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  2. Phantoms lose last night in a shootout only goal was by Morgan Frost. And Morgan finally got his first goal. NAK with a strong game too. Ratty gets one too. Show some nuts Chuckles recall Farabee, Frost and NAK and play them....i know ya won't cause ya scared!!!!!!
  3. I didn't want to make big picture assessments of the team until Black Friday given coaching and roster changes. But early performance is disturbing. Agreed with others that some kind of roster shakeup may be in the cards. Agreed with RJ that Jake is probably here for the duration given salary.
  4. Just for whatever it's worth, I myself have never thought Jake was lazy. Just stupid. Dog#### pudding stupid.
  5. The only way to dump the NMC players is to have them play golf at the Country Club while enjoying full salary, and the players replacing them would have to be paid by what is left in cap space - not much, that is. I'd still like to see that, instead of what I'm seeing now.
  6. Mike Hoffman can play all 3 forward positions i would surely give him what JVR had remaining on his contract to get it done. 4 years 28 mill....7 mill per AAV. He is worth that. He put up 36 goals 70 points last year. 2017-18 56 points 2016-17 61 points 2015-16 59 points That is more consistent than Hayes.
  7. I would seriously do that ....and oh I agree ... I was never in the don't play the kids camp ......
  8. Sounds like if this keep up that is all the type of fans who will be at the games loyal fans like you i imagine will find something else to do with your hard earned money....it's one thing to do like i do pay a $100+ bucks for the TV package and if they shat the bed just turn it off or to something else but for folks who take the time to travel to and from the game they will surely stop doing that soon too. Or i hope yall do it is the only way they will take note when the seats aren't filling up otherwise if there are butts in seats they will continue to not give a f**k i'm afraid.
  9. He started off last year and took a while to get going last year and got on a tear last half the year. No excuse this year and still he shows nothing....the Flyers don't have time for this whimp to get his shat together by January. I say trade the clown if you can i'm already tired of his play....i was leary of his resigning when Hextall did it last year and well now we are seeing what i feared a guy who shows up when he feels like it. He isn't the only one but moving him would send a message. Hell and honestly i would move Jake too if you can find a taker. Hell i would even take a 1st in the next two drafts to move him. 28 Claude Giroux - 14 Sean Couturier - 11 Travis Konecny68 Mike Hoffman - 13 Kevin Hayes - 23 Oskar Lindblom49 Joel Farabee - 48 Morgan Frost - 22 Nicolas Aube-Kubel12 Michael Raffl - 21 Scott Laughton - 18 Tyler Pitlick And don't and give me this oh i'm scared to play that many kids on the the same line crap (not to you doc to anyone really) they aren't play worth a sh it with all these vets so f**k it if they are going to lose let the kids get some experience they will come around. Thes kid obviously know how to play away from the puck and how to get the puck....USE THEM NOW points are slipping away!
  10. For info purposes for those who don't know the Cap Situation ....
  11. @brelic And i just discussed i think earlier in this thread about the availability of Hoffman from the the Panthers. I suggested maybe Jake or my preference JVR for him...the sticking point is what he would want in return. Hoffman is 6 months younger than JVR but he won't resign with the Panthers. JVR would give them a winger under contract 3 more years after the upcoming season. I would even try and get creative and put Ghost in the package to shake the team up and give him a chance to go play for his home team. Soi wonder what we could get in return with a JVR/Ghost package?? Thoughts? Sure i need to know what Hoffman would want in return too but it's a start.
  12. Today
  13. I know everyone wants to trade the human turnover Voracek but I can’t see anyone taking his huge contract. We are stuck with him , we just have to hope he is taken in the expansion draft. JVR is not gonna score anything with his current linemates, we need to call up Farabee and Rubstov to play on the third line. The 4th line should be Raffl, Twarynski and Laughton. Shitlick and Stewart should be extras. We have a surplus on defense , so if any trade is to be made that’s where it has to come from. Haag or Morin will get you a second round pick tops or a prospect , that’s not helping us now. The most quality return we will get is if we deal Ghost and then Meyers can step into his spot and Morin and Haag can battle for the 6th and 7th spot.
