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  2. I still want to believe he was suffering from Big Contract pressure, Which he put on himself. Gripping his stick too tight was an understatement. Virtually every chance was botched and it snowballed all season. I can't believe in such a drop off in ability would happen that quick. If he hadn't signed that contract and this happened, That's a different story. Given a chance to reflect on it all, Zucker may go into this season a bit more relaxed and hopefully regain his play of the season before last. People seem to love Carly, But to Tweet things like "If you want to stay in Minny, You better start playing like it" Doesn't help a bit when someone's struggling. Might/Probably said in jest but C'mon. She's probably annoyed Fenton to the point of trading him to shut her up. Fenton seems bent on trading him, But I'd like to see him back. If he was to regain form He'd be a strong asset. He's still young enough and has obvious speed in which what was Fenton's 'Big Plan'.
  3. Ok May 27, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 Boston 2
  4. May 26: Where's the News? It has now been two weeks without news in the CW. The Bisons announced some recruits (per the last post) but no other team has an official announcement of recruits. So we need to look at news from other areas for now. One of UBC's assistants is leaving the nest. Kelvin Cech is leaving to coach the Winkler Flyers in the MJHL. Believe it or not, this is the only new news on a CW team page, other than the Bisons. Last year UBC was laying on the announcements. Links: ➤ UBC: Kelvin Cech joining the MJHL’s Winkler Flyers as new head coach Perhaps you saw the just-ended IIHF World Championship. For me, one game of interest was at the end of the round-robin when Great Britain beat France for 7th place and the right to return next year. There were two USports grads on the Team GB roster - Tim Billingsley (from the Cartoon Ravens) and Mike Hammond (from the Lakehead Thundermutts). Both played from 2011-12 to 2014-15. Links: ➤ Elite Prospects: Billingsley : Hammond : Team GB ➤ Ice Hockey UK: RUSSELL NAMES 25-MAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SQUAD The AUS is the first conference to release a schedule. The story doesn't say too much about it. I do not see it uploaded as yet to the USports site. (Although the way that site is run, that may not happen until January anyhow.) Links: ➤ AUS: 2019-20 AUS men's hockey schedule announced ➤ AUS: Schedule MacEwan's shift from the ACAC to the CW was already posted. However there is additional discussion of the topic our in Saudi Alberta. The story at the Red Deer Advocate claims that the ACAC will be down to 9 men's and 4 women's teams after the move. Did I miss two new men's programs being added to the ACAC? Links: ➤ Red Deer Advocate: RDC set for new hockey reality with Griffins departing for USports ➤ Edmonton Sun: MacEwan University hockey programs heading to another level rp @ Sherwood Park News
  5. Fiala dominating against Austria doesn't mean much to me. The World Championships features a few 'A" teams, some "B+" teams and a bunch of clear B/C teams. Suter looked like crap for Team USA. Kaprizov was a minor player for fairly star studded Team Russia. Still, Fiala has to be a stud considering what Fenton gave up to get him. That's not Fiala's fault, that's all 100% on Fenton for putting all his eggs in one basket. Fenton's latest miss, with the Kessel swap again flies in the face of the younger faster pledge. Did anyone catch Russo talking about how Johansson wasn't Flahr's pick as much as he was Fenton's choice. Ouch.
  6. Another fortunate trade where someone managed to veto it. As much as I'd love to see Victor Rask to go; losing Zucker for Kessel and Jack Johnson is a big mistake. Older, arguably slower...and more expensive. The younger and faster mantra is just BS spin for his previous crappy trades. The truth is he is just flying by the seat of his pants or ownership is trying to push all of his Wisconsin' buttons because Suter thinks its a great idea. By the way, let Kessel stay Pittsburgh's problem. As for Zucker, he may be motivated next year, he may not be. His wife has already said she's not leaving the Twin Cities. He was invisible far too often last year. He wasn't using his speed or demonstrating his scoring touch nearly often enough. Do I think it will stay that way if he sticks around. Maybe...but he clearly isn't a player Fenton seems to like very much.
