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  2. I can’t figure out why the wild are so hot to move zucker, and I’m fine if they do. However they had better get good return for him and whoever they get had better be under 30 years old. This team needs to get younger because it is a long way from being a true contender.
  3. Myself I don't even think about the trade route yet before exploring every option in free agency. It just seems like a move that could add even more heat to his seat if he doesn't hit on it. However no way I could fully say yeah or nah till I know what the return would be. I myself are just reluctant to move some of these pieces before I even know what I have in them. I would rather move pieces from the current roster that I'm not in favor of. But hey that's me.
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  5. He might be the perfect trading chip this summer. He was able to boost his value and that means Fletch has a viable alternative to offer in trades after other GMs ask for Frost or Farabee.
  6. One of the two he scored in the losing game was a minute or so after leaving the box. I like seeing that.
  7. The guy captained his team into the Memorial Cup (they were the 8th best reg season team) overcoming several series deficits (down 3-0, 3-1 and 2-0 in series), scored 65 goals in the process. He may have taken a few dumb penalties, like a lot of guys will when they play that much hockey. But he more than made up for them.
  8. Sorry but this doesn't prove this in any way i think more like an anomaly is all. Sure it's good to see teams like the Stars and Avs become relatent again i will say and well the Preds sure are the perennial underachievers no more than the Blues are. I just don't agree by any means...it's like saying hockey junkie is finally right now we should listen to him...uh....no thank you.
  9. Well, okay, but you did say "historically." The Central clearly had some strong teams this year. Actually, I would argue that if the Blues had had a decent goalie out of the gate and played as built (and arguably someone not named Yeo behind the bench), the central would have had a champ rivaling the Atlantic in points. As for "historically," I don't think you were saying anything particularly outlandish. I've seen that asserted elsewhere. I just don't agree with it. As currently constituted, "historically" really doesn't go back that far (six years including this one). The Met has actually won the last three Cups (a streak that will obviously end). I don't think I'd base a "strongest" argument based on that, though. But the Met has been strong. I think going back to the previous alignment, you've had strong Chicago teams and Detroit teams. And the Blues were at least a tough out in the regular season. Dallas, Nashville and the (perennially boring) Wild, too. Long post to say I don't think your claim was absurd or anything. I just think...I just disagree about putting the "historically" on it. This year? Yeah, I think that the conventional wisdom going into the year was that the central would be a beast to play in. It didn't disappoint, as far as I'm concerned.
  10. The new GM is an absolute asshat. [Hidden Content] 1. Here’s my sense of what’s going on with Phil Kessel: he vetoed a trade to Minnesota and the story is out because both teams are unhappy. He cannot be traded to the Wild without specific approval, and, if you know Kessel, you know he will stand up for his rights no matter what anyone else thinks. The fact it got out may make it even harder to complete, because he’ll push back against pressure. I’d heard things went badly last season between him and the organization, and this confirms it. He knows he will be traded because there’s no benefit to staying, but he’s going to make sure it is on his terms if the Penguins want to send him anywhere other than his eight-team list. My guess is Arizona would be high on his choice of destinations, but I don’t see an easy fit. The Penguins want scoring in return and the Coyotes finished 28th in goals-for. Memorial Day weekend comes at a perfect time for everyone to take a deep breath, drink some strawberry daiquiris, then search for a solution. 2. You know who else can’t be thrilled? Jason Zucker. That’s twice (Calgary at the deadline) he’s been sent somewhere, only to have it aborted. Someone is going to get a very motivated player. He must want to strangle someone
  11. Well, it appears that you are both in luck! If it were any other year I would probably concede that such a statement would likely be based more on my own regional bias than on factual evidence but this season such a claim can actually be quantified. At the end of the 2018/19 season, the top three teams in the Central Division were separated by but a single point (100-99-99), the closest race of any of the six divisions. Additionally, both conference wild card playoff slots were filled by teams from the Central Division. It is therefore inarguable that no other division in the NHL had a closer, more competitive race with more teams qualifying for the playoffs. So, by these criteria, an actual data-driven conclusion can subsequently be drawn that, this year at least, the Central Division was indeed the toughest in the league.
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  13. I've honestly never thought that and am not sure how that assertion is made.
  14. It may sound a bit corny but I believe the players on both teams feel an obligation to best represent the players in their own conference and, most of all, their own division. The Central Division is historically one of the toughest if not THE toughest in the league and I'm proud to know that the Blues are representing great teams like the Wild as they continue their pursuit of the Cup. Living in Houston, I got to watch a lot of really great future Wild players come through town with the Aeros of the AHL on their way up to the big show like Zucker, Granlund, Kuemper, Brodin, Scandella, Coyle, Harding, Haula....it was awesome seeing these guys develop. What a shame it is that there is absolutely NO pro hockey whatsoever in the nation's 4th largest city. When will we once again see hockey in Houston? More directly, when will we see an NHL franchise here?
  15. I really would like Blues to win(put their win in 7 games), because I would like to see a new Stanley Cup winner. Blues never won a Stanley Cup in their kind of long history and really merit that title with their talented young goaltender. Agree, it is mainly will be a battle between Binnington and Rask. The most toughest one will be the winner. I realize that Boston is more experienced hard team to play against, but still wish the best to Blues.
