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  2. Win or lose i think I have this for the second year in a row
  3. They are going to win!!!! I believe it
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  5. I'm on board with this - to an extent. Aside from firing Hakstol - which absolutely, no question, should have been done - I don't know what other moves he was "expected" to make that he didn't - and after he was fired his replacement managed to deal: Jordan Weal for Jacob Graves and a 6th Taylor Leier for Justin Bailey Dale Weiss + Christian Folin for Bryon Froese + David Schlemko Anthony Stolarz for Cam Talbot Wayne Simmonds for Ryan Hartman and a conditional 4th Hardly anything earth-shattering. Bailey (23 games) and Hartman (24) were the only skaters to suit up for the NHL team and their combined 2 goals and 5 assists didn't do terribly much for the direction of the team. Remains to be seen what they will do with Talbot. And the team was virtually out of options when they were basically forced to call up Hart, which they didn't do until the day they fired Hakstol - and only because Stolarz went down with an(other) injury. Presuming that not firing Hakstol was the straw that broke the "disrespected" ownership's back, why did they wait another three+ weeks to pull that plug?? Hextall signed the (arguably) #2 overall UFA this past offseason, drafted the Frost, Farabee and Ratcliffe you mention (in addition to Sanheim, Lindblom, Konecny, Provorov, Patrick, and Hart), signed Couturier to a tremendously team-friendly deal and Gotstobehere for a pretty good number as well. I get that Dave Scott and some Comcast Spectacor functionaries had their feelings hurt. I get that the team was underperforming - again, for the third coach in seven years. I get that that third coach in seven years needed to go. But this was only starting to turn into "Hextall's team" - and they had to dig out from the wreckage Paul Holmgren wrought for, arguably, the first three years of Hextall's tenure. Which is to say that the team will be benefiting from the "plan" that Hextall put in motion for the next 3-5 years. And that this offseason was the consequential one in that plan where there are good pieces to be had and - potentially - cap room to go get them. I wouldn't think for a moment that the "Frost, Farabee, Ratcliffes" of the world are "untouchable" under a new "win now" mandate. But at least the team is actually built to start winning. We'll see whether they do. I'm not sure I get this at all. How is hiring a coach to "spy" on the head coach the GM hired - and apparently at least in part got fired for not firing - "crossing a line"? What line? And, again, why wait three+ weeks after firing Hextall to can his "spy"? Legitimately curious.
  6. I think Pastrnak - Bergeron - Rat is a better top line than Schwartz - Schenn - Tarasenko, but the overall depth of the Blues forward corps is better. I like the Bruins defense a bit better, but admittedly a good part of that is because I don't trust Bouwmeester. Binnington has been good, but Rask has been lights out. I think Rask leads the Bruins past the Blues in 6, but several of the games will be late game/OT decisions.
  7. You aren't getting Doughty for Voracek without a significant addition by the Flyers and no, Frost, Farabee, Ratcliffe or additional first round picks is not an option. As for Holmgren and Clarke, they're figureheads. Clarke does nothing but appear at events. If he's asked for something, he'll give input, but he has no say in day to day matters of running the team. As for Holmgren, he was quite hands off with Hextall, but towards the end, Hextall was not receptive to making changes to the club and often had disagreements with ownership on the direction of the club. It's also been noted that Hextall was often disrespecting of ownership and he micromanaged to a the point that it was a distraction. Hiring Gord Murphy so he could be a spy for Hextall? That crosses a line. Don't mistake this for giving Holmgren and Clarke a pass for their past indiscretions. At the same time, they get much needless blame for things they have had no control over.
  8. No they are not you're delusional. More news at 11. The Bruins do have more Cup experience including a Stanely Cup winning Captain and goaltender, so here is you chance of course to spin it where that doesn't matter.