  14. Yikes. Bolts fall 6-2 to the red hot Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night. A three goal in three minute outburst by Colorado highlighted an issue the defending Atlantic Champions have had since the season started: Porous defense. TB has sorta been trading wins and losses so far this season and has them at around the .500 mark at 4-3-1. I'd like to think the Bolts' defensive problems will sort themselves out as the season wears on, but right now, they are looking pretty mediocre in that department and right now, not even getting the scoring they COULD be getting as well. Tempers flared in the game vs the Avs and one could see the frustration in the TB players as two fights broke out...something the Bolts outside of Cedric Paquette or Luke Witkowski don't normally engage in..... Eric Cernak and Victor Hedman both dropped the gloves against Colorado's Casey Calvert on two separate occasions in the game. After a fantastic character building win over the Boston Bruins the other night, the Lightning follow it up with a game against Colorado that could make most people wonder why the Bolts are such a big deal. Seriously. Pittsburgh comes to town next, and while the Pens have their own problems, they still have every bit the skill in their lineup to play right with the Lightning. If the stars on both sides show up, this could be a fantastic and very entertaining game. For the Lightning, another chance to prove they deserve to BE a big deal in the NHL and right their ship. Some secondary scoring for the Lightning would help quite a bit as would some more solid play overall from the defense.
  15. LOL ...that is truly funny yet sad. So are these the types of fans the Flyers are no attracting? Fans that have absolutely no knowledge of the game? Granted everyone must start from the beginning. (I'm not saying all new fans are totally uneducated about the game). Yet these are the fans who will fill the seats despite the product on the ice and good ol' Comcast will still get their $$$$. Hence the reason for my comment. We have changed coaches ...yet again. This time the coaches HAVE tons of experience NHL coaching. At what point does the finger start pointing to the players on the ice. And NO i'm not talking about the 3rd and 4th line younger players. I'm talking about the veteran core. Many on here have argued against trading them. However realistically they just may be average NHL players and the organization and at times, we as the fan base, have simply overvalued them. I know I will draw the ire of some on here with that comment but what has our core done so far this year? Yet again ... 6 games into the new season and already it is clearly evident how slow this team has started ...again ... Folks there are some ugly numbers here ..... after 6 games ...... Let this sink in ..after 6 games TK and Lindblom have more goals than G / Jake / JVR / Hayes COMBINED! Player GP G A P +/- Travis Konecny 6 3 5 8 0 Claude Giroux 6 0 4 4 -1 Oskar Lindblom 6 3 1 4 -4 Sean Couturier 6 2 2 4 -2 Jakub Voracek 6 2 1 3 -5 Kevin Hayes 6 1 0 1 -4 James van Riemsdyk 6 0 0 0 -2 Folks this is putrid to the nth degree ...... This is the core we have had for several years, except for Hayes. Things have changed in this organization except for the common denominator .... Jake / Giroux / Coots Someone for the love of god explain to me why the hell JVR is still on this friggin team. He is a PP specialist and that is it. It gets worse .... Let me keep going ...The Flyers have exactly 15 goals this season. That is good for 2nd last in the entire league....(tied with Rangers and Blackhawks. Only the Wild have score less. Matter of fact 10 teams have doubled the Flyers output so far ....... again let that sink in... Folks we used to laugh at the the Sabres but look at them ..... 7-1-1 with 35 goals scored and only 21 given up ..... I know we are only 6 games but this ship needs to righted NOW!!!! I am venting yes ..... but that game I watched last night is a far cry from the team we saw against the Devils. And NO the NHL did them NO favor by scheduling the Flyers the way they did and that certainly does not help ........ (Stepping off soapbox)
  16. Thankful I had fun things to do last night and didn’t get to watch. Was it as bad as it sounds? Flyers booed off home ice already? Lol the honeymoon lasted one home game.
  17. Hart might eventually be the one but right now he's no better than any of the previous goalies in the last 15 years. I don't pin that whole game on him but 3 goals in 15 shots isn't getting it done. Flyers came out strong and with 1-0 lead needed a big save and didn't get it. That let the air out of the building and ushered in the the Flyers of old. Does Chucky start thinking trades? Because I'm starting to think if this ship doesn't turn by the end October, it's time to rattle the core.
