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  2. It starts with finding a taker for JVR or Jake. It almost has to, even at that salary.
  3. We have a goalie in Hart. We have young players like Provorov, Konecny, Lindblom, Laughton, Hagg and Sanheim. We have a bunch of veterans, Giroux, Voracejk and Van Reimsdyk, who are overpaid, and weighing down the team, quite honestly. Our veterans are being given a leadership role that they are not embracing. Management seems to be in a holding pattern, probably aided by the fact that there are no fans in the stands. I'm not sure that they know what to do, but this current roster cannot and WILL not cut it. They s*rewed themselves with handing out ridiculous NMCs to players like Giroux and Vo
  4. They had a great goalie like we do, that the organization is allowing to get killed. The Kings didn't do that to Quick.
  5. https://thesportsdaily.com/?p=1180550 Minnesota Wild (4-1-0) 8pts 2nd in Honda West 3.00 Goals For Per Game (15th in the NHL) 2.00 Goals Against Per Game (3rd in the NHL) 4.4% Power Play (30th in the NHL) 93.8% Penalty Kill (2nd in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #14 Joel Eriksson Ek ~ 3G 2A = 5pts 2. #97 Kirill Kaprizov ~ 1G 4A = 5pts 3. #18 Jordan Greenway ~ 1G 4A = 5pts 4. #24 Matt Dumba ~ 2G 1A = 3pts 5. #20 Ryan Suter ~ 0G 3A = 3pts Top 3 PIM's: 1. #18 Jordan Greenway ~ 8 PIM's 2. #22 Kevin Fiala ~ 6 P
  6. Giroux (the current holder of most overpaid player in the NHL) will be the most games played as captain in Flyer history. If team history stays consistent he will be bought out today. Kind of explains the past decade in Flyerland. The kings of mediocre. The GMs, the players, the scouts, the coaches, all complicit. If they want to piss away millions of dollars I would be happy to accept a buck or two.
  7. That said, it's so crazy that might just work. Maybe Torts would prefer a dude that talk back to him instead of some guy that just sits on the bench and later says "Yeah I gotta get better. Please trade me." Or maybe not, I don't know. Who understands him anyway?
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  9. He played like sh it. At least I don't make excuses like you do for your KHL goalie and blame it all on the team they hung him out to dry. Funny Varly gets shutouts and Sorokin can't stop a beach ball. But he was so good in the no talent KHL. What is your next excuse?
  10. Yes, I'm replying to myself. As predicted but the elegantly quoted post....it was a **** show. They are going to have to figure this out quickly with the shortened season. Either they need to make a trade for a #2 defender to be the Ivan or make a change to a more team defensive strategy. 2 choices. AV and Chuck need to discuss.
  11. I made a mistake I thought the Isles were the next two games up. It's the Devils. So this will be a great test to see what gives with this club. They have many issues. Injuries they can't do anything about expect the guys taking their place need to step in and play well. But the overall team play can be improved. One thing that sticks out and sounds so simple is the goal differential they are now sitting at -2. I think fixing the matador of the blue line is the first must fix. And I am just out of answers.
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  13. (shrugs) Maybe. But no one is going to get a lot of time to 'figure it out' clearly he was better last night in relief of Talbot. Good for him.
  14. Kahkonen is the real deal. Clear the crease off all of these washed up goalies in the org.
  15. Gritty Has a Hot Date Tonight
  16. I didn't realize that USA has a much bigger viewer base than the sports channel. So, Comcast lowers costs and gains revenue. Another piece says the NHL might also be on Peacock. Fox coverage of the Panthers has never impressed me, but neither has the team as a chronic underperformer.
  17. Through the first week or so, here is my top five and bottom five TOP FIVE 1) Knights. My God what a perfectly constructed team, not a weakness anywhere 2)Lightning Still undefeated, still Champs. Still the class organization in the game today. 3)Canadiens It looks as if every move this offseason is paying off from Romanov, Allen, Anderson and Toffoli 4)Flyers taking right back up where they were last year among the leagues best 5)Flames Markstrom looks like the right addition in net. BOTTOM FIVE 1)Hawks simply dreadful goalte
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  19. The players fraternize and play on the same bench with no masks and hug and scream in each others faces when they score a goal. I doubt hanging out with the same teammates in your hotel room makes as much of a difference as people think other than the appearance of impropriety. Most hockey teams consider the team a family bubble and don't practice social distancing with each other. Including every team I saw visiting the mooseheads in halifax. I would let teams in the bay doors and they come off the bus and walk in with their masks around their chin or under their noses
  20. If the form is debatable, she's right. While I understand the fact to limit risks as much as possible, the season is not in a bubble anymore. I don't think the protocol have much of an effect and depict some hypocrisy and contradictions by giving huge fines and suspension just to make an example. The target may be large, the league managed to throw the darts out of the window.
  21. If the Nordiques hadn't moved in 1995, they would have had those jersey. That was the new concept presented by Maurice Fillion back at the time. Typical 90's design with the toothpaste green and the blue/purple along with a WordArt logo. I'm happy they moved just to avoid wearing those hideous Timberwolves jerseys.
  22. Sanheim. He's slowly playing his way out of town and in a contract year none the less.
  23. That was due to your dirty defenseman knocking Ivan Provorov into Hutton....so bale Montour for that. The hit you are talking about i didn't see so i can't comment on.
  24. Someone needs to check the water in Philly man after this past season with the Eagles and now the start with the Flyers. Did Jeffery Lurie sacrifice the futures of both the Eagles and the Flyers for his Super Bowl win? We need to find that Witch doctor and get them to reverse that curse he placed on the water supply in Philly....
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