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  2. This team makes me so mad but im to the point i dont care. If dumb and dumber cant understand why the crowds silent then there even dumber than I thought
  3. Then he'll fit in perfectly with the Wild...
  4. Well Lyon is under contract next year so he could be Hart's backup. I hope they don't go into next year as Lyon as the backup to Hart I want a more seasoned vet in that role. Lyon maybe fine in LV next with a tandem of Sandstrom and him. Also Hextall signed Lyon to that deal which means Fletcher could decide to jettison him too either at the deadline or offseason. With him leading the Phantoms and them shorthanded in goal right now I see him finishing the year in LV. And who knows Homer drafted Stolie and Ron signed Lyon so who knows which way they go. Could trade Lyon and sign Stolie to play in LV with Felix. Then go find another guy to back Hart up. Time to cut bait with Elliott and Neuvy.
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  6. Columbus 4 Montreal 3 Toronto 6 Florida 3 Ottawa 5 Carolina 4 Washington 5 Islanders 2 Arizona 4 Pittsburgh 3 Calgary 6 Detroit 2 Buffalo 5 Vancouver 3
  7. I picked the Capitals to win the Cup last year. I knew they did not care about the regular season. Tampa is likely to win the Presidents trophy and Nashville and Calgary and the Sharks are probably the closest to them in that regard. But come playoffs, I think Toronto is a very dangerous team. I get the feeling the Leafs are doing the same thing Washington did last year to an extent. True the Caps are deeper on defense. But Toronto has lots of firepower. You just have to hope the timing is right. Timing is big in hockey. Look at my Sabres and that 10 game streak they had. I am hoping the win in Calgary springboards them over Montreal and the Islanders. The goals are much loftier in Toronto this year. They want to be in the finals and we will be content to just get in. If anyone can stop Tampa its Toronto or Nashville or Calgary
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  9. AWAY HOME Chicago 3 N.Y. Rangers 4 New Jersey 2 N.Y. Islanders 4 St. Louis 3 Boston 5 Toronto 4 Tampa Bay 5 Winnipeg 5 Nashville 4 Anaheim 2 Minnesota 4 Los Angeles 2 Dallas 4
  10. Trade today between two teams tired of their underachieving forwards. Doesn't make sense to me from either side. Nino Niederreiter was shipped from the Wild to Carolina for Victor Rask. Nino can play both wings, can (if he wants to) play with an edge. Rask is a center only and a chronic long lasting underachiever who has 1 goal and 5 assists this season as his ice time has dwindled. Here is why it is, IMHO a trade that can negatively impact both teams. Nino is a winger only, is a big guy who (when the mood strikes) can set up in front of the net. The 'Canes have a bunch fo these guys and are desperate at center and have been for years and years. Minny on the other hand plays a soft game, probably the softest team to play against in the West and maybe in the entire league. They need wingers, they need scoring, instead they added a soft underachieving center whose work ethic has been questioned for years. Both teams dealt from weakness and added a player who they didn't need. I know what the 'Canes are thinking, getting rid of Rask is addition by subtraction, even though Niederreiter is the same as a bunch of their wingers already moving Rask out makes it worth while. And from the Wild perspective, yeah they lost Nino who has frustrated them by showing flashes but never putting it together but replace with Aberg and Rask with the hopes that Aberg replaces Nino's offense and Rask can slot into a 3C role. They are struggling and need a change. Of the two, I think the Canes win this trade easily, Niederreiter has 9 goals and 23 points, compared to the 1 and 6 for Rask. A change of scenery is more likely to give his game a bounce IMHO. As for the Wild, again, they play a soft game and Rask/Aberg are two of the softest players in the game, there is a reason that every few months Aberg has been finding a new home it has nothing to do with talent and all to do with frustration from his coaches in Nashville/Edmonton/Anaheim because he doesn't believe in playing a 200 foot game. Win for Carolina, I guess, Niederreiter slots in with Justin Williams, Ferland and Svechnikov as heavy playing top nine wingers and will probably be on the move for draft picks when/if the Canes slip out of contention.
  11. The Byron hit resulted in a 3 game suspension, only a 3 game suspension. He left his feet and very obviously targeted the head while his target was against the boards. There's a lot of old time NHLers running the safety dept. who are having a hard time understanding the severity of this action, the potential damage Weegar might experience now and into the future, Byron should have been given a 20 game suspension minimum. 3 games is a light slap on the wrists, I'm certain that both Byron and Weegar would appreciate these actions being effectively expunged from the NHL. If Weegar had been a Crosby, McD or the like the suspension might have been lengthened to 5 games, a premise that suggests that Weegar is less human than Crosby. Demolishion Hockey needs to stop, hitting is fine but hitting for the sole purpose to hurt has to go.
  12. Ridiculous to compare Rask to Read or Hendricks. Much better player. I'm totally OK with moving Nino for Rask. But feel free to start complaint because Rask will NOT score 40 goals. He's a decent 2 way Center. Be a very good 3rd Line Center on pretty much any team. Big question is are they going to move Coyle back to RW? SOS. Same old chit, jerk him around some more...
  13. Weise is a good buy out candidate...i can live with Mcdud for one more year if he is the new Folin for next year kept as the 7th or 8th D man and Morin and Myers make the team....i have tolerated him this long if he is relegated to this role i'll live through one more year of him however if he gets top 4 minutes i will be pissed. Jake could be a end of the season move. So it maybe just Simmer being shipped out before the deadline...i just hope for a good return.
