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  1. Why are people hating on Vegas?

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      2018 Minnesota Wild Draft Discussion .......
      Minnesota Wild
      IllaZilla - Posted
      To get back on the draft topic, might be interesting to keep track of the players the Wild passed on to draft Johansson. Just kind of compare what they passed on compared to how Johansson turns out.    I wouldn't go into the second round, maybe just projected first rounders that were still available: Dominik Bokk, Joseph Veleno, Adam Ginning, Bode Wilde, Alexander Alexeyev, etc.
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      Wild's Ownership Are they really "Committed to Winning it All"
      Minnesota Wild
      IllaZilla - Posted
      In my opinion, I think it was this. Look at what Lemaire accomplished in his career both on the ice and behind the bench. He didn't half-ass anything. But the Wild ownership was more concerned with the bottom line than what was occurring on the ice. So they were more than happy to put a half-assed roster together to put on the ice just to maximize profits. I think Lemaire did the best he could with the rosters he was given, but none of those teams were going to get close to the Cup. And he was not going to be given a team that might get to the Cup, because that meant the ownership had to spend money. And Naegle absolutely did not want to spend any money.  
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      MAF inked for 3 more years
      Vegas Golden Knights
      notfondajane - Posted
      MAF was out for part of the season! Thier backup held the fort beautifully which helped the Knights to a great season!  The Knights will not win a Cup if Fleury is the starting netminder. They might win it if he is the backup!
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      MAF inked for 3 more years
      Vegas Golden Knights
      notfondajane - Posted
      MAF was out for part of the season! Thier backup held the fort beuitifully which helped the Knights to a great season!  The Knights will not win a Cup if Fleury is the starting netminder. They might win it if he is the backup!
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      Power Play Unit 1 and 2
      Philadelphia Flyers
      AJgoal - Posted
      It would have to be pretty valuable to risk ripping the locker room apart. Simmonds is one of the few players in the league who I believe is actually more valuable to the team than his production. If the Flyers are in playoff position and they trade Simmonds, especially if it's just for futures, there's a serious chance the players revolt. Different teams and all, but remember how the Blues players reacted to Statsny getting traded at the deadline - they felt betrayed and said as much to the media. And they were out of a playoff spot at the time. Simmonds would be much worse.   It's easy for us to look at things and say it makes sense to move him from a purely value standpoint, because it absolutely does. But the Flyers also want to win something in the playoffs, even if it's just a round this coming year. I have serious doubts that they risk that over a couple of picks/prospects when it comes to Simmonds this year. I think there's still a chance he's moved in the offseason, but if he's on the opening night roster I'd be extremely surprised if he's not here for the duration.
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      Ryan Suter Rehab Update...
      Minnesota Wild
      IllaZilla - Posted
      I think a lot of these observations we are making here just goes to show that the Wild aren't built for the Playoffs. Every team knows you just have to be a little physical with them and they turtle.   Also, is it me, or are the Wild constantly running into the "hot goaltender" more than any other team in the Playoffs? Or is it that their anemic offense makes any goaltender they run into "the hot goaltender"?
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      Flyers 2018-19 Offseason moves
      Philadelphia Flyers
      elmatus - Posted
      I agree 100%. Lehtera, Weal, and Raffl are all UFA after this season. I could see Raffl being extended for a couple years, but I'd be surprised for the other two. Laughton might be moveable for a low draft pick. Leier likely not so much, but I'm not convinced he'll be resigned either. If he does, it would be on an AHL contract.   Jury's still out on what Folin can do for us. That's a convo for next March. Gudas may be tradeable. If so, it would be this year. It likely wouldn't be for very much, but the right team might want him. He's expendable at this point anyway.   I can't see anyone wanting Weise. My guess is Hex will just keep him on the payroll until his contract's done. He probably won't see much ice time, but it's only two more years anyway. There's no point having him on the books for longer, and with others coming off, we have the cap space anyway.   It's an enviable position to be in for sure. Flyers are in a better spot going forward than they've been in... well a foolishly long time. The fact all the incoming talent is homegrown to boot is just mind blowing to me. Hats off.
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