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  2. I met Mr. T when I was 8 years old! (1989) Gave me a little black A-Team van....Dude was SUPER cool. He available?
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  4. No one should have expected this team to be good. They were terrible the year before and they made lateral moves at best.
  5. I just don't understand why Calgary changed its entire roster and make these unknown dudes play with the same uniforms and numbers. Even though they had to go to game #7 against the Stars, the original Flames weren't that bad...
  6. I heard it Barzel grumpy about him.
  7. Who knew? (In stark contrast to the 2019 baseball World Series with the road team winning all 7. Nats/Astro’s.)
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  9. With some ailing vets (Wilson left knee ACL, Backstrom hip never 100% again, Hagelin eye never 100% again, and an aging Ovie who will sadly never score a playoff OT goal), it would be good if some bushy-tailed young’uns could become the top line. I would love to see the likes of Connor McMichael, Hendrix Lapierre, Aliaksei Protas, and Axel Jonson-Fjallby compete for such honors on what I’d like to see called the Syllables Line. They can be complemented by youngish blueliners, such as Martin Fehervary, Alex Alexeyev, Vincent Iorio, along with Trevor Van Riemsdyk.
  10. Gretzky is being modest. I think a young Gretzky playing today still puts up 200+ point seasons. He’s the greatest team athlete of the 20th century. Yes better that Jordan, Ruth and others. His 160 assist season is insane.
  11. PRESESON OUTLOOK Well they entered the year with it being a quarter century since they had last won a series in the postseason. They have been building something special in Sunrise, they were hopin for a series win, maybe more. FINAL RECORD 58-18-6 122 points first in the Atlantic. Defeated the Capitals in six games before a quick 4 game sweep by the Bolts ended their season. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR They began the year guns a blazin' going 10-0-1 to start the year scoring 4 or more in 9 of the games outscoring their opponents in that stretch 46-24 and it was on and poppi
  12. You're right about moving Risto but foolish fletch after trading more than he's worth overpaid him on an extension. Hayes should go while they can still get value for him and the dumbass 8 year extension he gave Couturier, if Couturier plays well next year, trade him too. He's on the wrong side of 29 & now is showing his rough game takes a toll. He won't be a 1st line player in 3 years. On the unreasonable to expect list, trade Ellis if he plays 40 out of the 1st 50 games next year. Another 30+ player foolish fletch gets with 5 or 6 years to go on his contract. Wouldn't surprise me i
  13. Mike Gartner and Rod Langway were surely the 80’s heart and soul of the Caps. I remember falling off my bar stool in ‘89 upon hearing of swapping Gartner for the North Stars’ Dino Ciccarelli. Yeah, the dude could skate fast; in interviews Gartner talked about how his parents paid for speed-skating lessons during his youth. Gartner was in one of the more bizarre TV moments I’ve witnessed. The June 2018 Stanley Cup celebration in downtown D.C. was broadcast live by NBC Sports Washington. (I wasn’t there, I was in the Midwest most of the time even back then.) All of a sudden one o
  14. Reportedly, good ol’ Tommy Boy will be back delighting crowds everywhere no earlier than late November. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2022/05/25/tom-wilson-acl-surgery/
  15. Thornton undecided about returning for 25th NHL season Forward played career-low 34 games for Panthers, turns 43 on July 2 https://www.nhl.com/news/florida-panthers-joe-thornton-undecided-about-returning-for-25th-nhl-season/c-334317984
  16. Perhaps...but Dean Youngblood whooped his ass, and Chadwick approved.
  17. Your head speaks the truth. Tis nothing more than a hiccup in yesterday's game. That contest should have gone Colorado's way right after that MacKinnon goal. But St. Louis still has the core and beating heart of a champion and didn't wilt, didn't fold tents, didn't go away. I like to praise my Lightning for having "the experience", "the fortitude", and "the winningness to do whatever it takes" to win. Blues, despite my poking fun at them at times during these playoffs, still have more than a few guys who aren't that far removed from a championship and have those same qualities.
  18. Good take TFG. I believe Powers is a big piece. He is going to be our Parayko. So I think I want another scorer if given the choice only between a top notch D man or a forward. Tage Thomson is the example of a guy taking off. He is the Josh Allen of the Sabres. No he is not quite Josh Allen, but who is. But Olofsson is another guy that I think is steady. Can score. Losing Reinhart pissed me off something awful. For now, its go Blues. And Flames
  19. He has a "plan"... That's the update from the propaganda masters. What their egos won't allow them to tell us is that "plan" is for him to collect his pay while on LTIR and become the next Rathje of this organization.
  20. well sure if that’s all you’re going on…
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  22. The Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup History THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS (1991, 1992) 01. Mario Lemieux 02. Jaromir Jagr 03. Tom Barrasso 04. Bryan Trottier 05. Ron Francis 06. Larry Murphy 07. Kevin Stevens 08. Joe Mullen 09. Bob Errey 10. Jim Paek 11. Jiri Hrdina 12. Paul Stanton 13. Phil Bourque 14. Gordie Roberts 15. Ulf Samuelsson 16. Grant Jennings THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS (2009, 2016, 2017) 01. Sidney Crosby 02. Evgeni Malk
  23. I think a lot of people see what they want to see with Dumba. Dumba could play like Bobby Orr and there will still be people that hate on him.
  24. Scott Sandelin of Minnesota Duluth, played at University of North Dakota and Montreal Canadians. A winner.
  25. And Fiala was kindly thrown under the bus by GM Guerin when speaking about the bashing of Dumba. With some reason because Fiala vanished in the playoffs, but Guerin really seem to dislike Fiala.
  26. Also....how must it feel to be Radko Gudas after this series? Radko has carved out for himself a decent 2nd or 3rd pairing status defender in the NHL, with much more smarts and restraint than what he started with when he entered the league from AHL Norfolk, wearing #75 as a completely undisciplined maniac for the Tampa Bay Lightning. But man...he has been on the receiving end of TWO crushing sweeps as a member of two President Trophy winning teams! Yep...he also was on that 62-game Titanic ship, the USS Lightning when they fell to Columbus. Something like that has got to break a guy
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