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    • Brayden Point Watch
      Nope. No signs yet that Point will sign with the Lightning, however, from what I have been reading the Bolts are confident they can get something done before training camp starts.

      A few links:
      One very good thing in the Bolts' favor is that Points seems to WANT to stay in Tampa Bay. 
      And why wouldn't he? Not only is it the organization that gave him his chance to be a star player, but it is a wining organization that, despite recent setbacks, still is on track to be a legit Stanley Cup contender for a few years to come.

      From what I understand, the locker room is pretty tight knit as well and players all over the league, both current and retired, can probably attest to how important that is not only for a winning culture, but for how much fun a player has "coming to work everyday".

      Montreal supposedly made a nice offer to his agent...it was turned down....and Point even seems to understand the situation with the Bolts' cap situation, though he obviously wants to maximize his own earning potential...and rightly so.
      Probably why things have taken as long as they have been.

      Some things I've seen talked about were bridge deals. A lesser amount than he would like, for a shorter term, to then, afterwards, cash in on a big max term, max dollar contract.
      3, 4, or 5 year bridge deals are being talked about. And with Point being only 23, it means that even after a 5 year bridge deal, he would still be in his prime at 28 to sign a big deal either with the Lightning or somewhere else.

      And is it a coincidence that the time frame for such a bridge deal goes right with when contracts such as Alex Killorn, Ondrej Palat, or even Tyler Johnson expire (each of those players are making anywhere from 4.5M to 5.2M each)? Hmmmm…….

      Will post things regarding Brayden Point on this thread as they become available.
      Other posters, are of course, more than welcome to add stuff as they hear them (links would be nice) or simply comment on the Point negotiations, how long a contract he ultimately gets and whether he stays on after a bridge deal (if that is the case).
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    • Coyotes New Owner: "We Are Staying in the Desert"
      From MSN
      From the Washington Post

      Looks like those saying the Arizona Coyotes will be moving elsewhere are gonna have to wait a bit longer.
      New majority owner Alex Meruelo, known for turning around failed businesses, said upon buying the team that he fully intends on keeping the team in Arizona and making it "a viable business".

      Great news for Yotes fans (the few I've met really are hardcore, believe it or not) and if this works out, he might be known as the "Jeff Vinik of the Southwest".
      Jeff Vinik, of course, is the Lightning owner, who, since taking over the team, has put lots of hard work, hired excellent hockey people, and has turned the Lightning from NHL joke, to perennial contender.

      May help Mr. Meruelo's efforts that his Yotes will be moving to the Central division in 2021 where he will be with teams and fanbases from Minnesota, St. Louis, etc...…. not only are the fanbases in the Central seemingly more rabid than those in the Pacific (taking nothing away from the Western Canadian team fanbases), but many retirees come from some of those Central division cities so even as the Yotes look to garner their own solid fanbase, they at least will more easily fill the building as Central division teams make their way to play the Coyotes with more regularity.
      I'm actually glad to hear this coming from the new owner as I honestly hate to see cities and areas lose pro teams.
      Sincerely hope he can put his past successes at turning around floundering businesses to work here and that he is successful.

      Hey, people said Florida was not a viable hockey market, and for awhile, that looked like the case...till Jeff Vinik came in (and pretty much had the same type of attitude towards turning things around that Alex Meruelo seems to have) and MADE it a viable hockey market.