  14. Here ya go....go to 19:00 mark to see live, slo-mo view starts around 19:40 [Hidden Content]
  15. I think players want to play on whichever team pays them the most amount of money, in whatever location has the nicest weather, and everything else (winning championships, being in hockey markets, etc.) is secondary. If a player doesn't have to answer media questions after the game, doesn't have to worry about being recognized in public, and can basically earn millions while blending in and disappearing, they're in hockey heaven.
  16. I had a chance to swing by and catch a little bit of the Girls JV HS team tilt vs Woodbury yesterday evening on my break! pretty sweet setup! this should be a fun weekend! good bands too! Johnny Holm is always good and Corey Medina & Brothers are very good local guys! be on the look out for a bigger 6'1" guy with a big brown beard if you're coming up! I'll be wearing a #8 Bemidji Lumberjacks home jersey tonight, Matt Read BSU home jersey tomorrow night and a Gary Sargent North Stars home jersey on Saturday! I probably won't be checking the forums much this weekend as there's going to be so much to do around town!
  17. Aho made hat trick couple nights ago and I want to say one or two words about them. Just because I enjoy to see his skills to do goals and how he move in the ice. 1. Nashvilles players make two mistakes (one of lose the puck and another fell on ice) and Sebastian use his fast legs and got breakaway. 2. He was on right place right time, thats it. It's that easy. 3. First 1v1 andn he won it using his fast legs again. Please comment to under, I want to talk more about Sebastian Ahos skills and bad sides too!
  18. January 20, 2019 AWAY HOME Washington 3 Chicago 2 12:30 PM Anaheim 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 3:00 PM Detroit 3 Vancouver 5 4:00 PM Arizona 2 Toronto 5 7:00 PM Carolina 3 Edmonton 2 9:30 PM
  19. January 19, 2019 AWAY HOME Anaheim 2 New Jersey 3 1:00 PM Los Angeles 2 Colorado 3 3:00 PM N.Y. Rangers 2 Boston 3 7:00 PM San Jose 2 Tampa Bay 5 7:00 PM Philadelphia 2 Montreal 3 7:00 PM Ottawa 2 St. Louis 3 7:00 PM Winnipeg 3 Dallas 2 7:00 PM Florida 2 Nashville 3 8:00 PM Columbus 3 Minnesota 2 9:00 PM Calgary 3 Edmonton 2 10:00 PM Pittsburgh 2 Vegas 5 10:00 PM
  20. Even though the Sabres have had a tough week, they deserved a better outcome vs Tampa and the Islanders. We put up 42 shots on the Isles and IMO the refs did a number on us late in that Tampa game. The win in Calgary was huge. So moving forward i believe of the teams we are fighting with, Montreal, Islanders, Pittsburgh, and Boston, we have the best shot of knocking Montreal out. Then the Islanders who have just had their hot streak and its not going to last for them. I am very very solid on the fact we are a better team than Montreal except for one position. Goalie. But its not glaring enough if Housley has the sense to make Ullmark the guy. He has played far better than Hutton. I am about ready to put Hutton on the block. We have to start winning and last night i am hoping will be a springboard. We won in one of the toughest buildings in the NHL after a disaster of a game in Edmonton. I do not hold much stock in that score because Hutton let in 5 on 12 shots. And they had two days to adjust to a very strange place. The salt mines of the NHL. Edmonton, Alberta? Somewhere in the middle of no where. We must make a run at the Canadiens and the Bruins and Islanders. To me its a toss up between Montreal and the Islanders of which team we could knock out. They are not going to have a free ride from the Sabres I assure you
  21. Feeling? I have no doubt...zero...that that discussion took place.
  22. As much as I like Kloos in Iowa its no loss to the big club. At 5'9" he will never get much of a chance outside the AHL. Aberg is a slight upgrade from the other duds we have or at minimum will fit right in as one of the duds.
  23. Excellent and succinct explanation!
  24. Agree with that too. If anything is going to haunt the team it's the fact they don't play like a team but a bunch of individuals doing their own thing out there. Once and awhile it comes together and they get a nice win. If the team was playing the way they were playing this season but playing as a team, sticking up for each other, fighting and grinding for each other and doing the we versus them, it would suck to still lose but I would have a lot more pride in the team and feel better. But the fact they have played together for years now, minus a player or two, and still play the way they do is very worrisome.
  25. I think a big trade goes down before we see this team play again after this game. A week off i think Fletcher pulls the trigger. The last time we could see some of these players in a Flyer uniform. Go ahead pull the trigger it will give them the time off to get over it. It needs to be done. No since in waiting. Time to look forward to 2019-20. This team coaches and players have to figure out a way to not give up so much open center ice. Plays like this kill them. What next?? Just load up the other side...poor Hart. Can't win like this. This is hockey 101. Thank God for Hart. Now everyone else needs to raise and match his game. Can they beat Montreal?? Have they won 3 in a row this year?? Can't say i remember.
  26. (shrugs) I don't think the Wild were all that interested in what Kloos could give them; even if it meant having a good go-to guy in Iowa. I think the fact Aberg has NHL skill and is cheap and the Ducks obviously didn't want him because they didn't ask for much in return is both good and bad. For Iowa, they have a fair amount of scoring depth. Kloos was their best scorer, it hurts but they roll 4 lines and have a decent amount of skill on each. Obviously someone down there will have to step up. Almost surprised it wasn't Kyle Rau since he had a hat trick against San Diego with the Ducks' bosses watching the game. If he doesn't take off or skips practices and other dumb stuff...he'll be gone the way of Mattias Weinhandl. But the risk IMO is pretty minimal for the Wild.
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