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  2. It also leaves them with Kurtis "Who The Hell Is Kurtis Gabriel?" Gabriel* as a top 12 forward. And only 12 forwards. They will need some wiggle room to work in a Frost or Farabee, for example. Would not at all be surprised if Hagg is moved sometime between now and the trade deadline, but perhaps sooner than later. * yeah, not what I pictured, either...
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  4. Nah, there is a bottleneck with at least the Werenski deal, and possibly McAvoy deal, needing to get done first. Just seems like the Provorov deal is hostage to at least one of those deals needing to get done. Trouba getting done helps, I think. Hell, even Marner may be holding things up for the d-men.
  5. Good analysis, espcially liked your sarcasm about the goaltenders. I think the remaining RFA's are much more fascinating than the FA's at this point.
  6. I agree with you. Makes sense for both teams, although the Hawks kept a pretty tight leash on Jokiharju. Didn't let him play too many games to see what he's capable of. 38, tall order... I don't think highly of older Nylander's attitude, didn't like his father's attitude either. Younger Nyl seems to be the worst of them in that respect... Who knows but I'd say a clear win for the Sabres.
  7. Taking surprisingly long to get the deal done... anyone want to guess what he's asking and for how long? And what will he get? I heard a rumor he wants $10 mil. a year or he'll look for other teams. IMO crazy money - not worth it, at least not yet.
  8. The Tampa Bay Lightning completely agree with you. Just sayin'.
  9. I certainly hope so. Getting sent to Iowa for the AHL Playoffs didn’t seem to affect Luke Kunin. He put up 8 points in 11 games, with 6 goals. In those same 11 games, goal scorer Donato put up 6 points, with 2 goals (both goals in one game). And Greenway had 0 goals and 5 assists and was reported to be lollygagging around the ice (by a seasoned reporter, not a blogger) for most of the Playoffs. I have a problem with the AHL Playoffs being a “let down” for these guys. If they were in the NHL they’d be golfing. That says to me that Donato and especially Greenway would rather be golfing than to lower themselves to play in the AHL Playoffs...to me that’s a character flag, but that’s none of my business ️...
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  11. That was on Binnington not Berube, he just rode his coat tail...just will see how good a coach Belicheat is when Brady retires. AP and Parayko raved about how much he help them to mature and understand the game. He may not have been the right head coach but he knows his defense and is a very good assistant. There is a place in the world for his type. And I think he will help the Flyers youngsters out a lot. Will see in a year or two if i have misjudged him.
  12. Yeah. Most of the current players aren't interested in getting dirt under their (polished) finger nails. They just want to skate up and down, send messages with their IPhones during the intermissions, play Fortnite or whatever after the games, get their millions with scoring a few goals... Getting bruised in a fight?! Why bother.
  13. Plus Marleau wasn't of any use for them anymore. Plenty of fresh young guns at their disposal. Any money for Marner is worth it. Love it how the Canes aren't afraid to mix it up a bit, both on and off the ice.
  14. Not so sure about this, yave. From my view point they've been making lately some solid moves. Nedeljkovic might be the next binnington, Reimer brings experience, Darling out, Haula in, Ferland would've been a costly pair of knuckles, Svechnikov with more experience heading into the season.... Not entirely impossible for me to start supporting them....
  15. Last week
  16. Well, me thinks that's not a stupendous acquisition.
  17. Easily avoidable. The Oils don't give Neal minutes on Mac's PP unit and Lucic... well, play just like you do.
  18. July 20: CW Recruit Summary The Elite Prospects USports Page has a link to each team's page, and each team's page contains an updated list of transactions. Here are the screen shots. Click the team name to go to their page. Alberta Golden Bears Calgary Dinosaurs Lethbridge Pronghorns Manitoba Bisons Mount Royal Cougars Regina Cougars Saskatchewan Huskies UBC Thunderbirds
  19. Ouch, that kind of hurt me. Loved her voice and still do. Your offensive depth is improving. Sure I was joking, a tad, but I seriously believe you'll have a better team.