      Much success to his efforts....and even now, he has a not-so-bad collection of players to work with.
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    • Post in Paul Fenton has been fired as GM after just one season.
      It's possible. But I think right now your biggest issue is timing. The Wild fired Fenton at a time is year where the replacement pool is such that if the candidate were any good, he'd already be working. 
      Leipold should get a lot of "credit" for badly bungling this situation (and it's on him if what you describe is accurate, and I think it is up an extent).  His statements indicate this started at exit interviews. 
      First of all, if you did any credible due diligence, you knew this before. But make a decision when you did realize it.  You don't go to the end of July, in hockey's no man's land (we'll call it "Miami," for short) and then make this move. 
      Leipold is nearly single-handedly destroying his own franchise. 
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    • To answer your question, what makes a good NHL GM?
      You noted player personnel wins and losses... But didn't cover anything else. Understandably, I get it, but IMO there's a ton more behind being a good GM.
      Looking at it from a fan perspective player personnel is about the only thing one could care about. But from an operations standpoint, or from an owners standpoint, generating $$ is all they ever put much emphasis on. Business, or rather being a successful business equals follow the money.
      Something I brought up several years ago was the Wild, under Doug Risenbrough, were an economically successful team. The team never spent to the Cap but they had sellout after sellout. Contrary to some the previous ownership claimed they were losing money. Where have we heard that with the Minnesota North Stars? Hence, they left for Dallas and won a Stanley Cup, 2 Conference Titles, 2 Presidents Trophies and 8 Division Titles... They're doing well generating revenue. They were bought for $84 million in 1995 and are now valued at $525 million. The Dallas Stars are a prime example of spending more (wisely) can create residual earnings. Which is something the Minnesota North Stars never figured out.
      Insert the Minnesota Wild. So under Robert Naegele, Jr., and GM Doug Risenbrough, as mentioned they ran a tight ship on spending. Wild fans here viewed them as cheap. The results as some pride themselves as describing, they're a successful team because they've had so many sellouts in a less than desirable "Hockey Market" because everyone here keeps reminding everyone (nationally) that Minnesota isn't a very good hockey market. (That's something I totally disagree with.) Minnesota probably has more hockey pucks and hockey arena's per capita than any other state or Canadian Providence... To match it's 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' boast.
      Granted, it's a bit off-topic talking about Minnesota's hockey market, but in the grand scheme of things no one can match Minnesota's superior high school hockey programs or the number of successful college hockey programs... Fans following them could have gone to more North Stars games, or more Wild games... But why if neither of those teams have anything to show for their efforts except being on the losing end of highlight reels (nationwide)?
      Okay, back on topic now that I've eliminated any just cause that Minnesota can't be a major hockey market.
      Read more ... https://www.hockeyforums.net/topic/71822-what-makes-a-good-nhl-gm/?do=findComment&comment=390931

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    • The more I'm thinking about this the more I'm coming to the conclusion it's not simply the coach but the result of the coach trying to compensate for the goaltending -- which is ultimately on Hextall. 
      The centers ARE a mess. And so is Ghost. Why? Because the centers are not staying low in the offensive zone and--Patrick and Coots in particular--not mucking it up in the slot to cheat back to hedge against being caught. 
      Ghost is doing less going low or pinching much for the same reason.  It's possible they're doing this on their own. Whether deliberate or not, it's a natural response to the knowledge that any mistake, any odd man or often even man rush the other way will end up past the incompetent sieves in our net. 
      It's just as likely that this is per coach directive much for the same reason. 
      The question remains--bluntly--how does a competent GM look at his goaltending this past summer and not move to fix this while leaving $10M in cap space on the table? 
      How does that same competent GM go through the summer knowing he doesn't have a 3C  and not move to correct that in any sober way? Again, with the $10M sitting there. 
      I know he doesn't want a contract that blocks kids and doesn't want to move said kids for it, but that effectively and explicitly tosses this season away. 
      Meanwhile, the tickets are still full price. 
      You see the results in the stands during the game. The last game, the stands had all the energy of a wake.  
      There was apparently zero thought of putting out a quality product this season. And there's no good reason for it. 
      I do like what Hextall has done with draft picks.  But it sucks that the most exciting time of year is the lead up to the draft.  Only to keep saying, "boy, in five years!" 
      I've been uncharacteristically calling for patience the last couple of years. Those who have been around for awhile--especially those from the silly.com days--know how out of character that really it.  But the patience has waned.   At this point, supplement through trade. Move out "leadership" that isn't leading. 
      Do SOMETHING other than punish kids you yourself have damaged only to bring up other soon to be damaged kids.  Wake the hell up and get the lumina out of neutral and go get us some damn halibut! 
      We're starving! 
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    • Why no Canadian NHL team will win the cup
      Gary Bettman who is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL) was brought in 30 years ago with one agenda, and that was to grow the game of hockey in the USA.  In Canada the game of hockey is like a religion, with winters lasting 6 months all there is, is hockey.  Fans are passionate and it's the number one sport.  Football and baseball come second and third.  Unfortunately for fans in Canada, no Canadian NHL team has won the Stanley Cup for 25 years since the Montreal Canadians have won.


      This thesis will explain why no Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup until at least 2050.

