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  2. Not the sole reason but a huge part of it. Having 3 backup goaltenders gets you just where they are at. These guys can't make routine saves and that is what has to be troubling the team when they go back and watch the film and break it down. Sure there are going to be mistakes it is a game that is constantly on the move show me a team that doesn't make mistakes. They need a guy who is going to hold them in the game give them a chance and maybe even a confidence boost that he has their backs. And right now they don't have that. The players will never come out and throw the goalie under the bus they wouldn't want that done to them. But at the end of the day the goalie has to make the saves he is suppose to and then a few he shouldn't. They don't have that even going back to when Mason was here he would make some awesome saves and then let back breaking routine saves by him and that is what takes the wind out the team's sail during the game and just kills momentum. They should have did like i suggested and made an aggressive move for Craig Anderson when the Sens were moving guys out. He was what they needed a vet goalie signed for the next two years (2 at 4.75mill). Well worth it. Now he is sitting 3-1-1 with a 3.02 gaa and 925%.......numbers we would kill for in Philly. And the price to acquire him has doubled! Elliott 4.04 gaa 874% Pickard 4.75 gaa 833% Yikes just straight up brutal....no cub can win with goaltending like they have been getting. And you would think having a former goalie as a GM he would know that. SMFH.
  3. I just didn't see the ability in CF to make a winning team. For sure after a few years with Parise and Suter the panic set in and made poor decisions. The draft pick throwaways for rentals that literally disappeared out of the NHL after their time with the Wild was over is by far some of the worst decision making I have seen. That really tells me CF was panicking and throwing away the future for some kind of patchwork that was already shredded up.
  4. He is a thorn in my Flyer's side every time they play now it seems. Kid isn't big but he has the heart of a lion.
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  6. I think the problem is not isolated with Coyle, it is Coyle playing in this team. Was/is he misused? Probably. Now he's passed the age when a eventual outburst can be expected, and I'll always be in this kind of "yeah great play, but... coulda/woulda, etc." thinking about him. The best case would be to have him make a good season, and then then try to ship him while his value might go up. And I'm sure that he can do well elsewhere. But again, would it be profitable for the Wild, given the anchor contracts stuck to the team? Somehow, Coyle is getting collateral damages coming from these issues. Wrong timing, wrong team...
  7. FRIDAY, OCT 19, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Florida 2 Washington 4 7:00 pm Minnesota 3 Dallas 1 8:00 pm Nashville 2 Calgary 5 9:00 pm
  8. Games Played on 10/18/18 Avs vs Devils Nikita Zadorov vs Pavel Zacha Sabres vs Sharks Zach Bogosian vs Joakim Ryan
  9. It probably was an option Hextall considered before the start of the season. We now have Elliot, Neuvirth, Pickard, Stolarz, Lyons, and Hart all with NHL contracts. Probably the Flyers are at 46-47 of their 48 contracts too (I didn't count them) - but I don't see Hexy adding another goaltender without getting rid of one of the above not named Carter Hart.
  10. Game # 7 Leon Draisiatl scores in overtime, Oilers beat Bruins 3-2 0:09 / 0:19 Oilers defeat the Bruins 3-2 after Leon Draisaitl nets the game-winning goal in overtime. EDMONTON, Alberta -- The Edmonton Oilers were one of the final teams in the NHL to play their home opener, and they made the most of their home ice advantage. Leon Draisaitl scored in overtime to give the Oilers a 3-2 victory over the Boston Bruins on Thursday night. Connor McDavid set up the winner at 37 seconds of the extra period, and Kailer Yamamoto and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins also scored to help the Oilers win their third straight. "It feels pretty weird having played four games and traveling all over the place and just finally playing our home opener," Nugent-Hopkins said. "This was great for the team. You have to make your home building a tough barn to come into every night and I thought as the game went on we did that." Cam Talbot was solid in net, making 27 saves in the win. "He held us in the game, it is as simple as that," Draisaitl said. "We all know what we have in him and are very proud to have him back there. He does this so many times for us. It was nice to bail him out at the end." David Krejci and David Pastrnak scored for Boston. The Bruins have dropped two in a row. "There was definitely some really good opportunities, it didn't happen for us, but I thought we persevered," Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy said. "We got behind in the third, but to score a goal to tie the game, I thought was a credit to our guys. Obviously we didn't get the win, but it's certainly a positive." Boston opened the scoring midway through the second period following an Edmonton giveaway. Krejci was left alone at the side of the net for his first goal of the season. The Oilers soon tied it on Yamamoto's first NHL goal. "It feels even better than I thought it would," said Yamamoto. "Words can't even describe it. It was an unbelievable feeling." Off McDavid's assist, Nugent-Hopkins put Edmonton ahead on a power play 7:30 into the third period. Nugent-Hopkins has seven points in the last three games. Boston tied it with 8:34 to go when Brad Marchand fed it in front to Pastrnak for his eighth. Game notes Edmonton was the last of the NHL's 31 teams to have its home opener. The Oilers played their first four games on the road, including starting the season in Sweden. It is the latest Edmonton has ever had its home opener in a non-lockout season. ... Zdeno Chara played his 900th regular season game with the Bruins. The 41-year-old has played in 1,429 games over 21 NHL seasons.
