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  2. Let me know .... I will join ya ....
  3. AV is going to scratch him the first game to send a message...
  4. Eberle went to the Kraken in the expansion draft.
  5. I’m OK with this signing. Yandle isn’t flashy but I think he is pretty steady. Yandle may break Doug Jarvis’ consecutive games played record this year. Actually, 3 guys may break it this year. Jarvis - 964 Yandle - 922 Marleau - 910 Kessel - 900
  6. Let's actually have the players develop before we start giving them cute line names etc. I heard that Lulea's normal starter is returning to the team after playing in the #KHL. Some think that will have an effect on Jesper Wallstedt's playing time. Some have suggested that might mean Wallstedt comes over to play for Portland of the WHL because they have his rights. I can't imagine he'd go from playing men in a top-circuit European league like the SHL to now play major junior. My guess is the team either hopes he is traded to another SHL team or maybe he goes to play for another team in an
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  8. Forwards RW - Mitchell Chaffee RW - Nick Swaney C - Damien Giroux C - Joey Cramarossa RW - Ivan Lodnia C - Connor Dewar C - Kyle Rau Defense: D - Fedor Gordeev D - Riese Zmolek D - Dakota Mermis Goaltenders: Andrew Hammond Dereck Baribeau Hunter Jones
  9. Wild just signed Dakota Mermis to a two-year, two-way deal.
  10. Right, he got to LA and people knew who he was. No argument. Hockey fans and "real" sports fans knew (depending upon one's definition of "real" sports fans. Is that fans of sports with standings not put together by a winning-percentage deficient inebriated twit?) But the fact remains that a large swath of the US could have picked Michael Jordan out of a crowd. Magic Johnson. Pete Rose, etc. etc. etc. I bet in the middle of Iowa or Kansas or wherever, Gretzky could have chowed down on a hot dog in the middle of a Circle K and no one would have thought he was anyone but Un
  11. 1 year....$900,000? I'm no Yandle fan, but this is the kind of deal a real GM would sign.
  12. Great question. If financials were equal, go with Ghost (similar skillset and younger). But it comes down to salary/cap and term. And if/when it comes to it, it's a little easier having $900k in the press box rather than $4.xxM. So, I guess, for this situation the Flyers are better off with Yandle.
  13. This ^ Gretzky was already the greatest...that's what he was called before he went to LA. Now if people want to say he wasn't a Hollywood celebrity, sure...who cares. Hockey fans and real sport fans knew who Gretzky was. But he certainly became more famous after.
  14. yzerman said with a straight face to that question to ask the Canes GM lol the only thing that I get is the money the Canes figure they can land mrazek for that and would rather have him for that money. mrazek drank himself out of Detroit and damn near out of the game but since straightening his life is the goalie that he looked like early in his career again. i love nedeljkovic and think he is an upgrade but a tandem of mrazek and bernier is not horrible. love it for the wingwwe have no goalie in the system who will ever see an nhl game big Ned is a great bridge at the least until Coss
  15. Ha I found this tweet that was more along the lines of what I was saying... Ryan Gilbert @RGilbertSOP Keith Yandle is a low-risk, high-upside signing. Best-case scenario he's a gr
  16. That was yours truly. Well now is the time to do it. He doesn't have a contract it could depend on his asking price. But I highly doubt it.
  17. Yes I understand I don't want to block this kid I think he has a nasty shot...
  18. I completely get the bringing someone in to pace York and give him a year to develop York in the AHL. The sad part is that going into two weeks ago, York was my sole reason to watch this team. Maybe I'll go to some Lehigh games.
  19. Yeah, it's not exactly giving up Ghost to get Ghost. I mean it's less than 25% of Ghost's pay/cap and less term. Just a stopgap. I get the Tweet in regard to skillset, but there's some difference there, too. I'm okay with it if it allows York to mature further and hone his craft, though I think he's ready. Someone here mentioned Sanheim going out instead. At this point, I would not be shocked and would think that could fetch for fletch.
  20. Yeah and I'm thinking he will be playing on the 3rd pair with Braun so only about 12-15 minutes a night. It is crazy free agency doesn't start till tomorrow and the Flyers only have one open spot. Backup goalie. One thing is for sure this will be a new look roster. But will it win?
  21. i like to like this signing. 1 year—no problem. York can spend a year developing and acclimating at pp1 with the Phantoms and we'll see how that goes.
  22. Flames’ first rounder Coronato looking to emulate Calgary native Point The Flames selected right-winger Matthew Coronato No. 13 overall in Friday’s NHL entry draft because of his strong work ethic, ability to play a 200-foot game and goal-scoring prowess. Salim Valji has more from Calgary. By Salim Valji The Jolly Rancher has himself a bison. With their first-round pick in the 2021 NHL entry draft on Friday evening, the Calgary Flames selected Harvard-bound, Chicago Steel (USHL) star Matthew Coronato, who was nicknamed
  23. WTF are you talking about? Guess I'll have to goggle it...
  24. They are going after Yandle because he is besties with Hayes, knows AV's system and will provide leadership for the team. And Ghost wasn't getting a chance here so might as well move him. But I like Ghost I thought he showed more effort when it come to defense than Travis Stickcheck Sanheim. But now the Flyers get a chance to bench Yandle and end his Ironman streak.
  25. This is more bad news for Minnesota Wild in Central
  26. This has been the Flyers problem for a long time. If there is no spot, step the FCK up and take one
  27. Pavel Buchnevich signed a four-year, $23.2 million contract with the St. Louis Blues. Buchnevich would have become a restricted free agent on Wednesday. He scored 20 goals and 48 points in 54 contests last season with the Rangers. The Blues acquired his negotiating rights from New York back on Friday in exchange for Sammy Blais and a second-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.
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