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  2. Jake would love it... ...he would have someone who would me him look like a Selke candidate...
  3. Indeed. Laine's two-way game (lol) is non-existent, which is to say he is a liability. Jets fans were prepared to cut him some slack and even compliment him on his play in the playoffs, where he did show a new level of engagement, but it was a small sample. I question his work ethic too.
  4. Updated roster for tonight’s game. Lines are guesses by Meltzer. Farabee-Giroux-TKJVR-Hayes-VoracekTwarynski-Frost-LindblomRaffl-Laughton-StewartProvorov-NiskanenHagg-Sanheim (LMAO)Morin-FriedmanHartElliott
  5. That's why I have hope that Gordon will get fired in Lehigh Valley and a disciple of AV will take over in Lehigh and get everyone on the same page. As for the 18 cuts, it was pretty much players that I didn't think would make the big club this year. No shame in that either. Guys like Ratcliffe and Sandstrom are going to benefit from it and a guy like Pascal Laberge has basically missed nearly two full years of development, so there's some benefits to him going to a low pressure environment and finding his game again. I do like what AV has done though in terms of seeing him grab the reins and he's dictating how things are going to be run. I don't know if this merits it or not, but something tells me Kevin Hayes is going to be his 'Keith Primeau' in terms of a veteran player who will relay the coach's message to the rest of the team. I wonder though if that will bend Giroux's nose out of shape in that the message isn't coming from him.......
  6. That and the -24 on a very good Jets team. I feel like his game and work ethic would fall out of favour pretty fast here. Flyers fans are pretty intolerant lol.
  7. One of the issues with the structure of the organization is that the Phantoms and the Flyers don't play the same system. Boston does, and you can see it. Everyone does the same thing, regardless of the level where they spend most of their time.
  8. A shot across the bow .. to the vets .. get going .
  9. There's no bridge just fields and fields of prairie. My gut tells me the Jets are actively considering trading him. The plan was to get both him and Connor signed together because it was the best way to ensure cap certainty. They only have ~$14.5M in space. So, if we see Connor signed soon, but not Laine, it could mean Laine is on the move. I could absolutely see them interested in Ghost, although with Buff's season and career uncertain they could be looking for a different type of Dman. To me, I think some of this drama going on is much ado about nothing, but Laine has not exactly covered himself in glory with his comments. Is he a head case? I dunno. He's still a teenager in many ways for sure. And I think the concern over his video game playing is real.
  10. I could see interest...he seems to have set his bridge to the 'Peg on fire. But I hope we wouldn't overpay for him. Goal scorers obviously hold high value. Head cases...not so much.
  11. It's just smoke is all...Eklund making popcorn in his mom's basement...
  12. Some more smoke... Flyers and Jets Talking?There is a ton of buzz right now that the Jets have interest in a D-man and the Flyers may be upping the package to take an outside shot at Patrik Laine....The Flyers are loaded with prospects and players, but many of them are similar...They do not have a sniper in the group....Could there be a fit here? We will be following this up for sure... Again, I just don’t see how the Flyers can make it work salary wise and - most importantly - improve the team.
  13. Hard to follow his instructions when you're thumbing through Instagram while he's talking...
  14. Haha, I knew I was forgetting someone. Agree with your analysis, but I don’t think Stewart makes it. To your point, my guess is they will carry 8 defensemen to start, leaving 13 forward spots and 2 goalies. G/Coots/TK JVR/Hayes/Voracek Lindblom/Laughton/Raffl Pitlick/Rubtsov/NAK Patrick Honestly, that roster doesn’t look very promising. There’s a big drop off in talent. Frost could be given a shot at 3C (Laughton to the 4th and Ruby to LHV) if Patrick is out for several games. He looked like he could actually make things happen offensively. Got a feeling Hagg and Morin are 7 and 8 until one is moved, probably sooner rather than later.
