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  2. New athletic article about goalies. Here is the section on dubnyk. "Nobody seemed overly excited about Dubnyk but nearly every panelist acknowledged that he was above average, a credit to his maturity and also to the Minnesota Wild. “It’s been such a good system for him to be in,” said a goalie coach. “He’s not top 10, but he’s in that 10, 11, 12 range.” He’s been good since the moment he arrived in Minnesota, but one panelist predicted that we’d start to see his numbers slide. “He made a splash in Minnesota (to start),” said the panelist. “Since then, it’s been slipping a little bit each month, each year.”"
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  4. Just to be clear here, you're going to continue to harp on them losing Mark Alt to waivers and you are apparently OK with Hagg being an overpayment with a 2nd and a mediocre goalie for a stop gap fill in in Anderson? Asking for a message board.
  5. Swoop liking Gritty is the definiton of a bad endorsement. Swoop is behind the St. Joe Hawk and Temple's Stella when it comes to Philly's avian mascots. Stella is Bad Ass and the Hawk will never die.
  6. This is a Practice Pickem - Scoring doesn't officially start until the 2018-19 NHL season. We will pick the winning posts. Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post and add the final score. The topic will lock 15 min before the first game of the night. SATURDAY, SEP 29, 2018 AWAY HOME Calgary Edmonton Philadelphia Boston Tampa Bay Florida Toronto Detroit Montreal Ottawa Columbus Chicago Arizona Vancouver Anaheim Los Angeles Example: Calgary 1 Edmonton 4 Philadelphia 2 Boston 3 Tampa Bay1 Florida 3 Toronto 5 Detroit2 Montreal 2 Ottawa 0 Columbus 1 Chicago 3 Arizona 1 Vancouver 2 Anaheim 0 Los Angeles 1
  7. This is a Practice Pickem - Scoring doesn't officially start until the 2018-19 NHL season. We will pick the winning posts. Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post and add the final score. The topic will lock 15 min before the first game of the night. FRIDAY, SEP 28, 2018 AWAY HOME Carolina Washington Buffalo N.Y. Islanders Pittsburgh Columbus Detroit Toronto Dallas St. Louis Minnesota Colorado Los Angeles Vegas Example: Carolina 3 Washington 2 Buffalo 4 N.Y. Islanders 1 Pittsburgh 2 Columbus1 Detroit 3 Toronto 5 Dallas4 St. Louis 3 Minnesota 3 Colorado 2 Los Angeles 2 Vegas 1
  8. This is a Practice Pickem - Scoring doesn't officially start until the 2018-19 NHL season. We will pick the winning posts. Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post and add the final score. The topic will lock 15 min before the first game of the night. THURSDAY, SEP 27, 2018 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers Philadelphia Florida Tampa Bay New Jersey Winnipeg Ottawa Chicago Arizona Edmonton Calgary San Jose Example: N.Y. Rangers 2 Philadelphia 5 Florida 1 Tampa Bay 2 New Jersey 1 Winnipeg 3 Ottawa 1 Chicago 4 Arizona 2 Edmonton 3 Calgary 2 San Jose 4
  9. Dave Tippet, UND grad and former cup winner w Pitt and coach of Arizona is a consultant, potential 1st GM or coach.
  10. Those are my 4 cuts as well. Not necessarily what I would do, but what I think will happen. Really, though, those guys will be the first call ups in the case of injuries or trade. Next year, spots open up from expiring contracts. Up front, they have Weal, Simmonds, Raffl, and Lehtera expiring. Neuvirth and Elliott in goal. And Folin on D. Of those, I think Simmonds and Raffl are the only two they may keep. Room for guys like Frost, Twarynski, Rubtsov, Allison, Hart, Sandstrom. Too bad our defense is still logjammed. They have to move someone out (or bench a vet) to fit Myers.
