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    • Brayden Point Watch
      Nope. No signs yet that Point will sign with the Lightning, however, from what I have been reading the Bolts are confident they can get something done before training camp starts.

      A few links:
      One very good thing in the Bolts' favor is that Points seems to WANT to stay in Tampa Bay. 
      And why wouldn't he? Not only is it the organization that gave him his chance to be a star player, but it is a wining organization that, despite recent setbacks, still is on track to be a legit Stanley Cup contender for a few years to come.

      From what I understand, the locker room is pretty tight knit as well and players all over the league, both current and retired, can probably attest to how important that is not only for a winning culture, but for how much fun a player has "coming to work everyday".

      Montreal supposedly made a nice offer to his agent...it was turned down....and Point even seems to understand the situation with the Bolts' cap situation, though he obviously wants to maximize his own earning potential...and rightly so.
      Probably why things have taken as long as they have been.

      Some things I've seen talked about were bridge deals. A lesser amount than he would like, for a shorter term, to then, afterwards, cash in on a big max term, max dollar contract.
      3, 4, or 5 year bridge deals are being talked about. And with Point being only 23, it means that even after a 5 year bridge deal, he would still be in his prime at 28 to sign a big deal either with the Lightning or somewhere else.

      And is it a coincidence that the time frame for such a bridge deal goes right with when contracts such as Alex Killorn, Ondrej Palat, or even Tyler Johnson expire (each of those players are making anywhere from 4.5M to 5.2M each)? Hmmmm…….

      Will post things regarding Brayden Point on this thread as they become available.
      Other posters, are of course, more than welcome to add stuff as they hear them (links would be nice) or simply comment on the Point negotiations, how long a contract he ultimately gets and whether he stays on after a bridge deal (if that is the case).
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    • Coyotes New Owner: "We Are Staying in the Desert"
      From MSN
      From the Washington Post

      Looks like those saying the Arizona Coyotes will be moving elsewhere are gonna have to wait a bit longer.
      New majority owner Alex Meruelo, known for turning around failed businesses, said upon buying the team that he fully intends on keeping the team in Arizona and making it "a viable business".

      Great news for Yotes fans (the few I've met really are hardcore, believe it or not) and if this works out, he might be known as the "Jeff Vinik of the Southwest".
      Jeff Vinik, of course, is the Lightning owner, who, since taking over the team, has put lots of hard work, hired excellent hockey people, and has turned the Lightning from NHL joke, to perennial contender.

      May help Mr. Meruelo's efforts that his Yotes will be moving to the Central division in 2021 where he will be with teams and fanbases from Minnesota, St. Louis, etc...…. not only are the fanbases in the Central seemingly more rabid than those in the Pacific (taking nothing away from the Western Canadian team fanbases), but many retirees come from some of those Central division cities so even as the Yotes look to garner their own solid fanbase, they at least will more easily fill the building as Central division teams make their way to play the Coyotes with more regularity.
      I'm actually glad to hear this coming from the new owner as I honestly hate to see cities and areas lose pro teams.
      Sincerely hope he can put his past successes at turning around floundering businesses to work here and that he is successful.

      Hey, people said Florida was not a viable hockey market, and for awhile, that looked like the case...till Jeff Vinik came in (and pretty much had the same type of attitude towards turning things around that Alex Meruelo seems to have) and MADE it a viable hockey market.