  15. Please NOTE .. Do not be alarmed .. YAHOO has the Draft times in PDT ..... Therefore I had to change to 4:00 PDT which equals 7 :00 PM EDT The draft time has not changed ...just the way it looks on YAHOO Sorry for the confusion ... ~doc
  16. Hard to install a system when your vets are dumber than dogshit.
  17. Sept 20: Shootout Loss on Friday Night REGINA COUGARS 4 MANITOBA BISONS 3 (in a shootout) Links: Summaries: LeagueStat : CW HockeyTech : UofM So I got to watch the pre-season home opener, caught my boy's friend's band, went home, got a cat nap, then started watching three Rugby World Cup games from Japan. Can I make it to 4:45 am when the All Blacks meet the Springboks? Might need another cat nap. The first news of the evening is the arena renovations. There was a smell of paint, large fans were at ice level to clear the fog from the glass (it rained immensely and we had very high humidity), the handicapped seating stickers were being applied as the game started, and the prices at the concession stand have suffered a major boost. But the upper deck was in place. I snapped a shot of the Ice signage due to finished before they open Saturday night. I snapped a picture from the upper deck. You can see the centre ice scaffolding which is still up. It's a nice view above the netting. You can't really see the boards beneath you from that vantage point. As for the game, the Bisons dressed 19 skaters. Here's the alignment: MANITOBA BISONS Goal 35 Brown (30 Lamb) Defence 3 Christensen 2 Henry 6 Dyck 4 Stanley 5 Schioler 28 Pouteau Forwards 14 Keane 25 Skrumeda 17 Veloso 29 Wasylak 12 Jameson 20 Apetagon 11 Carlson 9 Thiessen 15 Dalke 21 Harris 8 Barley 19 Halvorson 13 Labossiere Scratches 1 Link 10 Skoleski 16 Tripp 18 Goethals 22 Leipsic 26 Leblanc 27 Doerksen REGINA COUGARS Goal 35 Meger 30 Holtby Defence 22 Eisler 24 Hicks 2 Hilsendager 7 King 10 Eskra 28 Peel Forwards 23 Miller 13 Frei 12 Mickoski 20 Duperreault 11 Odelein 29 Campbell 27 Riddle 9 Chaulk 17 Ripplinger 21 Kreklewich 19 Platt 14 Coughlin Scratches 4 Schacher 8 Anderson 16 McCorrister 18 Adams 31 MacAuley 32 Barnstable Regina scored a soft one 3:40 into the game. Tristan Frei dribbled one underneath Tyler Brown's left pad. He'd like that one back. There was then no scoring until the 3rd period. Adam Henry pounced on a loose puck 7 minutes in to tie it. Then Jonah Wasylak tipped a point shot from Keaton Jameson to give the Herd their first lead 9 minutes in. The last 3 1/2 minutes saw a flurry of activity. Tanner Campbell tied the game when the Bisons vacated the d-zone to look for more goals, leaving a break-out opportunity for the Cougars. However Adam Henry restored the lead when he pinched in from the point to sink one in the open net. With the goalie pulled for an extra attacker, Regina evened the score again when Conner Chaulk converted a scramble. Neither the 4-on-4 nor the 3-on-3 produced a goal, and after 5 saves on the shootout, Chaulk scored the winner. Regina is now 1-2-0 and the Bisons are 0-2-1 in the pre-season. Rematch goes Saturday at 1:30 p.m. OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD CALGARY DINOSAURS 4 ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 3 Links: Summaries: LeagueStat : CW HockeyTech The Dinos rolled into Edmontown and gave the Evil Monkeys their first loss of the pre-season. Bedrock U is now 6-1-0 and Alberta is 4-1-0. Luke Harrison led the Dinos with two goals, including the winner. Brodan Salmond got the win (32 stops ion 35 shots). Brendan Burke gave up two goals on five shots in the first period before being yanked. Matt Berlin stopped 21 of 23 shots to take the loss in relief. The teams head south for Saturday's rematch. MACEWAN GRIFFINS 1 U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 6 Links: Summaries: LeagueStat : CW HockeyTech The T-irds now have convincing wins over both of next year's newcomers. They are now 2-3-1. Of concern, UBC dressed just 15 skaters. Holy injury bug, Batman! Tyler Sandhu led the way with a hat-trick and Matt Revel scored a pair. Rylan Toth got the win with 15 saves. Marc-Olivier Daigle (a former Monkey from 2015-16 who never played) recorded a 28 save loss. The Peter Griffins are now 1-2-0. This series also continues Saturday. OUT EAST AUS Sep 20 Moncton 2 Acadia 8 : AUS Boxscore INTERLOCKING Fri Sep 20 McGill 2 Saint Mary's 3 : AUS Boxscore[/i] Fri Sep 20 New Brunswick at York - cancelled due to ice issues OUA Fri Sep 20 Laurier 3 W. Ontario 4 : UWO S&R Fri Sep 20 Queen's 1 Ryerson 4 : RU Story Fri Sep 20 Toronto 2 Carleton 4 : UT S&R UP NEXT Canada West: Sat Sep 21 Regina at Manitoba (1:30 CDT) Sat Sep 21 Alberta at Calgary Sat Sep 21 MacEwan (ACAC) at UBC Sat Sep 21 Mount Royal at Lethbridge OUA: Sat Sep 21 Brock v Guelph (at Port Dover) Sat Sep 21 Laurentian at Lakehead cancelled Sat Sep 21 Laurier at Windsor Sat Sep 21 Ontario Tech at Ryerson Sat Sep 21 Toronto at Ottawa Sat Sep 21 UQTR at Concordia Interlocking: Sat Sep 21 McGill at Acadia