  18. Oct 19: Out-of-Town Scoreboard I posted after the Bison matinee was over, now it's time for the rest of the story .... OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS 3 SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES 8 Links: LeagueStat: Summary Boxscores: CWHT : USP/CIS Stories: UofS : rp @CW : rp @UofL The Banjo Mutts picked apart the Horny Ones as best they could this weekend. This does not make up for the 0-3-1 start, but it sure goes a long way. A 28-game season vanishes quickly. Carson Stadnyk and Carter Folk each had two goals for Sask, and Taran Kozun stopped 19 of 22 shots for the win. At the other end, Nikolas Amundrud started but was yanked mid-way with 11 saves on 15 shots. Taz Burman mopped up with 20 saves on 24 shots. Despite the sweep, the Mutts remain 1 point (!) behind the Horny Ones, who are now 3-3-0. ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 3 MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS 0 Links: LeagueStat: Summary Boxscores: CWHT : USP/CIS Stories: MRU : rp @CW : rp @UofA My guess is the Evil Monkeys were feeling the pressure after losing their Friday night home game in this series. They are now 5-1-0 (2nd place) and the Bluegars fall to 4-2-0 (3rd place). Tyler Soy Boy scored twice for the Apes. Brendan Burke made 21 saves for the shutout victory. Wyatt Hoflin started again for MRU, and stopped 29 of 32. REGINA COUGARS 1 U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 4 Links: LeagueStat: Summary Boxscores: CWHT : USP/CIS Stories: UBC : rp @CW : UofR Late Friday: UofR : USp/CIS Boxscore The T-irds needed a big 3rd period to put this one away. It was 1-1 after two, and a goal in the 1st minute of the 3rd set the stage. Rylan Toth stopped 29 of 30 shots for the win, and Brandon Holtby stopped 31 of 35 in taking the loss. UBC had 16 shots in the 3rd period. The wekend split gave each side their first win of the season. Every team in the CW has at least one win and one loss now. Next weekend the Birds come to town to face the Bisons in a Saturday night/Sunday afternoon double-header. OUT EAST AUS Sat Oct 19 Dalhousie 3 New Brunswick 4 (ot) Sat Oct 19 St. F.X. 3 Moncton 6 Sat Oct 19 UPEI 3 Acadia 4 OUA Sat Oct 19 Ontario Tech 5 RMC 2 Sat Oct 19 Brock 4 UQTR 7 Sat Oct 19 Guelph 4 Ottawa 5 (ot) Sat Oct 19 W. Ontario 2 Carleton 3 (ot) Sat Oct 19 Windsor 3 Lakehead 2 (ot) Sat Oct 19 Ryerson 5 Toronto 6 (ot) Sat Oct 19 Laurier 5 McGill 2 Sat Oct 19 Queen's 0 York 3 Sat Oct 19 Waterloo 3 Concordia 2 (ot) Links: • [USP/CIS S&R] • [OUA LS Daily] • [AUS S&R] * indicates link not active as i post NEXT UP Canada West Fri Oct 25 Mount Royal at Regina Fri Oct 25 Calgary at Saskatchewan Fri Oct 25 Alberta at Lethbridge Note: UBC at Manitoba on Sat and Sun Atlantic Wed Oct 23 UPEI at Saint Mary's Ontario Sun Oct 20 Nipissing at Cornell (NCAA) Wed Oct 23 Waterloo at Guelph Thu Oct 24 Laurier at Brock
  19. Well, my fears were confirmed. We laid a turd. We change coaches but same crap as last two years. We win faceoffs and outshoot our opponents by wide margins, but lose by a wide margin. How do you spell Talent Deficit? Making matters worse: Carter is human.
  20. Thanks...was my first game all season...what a dud. The arena renovations are nice but when the product on the ice sucks who cares? It is like a 3 ring circus in there nowadays with all the amenities and special effects and yet there is no atmosphere. The place seemed half empty and the fans are only partially engaged as there is so much other stuff going on, it is to the point of overstimulation. The most entertaining part for me were these 2 twenty something girls next to me (who obviously never watched much hockey) who were trying to figure the game out and making really funny comments. The best part is when we pulled Hart at the end and they are screaming about "where is the goalie ??? He better get his butt back in the net..."What is he doing??? He is going to cost us the game!!! Didn't he notice the play started???"
  21. Well at least they signed Stewart to get the crowd cheering....
  22. I’m going to get toasted for this but it starts at the top.... you’ve done a complete overhaul of coaching staff.... this team does it year in and year out of starting slow. I say it is time to move “a star” player if practicable. I’m sick of excuses for this team. Period.
  23. I thought any player past his entry level contract had to clear waivers before going down to the minors.
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    • Brayden Point Watch
      Nope. No signs yet that Point will sign with the Lightning, however, from what I have been reading the Bolts are confident they can get something done before training camp starts.