  7. He needs to get some more grit to his game and discipline and if the does that a Simmonds type is exactly what i can see for the kid.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I'm in. Will draft for any team. With this caveat: my work and commute schedule could cause a delay. If it becomes as much as an hour, please @pilldoc or @hf101 draft my slot in the interest of keeping it moving. Once you let me know a team, I can even give one or both of you a top 3-4 names for that slot if you want to keep it with what I would pick (it's okay either way).
  10. count me in as always, I would like to do the Wings and another team as well.
  11. PRESEASON OUTLOOK The Oilers were hoping they had enough to make the playoffs with more or less the same roster as the season before when they missed badly. FINAL RECORD 35-38=9 79 points 7th place in their Division. Missed playoffs by 11 points. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR Todd McLellan was mercifully relieved of his duties November 20th with the Oilers sitting at 9-10-1, Ken Hitchcock took over and the team bought into his system, Koskinen was more or less installed full time in net benching Talbot, the Oilers started winning and on December 14th after beating the Flyers 4-1 they sat at their high point of the year at 18-12-3 and they looked to be a playoff team. LOW POINT OF THE YEAR Then reality set in. They lost their next 5, being outscored 25-12 in the span, won a few and lost a few then completely fell of the cliff losing 11 of 12 from mid January to mid February essentially wrecking their season. WHAT WENT RIGHT They traded Talbot who has clearly lost it. koskinen came back to North America after dominating the KHL for years and had a very fine year although he struggled late. McDavid had a fantastic 116 points, Draisatl had 105 including 50 goals. RNH was very solid bouncing between the top two lines and center and the wing. Alex Chiasson came out of nowhere to net 22 goals. Kassian was a rugged 4th liner who surprised with 15 goals. Defenseman Nurse was a monster, Klefbom when healthy was a fine contributor. They swpt both McLellan and Chiarelli giving hope for the future. WHAT WENT WRONG Pretty much everyone Chia had brought in a few years earlier bombed. Talbot sucked, Lucic continues to atrophy into an embarrassing paycheck stealer, Larsson has clearly slowed finishing among the worst in the league at minus 28, Sekera couldn't stay healthy and in 28 games managed zero goals. Rattie was awful, Tobias Rieder came aboard for secondary scoring and in 67 games didn't score a single goal. They kept bringing in veterans with nothing left in the tank, Garrison, Gagner, Zykov, Manning, Petrovic, Wideman, Strome, Spooner all came aboard, all failed badly to varying degrees. This team has one line and a couple of solid defenseman and a decent goalie, nobody else did anything. Kids who are supposed to be good such as Yamamoto and Puljarrvi were neither good nor interesting. FREE AGENTS Chiasson was the teams 4th scoring forward on a team in desperate need of two more good lines, he is an UFA as is decent backup goalie Stolarz, an effort will be made to resign both. Others such as Petrovic and Gravel will almost certainly not be retained. OFFSEASON QUESTIONS The first one was anwered when Kenny Holland was signed as the new GM after being run out of Detroit. Holland has a solid rep but for the past decade has overpaid veterans and screwed up the cap in Detroit as they have become the oldest team in Hockey and maxing out the cap while missing the playoffs for 3 years running. The big question is who will coach, Dave Tippett is rumored to have been offered the job by Holland and would be a solid signing.Can Holland find a way of trading Lucic? He would have to give assets to get someone to take his contract, perhaps Arizona who is always fighting to get to the floor would take him if Holland threw in a pick. Will Puljarvvi ever be a player or is he the next Yakopov? Can they find a way to trade Larsson and or Sekera? My opinion is the Oilers have the making of a damn fine defense in Benning, Bouchard, Jones, Nurse and Klefbom, they have two superstars in McJesus and Draisatl and a damn fine player in RNH but little else up front. I would not be surprised to see Nurse dangled to fill a top six forward slot as he has more trade value than Larsson and they need to aggressively build a better group of forward or the team is going nowhere.
  12. Again, historically. And like I wrote before, I've seen others say Central so it's not outlandish. It's also extremely hard to defend considering one division out of four has won three cups out of 5 since current alignment. And that division ain't the central. What the central has is great regular season teams that, aside from Chicago, are perennial chokers. For whatever that's worth, I think that changes this year. I certainly think one can make an argument in favor of the central division. But I don't think it's open/shut and I certainly don't buy "historically."