  11. So? Leafs can offer front loaded contracts that budget teams cannot. Budget teams in fact during rebuilds buy high AVV contracts which already paid money during the front loaded/Bonus stage just to hit the cap floor. I find it comical that you want the cap gone so you won't "Lose players" you can't make room on the cap to keep due to giving out other contracts that hurt your cap situation. Basically for you to have what you want, you will be forcing the other teams in the market to "lose players" because they cannot afford to pay the same salary. But you only care how it affects the leafs, not the other 30 teams Nope. Salary cap stays
  12. I miss the days of no salary cap..... but I made a separate thread about that. Somehow the NHL has decided to implement a model that would sink MLB if it was ever tried there. Imagine Yankees/Dodgers/Red Sox fans being told they have to pay 10x as much for tickets and then field the same roster that the Miami Marlins have..... lol.
  13. I use a reverse strategy to deal with this nonsense: If someone advertises on the ice or along the boards of a hockey game, then I will specifically AVOID their product or service as punishment for ruining my NHL viewing experience.
  14. I think his asking price is more conjecture but Edmonton and Buffalo has changed the landscape for what players leaving their ELC can ask for. Nylander's stats line up well with Eichel and Draisaitl. 7 or 8 years, long term anyway.
  15. I've noticed that many teams in their pursuit of the Cup will mortgage the future for a Nash or a Nash type, Nash would be a free wallet and if signed even later in the year whether or not he's able to contribute will be determined. Babs has a totally different way of looking at players than many of us fans, he was always relying on Leo, even playing him more than any other Leaf forward in some games, last year. TO spent 2nds on Boyle and Plekanec in the last 2 years, mortgaging the future, towards questionable results. TO has a healthy Cap situation this year so in the short term adding players like Nash might be the difference. I'm not championing Nash, I'm simply hoping he might be a player that enables TO to compete against any opponent like a much larger Washington team.
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  17. THURSDAY, OCT 18, 2018 AWAY HOME Colorado 2 New Jersey 4 Philadelphia 1 Columbus 2  Pittsburgh 3 Toronto 5 Detroit 1 Tampa Bay 4 Vancouver 2 Winnipeg 4 Arizona 1 Chicago 4 Boston 4 Edmonton 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 Los Angeles 2 Buffalo 1 San Jose 5
  18. Hanzal was so bad with us... the Coyotes were the clear winners in this trade.
  19. Yes, got to hand it to the Leafs - they are on fire. Matthews is a beast like you said and some of the goals he's scored so far have been very impressive. McDavid might be the favorite to win the Hart and Art Ross trophies but at this rate one cannot discount Matthews in the race...
  20. Sure as long as he stays healthy. I can't see how a team can have success relying on just one goalie.
  21. SUNDAY, OCT 21, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Calgary 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 7:00 pm Tampa Bay 3 Chicago 2 7:00 pm Buffalo 2 Anaheim 3 8:00 pm
  22. SATURDAY, OCT 20, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME NATL TV TICKETS New Jersey 3 Philadelphia 2 1:00 pm Colorado 2 Carolina 3 1:00 pm Buffalo 2 Los Angeles 3 3:30 pm Arizona 1 Winnipeg 4 4:00 pm Chicago 4 Columbus 1 7:00 pm Montreal 5 Ottawa 3 7:00 pm Detroit 1 Florida 3 7:00 pm St. Louis 2 Toronto 4 7:00 pm Tampa Bay 3 Minnesota 2 8:00 pm Nashville 3 Edmonton 2 10:00 pm Boston 3 Vancouver 2 10:00 pm Anaheim 3 Vegas 2 10:00 pm N.Y. Islanders 2 San Jose 3 10:30 pm
  23. I think this is a gamble that won't pay off. I even doubt he'll be around for the whole three seasons.
  24. Cheers - a good reminder and thanks for the advice!
  25. Does any other team have 35 year olds centering their first two lines? Both with limited speed. I appreciate experience but when in every game players are going fast up and down the rink this isn't the best formula to build a team. Especially scoring wise. Needless to say this roster reminds too much of last season's roster; not enough tweaks.
  26. The Cap is a fact of life for the NHL, now, and a GM's brilliance is now in part measured by his ability to manage the money. I think big money should go to the stars but lesser lights should try to learn to cope with getting 1 to 1.5 mil. per year, tough I know but possible I think. Paying players like Hainsey 3 mil. per, Brown 2+ mil. per, Hymen 2+ mil. per isn't realistic in this NHL. LL thought he had an endless supply of money and spent like he did, Marleau 6+ mil. per for 3 years was a bad decision and is going to be even worse next year. I could never understand why TO dumps Kessel and then way overspends for Marleau. Giving Zaitsev 4+ mil. on a long term contract based on one year's results? TO burned it to the ground to rebuild but irresponsible management couldn't resist the urge to spend. Tavares is well worth his salary but many on TO are overpaid.
  27. To answer the question: let the veterans (Koivu, Suter, Parise, even Staal although he has attitude and skills but his wheels are starting to fall off) munch as much ice time as they want. Especially on the PP and OT.
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