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  2. I have watched him as much as i could tonight and i have to say for a 6-5 forward i think he has ok speed and can't really label him slow. [Hidden Content] Flyers need a forward who is going to drive the front of the net. [Hidden Content] I would certainly take a hard run at him. Let the chips fall where they may...
  3. Vorachoke for Doughty straight up??? Any thoughts????
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  5. Amazing isn’t it ... really.... he sucked bantha fodder here and looks like Verizon’s Trophy candidate with the Canes..... I don’t get it. (Shaking my head). anyway.... best of 3 now with the Canes knotting the series up at 2-2.....
  6. @yave1964 Nice summary. Though you and I agree on a lot of things, I strongly disagree with you about the low point of the season. In fact, the low point, in my view, wasn't either spot you mentioned. It was the sequel to the Montreal Debacle that occurred as a part of the post-trade-deadline slump. The wheels officially came off during that stretch. Green was down for good. Our talent was depleted. We knew the season was over. What to play for? That Montreal game was the low point in that, if there was any game that we should have responded to by playing hard, it was that one. And we came out asleep! Dead! Unforgivable! The first Montreal Debacle was bad enough. But to do that TWICE?! Ugh! In stark contrast to you, I think the win streak at the end WAS a GOOD thing for this franchise. I understood Lughes for Hughes, BUT look at what Ottawa/Colorado got for all of their losing: 4th. We would have had to lose so many more games, and deal with the mental issues that come when you lose all the time. And for what? Picking two spots earlier. If it had gotten us a MUCH greater chance at a top-2 pick? OK, I buy it then. But it really doesn't as the results of the lottery show you. The difference between the 4th pick and the 6th pick? Not as big a deal, really. To me a strong argument can be made that the low moment of the season was when the Detroit Red Wings logo flipped on the card as getting the sixth pick in the draft, even with one team remaining in the hunt for a top-3 pick, dropping 2 positions from the default 4th if they had picked in reverse-standings order. No chance at either Hughes or Kakko. But technically, the season was already over at that point. BIGGEST SURPRISES: The play of Nick Kronwall. Appropriate I am mentioning this on Easter weekend, because the dude resurrected himself from the dead. If he wants to play another season, he darn well should. If he doesn't, he went out on a higher note that most of us thought he would. He gets the Steve Yzerman award for playing on two half-knees. The play of Taro Hirose. He made quite an impression in a short period of time. Not just THAT he had all of those assists, but HOW he got those assists. I like his smarts and intuition. Kudos to Jiri Fischer and the gang for getting that young man to sign with us. That was really a nice bit of unexpected hope added for seasons to come. And as you noted, the play of Luke Glendening. Perhaps one of this best seasons ever. I'm a little surprised he didn't get moved at the deadline. BIGGEST LETDOWN: OK, I'm gonna say it--the lack of immediate readiness of Filip Zadina. I just got too excited, I think. I was hoping with his pre-draft confidence that he was gonna drive himself to make an immediate impact. Not ready. Too soon. DANG! MOST SARCASTIC MOMENT: Justin Abdelkader scoring his first goal in half a season. Wooooow! <SMH> That contract is gonna look worse and worse, isn't it? And it was bad the moment it was signed! Not quite Riley Sheahan, but he's got a heckuva lot better contract than Sheahan ever had. And I guess I'll disagree about the Dead Things. You can't mention these guys with that era. Not yet. They aren't THAT bad. That era didn't know what parity looked like. The Dead Things were the opposite of parity. As bad as we are comparatively, we aren't NEARLY as far away as we were in the 70's-early-80's era. There's more hope here than there ever was there.
  7. I honestly think the Pens need a change of strategies. It looked like the Islanders knew what the Pens were going to do before the Pens did.