  20. No...but I've drank at Princes bar in Minneapolis and I like the Dandy Warhols. And I fish.
  21. While I've heard nothing but good things about his effort and creativity, I do question his ability to score himself. It will be interesting to see what he's like once he recovers from yet another major injury.
  22. I really didn't want Caulfield coming into the draft. A lot of fans from various teams did, but I think he's a horrible risk that high. I really liked Brink coming into it, but not at 12. And I really didn't think we'd have a pick where it would be appropriate. There were some other forwards I wanted at 12, but York was a solid pick. I'm pretty happy with it.
  23. Seems like Noah Cates is the forgotten prospect...but the only on with a national title... ...and we know Chuckles is high on him since he is from Minnesota... [Hidden Content] I hope they can sign them both.
  24. Very very ballsy interview by the Bread man....i hope he doesn't end up in some river in a 55 gallon drum... [Hidden Content] ...more on link above... Answering the interviewer’s contention that life is better now than it was in pre-Putin 1990s It’s the same… The changes are small, almost nothing… We have two cities that are developing, Saint Petersburg and Moscow, but the rest of them are a joke. I lived in Columbus, which isn’t even in the top 10 American cities, but look at the pictures and you will see how nice it looks. Everything is clean, safe, everyone is calm. It’s great. American cities are developing thanks to local taxes which stay in the state. But here, a lot of money goes to Moscow, so people everywhere work for Moscow’s benefit. I always thought it’s unfair. On what he thinks about Putin I think he no longer understands what’s right and what’s wrong. Psychologically, it’s not easy for him to judge the situation soberly. He has a lot of people who influence his decisions. But if everyone is walking around you for 20 years telling you what a great guy you are and how great a job you are doing, you will never see your mistakes. In America, you have two four-year terms, and that’s it. You can’t come back. You’ve done some good for your country, haven’t grown fat on anything, and you leave without a fuss, letting young blood in. This is what I think. I am not saying this because I see any kind of profit for myself in this. I want the people to live better, for teachers and doctors to have better salaries. I don’t want some ballerinas (Panarin is referring to the ultra-patriotic former dancer Anastasia Volochkova) to say, “If you don’t like it here, you can leave!” This is raving madness! Everyone has left already, all the brains are gone. This shouldn’t be happening. Does he think Putin has been in power too long? Yes, probably. He has been in power for almost 20 years and we haven’t seen any rule of law, really. He has been sitting there too long, he isn’t letting anyone else in.
  25. LOL...possibly. If so, Francis would truly be the anti-McPhee....who wheeled and dealed his arse off during the filling out of his roster. Heck, some might even say McPhee BLACKMAILED other GM's into trading with him (**cough, Fletcher...cough...Wild GM...cough**), as he did so with the threat that if they DIDN'T trade with him, he would be taking a player off the other GMs roster that they would prefer to keep. Is Francis capable of going to such lengths? Maybe have a trick or three up his sleeve that are different? Again..he has the SAME rules as Vegas, and if he doesn't do a good enough job, combined with his "meh" tenure as Canes general manager, he could be labeled a "bust" as an NHL executive...well, GM anyways.
  26. What almost happened. According to Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period, during the time that the team were negotiating a trade for Kessel, they also looked into the possibility of acquiring Jeff Carterfrom the LA Kings. The hypothesized trade would have seen veteran blueliner Alex Goligoski heading to the City of Angels in exchange for the 34-year-old forward. The deal would’ve seen the Coyotes take on Carter’s $5,272,727 cap hit for three seasons, while actually saving real dollars in that time. Carter will earn a total of $7 million over the next three seasons, while Goligoski, who has a slightly lower cap hit of $5.475 million for two more seasons, will earn $9.8 million over the next two years. While saving the Coyotes plenty of real money in the long-term, this trade would have been significantly worse for the team than the deal that secured the services of Kessel. Bullet dodged?
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