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    • 45
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      Digityman - Posted
      I'm with you two @brelic  @Poulin20    I think the team is on the brink.  Not because of the loses or their record.  But the lack of effort, back-checking and blown coverage among other related items.  What  @brelic said in #4 is exactly my thought.     In my opinion, the only way Hak keeps his job through the holidays is if the team strings a good stretch of games and comes out with 12-14 wins in the next 20 games.   To where they are visibly better in all aspects of the game, not just getting the 6-4 wins
    • 45
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      flyer4ever - Posted
      Finish 8th. Lose in 1st round. Count money. Stay mediocre. The Flyer way.
    • 45
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      flyerrod - Posted
      I am pretty sure that  .874 (Elliot) and  .833 (Pickard) are carrying the lion's share of the blame for the current losses. After watching Folin toe pick and pass the puck to directly to the opponent, he could be worse than McDud. I would love to see Stolarz given another shot too.
    • 45
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      Poulin20 - Posted
      I hope you are right.  I have held back laying into him as I wanted to give him and Hexy the benefit of the doubt.  We are supposed to be trending upward now in the "rebuild" which is why Hexy went out and re-acquired JVR.  As we seem to be trending in the wrong direction at this point my patience has run out and am now ready for a full shakeup of the coaching staff.
    • 45
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      brelic - Posted
      I've concluded that Hakstol is on the hot seat and he knows it.    1. It started with the Philadelphia Flyers sell job on Hakstol There is an organizational effort to put out fluff pieces showing Hak outside of hockey.    2. Hextall has said he's now focused on success at the NHL level.   3. No matter who's in goal - and this goes back to last year - the Flyers cannot keep the puck out of their net.  So unless Hextall has drafted / developed the slowest collection of players in the NHL and has assembled all of the worst goalies, the problem lies somewhere else, and coaching is definitely an area that is 'easier' to improve and see results quickly.   4. The team looks in disarray. That usually happens towards the end of a coach's tenure.   5. Perhaps the most significant, the media has also turned on Hak. The line of questioning around Knight being another VdV just because they both played under Hak is some bizarro narrative that angry fans make up. But when the media starts picking up on it, and asking him directly? I think that's a sign that even the media has lost faith / respect for the coach. I've seen that happen with previous coaches.    6. It's getting to Hakstol. He's testy in interviews, and looks visibly annoyed. He's more animated on the bench. And I think it's partly due to job pressure that he's facing for the first time as an NHL coach - probably directly communicated from Hextall.    Anyway, I could be completely off, but it sure doesn't feel that way.
    • 28
      Coyle - Yay or Nay?
      Minnesota Wild
      Villette/Lavaux - Posted
      I think the problem is not isolated with Coyle, it is Coyle playing in this team. Was/is he misused? Probably. Now he's passed the age when a eventual outburst can be expected, and I'll always be in this kind of "yeah great play, but... coulda/woulda, etc." thinking about him.   The best case would be to have him make a good season, and then then try to ship him while his value might go up. And I'm sure that he can do well elsewhere. But again, would it be profitable for the Wild, given the anchor contracts stuck to the team? Somehow, Coyle is getting collateral damages coming from these issues. Wrong timing, wrong team...
    • 7
      Pick'em FRIDAY, OCT 19, 2018
      NHL Game Matchups
      hf101 - Posted
      FRIDAY, OCT 19, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME     Florida 2 Washington 4 7:00 pm     Minnesota 3 Dallas 1 8:00 pm     Nashville 2 Calgary 5 9:00 pm

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