  18. Wow, has Voracek been that bad in camp? However, with Patrick hurt at the moment, it seems there are three open spots. I'd rank the chances as follows: Rubtsov has the best chance, imo. All quotes from management indicate he's done a lot to merit a spot. If Patrick is hurt, it makes sense to keep him up. Once Patrick is back, I think Rubtsov may go to the AHL unless he looks real good and forces Laughton to wing. Alternatively, I suppose they can try him at RW. Think Vorobyev could land a spot, but, unless he picks it up or Rubtsov falters, I think Rubtsov has him beat. I don't see Farabee or Frost making the roster. I don't think either of them has played in a way that makes it hard to send them to the AHL. Plus, I don't think bottom six minutes helps them much. Rather see them get top time in the AHL. Here's where things get interesting. -- Pitlick was a FA signing. It would be odd if they parted ways with him. -- Stewart seems to have done some good stuff in camp. Maybe he gets a spot on merit? -- NAK's waiver status makes me think they keep him. -- Andreoff is probably ticketed for the Phantoms. With Patrick hurt, I think Rubtsov, NAK, Pitlick and Stewart are on the roster. They will have a hard choice, and may lose a player to waivers, once Patrick comes back. I suppose they could send Rubtsov back to the AHL. More interesting to me is the logjam on defense...
  19. Smart move by AV. I'm going to guess it's not just the game that troubles him, but maybe practice/camp in general. In earlier quotes, he said Boston was playing its system whereas our guys were thinking their system. They clearly need more time/work. Hard to install a system when there are 50 guys in camp. Pare it down and work with the veterans and the few players that have a chance at an open spot.
  20. Me too. I think if nothing good will happen actually in a first 2-3 months of the regular season(by losing lots of games), then the current coach will be moved out of the team sooner than the end of the season. Kind of a pessimistic thought so far regarding our nearest team's future.
  21. I wouldn’t get too worried about some of these guys. There’s no reason to rush any of them to the AHL and especially the Wild. None of them are going to make an impact this season. Plus, the Wild already have guys under contract. They can’t just cut players to make room for marginal prospects. As far as the scoring, I’d wait until after the season starts. These preseason games are just a lot of mixing and matching. Yeah it would be nice to see the top line scoring more. But I’m willing to see what happens over the next few weeks.
  22. So far the team is doing well during the pre-season. 3 wins(against Boston and NY Rangers) out of 4 games. The last game against NY Rangers still is going (score is 4:1 in 13 minutes left of the 3rd period). Overall they were able to score so far 14 goals in those 4 games. Here is a link to a beautiful goal Maltsev was able to put into a Ranger's net: [Hidden Content] I think the team has a nice chance to make a playoffs this season.
  23. Sadly , Gordeev (already 20 y.o.) was assigned back to OHL . I think he was pretty good at the Summer Camp as well as at the Traverse City Tournament this fall. Among the all defensemen there he was the most noticeable player. I would prefer to see him in AHL at least to get more of professional experience and evaluate his play better and closer in Iowa Wild team. Sokolov, Lodnia, Dewar were already sent to the Iowa Wild. None of them as well as Guskov and Giroux were not involved in both pre-season games. Sturm so far was performing well during the summer and is performing well now this fall. But still production for the big club is very low - 2 goals in 2 pre-season games (1 goal from Hartman and 1 from Sturm). Where are abundant goals from the big players of the big club?
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