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  2. I know JVR has that huge contract, but is he more tradeable? If I had to keep a guy for another year, its Patrick. I don't care what he says he wants. He is under contract. Play 4th line next season and earn it. If you do, we will pay you, or trade you. If you don't, walk! Flyers seems to have all leverage here
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  4. How true. One very seldom sees one player dissected like that, and never before a Wild player.
  5. Lol, Ghost's value = zero. Any team in the league could have had him for free and passed. Now a team is going to suddenly give up assets for him? I don't think so.
  6. Does Evason have something against goalies, I think after reading Alexandron's and Hockey-78's posts. Has he ever pulled a goalie having a bad game? Why didn't he try a 1A/1B goalie tandem, when Kahk had played so well, the season was this condensed, games every other day, and Talbot having bad periods of playing during his past seasons? Is Evason a trauma victim - still holding a grudge against all those goalies that back in the 80's stopped him from scoring like Gretzky?
  7. My guess is not, if the current team stays healthy.
  8. I've mentioned I'm not a fan of Vigneault, but I'm ok with him coming back. His staff on the other hand....
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  10. yeah, fletch really had his hands tied up on that offseason.
  11. Yeah, I think we can agree there. We'll hope for an interesting 7 game series, and an OT win where a rookie scores the deciding goal
  12. here's a dark horse candidate bob hartley because it was chris drury's former coach while he was playing with the avs.
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  14. That would be not too bad scenario for our team. I just really wish that one of the 2 teams (Avs or Blues) will be eliminated during the 1st round. Both teams played high IQ hockey against us during the regular season.
  15. This also marks the first time the Leafs have been the favourite to win their playoff series since ohhhhh......... 2002?
  16. Zayde with the game winner... What fancy stick work to set up the first goal by Zayde. I sure hope Sandstrom can be penciled in to maybe backup Hart in a rebuild year. We'll see time for Moose to retire....Hart will need a good backup. If not him then who??
  17. Auston Matthews scores again! Goal #41 on the season. 41 goals in just 51 GP. Matthews has now hit the equivalent of the 60-goal plateau! Charlie Conacher is the only other Leafs player in franchise history who can say the same thing. We've gone past the Vaive's and Mahovlich's of the Leafs world now. Only one man left. The Leafs have ONE game remaining. Matthews can TIE Conacher's milestone/record if he can score ONE more goal. If he gets TWO, it's a new Leafs record. I know there aren't a whole lot of media outlets picking up on this, but I also know t
  18. I thought Gallant was coaching...and doesn't McDavid have NHL playoffs to play? Lot's of people turning down the invite. I might pick Latvia to win!
  19. He Shoots, He Scores, He Joins the Kraken With Luke Henman becoming the first-ever player to join the Kraken, the organization's roster build officially begins by Bob Condor / @SeattleKraken / nhl.com/kraken May 12, 2021 The Kraken announced its first player on Wednesday, marking a milestone day for both the franchise and 21-year-old center Luke Henman. As team captain and leading scorer, Henman is in the midst of an overtime-heavy playoff series for the Blainville-Boisbrian
  20. It should mean it's all in the past for him, except for the loss of playing, skating and practicing for such months. He should become a stronger man out of this.
  21. He has a hard time handle the puck. 99pet cent of shots that hit the post or crossbar the opponent would score on the next shot. FC check out Giroux goal on what is known as the shift in Philly, that is typical Marc Andre Fleury. He does that with every team!
  22. Welcome to the madness. Hope you enjoy your time here Good post
  23. It was the bowing at my genius comment that got me, the grandma comment was fine , but after this one , you have to admit you do make condescending remarks...and P.S. Fox is not part of the cancel culture , that’s strictly a left wing policy. Have a splendid day.
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