louis continues to hit the skids in the West, Chicago continues to surprise in the Central. At this poin
  27. Its strange the Wild getting positive attention. Cole was a great addition I didnt think much of at the time but Guerin knew what he was getting. Zuccarello what a change from last year now maybe we are seeing what Fenton was hoping for when he signed him to a bad contract. Thanks for the post lynxrattle nice to see what the Finns think of the Wild.
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