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  12. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 33 Suckerpunch, Unsigned RFA’s, and Preseason Standouts Brad Burud and Blake Friars prep for the start of the NHL season by discussing preseason standouts. Lots of great young talented showcased in the preseason, and some will be taking roster spots. Domi suckerpunched Ekblad – the reaction and the results of this stupid hockey play. With 10 days until the start of the season Toronto Maple Leafs forward and RFA is still unsigned. Will he be signed? We will give you our opinions. PODCAST
  13. Apparently, he hasnt' figured it out what it takes to be a NHLer yet.
  14. Last week
  15. Veleno was shipped to Juniors today, no surprise by him being shipped just kinda surprised that as well as he has performed that he wasn't kept until later in camp until I heard Blashill state that he needed closer looks at players who were fighting for jobs with the team this year which makes sense. Veleno went out on a high note with a great camp and it gives them a chance to get a better look at Svechnikov, Rasmussen and Zadina who are battling for likely no more than two spots. Yesterday Rasmussen was put on a line with Zadina and they clicked, I admit I missed the game (had a funeral to attend and forgot to record it) but studied the highlights and comments from Wings fans in other forums. Kinda cheating but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, my personal druthers would be to see all three kids make it as well as Cholo and Hronek on defense with Sulak or Hicketts as the first callup but that might be too much to ask. Rasmussen would have to be sent to juniors whereas Zadina could go to Grand Rapids so the odds are that if one goes it is Zadina. Svechnikov is older than the other two and a bit more seasoned so he likely sticks. If Rasmussen does make the team I would have zero problem with giving him a shot at the 2C spot right out of camp but I think that is highly unlikely. Larkin was broken in gradually at the wing before finding his stride and moving to the middle they would likely do the same with the massive Rasmussen but I think he just might be up for the task if given the chance. It would allow Zadina and Svechnivov to capture the two open winger spots. Anyway, the three of them are likely the most impressive players in camp so far and all seem worthy.
  16. From the most recent athletic article no pun intended. Boudreau also said Greenway’s potential is “unlimited,” but he’s still learning to play center after only doing so his final year at Boston University. Faceoffs have been an early issue. “This is usually a tough league to learn how to take faceoffs,” Boudreau said. “Charlie and (Eriksson) Ek can take faceoffs as well, so we won’t leave him out to dry too often.” Boudreau was also asked after Coyle’s hat trick against Colorado if this could finally be the season he puts it all together. “They’ve said that for six years,” Boudreau said, slyly. “Charlie is going to be a hard-working guy. If he scores 25, then what a bonus. If he doesn’t and if he still does the rest of the things well, we’re pretty happy. Right now he’s got 10 shots on goal in three games, which might not seem much to Alex Ovechkin. To Charlie, it’s like a boatload. So, it’s really good start.”
  17. Sept 23: MUTTS AND MONKEYS PICK UP WINS Sunday night brought to an end the "pre-season" component of the exhibition season. OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD YORK LIONS 2 SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES 5 Links: York: [S&R*] Sask: [S&R*] : [Tweet] Sask never even posted a score on this one. It only got tweeted in response to a question! This game brought the curtain down on The Rutherdump. May it R.I.P. So York goes 0-3-0, even losing to last-place Regina. One has to wonder about their prospects for the season. Sask ends the pre-season unblemished at 4-0-0. ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 9 N.A.I.T. OOKS 1 Links: Alberta: [Linescore] : [Tweet] ACAC: [S&R] The Evil Monkeys had an early stumble in pre-season but certainly hit their stride as they demolished the ACAC foes in the Athabasca Tournament. They finish the pre-season at 4-1-1. Here are the complete tournament results: Fri Sep 21 Augustana 0 Alberta 10 Sat Sep 22 MacEwen 0 NAIT 2 Sun Sep 23 Augustana 5 MacEwen 1 Sun Sep 23 Alberta 9 NAIT 1 BCIHL/ACAC RESULTS Fri Sep 7 MacEwen 2 Calgary 6 Fri Sep 7 Red Deer College 2 Lethbridge 4 Sat Sep 8 Red Deer College 3 Lethbridge 5 Sat Sep 8 Calgary 9 MacEwen 0 Tue Sep 11 MacEwan-NAIT All-Stars 1 Oilers Rookies 9 Wed Sep 12 Portage College 1 Augustana 7 Fri Sep 14 SAIT 1 Manitoba 2 Fri Sep 14 Portage College 1 Concordia-Edmonton 6 Fri Sep 14 Briercrest 0 Minot State 4 Fri Sep 14 NAIT 2 UBC 3 (2OT) Sat Sep 15 SAIT 3 Regina 7 Sat Sep 15 NAIT 1 UBC 4 Sat Sep 15 Briercrest 2 Minot State 7 Sat Sep 15 Concordia-Edmonton 3 Portage College 1 Fri Sep 21 Williston State 1 Briercrest 8 Fri Sep 21 Red Deer College 6 SAIT 2 Sat Sep 22 Williston State 5 Briercrest 6 (OT) Sat Sep 22 SAIT 4 Red Deer College 1 Sat Sep 15 Simon Fraser 4 Trinity Western 3 (ot) Sat Sep 15 Victoria 3 Vancouver Island 2 Fri Sep 21 Simon Fraser 1 UBC 4 Fri Sep 21 Selkirk College 2 Victoria 1 Sat Sep 22 Trinity Western 2 UBC 6 Sat Sep 22 Selkirk College 2 Vancouver Island 4 [ACAC] [BCIHL] NEXT UP Sep 26 McGill at U.Q.T.R. Sep 27 Windsor v Guelph (in Ridgetown) Sep 27 U.O.I.T. at Laurier REGULAR SEASON STARTS SEP 28-30!