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  9. I am 54 years old so I grew up remembering the Dead Thing era. Looks like it is back. PRESEASON OUTLOOK Bleak. The Wings brought in aging vets Bernier and Vanek and resigned Green and Ken Holland finally started using the word rebuild about the team, they promised to take long hard looks at kids this season. FINAL RECORD 32-40-10 74 points 7th in division, 4th worst record in hockey. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR After a miserable 1-7-2 start a few vets such as Green got healthy and the Wing clawed their way over .500 with wins as November turned into December against stud teams like Toronto, Boston and St. Louis they climbed to 14-13-4 on December 10th. Shortly thereafter they began to lose more than they won and never sniffed .500 again. LOW POINT OF THE YEAR A lot of folks might say the 1-7-2 start which essentially buried the team coming out of the gate but I would disagree, I would say it was the hot play at the end of the year once they were out of it. On March 14th they lost their 12th of 13 after blowing a 3 goal lead to Tampa and actually had the worst record in hockey and the best shot at the Hughes sweeps. The low point IMHO is what came next, they went on a tear winning 8 of 9 meaningless games climbing to the 4th worst record and ended up 6th in the draft because of it. wHAT WENT RIGHT Larkin established himself as a pure stud with 32 goals and a point a game player with fire in his belly and ice in his veins. Athanasiou gave the Wings two 30 goal scorers for the first time in forever and also established himself as a force. Mantha and Bertuzzi gave the team 4 guys who all scored 20 or more. In what turned out to be a buyers market for players of their ilk Holland got a nice haul for Nyquist and Jensen of both picks and defenseman Madison Bowey who had a solid month and a half with the Wings. Kronwall played surprisingly well, Green was solid when healthy, kid blueliners Hronek and Cholowski were a mixed bag both essentially playing a bit more than half a season with the bigs but perspective, in half a season as rookies both scored more points in half a rookie year than Jonathan Ericsson has ever scored in a single season in his 12 year red Wings career. Howard was strong in net and quietly resigned for another year to stay in Motown. Dekeyser was good, kids Zadina and Hirose both created a buzz and excitement for next year. Unnoticed Glendening had a very solid season killing penalties, winning faceoffs and even scoring a bit. WHAT WENT WRONG Bernier signed for three years and was pretty bad overall. Green could not stay healthy and his career is in jeopardy. Abdelkader and Helm at this point are both just passengers who re collecting paychecks. Nielsen seems to have hit the wall and is sliding into 4th line territory for 2nd line pay but he does play hard, just not well. Promising kids Rasmussen and Ehn were non entities all yearmore was expected from both especially Rasmussen. They inexplicably resigned Coach Blashill to a 2 year extention. Daley and Ericsson look absolutely done. FREE AGENTS Vanek and Kronwall are both UFA and both will be accepted back if they want to come back. Witkowski has probably worn out his welcome, a bunch of AHL graybeards such as Cheli, Megan, McLrath and Sateri most of whom saw ice time this year will probably sign elsewhere as a lot of kids are pushing for time in Grand Rapids next year. OFFSEASON QUESTION MARKS Can they make a splash going for a big name veteran blueliner in free agency to mentor the kids? Can they find a way to work Zadina and Hirose into the lineup full time and get Rasmussen 15-16 minutes of quality ice time with quality linemates? There is some talent here, they are not going to turn the corner in a year but there are building blocks here but still a lot of salary tied up in players who cant play anymore. Next year Daley, Ericcson, Green, and Howard are all ufa's so all will be used to try to add more picks. They already have 5 picks in the first three rounds for each of the next three years so the rebuild is on its way.
  10. April 18, 2019 AWAY HOME Washington 2 Carolina 3 St. Louis 2 Winnipeg 4 Vegas 3 San Jose 4
  11. Yeah... that's why I'm looking a little harder at Pavelski. He'll likely sign for less to stay in San Jose... but if he was getable, I think he'd fit the bill. Yeah... I don't really have the time to research that one, but you're right. Hagg & Hartman?
  12. Yeah but you can't have your cake and eat it too. You don't want to sign a guy long term and block a kid. And the only ones who want be looking for long term are the older maybe not so good anymore have to take what they can get types. So that leaves the option to trade for a guy who is already under contract for maybe 1 or two more years at a a reasonable rate.