  9. Yeah but you know what you're gonna get outta him consistently not streaky like jerk vorachoke... it's time for him to move on.... IMO I don't think he's truly a team player he's so one track minded it's pathetic that's why he gives the Puck up so much, he don't pass unless it's to g (or ghost sometimes) too predictable and easy to defend his passes.... Besides they'll have the money.. they'll sink it all in one player and not do anything else cause that's what the idiots in the front office do , sabotage this team .. the flyers will NOT win a cup as long as Bobby Clarke and Paul holmgren are alive.... I would be willing to bet on that too.... And I'm a life long FLYERS fan , but I'm also a realist..... Get rid of those two and this team will flourish.....
  10. On a site named Bet Us I did the right thing and bet the Blues to win the West and the Cup. I cashed on the West last night. But on 5 dimes I made the mistake of picking matchups. I wheeled the Blues vs Tampa, Toronto, Washington and yes, even the Sabres who were on fire early. But no Boston. Odds were very good for a very minor investment. If Washington had won game 7 in Double OT vs Carolina, things might have also been different. NO WAY in hell would Boston have swept Washington. And I thought leaving the Islanders out was my big mistake. The Blues did sweep Tampa home and away and don't forget, maybe the sign that Tampa was vulnerable came from the Sabres giving them hell in all 4 games. Sabres won the first one, and lost two in OT The Blues are deeper and better than Boston and soon will prove it with a Stanley Cup
  11. I think the Bruins are a very hard team to play against. They have the most Cup experience on the squad. 5 guys were on the team when they won it all in 2011. Blues have no one on the team with a Cup that i have seen. So that with the way Rask is playing (even better than when Timmy Thomas won their last Cup) i have to give Boston the edge in this. Boston is rested and waiting. Should be a good series. I like the Bruins blueline better in this too. Chara is still roaming back there and he and Mcavoy have formed and great top D pair. I like them over Edmondson and Pietrangelo. The Blues have the edge with their 2nd pair though. But Rask vs Binnington will be a good one the Bruins will get in Binnington face and screen him a lot not sure if he is use to what they will bring to the table. Bruins have the better coach too. Bergeron vs Schenn as the top line centers should be huge too. Bergeron has 13 points (8 goals 5 assists +8) in 17 games. Schenn 7 points (2 goals 5 assists -5) in 19 games gives Boston the huge edge. Bruins in 6. Guess we'll see soon.
  12. I've been a fan of all teams STL since I was old enough to walk. I watched the '64 Cardinals take out the vaunted Yankees in the World Series. I saw the great "El Birdo" teams win in '67. I saw the Whiteyball teams win in 1982 and 1985 and, of course, the great LaRussa team that won in 2011. Yet, never have I been as pumped as I am about this current Blues team!! Let's go win the Cup and make this fairy-tale run complete. Enjoy the ride, Blue-bleeders. You know how rare this can be.
  13. The league will NOT learn from the Vegas mistake (although the franchise has begun in a hugely successful fashion so....isn't is all about the money?) and will use the same rules from the 2017 draft. To add insult to injury, Vegas is exempt from exposing any players to assist them in transitioning from a struggling expansion franchise into a competitive team. Ridiculous but that's Bettman's NHL.
  14. This would be a good option if Tampa was wanting to move him. But at what cost? He has a good contract and can play all 3 forward positions. They don't have much leverage if they were to move him however with his speed (which the Flyers really need) there would be a lot of teams in the bidding for his services. I could see the Bolts wanting to move him out west if they have a say so. Tampa and Philly had a good trade history going on but most of that was when Stevie Y was there. But count me in on doing this but i could change my mind on it due to what they want in return.
  15. ^^^^^ This is a HUGE statement. Who knows how the playoffs shake out if the Bolts don't get their collective butts swept out of the playoffs like common dirt on the floor by the Blue Jackets. A Bolts vs. Blues SCF is very different than a Bruins vs. Blues. If the Bolts were in the SCF then I would go Bolts in 6. Not taking anything away from the Blues, but the Bolts IMO would be the favorite......HOWEVER...that is why you play the games. The Bolts melted away their opportunity and the Blues stepped up to the plate and performed. I think the Blues have a very legitimate shot at winning ......