  13. I'm in, and will draft for any team.
  14. Good Morning Everyone, With the Stanley cup Finals soon to start as we head towards the end of May and with the celebration of Memorial Day, that means we are not to far off from that annual right of passage for some Junior Hockey players known as the 2019 NHL Draft. In a few short weeks from now, the 2019 NHL Entry Draft will be the 57th NHL Entry Draft. . The draft will be held on June 21–22, 2019 at Rogers Arenain Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As we have done in years past, we here at HF.net have held our own mock draft. If you are are interested in participating in this years mock Draft, please sign up below and answer the poll question listed above. To all our new members from the Wild Forum, we welcome the opportunity for you to join us. ( example: 2017 Mock Draft) When signing up, please list 2 or 3 teams whom you would like to pick for. I will try to honor all requests but do realize that it is impossible to honor all those requests. Ideally we would love to have as many members participate as possible. If not then some will be picking twice or three times. Here are the rules: The draft window will be about 6-8 hours. (of course, there will be flexibility but try to stay on schedule possible). We do allow and understand tolerances for work schedules and family events. Try to make the pick as realistic as possible. (Don't purposely let a Hughes or Kakko drop to #24 or #25. There of course, will be some surprise drops) There are NO TRADES. (we all know trades can happen, but it is too complicated for all parties involved) @hf101and @pilldoc will try to have a running draft order on the HF..net Draft page so everyone knows who has been picked. A sidebar table will also be visible on the Activity Page. I will also list it below. After you have made your selection, please use the @(mention members name) function to notify the next person on the draft order that they are now the clock. Have fun with it. Remember there is no right or wrong answer here. If you disagree with someone's pick then discuss it and make a case why you think the pick is not in the best interest of that team. Please use this thread exclusively for your picks and discussion. When making your selection, please include a GM or scout-like quote about that player and stating why you selected him. Videos are also nice to add to your write-up. We would like to have a confirmation of all participants by June 7th, with the Mock Draft stating around the 10th. (I understand the SCF may or may not be over by then, but we will adjust on the fly for the last two spots in the draft order) That gives me enough time to list the Draft Order of all of those participating. # NHL Team 1 New Jersey Devils 2 New York Rangers 3 Chicago Blackhawks 4 Colorado Avalanche (from Ottawa)1 5 Los Angeles Kings 6 Detroit Red Wings 7 Buffalo Sabres 8 Edmonton Oilers 9 Anaheim Ducks 10 Vancouver Canucks 11 Philadelphia Flyers 12 Minnesota Wild 13 Florida Panthers 14 Arizona Coyotes 15 Montreal Canadiens 16 Colorado Avalanche 17 Vegas Golden Knights 18 Dallas Stars 19 Ottawa Senators (from Columbus)2 20 New York Rangers (from Winnipeg)3 21 Pittsburgh Penguins 22 Los Angeles Kings (from Toronto)4 23 New York Islanders 24 Nashville Predators 25 Washington Capitals 26 Calgary Flames 27 Tampa Bay Lightning 28 Carolina Hurricanes 29 Buffalo Sabres (from San Jose)5 30 Boston or St. Louis 31 Boston or St. Louis TEAMS IN BOLD HAVE MULTIPLE PICKS IN 1st ROUND - Ideally we should have same person do both picks. Notes The Ottawa Senators' first-round pick will go to the Colorado Avalanche as the result of a trade on November 5, 2017 that sent Matt Duchene to Ottawa in exchange for Kyle Turris, Shane Bowers, Andrew Hammond, a third-round pick in 2019 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[7] The condition – Colorado will receive a first-round pick in 2019 if the Senators' first-round pick in 2018 is inside the top ten selections and the Senators decide to defer the pick to 2019[8] – was converted on June 22, 2018. The Columbus Blue Jackets' first-round pick will go to the Ottawa Senators as the result of a trade on February 22, 2019 that sent Matt Duchene and Julius Bergman to Columbus in exchange for Vitalii Abramov, Jonathan Davidsson, a conditional first-round pick in 2020 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[9] The condition – Ottawa will receive a first-round pick in 2019 if the Blue Jackets' first-round pick is outside of the top three selections in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft – was converted when the Blue Jackets clinched a spot in the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs on April 5, 2019. The Winnipeg Jets' first-round pick will go to the New York Rangers as the result of a trade on February 25, 2019 that sent Kevin Hayes to Winnipeg in exchange for Brendan Lemieux, a conditional fourth-round pick in 2022 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[10] The condition – New York will receive a first-round pick in 2019 if the Jets first-round pick in 2019 is outside of the first three selections – was converted when the Jets qualified for the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs on March 23, 2019.