  13. They're out there. They're just old.
  14. I don't know. I said Avs in 6. Then again, I also said Tampa in 5.
  15. April 18, 2019 AWAY HOME Washington 2 Carolina 1 7:00 PM St. Louis 2 Winnipeg 3 8:30 PM Vegas 3 San Jose 2 10:00 PM
  16. No, they are not...in my view, the trading of a superstar seldom pans out as the stuff you get back rarely makes up for the loss of the star's contributions & leadership / swagger.
  17. This series is very back and forth. I think it comes down to game 7 in Boston where they will win it.
  18. Washington 4 Carolina 2 St. Louis 3 Winnipeg 2 Vegas 1 San Jose 4
  19. See, that's what makes no sense about Fenton's getting younger and faster plan. They have all these young, fast wingers but are intent on centering them with old river barges. So these old guys are going to have to either be super accurate and hit the breaking wingers with a stretch pass, or it's going to be more dump and chase and hope the young guys get to the puck first. Because if the team tries a possession system, the wingers are going be held up at the blue line while the center chugs up the ice... I think it would be unfortunate if the Wild trade Zucker. Personally, I think he just had contract hangover. I'd like to see what he could do in a second year. I know Russo said the other day in his podcast that Fenton almost did a salary recapture as part of the Granlund deal. I can almost see that idiot offering that AND Spurgeon just to get Nylander...coupled with the other stuff, Fenton sounds like a total prat...
  20. Winnipeg 5 St. Louis 2 Washington 3 Carolina 2 Las Vegas 3 San Jose 2
  21. I know consider the source yada yada yada [Hidden Content] Moving on from Malkin does extend the Crosby window in that he could and will bring back the pu-pu platter of prospects and midlevel guys or like Ek (cough cough) is saying the defensive stud needed to bolster the blue line and a prospect/pick. Are they as fearsome without ol' Malkinstein swingin' the elbows and lightin' the lamp ? I don't know. Depending on the deal it can give them some cap flexibility to help bolster their NHL depth. An interesting off season lies ahead in Pennsylvania
  22. guaranteed to happen if the Flyers go 5-10 in first 15 games of season.....
  23. Dude, I got you already. We'll just pull this baby out when we need it.
  24. so long as it isn't a Myers for 2 years of anonymous washed up middle 6 forward, i think i'm okay with sending quality out. If it's Ghost he better be bringing back immediate help, I fall into the camp of thinking he can still be a difference making player and I would be triggered and probably need a safe space should he be included in a deal where Ryan Suter and Eric Staal are coming our way. Same with Voracek, 1: he is one of Mrs Mojo's favorites, B: he drives play. iii: points- he does produce. So if he's leaving there better be dynamic, electric-skills and blah blah blah coming back that can help NOW, not in 2 years... I actually like @OccamsRazor 's idea of trying to work something with CalGary, he will be far away and won't light us up 8 times a year and they look to be underachieving, but less than us, also. So a shake up with the right quality guys could be win/win.
  25. Flyers Offseason Needs: 1) Competent back-up NOT named Elliot or Nuevy 2) A winger with a sniper shot (who shoots on the PP) 3) Veteran Defensman/Leader type Then you let AV come in and do his thing....ya know, an actual bonafide NHL coach! his record should at least get him a fair and open shot year one....THEN we start the "Fire AV" thread sometime around Dec no?.... :)
  26. Well, this sure has been an unpredictable round, huh? Avs one game away from knocking out the top seed in the west after an OT win right after another upset in the east
  27. I just want to see Fletch make some solid hockey trades. That means that we have to give up quality to get quality, and I'm sure some/most/all of us won't like some of the deals. He hasn't really made any significant trade or signing yet, so I'm still waiting to see what he's got up his sleeve.
  28. Was actually reading some Malcolm Muggeridge. That dude was the master of turning a phrase. It may have rubbed off a little. Having said that, we Wings fans know how LONG that shadow can look/feel when you are living in it. It seemed like it took FOREVER for that day when we would play the Avs and avenge Lepieux’s assault on Draper to arrive after the Avs eliminated us in 1996. That was a LONG offseason for Wings fans. But looking back on it, it really wasn’t long before we got out of that shadow and into glory! (And P.S. my “Longfellow” isn’t my feet! ;-D )
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