  18. (shrugs) That is as good of a guess as any. Either way, hopefully he learns his lesson as I'm sure this one will cost him a fair bit of $$$ too.
  19. According to CapFriendly.com Seeler not on an entry level deal, but he is waivers exempt. So yes, the Wild could send hm to Iowa and not lose him to a waiver claim.
  20. Yeah I love the constant influx of kids on the back end such as Sulak, Hicketts, Hronek and Cholowski. Vaarjarvi may even get some time as well. Not saying any are the next Lidstrom but all bring different things to the table which we have desperately needed on the back end. Sulak in particular has been fun to watch this preseason, I always study the kids in the preseason games watching once with the sound on and the second time with the volume muted (I have way to much time on my hands, lol) and he looks like a real prospect to me. He reminds me quite a lot of Ruslan Salei, not afraid to play the body but a bit of skill mixed in as well. He could definitely bring something to the bottom pair.
  21. Vancouver Young Talent Shines The preseason could not be going any better if you are a Canucks fan. Preseason is a showcase for young prospects, and in Vancouver the young prospects look amazing………Olli Juolevi is staking claim that he will be a solid NHL player, but then there is the man…Elias Pettersson! Wow is this guy impressive. He is doing everything… He is flashy, he is exciting, and more importantly he is making players around him look like superstars – right Sven Baertschi. Leafs Tire Pumping The Maple Leafs will be good, but back the wagons up Leafs fans. The season has not started. I know..I know… Tavares has two goal in his first game… I think there is a lot more ahead for this team. They will be good, but relax Leafs fans… You’re not cup contenders… and honestly, I hope you prove me wrong. Domi Disgrace The first preseason game that new Montreal Canadiens center was in turned out to be a disaster. Domi tried baiting Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad into a fight. Ekblad would not give Domi the satisfaction of the fight – in return Domi sucker punched him in the face. Not the showing the Habs fans expected or wanted. Well maybe it was not too bad. Below is a press release from the NHL: NHL PRESS RELEASE Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi has been suspended for the remainder of the preseason for roughing Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad during NHL Preseason Game No. 29 in Montreal on Wednesday, Sept. 19, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today. The incident occurred at 0:56 of the third period. Domi was assessed a match penalty as well as a minor penalty for roughing. For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please click on the following link: https://www.nhl.com/video/t-277440360/c-61189703. The suspension shocked me and frustrates me. I ask the NHL, is it really a penalty to punish a guy with preseason games. No regular season games, none. So Domi gets to practice and relax and prepare for the regular season without having to worry about in significant pre-season games. Look out NHL, you quickly set the suspension bar for the season, and it is low.
  22. You and Jimtownguy were right. Finally we won. Actually it was a nice win 7:0 by our practically full Wild NHL roster, which played the whole 60 min.pretty motivated game for the win with a high score. Stalock was solid too.
  23. Did some checking on Aulie after I posted... Turns out he isn't even in the KHL....he is playing in Germany's Deutsche Liga. His last games in the NHL were 15 games for the Lightning in '13-'14 and another 31 games for the Oilers in '14-'15. Everything else was him bouncing around the minors before Europe. Hopefully, Dotchin gets his head on straight and doesn't end up that way.
  24. and with Vlasic, they have one of the best defensive defensemen of their generation(Who also has a sick transition game) It is hard to quantify how good Burns/Karlsson/Vlasic are compared to teams from the 70's/80's since scoring 70 points as a Dman now is like scoring 90 back then.
  25. Nice find. Panarin would have been one hell of an addition, but I can’t imagine what the cost might have been. PHI also wasn’t on his list of desired landing spots, so he may not have signed in the end. Still, it would have been one hell of an addition without a doubt.
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