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  2. A Russian athlete, sorry Russia was banned from the Olympics for wide spread doping so let me start over. An Olympic Athlete from Russia curler is being investigated for possible doping. First thing my wife asks me is find out what he was taking and take some so I can do a better job of sweeping and moping around the house!
  3. OCC... : I kinda like that idea too . Still think they should have jumped on one of the two on waivers last week!!
  4. There is another thread on the goalie situation but I have to wonder if Neuvy's days are numbered in Philly if they bring in someone else, even someone with an expiring contract. The guy is brittle and inconsistent. He is taking a slot space. Hexy has stated that the old farts shouldn't hold back progress of the youngins. Do we need another year of this?
  5. Feb 17: Bluegars Ward Off Onslaught to Eliminate Bisons MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS 5 MANITOBA BISONS 3 (MRU wins series 2-0.) Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [Report] CW Hockey Tech: [Summary] : [Report] : [Text] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] : [Coach's View] : [UofM] Stories: [UofM] : [rp @CW] : [rp @MRU] This was a frustrating end for the Bisons. They dominated the 2nd and 3rd periods, yet fell behind 4-0. They then mounted an impressive rally which was ultimately stunted by an empty-net goal. The teams aligned the same as the did on Friday night's Game 1. Here's who scored: 1st 01:38 MRU Josh Bly (SH) 2nd 03:38 MRU Tanner Olstad 2nd 12:08 MRU Jamal Watson 2nd 15:07 MRU Austin Adamson 2nd 19:20 Man Justin Augert 3rd 03:22 Man Brett Stovin 3rd 18:08 Man Brett Stovin 3rd 19:47 MRU Jamal Watson The shots on goal described perfectly how the flow of the game changed throughout. The Bisons outshot the Bluegars every period, by 10-9, 17-9, and 10-3. Cam Lanigan made the saves needed for a win, and Byron Spriggs did not. So that's another quarter-final exit, something the program will want to address in coming seasons. Next week the 1st place Bison Broads will be at home in the semi-finals. They would also host the conference final if they win. Next week, MRU will be off to Edmontown to visit the Evil Monkeys in the semi-final round. OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD CALGARY DINOSAURS 6 U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 3 (Series tied 1-1.) Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [CWHT Summary] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] Stories: [UBC] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofC] In a twist of fate, Riley Sheen led the way with two goals for the Dinos. It was his illegal participation in the first six games of the season which led this series to be played in British California instead of the Town of Bedrock. Matthew Greenfield got the win, and Matt Hewitt took the loss, in a game where Bedrock had a 31-30 edge in shots. Game 3 goes Sunday night at 5:30 PST, or 7:30 CST and is available on CanadaWest.tv. OUT EAST Ontario Feb 17 Guelph 3 Windsor 4 (series tied 1-1) Feb 17 Lakehead 2 York 4 (series tied 1-1) Feb 17 Laurentian 1 McGill 9 (McGill wins 2-0) Atlantic no games NEXT UP Note: All of these games are Game 3 in a tied series. Canada West Feb 18 Calgary at U.B.C. 5:30 PST Atlantic Feb 18 U.P.E.I. at Saint Mary's 7:00 AST Ontario Feb 18 Lakehead at York 7:00 EST Feb 18 Ottawa at Carleton 7:00 EST Feb 18 W. Ontario at Ryerson 7:15 EST Feb 18 Windsor at Guelph 7:30 EST Links: • [US/CIS Playoff S&R] • [CW All S&R] • [OUA LS S&R] • [AUS Playoff S&R] * indicates link not active as I post
  6. Yesterday
  7. Sosh has been fragile since the Leafs signed him so it seems he won't be missed and that's probably true, probably. In his first year he had 18 goals in 52 games playing as a 4th liner with the Marlies, that's a lot of goals for any 4th liner in any league anywhere. TO is impressed so he joins the Leafs and again on the 4th line scores 5 points in 11 games. He's used to kill penalties with both the Marlies and Leafs. Of course his 1st year ends with a concussion that appears to linger and the next training camp he's viewed as not ready so he's sent to the Marlies. TO finished last in the NHL yet he was easily expendable on the Leaf's roster? Eventually he was elevated to the Leafs in his 2nd year and used as a PKer and 4th liner while also being injured. This year he was again injured but managed to put up 17 points in 19 games in the A and that didn't warrant a promotion. OK TO had Kappy who was also doing well in the A but Kappy's stats weren't much better than Sosh's. I wonder if TO hadn't been using Sosh very well, he's not built to be a physical force but he does have speed, a decent shot and PKing ability. He wasn't used as a scorer in the A and or top 9 forward, until this year in the A, again with the Leafs but I think he might still have potential that TO hasn't appeared to spend any energy to discover. If TO is right, Sosh is a 4th line PKer at best then a 4th is probably a decent return but if the only problem with Sosh in TO was lack of opportunity, well, I hope he doesn't turn into the next Marchessault. I keep thinking that the NHL is full of lots of smart, experienced coaches, GMs, etc. but then I see how well LV is doing and I wonder, and I wonder???