      A few links:
      One very good thing in the Bolts' favor is that Points seems to WANT to stay in Tampa Bay. 
      And why wouldn't he? Not only is it the organization that gave him his chance to be a star player, but it is a wining organization that, despite recent setbacks, still is on track to be a legit Stanley Cup contender for a few years to come.

      From what I understand, the locker room is pretty tight knit as well and players all over the league, both current and retired, can probably attest to how important that is not only for a winning culture, but for how much fun a player has "coming to work everyday".

      Montreal supposedly made a nice offer to his agent...it was turned down....and Point even seems to understand the situation with the Bolts' cap situation, though he obviously wants to maximize his own earning potential...and rightly so.
      Probably why things have taken as long as they have been.

      Some things I've seen talked about were bridge deals. A lesser amount than he would like, for a shorter term, to then, afterwards, cash in on a big max term, max dollar contract.
      3, 4, or 5 year bridge deals are being talked about. And with Point being only 23, it means that even after a 5 year bridge deal, he would still be in his prime at 28 to sign a big deal either with the Lightning or somewhere else.

      And is it a coincidence that the time frame for such a bridge deal goes right with when contracts such as Alex Killorn, Ondrej Palat, or even Tyler Johnson expire (each of those players are making anywhere from 4.5M to 5.2M each)? Hmmmm…….

      Will post things regarding Brayden Point on this thread as they become available.
      Other posters, are of course, more than welcome to add stuff as they hear them (links would be nice) or simply comment on the Point negotiations, how long a contract he ultimately gets and whether he stays on after a bridge deal (if that is the case).
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    • Coyotes New Owner: "We Are Staying in the Desert"
      From MSN
      From the Washington Post

      Looks like those saying the Arizona Coyotes will be moving elsewhere are gonna have to wait a bit longer.
      New majority owner Alex Meruelo, known for turning around failed businesses, said upon buying the team that he fully intends on keeping the team in Arizona and making it "a viable business".

      Great news for Yotes fans (the few I've met really are hardcore, believe it or not) and if this works out, he might be known as the "Jeff Vinik of the Southwest".
      Jeff Vinik, of course, is the Lightning owner, who, since taking over the team, has put lots of hard work, hired excellent hockey people, and has turned the Lightning from NHL joke, to perennial contender.

      May help Mr. Meruelo's efforts that his Yotes will be moving to the Central division in 2021 where he will be with teams and fanbases from Minnesota, St. Louis, etc...…. not only are the fanbases in the Central seemingly more rabid than those in the Pacific (taking nothing away from the Western Canadian team fanbases), but many retirees come from some of those Central division cities so even as the Yotes look to garner their own solid fanbase, they at least will more easily fill the building as Central division teams make their way to play the Coyotes with more regularity.
      I'm actually glad to hear this coming from the new owner as I honestly hate to see cities and areas lose pro teams.
      Sincerely hope he can put his past successes at turning around floundering businesses to work here and that he is successful.

      Hey, people said Florida was not a viable hockey market, and for awhile, that looked like the case...till Jeff Vinik came in (and pretty much had the same type of attitude towards turning things around that Alex Meruelo seems to have) and MADE it a viable hockey market.