  16. More than anything, I want to see the Cup hoisted in front of all of us long-suffering fans who blew off a little steam last night when we won the West but now want to watch this team bring it home. So, bring it home, boys. Blues in six.
  17. A man who has seen the light! I am in total agreement as to your pick. I am also picking them in 6 but if they sweep the first two in Boston it could shock the Bruins and it could be over faster I know that most here still do not believe in them. Lets take a look at this. Boston. Big weapon are Marchand, Bergeron, Pasternak, and their defensive big guy is Chara. The Blues have Teresenko, Shwartz (the leading playoff goal scorer), Schenn, Steen, Perron (only Blue to have been to finals. On D, you have Pietrangelo (Captain), Parayko, Bowmeester, and Bortozzo. Parayko has been a beast on defense and is the reason Coture was contained for the most part. He played out of his mind vs Dallas in game 7. He has the size to match Boston and the speed and the puck handling ability as well. I believe Teresenko and Shwartz are better than any two Boston has. I give Binnington the edge over Rask even though Rask, granted has been hot. But did he face high quality shots vs Carolina? Columbus had them on the ropes and let them off the hook. A post here and there in game 5 and that series may have had a different outcome. Lets not forget Columbus and their impact on these playoffs by upsetting Tampa. Another thing the Blues have going for them is, Boston has "home advantage". If you want to call it that? St Louis is 7-2 on the road in the playoffs. And Boston, IMO has played better on the road at times. This is a rematch of the 69-70 finals when Bobby Orr scored the game and Cup winner in OT of game 4. Yes it was a sweep but the games were much tougher than the 4-0 games won indicates. That was 50 years ago. This is now. And this Boston team does not have Bobby Orr. Blues win
  18. @ruxpin Totally agree. I know the Blues, and especially @Hockey Junkie have been given a lot of grief by many of us around here when concerning how they play the game on ice. We all picked Blues players for @Hockey Junkie for the HF.net Platyoff Fantasy Pool. Well the joke may finally be on us. The Blues are playing really good hockey and if the Blues win it all, I'm voting Binnington for the Calder Trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy with and outside shot at the Vienza Trophy. The kid is playing lights out. ...... Oh.... and for us Flyer Fans ....IF the Blues DO WIN the Cup ....another punch to our collective guts....as another favorite whipping boy and ex-Flyer will engrave his name in the cup.....Brayden Schenn. Won't he get the last laugh on us..... Blues in 6
  19. I said Blues in 5, just because I want a Berube coached team to win the cup
  20. I hadn't considered him, but I would love that. He can move to right wing, too, if/when one of the Flyers' prospect centers is ready. I guess he can play the left side, too, but I'm thinking more than likely he'd be swinging right. The 5 years gets him to, I guess, 32 years old. So he won't be ancient and will kind of fit that veteran guy role by the time he's done. And $5M isn't killer. I'd be thrilled, actually.
  21. Going Blues in 4. Anyone who's been here for any amount of time knows the Blues have always been my whipping boy in the west. All foreplay, no delivery. I've said Blues since the regular season was winding down, and I'm sticking with it. They went out and added a bunch of strong pieces to a good squad, and most importantly sat Jake Allen, the fraud, down in favor of a rookie playing out of his mind. Yeah, Rask. And if Rask were to stumble, they have a very well-rested Halak (which, if he had a hand in beating the Blues, would be delicious irony). And the Bruins are built for success. I've liked the Blues going in and sticking with it. As for the sweep? It just fits the pattern coming out of the East, so why not?
  22. All pertinent hockey discussion regarding the Bruins and Blues SCF series goes here. Schedule: GAME 1 Monday, May 27: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBC GAME 2 Wednesday, May 29: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBCSN GAME 3 Saturday, June 1: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues | 8 p.m. ET, NBCSN GAME 4 Monday, June 3: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues | 8 p.m. ET, NBC *GAME 5 Thursday, June 6: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBC *GAME 6 Sunday, June 9: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues | 8 p.m. ET, NBC *GAME 7 Wednesday, June 12: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBC
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