      Much success to his efforts....and even now, he has a not-so-bad collection of players to work with.
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    • Post in Paul Fenton has been fired as GM after just one season.
      It's possible. But I think right now your biggest issue is timing. The Wild fired Fenton at a time is year where the replacement pool is such that if the candidate were any good, he'd already be working. 
      Leipold should get a lot of "credit" for badly bungling this situation (and it's on him if what you describe is accurate, and I think it is up an extent).  His statements indicate this started at exit interviews. 
      First of all, if you did any credible due diligence, you knew this before. But make a decision when you did realize it.  You don't go to the end of July, in hockey's no man's land (we'll call it "Miami," for short) and then make this move. 
      Leipold is nearly single-handedly destroying his own franchise. 
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    • To answer your question, what makes a good NHL GM?
      You noted player personnel wins and losses... But didn't cover anything else. Understandably, I get it, but IMO there's a ton more behind being a good GM.
      Looking at it from a fan perspective player personnel is about the only thing one could care about. But from an operations standpoint, or from an owners standpoint, generating $$ is all they ever put much emphasis on. Business, or rather being a successful business equals follow the money.
      Something I brought up several years ago was the Wild, under Doug Risenbrough, were an economically successful team. The team never spent to the Cap but they had sellout after sellout. Contrary to some the previous ownership claimed they were losing money. Where have we heard that with the Minnesota North Stars? Hence, they left for Dallas and won a Stanley Cup, 2 Conference Titles, 2 Presidents Trophies and 8 Division Titles... They're doing well generating revenue. They were bought for $84 million in 1995 and are now valued at $525 million. The Dallas Stars are a prime example of spending more (wisely) can create residual earnings. Which is something the Minnesota North Stars never figured out.
      Insert the Minnesota Wild. So under Robert Naegele, Jr., and GM Doug Risenbrough, as mentioned they ran a tight ship on spending. Wild fans here viewed them as cheap. The results as some pride themselves as describing, they're a successful team because they've had so many sellouts in a less than desirable "Hockey Market" because everyone here keeps reminding everyone (nationally) that Minnesota isn't a very good hockey market. (That's something I totally disagree with.) Minnesota probably has more hockey pucks and hockey arena's per capita than any other state or Canadian Providence... To match it's 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' boast.
      Granted, it's a bit off-topic talking about Minnesota's hockey market, but in the grand scheme of things no one can match Minnesota's superior high school hockey programs or the number of successful college hockey programs... Fans following them could have gone to more North Stars games, or more Wild games... But why if neither of those teams have anything to show for their efforts except being on the losing end of highlight reels (nationwide)?
      Okay, back on topic now that I've eliminated any just cause that Minnesota can't be a major hockey market.
      Read more ... https://www.hockeyforums.net/topic/71822-what-makes-a-good-nhl-gm/?do=findComment&comment=390931

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    • The more I'm thinking about this the more I'm coming to the conclusion it's not simply the coach but the result of the coach trying to compensate for the goaltending -- which is ultimately on Hextall. 
      The centers ARE a mess. And so is Ghost. Why? Because the centers are not staying low in the offensive zone and--Patrick and Coots in particular--not mucking it up in the slot to cheat back to hedge against being caught. 
      Ghost is doing less going low or pinching much for the same reason.  It's possible they're doing this on their own. Whether deliberate or not, it's a natural response to the knowledge that any mistake, any odd man or often even man rush the other way will end up past the incompetent sieves in our net. 
      It's just as likely that this is per coach directive much for the same reason. 
      The question remains--bluntly--how does a competent GM look at his goaltending this past summer and not move to fix this while leaving $10M in cap space on the table? 
      How does that same competent GM go through the summer knowing he doesn't have a 3C  and not move to correct that in any sober way? Again, with the $10M sitting there. 
      I know he doesn't want a contract that blocks kids and doesn't want to move said kids for it, but that effectively and explicitly tosses this season away. 
      Meanwhile, the tickets are still full price. 
      You see the results in the stands during the game. The last game, the stands had all the energy of a wake.  
      There was apparently zero thought of putting out a quality product this season. And there's no good reason for it. 
      I do like what Hextall has done with draft picks.  But it sucks that the most exciting time of year is the lead up to the draft.  Only to keep saying, "boy, in five years!" 
      I've been uncharacteristically calling for patience the last couple of years. Those who have been around for awhile--especially those from the silly.com days--know how out of character that really it.  But the patience has waned.   At this point, supplement through trade. Move out "leadership" that isn't leading. 
      Do SOMETHING other than punish kids you yourself have damaged only to bring up other soon to be damaged kids.  Wake the hell up and get the lumina out of neutral and go get us some damn halibut! 
      We're starving! 
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    • Why no Canadian NHL team will win the cup
      Gary Bettman who is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL) was brought in 30 years ago with one agenda, and that was to grow the game of hockey in the USA.  In Canada the game of hockey is like a religion, with winters lasting 6 months all there is, is hockey.  Fans are passionate and it's the number one sport.  Football and baseball come second and third.  Unfortunately for fans in Canada, no Canadian NHL team has won the Stanley Cup for 25 years since the Montreal Canadians have won.