      Much success to his efforts....and even now, he has a not-so-bad collection of players to work with.
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    • Post in Paul Fenton has been fired as GM after just one season.
      It's possible. But I think right now your biggest issue is timing. The Wild fired Fenton at a time is year where the replacement pool is such that if the candidate were any good, he'd already be working. 
      Leipold should get a lot of "credit" for badly bungling this situation (and it's on him if what you describe is accurate, and I think it is up an extent).  His statements indicate this started at exit interviews. 
      First of all, if you did any credible due diligence, you knew this before. But make a decision when you did realize it.  You don't go to the end of July, in hockey's no man's land (we'll call it "Miami," for short) and then make this move. 
      Leipold is nearly single-handedly destroying his own franchise. 
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    • To answer your question, what makes a good NHL GM?
      You noted player personnel wins and losses... But didn't cover anything else. Understandably, I get it, but IMO there's a ton more behind being a good GM.
      Looking at it from a fan perspective player personnel is about the only thing one could care about. But from an operations standpoint, or from an owners standpoint, generating $$ is all they ever put much emphasis on. Business, or rather being a successful business equals follow the money.
      Something I brought up several years ago was the Wild, under Doug Risenbrough, were an economically successful team. The team never spent to the Cap but they had sellout after sellout. Contrary to some the previous ownership claimed they were losing money. Where have we heard that with the Minnesota North Stars? Hence, they left for Dallas and won a Stanley Cup, 2 Conference Titles, 2 Presidents Trophies and 8 Division Titles... They're doing well generating revenue. They were bought for $84 million in 1995 and are now valued at $525 million. The Dallas Stars are a prime example of spending more (wisely) can create residual earnings. Which is something the Minnesota North Stars never figured out.
      Insert the Minnesota Wild. So under Robert Naegele, Jr., and GM Doug Risenbrough, as mentioned they ran a tight ship on spending. Wild fans here viewed them as cheap. The results as some pride themselves as describing, they're a successful team because they've had so many sellouts in a less than desirable "Hockey Market" because everyone here keeps reminding everyone (nationally) that Minnesota isn't a very good hockey market. (That's something I totally disagree with.) Minnesota probably has more hockey pucks and hockey arena's per capita than any other state or Canadian Providence... To match it's 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' boast.
      Granted, it's a bit off-topic talking about Minnesota's hockey market, but in the grand scheme of things no one can match Minnesota's superior high school hockey programs or the number of successful college hockey programs... Fans following them could have gone to more North Stars games, or more Wild games... But why if neither of those teams have anything to show for their efforts except being on the losing end of highlight reels (nationwide)?
      Okay, back on topic now that I've eliminated any just cause that Minnesota can't be a major hockey market.
      Read more ... https://www.hockeyforums.net/topic/71822-what-makes-a-good-nhl-gm/?do=findComment&comment=390931

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    • The more I'm thinking about this the more I'm coming to the conclusion it's not simply the coach but the result of the coach trying to compensate for the goaltending -- which is ultimately on Hextall. 
      The centers ARE a mess. And so is Ghost. Why? Because the centers are not staying low in the offensive zone and--Patrick and Coots in particular--not mucking it up in the slot to cheat back to hedge against being caught. 
      Ghost is doing less going low or pinching much for the same reason.  It's possible they're doing this on their own. Whether deliberate or not, it's a natural response to the knowledge that any mistake, any odd man or often even man rush the other way will end up past the incompetent sieves in our net. 
      It's just as likely that this is per coach directive much for the same reason. 
      The question remains--bluntly--how does a competent GM look at his goaltending this past summer and not move to fix this while leaving $10M in cap space on the table? 
      How does that same competent GM go through the summer knowing he doesn't have a 3C  and not move to correct that in any sober way? Again, with the $10M sitting there. 
      I know he doesn't want a contract that blocks kids and doesn't want to move said kids for it, but that effectively and explicitly tosses this season away. 
      Meanwhile, the tickets are still full price. 
      You see the results in the stands during the game. The last game, the stands had all the energy of a wake.  
      There was apparently zero thought of putting out a quality product this season. And there's no good reason for it. 
      I do like what Hextall has done with draft picks.  But it sucks that the most exciting time of year is the lead up to the draft.  Only to keep saying, "boy, in five years!" 
      I've been uncharacteristically calling for patience the last couple of years. Those who have been around for awhile--especially those from the silly.com days--know how out of character that really it.  But the patience has waned.   At this point, supplement through trade. Move out "leadership" that isn't leading. 
      Do SOMETHING other than punish kids you yourself have damaged only to bring up other soon to be damaged kids.  Wake the hell up and get the lumina out of neutral and go get us some damn halibut! 
      We're starving! 
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    • Why no Canadian NHL team will win the cup
      Gary Bettman who is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL) was brought in 30 years ago with one agenda, and that was to grow the game of hockey in the USA.  In Canada the game of hockey is like a religion, with winters lasting 6 months all there is, is hockey.  Fans are passionate and it's the number one sport.  Football and baseball come second and third.  Unfortunately for fans in Canada, no Canadian NHL team has won the Stanley Cup for 25 years since the Montreal Canadians have won.


      This thesis will explain why no Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup until at least 2050.

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    • Hey It works!
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