[11] The Toronto Maple Leafs' first-round pick will go to the Los Angeles Kings as the result of a trade on January 28, 2019 that sent Jake Muzzin to Toronto in exchange for Carl Grundstrom, Sean Durzi and this pick.[12] The San Jose Sharks' first-round pick will go to the Buffalo Sabres as the result of a trade on February 26, 2018 that sent Evander Kane to San Jose in exchange for Danny O'Regan, a conditional fourth-round pick in 2019 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[13] The condition – Buffalo will receive a first-round pick in 2019 if Kane re-signs with the Sharks for the 2018–19 NHL season[14] and if the Sharks qualify for the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs – was converted on May 24, 2018 and March 19, 2019, respectively.[15] The St. Louis Blues' first-round pick will go to the Buffalo Sabres as the result of a trade on July 1, 2018 that sent Ryan O'Reilly to St. Louis in exchange for Vladimir Sobotka, Patrik Berglund, Tage Thompson, a second-round pick in 2021 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[16] The condition – Buffalo will receive a first-round pick in 2019 if the Blues first-round pick is outside of the top ten selections in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft[17] – was converted when the Blues qualified for the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs on March 29, 2019.[18] Thank You for your participation. We had a blast last year and I expect nothing different this year.  Good Luck and Have Fun!  ~doc
  15. Completely agree about this opinion regarding Blues. I have same strategy for years - do not change team's chemistry during the trading winter time, because it is a too short period (about 2 months or even less) for building a new one before the crucial end of the season. I still believe, if the Wild will not made a multiple trades in February this year than we will be in playoffs this season. In my opinion, better to make most trading during the summer time and build a new chemistry since.
  16. As a Wild fan I would like to say regarding the perennially boring Wild too. It sounds kind of slightly diminishing for me. We were involved into the last 6 out of 7 playoffs seasons and sometimes we played not boring at all and had a nice drive during the games too, especially through the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons. 2018-2019 season - maybe it was mostly boring, but definitely destructing because of our results.
  17. [Hidden Content] Evaluating Philadelphia Flyers Prospect Isaac Ratcliffe in The Memorial Cup By Rob Brent - May 26, 2019 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter GUELPH, ON - MAY 6: Isaac Ratcliffe #19 of the Guelph Storm skates against the Ottawa 67's in Game Three of the OHL Championship Series Final at the Sleeman Centre on May 6, 2019 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The Storm defeated the 67's 7-2. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images) The Guelph Storm’s season may have ended in disappointment after a 6-4 loss to the QMJHL champion Rouyn-Noranda Huskies in the 2019 Memorial Cup semi-finals, but the Philadelphia Flyers should be pleased with the progress of their 2017, 35th overall draft pick Isaac Ratcliffe. Over the last several weeks, the team went on a run for the ages through the Ontario Hockey League playoffs. The Storm overcame multiple series deficits, including a 3-0 hole to the London Knights, to capture the J. Robertson Cup. The Storm entered the tournament as long shots despite a bounty of talent that includes Ratcliffe, Montreal Canadiens prospect Nick Suzuki, and Los Angeles Kingsprospect Sean Durzi. Isaac Ratcliffe Showing Progress When the Flyers first selected Ratcliffe in 2017, the forward was a raw talent. More project than prospect, Ratcliffe presented a unique bundle of attributes that needed refinement and growth. After his stellar play in the OHL playoffs and Memorial Cup, the forward is poised to deliver on promising talent. The forward has put on weight, allowing him to better use his 6-foot-6 frame to protect the puck. He has also greatly improved his stick handling ability. This was shown in a highlight reel goal against the CHL goaltender of the year, Ian Scott of the Prince Albert Raiders, in the Storm’s final round-robin matchup. 