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  2. I believe that's exactly what 11 and 20 are waiting for. Neither want to play out their contracts, Hey now... The replay actually showed Dubnyk looking back at the net knowing it was off as he was leaving so it was technically a smart play. But then he tries to go back in... But Suter could have easily done one of his drop passes and put it in the net himself.
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  4. I thought the Evander Holyfield match was hilarious. But if every team starts doing this after every game it will get stale pretty quickly.
  5. Bringing in a new coach, along with some new players, may get us off to rocky. Long-term, having a coach with a successful track record is probably a plus.
  6. March 26, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Islanders 3 Columbus 2 Carolina 2 Washington 3 Buffalo 1 Ottawa 3 Florida 1 Montreal 2 Los Angeles 3 Edmonton 2 Chicago 2 Arizona 3 Anaheim 1 Vancouver 2
  7. You may be right about the minutes, but I just think after the year he had last year, it would be unwise to toss him into anything full tilt right now regardless of his health. Practice and train with the pro team. That’s fine.
  8. I think that's going to be a tough order of business. I'm not sure who that player is. I'd love to see the pick be used to acquire a guy like Brock Boeser or Kyle Connor. I'm wondering if maybe Fletcher tries to acquire the rights to Kaprizov. Maybe we end up seeing a future line of Farabee - Frost - Kaprizov as a unit. It would certainly make for interesting.
  9. Some teams are grittier than other teams, but I think the Wilds effort is pretty much on par with most of the league. They're just not that good. You must be a glutton for punishment--how can you cheer for a team that I have never heard you say one positive thing about? You would whine about the Zamboni driver...
  10. More realistically, Farabee, Frost, Allison sounds pretty good.
  11. Yeah, kind of my thoughts as well. I'm kind of attempting to delude myself with the "change of scenery" argument, but who would he learn from here?
  12. Yes teams out of the playoffs have a chance to move up or down but still not worse than a playoff team. With the west being so weak this year the wild could move up 2 or 3 spots with just a few more losses.
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  14. March 25, 2019 AWAY HOME Florida 2 Toronto 4 Pittsburgh 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 Buffalo 4 New Jersey 3 Boston 1 Tampa Bay 5 Dallas 3 Winnipeg 5 Vegas 2 St. Louis 3 Nashville 2 Minnesota 3 Los Angeles 3 Calgary 6 Detroit 3 San Jose 5
  15. Didn’t realize that Farabee would be able to circumvent the under 20 rule. Forgot that was an agreement with the junior leagues. Hope it works.
  16. Yeah I agree. Which makes me wonder if they offer Gordon the job back this offseason. It's where I think he needs to be the AHL.
  17. I made the playoffs...so I don't qualify to go into All-Stars next season? I finished 7th.
  18. Ah, ****. Was there with my son. Would have tried to meet up had I checked the board. In general, the team looked sluggish and braindead from the beginning. I don't think it was all attributable to the early penalties. The Islanders came ready to play and the Flyers did not. None of the lines could do anything against any of the Islanders' lines. Felt the Isles fourth line dominated any line it played against. By the way, I thought JVR was the best Flyers player. By a long stretch. EVen though he's been playing well of late, that says something. Yeah, it was dead quiet throughout the game. Saturday matinee, boring/poor game, out of the playoffs. Recipe for a quiet building. Loudest the arena got, outside of the goal, was booing them at the end of the second period. Which was well deserved. Team needs to get better first. A little hard to be tough on opposing fans when their teams are better than ours.
  19. That's a good point about many trades breaking team performance. CBJ seems to be a perfect example of this.
  20. March 31, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 2 Philadelphia 1 Carolina 4 Pittsburgh 3 Minnesota 3 Arizona 2 Columbus 3 Buffalo 2 Boston 4 Detroit 2 Calgary 4 San Jose 2
  21. March 30, 2019 AWAY HOME Florida 2 Boston 3 Philadelphia 3 Carolina 4 Washington 3 Tampa Bay 4 Buffalo 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 St. Louis 3 New Jersey 1 Toronto 3 Ottawa 2 Montreal 1 Winnipeg 4 Columbus 2 Nashville 3 Vegas 4 San Jose 2 Dallas 4 Vancouver 2 Anaheim 1 Edmonton 3 Chicago 2 Los Angeles 3
  22. March 29, 2019 AWAY HOME Nashville 3 Pittsburgh 2 St. Louis 4 N.Y. Rangers 3 New Jersey 2 Detroit 1 Arizona 2 Colorado 3 Anaheim 1 Calgary 3 Minnesota 4 Vegas 3
  23. March 28, 2019 AWAY HOME Montreal 2 Columbus 4 Washington 3 Carolina 4 Detroit 2 Buffalo 3 Florida 3 Ottawa 2 N.Y. Islanders 2 Winnipeg 4 Dallas 4 Edmonton 3 Los Angeles 3 Vancouver 4 Chicago 2 San Jose 3
  24. March 27, 2019 AWAY HOME Toronto 3 Philadelphia 4 N.Y. Rangers 2 Boston 3 Dallas 4 Calgary 3 Vegas 2 Colorado 3
  25. I was hoping to see him as a coach. I see your point. Maybe who takes his spot in the lineup needs a year or so in the minors?
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