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  2. Taylor Hall, other trade additions making immediate impact for Bruins By Adam GretzApr 16, 2021, 11:41 PM EDT Getty Before the NHL trade deadline Taylor Hall and the Boston Bruins both looked like they were desperate for some major changes. Hall needed a different team and another fresh start after a miserable season in Buffalo, both individually and on a team level. The Bruins needed another scorer to balance out a lineup that has been too reliant on just one line. It has only been two games b
  3. At this point Hall, Lazar and Reily all look like steals....hall with 3 points (2 goals and a helper) in his first 3 games as a bruin. And Swayman looks to be the real deal as Rask's future replacement...
  4. Are they playing the Sharks again next game, with possibly Kähkönen in net? The refs were awful. I was surprised it didn't turn into mayhem. But playing them again... the refs better be ready. Odd game. But at least only Kane of the has beens scored.
  5. As a Pens fan at La Salle during the "Legion of Doom" years....I can relate. :-)
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  7. Send Jake the Flake and a second to Anaheim for Rakell and Manson, who has one year left on his current deal.
  8. Just saw this...what a beautiful tribute! Thanks for sharing!
  9. This place to many is therapy for us to be able to vent frustrations about this club and it seems endless problems. And it is a lot to do with your timing honestly (i won't speak for anyone else but it is how i look at it) is that by the time you have came around here well there isn't a whole lot to crow about from a positive stand point to be stated. And it has been that way for far too long. It just doesn't feel like they are headed in the right direction. And myself i get alot of that from by mom...when i would bring the ol report card home from school i
  10. I think it's really hard to compare this season to any other. There has been no training camp, and has been no opportunity to prepare as a goalie. We've seen more than one goalie start of looking like complete crap that has emerged as an effective keeper. I'm definitely one who will lean towards giving a Finn the benefit of the doubt, but I do think Kahkonen has some promise.
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  12. That Hakanpaa really is a piece of work. Canes definitely just got tougher on the blue line and forwards who think they are just gonna waltz on in the offensive better have their heads on swivels.....or else...
  13. To speak in favor of your point... Three years ago they were actually 3rd in the division for the first time in five years. 42-26-14, 98 points. Made the playoffs, lost to the then-Cup champion Pens. Giroux had the best season of his career with 34 goals and 102 points. Voracek had 20 goals and 66 points. I was a partial season ticket holder. The next season they were 6th, 37-37-8, 82 points. Missed the playoffs. Hextall, then Hackstol got fired inseason. Giroux dropped 12 goals and 17 points to a still-respectable 85 in 82 (22 goals). Voracek ha
  14. If it's any help, Patrick Kane has 24 points in 14 games vs Detroit and Columbus. And 16 points in 19 games against everyone else. He doesn't play Detroit or Columbus even once in the playoff rounds. Meanwhile Robinson's Dallas stars plays Detroit 4 times in week 1 alone lol.
  15. Well this should be an interesting contract for him coming up. Sanheim has arbitration rights so we'll see if he uses them or they work something out. I will say I have been disappointed with his and Myers play for sure. But the mess at forward needs to be sorted out as a priority. And the maybe biggest priority is getting a #2 defenseman to skate along side of Ivan. Sanheim are ok as #3 and #4 D men now they just don't need to be paired together. I can see Morin and Myers as the 3rd pair till they both improve.
  16. Dave Hakstol with Chris VandeVelde as his top assistant. In all seriousness I’m not even sure who may be available besides the two names already mentioned by others. I would imagine the Kraken will want to make a splash with their fan base and get a “name” Head Coach. #PleaseDraftJake
  17. I had a herniated disc in my neck, C6/C7 is the usual place, in the cervical spine. They did an anterior surgery on me, in my late 30s, and its no picnic. They go through the front of your neck. Likely will do a bone fusion if necessary, no way a plate or anything like that. He is younger so he should be able to get through it. The sooner the better if he needs the surgery. They will likely try a technique called traction first. Kind of like pulling your head out of your body. Using a water weighed bag sometimes. If it does no good within a week or so, I would say surgery. But I hav
  18. Minnesota Wild played so well and they were well deserved. As said by Mikko Koivu, "Sometimes it's hard. It doesn't go in, it gets harder when it gets more time and more games. But I think that's when we feel confident and comfortable." Truly, a great player. PS: I go this quote from - https://sportsquotes.us/
  19. Prospect watch: Connor McClennon scored two goals last night including this snipe from the slot. He is currently on a 9-game point streak. For the season, he's up to 23 points (10G, 13A) in 16 games.
  20. LeBrun wrote an article about it for The Athletic talking about this salary cap move for the Capitals, but it's paywall blocked https://theathletic.com/2515403/2021/04/13/lebrun-renting-out-cap-space-for-draft-picks-is-a-trend-thats-here-to-stay/
  21. I've always loved loooch....should have been a lifetime bruin, broke my heart the day he was traded. Here's how he celebrated 1,000 game.
  22. How many years does he have left in the tank? I'm hoping for a decent draft to replace him when he retires. Hope you see my point?
  23. I honestly think I'd just stop watching Philly altogether. Maybe take up knitting or yoga...or just drink heavily. More heavily. I think you'll still get a 2nd...unless those migraines came roaring back.
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