  16. Draft season is coming soon. After watching and analyzing the link about the 10 worst #1 overall draft picks of all times, I am thinking more that the Wild organization should always look for number #1 draft (overall or not overall it really does not matter) exclusively for the most promising highly scoring available forward player, but not a defenseman or a goaltender. Last year it was a huge surprise for our fans what did we picked as a #1 draft – a defenseman, who disappeared from any hockey world radars – NHL, AHL, and from a Sweden league. Here is link below about the 10 worst #1 overall draft picks of all times: [Hidden Content]
  17. The only problem I know of with Kadri is the fact that he hasn't figured out where the line is. On another note, a bit from Rick Wilson from the current 31 thoughts: 27. Wilson agreed to discuss a couple of the Flyers. I asked him about the belief Ivan Provorov was mentally affected by trying to secure a big second contract. “I don’t know if the contract bothered him, or if he was being pushed to get more offence to help that,” Wilson answered. “Instead of letting it happen with his natural gifts, he was forcing it a bit. When that happens, you start to overdo it. You’re never going to be perfect, but that makes it worse. Less is more. Let the puck do the work and catch up to it, instead of you doing the work.” He paused. “But (Provorov) has the right attitude. He wants to be on the ice all the time in every situation.” On 35-point man Travis Sanheim, a left-shot who was moved to the right side next to Provorov: “Very impressive. We gave him a lot to chew on and a lot of responsibility by playing him on his off-wing. It can be good and it can be difficult. He handled it fairly well, but going to his normal side will help him more offensively.” Wilson talked up Robert Hagg (“good penalty killer”) and Radko Gudas (“he worked really hard to stay in control”), adding both Samuel Morin and Philippe Myers are “both ready. They can play. The key is they will both hit a wall, as all young players do. What do you do then? How do you handle it? It’s not easy.” Wilson did not mention Shayne Gostisbehere, so I brought him up. He was careful. “I would just say that I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t help him bring more of his best on a consistent basis … he is very talented and it is in there.”
  18. It seems Kaprizov did pretty well there. I am glad that he received a good experience around those Russian NHL stars. Congrats to the all fans from Finland as well as to Lonkkis and to you Lynxrattle – today your team was able to beat a nice Russian team in an extremely tough game in semifinals with a score 1:0. From my observations for decades a Finland team is always bringing surprises. This tournament was not an exception too - they were able to win over a Canada team during the 1st game and over a Russia team in semifinals. And it seems it does not matter at all in those championships if the team was built from exclusively or NHL,KHL,AHL or from other leagues players. Probably an extreme motivation to win and to get medals(especially gold) is the main part in those surprising tournaments results. Nice examples were the teams last year from Switzerland during the World Championship and a Germany team during Olympics. Both teams got a silver medals respectively. A second semifinal game between a Canada and a Czech Republic teams just started recently. So far score is 1:0 for a Canada team.
  19. And in the elimination game him scored two goals so he brought it...it wasn't enough. All things come to an end.
  20. I hate to see the kid's run come to and end but they fought hard. But they played a Rouyn-Notanda Husky team that won a franchise 59-8-4 so it was no easy task. But now it's time for the big boy league. He will get his chance to fine tune his skating and has a good chance to wear an A for the Phantoms. He'll have a lot of good talent to work with next year they should push hard to make the playoffs.
  21. Watching this game with Guelph losing the cup on NHL network now. Kid’s got a HELL of a shot. But while Ratty looks promising, but what this piece fails to mention is his costly penalties. Still Frost, Farabee and Ratcliffe are a promising trio. lhttps://www.nhl.com/flyers/news/ratcliffes-magical-season-ends--philadelphia-flyers/c-307541954
  22. I honestly don't pay enough attention, so I'm wondering why he's a problem child. I just figured he's a 2C that had to drop to 3C because of Tavares and Matthews. But like I said, I don't pay enough attention. Is there more to that story? I agree though, that the Leafs are over the barrel, so I'd push the price down on what's going back.
  23. Yeah, I'm good with him coming to Philly. The caveat, as always of course, is what is going the other way.
  24. I would be blown away if Binnington melts down in the finals. He's been rock-solid when the team plays well in front of him. None but a very few number of goals allowed the entire playoffs have been his fault, most of them being of the high-danger variety like odd-man rushes and power plays. If the D plays the way they did in locking down San Jose I would almost guarantee that Binnington will be very strong in net for us. Will he be as good as Rask? Not sure....Rask has been other-worldly but I do believe that if Boston wins the series, it won't be due to any weakness on Binnington's behalf.
  25. Well I am not the scorekeeper. I thought I was the only one with the Blues? I have them winning it all. I think over Tampa like an idiot. I caved into conventional wisdom in the East. Who did you have winning? I have to go find yours. There are 14 entries. I guess if you did better than me before the final you could still beat me. If the Blues win, and I like them to, you cant win No, I looked it up, I have you beat up to the final. I have this. Its over
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