91 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy Isaac Ratcliffe has also continued to work on his skating, a crucial skill in the more speed-oriented style of play in the new NHL. His ability to make adjustments, skate at high speeds, and move in front of the net is elite for a player of his towering stature. Ratcliffe’s stellar play showed up on the scoreboard, finishing with three goals and three assists in four Memorial Cup games. Under Development The Memorial Cup served as proof of Ratcliffe’s growth. It also revealed areas in which he must still improve. Chief among these issues is showing discipline in key situations. The left winger finished the tournament with eight penalty minutes in four games. These were often crucial mistakes including a stick infraction that led to Rouyn-Noranda’s opening goal in the semi-final matchup. When at his best, Ratcliffe plays a physical game, so taking penalties will happen. These infractions, however, must not occur in crucial situations when his team needs him on the ice. Playmaking ability is another area that Ratcliffe needs to develop further. He is capable of making high-level offensive plays, but often foregoes passing in favour of playing the puck along the boards. Ratcliffe’s center, Nick Suzuki, serves as the primary playmaker for the Storm first line, and it shows. As a left wing, it is not Ratcliffe’s priority to be a passer, but more poise with the puck would be a dangerous weapon. Projection for Isaac Ratcliffe Ratcliffe will likely start next season playing for the Flyers AHL affiliate, The Lehigh Valley Phantoms. He should definitely grow, however, into a legit NHL player with top-six potential. Ratcliffe could develop into a premier power forward, a dying breed in today’s NHL. His unique mix of skating ability, soft hands, and hockey IQ should protect him from the pitfalls that power forwards face in the modern game. He could be a perfect fit as the net-front presence the powerplay has missed since the departure of Wayne Simmonds. This diverse set of skills make Ratcliffe an exciting prospect for the Flyers organization. Look for Ratcliffe to play most of next season in Lehigh Valley but could be a full-time NHL player by the 2020-21 season.
  18. An interesting and a very speedy World Championship this year. You can watch many full time games by looking on YouTube. Many surprises/results I have seen from most teams there. I am still thinking that the motivation to get any medals(especially gold) in these tournaments is extremely/superbly high. And it does not matter too much how professional are the players, because the motivation there is helping to move mountains. Same happened with USA team in 1980 when they able to beat a tough USSR team. And now at this IIHF World Championship same happening with a Finland team, which able to beat a very nice Russia team in semifinals (with a score 1:0) and winning now with a score 3:1 over a super professional Canadian team 3 minutes before the end of regulation. Team from Russia have got a bronze medal in a very difficult game today against a Czech Republic in SO with a score 3:2. Even without medals I would like to mention nice teams from USA, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Slovakia. Congrats to a Finland team, which have got a gold medal this year in a very tough tournament.
  19. Let’s make an agreement from our disagreement . Let’s put this way – Central Division from the Western Conference is so far a tougher Division than the Pacific Division. For years that Division is the smallest (7 teams) one, but multiple times that Central Division is providing 5 playoffs spots to a Stanley Cup. Maybe I am wrong , but it seems for me for years Metropolitan Division is a tougher Division than the other one from the Eastern Conference. In general, for me, Eastern Conference this year was much more attractive and stronger than the Western Conference. But the winning finalist will be just one or from the Eastern Conference or from the Western Conference. At the end we will find, which Conference was better and lucky this strange 2018-2019 season. So far I am already surprised that on this(72 replies) topic we have more than 1,700 views. An interest for the final outcome is too high.
  20. Blues 5 Boston 2 Blues Hoist the Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Same opinion. He needs a really smart young and fast helpers for his better production. I do not remember that Boudreau tried to combine him with Kunin and Donato as a 1st line. As a routine for the Wild organization the older and much slower players should be moved down because of the current level of the modern professional hockey. No any exceptions should be done for the old love buds/love pets.
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