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      Moves Starting?
      Philadelphia Flyers
      brelic - Posted
      Thought this was interesting... From the Hawks blogger.    A take on the absurdity of what's happening in Philly, and a speculation on a trade and what would go the other way.    Spoiler: You won't like it.   Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.   Moving on, what is going on in Philly? 

      Rumours have emerged that Joel Quenneville will be joining the Philadelphia Flyers as Dave Hakstol. THEN, those rumours were denied by the organization. 

      Something weird is going on, but I do anticipate Coach Q heading to Philadelphia unless something big fell through in his negotiations with newly appointed GM Chuck Fletcher. 

      On paper, the Flyers are not much better than Hawks (2 points ahead of them) but I do like a lot of their pieces and see why Joel would find them an appealing. 

      Their talent up front is a nice mixture of veterans (Giroux, Simmonds, JVR, Vorachek) with younger players (Konecny, Couturier, Patrick) hitting their stride. 

      They have a plethora of talented younger defencemen (Gostisbehere, Provorov, Sanheim) but could use a little more leadership from back there (ohhhhhh foreshadowing). 

      Their goaltending is a mess and has been a mess for a while. However, they do have the kid Carter Hart in the AHL and he's starting to heat up down there. He's a year or two away from making an impact so PHI will need a stopgap until then. 

      With this news of "Q to PHI" surfacing, there have been whispers about Duncan Keith might want to follow Coach Q. I actually heard a while back that Keith and Seabrook were waiting to see what Quenneville's next move was going to be and then look to follow him if possible. 

      Keith, I can see. Seabrook, with that contract, would be difficult. Both of them together at $12M+ AAV for 5-6 more years would be nearly impossible. 

      I was looking into something I heard about Keith being paired up with another veteran though in a trade but that has since gone out the window as that other player was Corey Crawford. Those two to Philly could have made a lot of sense depending on how aggressive Fletcher is looking to get. 

      What would a Keith to the Flyers trade look like if they were to move him? I'm not entirely sure, but my starting ask would be Travis Sanheim and/or Travis Konecny with some +'s potentially on either side. 

      I'm not said I want Keith traded or think he will waive his NMC but if he is unhappy with the direction of the Hawks and wants another shot at winning a cup, then I trade him while he has some value left. 

      Those are my thoughts. What are yours based on this weekend's games and happenings? 
    • 23
      Hart Recalled, Stolarz to IR
      Philadelphia Flyers
      albertaflyer - Posted
      At least were leading something. Now if we could win a lottery pick in a year when the draft doesn't suck.
    • 23
      Hart Recalled, Stolarz to IR
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
    • 8
      Week 12 - Pickem, Monday December 17, 2018
      NHL Game Matchups
      Hockey-78 - Posted
      December 17, 2018   AWAY HOME Anaheim 3 Pittsburgh 4 Vegas 2 Columbus 4 Nashville 5 Ottawa 3 Boston 3 Montreal 2 N.Y. Islanders 2 Colorado 5
    • 5
      Goalies... Dubnyk & Stalock
      Minnesota Wild
      Tomdog - Posted
      Relief appearances should not count and I would schedule staylock in regardless of how well dubs is playing. 
    • 23
      Hart Recalled, Stolarz to IR
      Philadelphia Flyers
      AJgoal - Posted
      Would not surprise me one bit.

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