  8. Giroux we welcome you to the 200 goal club!!!!!!
  9. @yave1964 Well, for several years, we haven’t had too much trouble playing AHL hockey. We’ve been consistently competitive at that level. Where we seem to struggle is when trying to upgrade from the AHL level to the NHL level. Then we look more pedestrian. And I’m not just talking about our current predicament. Consider guys like Jurco. Or Pulkkinnen. These guys were fine players at the AHL level, but never knew how to adapt their game to the NHL game. I’m wondering if this is something systemic about our farm system development. It just seems like we either bring the talent right in quickly ala Larkin, basically skipping the Griffs, or they play there and if they flourish we bring them up and they just don’t seem to flourish up here. Look at AA: the kid TEARS IT UP offensively at every level, and he STILL did when he first got up here. But now he looks, not pedestrian, but pedestrian as compared with his previous levels. It’s like we brought him up, and the guy who scored suddenly becomes the guy who threatens to score and still does every so often. I dunno. We seem to flourish at developing second and third-tier players. Some of it is talent. But I smell inability to coach to achieve potential.
  10. TO spends far too much time in their own end so I think Babs needs to start earning his $s. Lack of compete isn't a catch all for what we saw/see as I think it's more a case of a roster incapable of executing a specific game plan for a variety of reasons, the stretch pass, ugh. RC used to complain about compete pretty well after each loss, Babs is more subtle, he constantly praises Leo and compete is all Leo has going for himself. I don't feel the Leafs aren't competing, it's more a directionless ship that wins because of talent but the wins are tenuous. We know that Rielly can be a vital dynamic force but again last night his presence was so muted that I almost missed that he was playing. Gardiner was brutal, his over the head passes were intercepted repeatedly which makes sense to me, Gardiner skates himself out of trouble then makes excellent plays, he's not good if moving the puck quickly is what is expected. I hate that Hainsey is mentoring Rielly, Rielly has the talent to think/execute the game on a different plain than Hainsey so Hainsey should instead be learning how to support Rielly.
  11. McE in nets tonite which makes sense, Andersen has faced 57 and 39 shots in the last 2 games so it would seem he's due for a rest. Many years ago Brodeur played pretty well every game for NJ during his prime between 70 to 78 games per season however he was facing an average of 23 shots per game. Even with a #1 d-man like Karlsson I doubt TO could find a way to decrease the shot volume against which has been a problem for 15 years. The art of defense continues to elude any rendition of the Leafs and I doubt the current team will be able to surmount this. Personally I don't have a problem with the shots against volume except that TO can't match that volume, no matter the quality of the opposition. I prefer TO out shot and out score the opposition, some games we see a glimmer of that kind of dominance but those are all to brief. Detroit should be a walk in the park for TO however has Det received that memo? Both teams played last night so fatigue shouldn't be an issue as both should be as tired. I remember Danny Dekeyser being a FA that all teams wanted, Det got him and I thought it was a classic rich getting richer scenario. I see that Dekeyser is on the 3rd d pairing making 5 mil. per so it's probably more of a kick you while you're down scenario.
  12. I read an article on "Buyers and Sellers" in the Eastern Conference (can't remember where I read it though) and they easily identified who the 'Buyers' in the Atlantic were, as well as the "Sellers"...but the Panthers were put in their own category as a "Tweener". And I think that about sums them up perfectly. Just far enough out where they could just fold up the tents, try to get draft picks and plan for next season.....but still just close enough (WITH their games in hand) to try and make a run, maybe pick up a player at the deadline, and get in. So there you have it, Rux. Your Darkhorse, Tweener Florida Panthers. All 3,000 fans at Sunrise should be optimistic, no?
  13. 100%, depends on Murray if he can keep playing well
  14. @yave1964 Having said all that, there IS good news: After Mike Green gets traded, Luke Witkowski will step in as our offensive-minded D-man! LOL!
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