      This thesis will explain why no Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup until at least 2050.

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  2. Sure and with his contract i think they keep him around unless they can get a good deal for him. He isn't hurting anything being a 7th Dman those guys have a place in the lineup too he just turned 24 so no need to rush and make a decision. It will sort itself out once they get on the ice and play some games.
  3. It could also just as well be him that's hurt, given his history. He's never played a completely full season, but did play full-ish seasons in 2012, 2016 and 2017. That impacts development, and it also impacts the decisions that a team makes when they're considering a player's future in their organization. We see it every year across the league.
  4. I don't see why that is?? He is signed for a very good deal and isn't hurting anyone by being the 7th or 8th defenseman. If anything it's Hagg who is only signed for the upcoming year who should be worried....he doesn't have a spot in the top 6 and is 400K more expensive than Sam and Morin can do anything Robert can do. If Sam shows he can contribute it will push Hagg out the door sometime this year or at least by the trade deadline. Sam just has to stay healthy and even in 2020-21 he will be a nice option for depth on the back end for only 700K. Injuries happen and before you know it first week of the season he could be on the bottom pair.
  5. I think, as always, there will be injuries and Morin will get to step in and that's when Morin has to step up. He has to show elements that no other Flyer dman can match, which is toughness , protection of teammates and he has to show shutdown ability and use his incredible reach. He has to play a smart game and not goon it up. If he can become half the dman that Chara is, then it's a bonus for us. Unfortunately, sitting in the press box for who knows how long, is not gonna help his game grow and improve. I think he will be given every chance to beat out Haag and if Ghost is eventually traded or taken in expansion, he will get a real chance. Nobody has his size, toughness and reach. He can become a great shutdown guy.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I'm good with the pick. I've always defended him and continue to. But the prognosis for him as a Flyer doesn't look great. He could very well go on to have a great career. I'm not sure it's here. It's more the injuries than his fault.
  8. I guess with the ability of hindsight i guess the Flyers could have taken a few guys instead of Sam. Josh Morrissey, Nikita Zadorov and Shea Theodore come to mind. Hey maybe Sam still works out. 44 days and 23 hours till the puck drops... [Hidden Content]
  9. Well, that’s what you get when you make the playoffs. Middle to low first round draft picks. And you’ll get nice players there, but not game changers. And that is what the Wild is full of. Nice players. Until the owner acknowledges that the team needs a rebuild, the Wild will continue to spin their wheels. And eventually the reliance on Parise, Suter and Koivu is going to blow up in their face.
  10. Thanks IllaZilla for the Athletic presentation. It is sounds kind of depressing (#22) . According to the Athletics evaluation no much optimism in their projection and, unfortunately, not giving any chance for the prospects improvement/development. I agree that the Wild fans are always thinking about a better outcome/overvalue of some players/prospects and that is normal, because they are the Wild fans and want to see more team's success than they really having at this moment. Personally, after what nice hockey level I did see during the Development Camp this summer I am feeling more optimistic about our prospects and their future development into a real professional players. The progress was evident. Before this summer I was much more skeptical for decades about our prospects talent and their development. Like I said before, I believe that at least 3 current prospects are going to be our team's difference makers. Maybe initially with some their up and down inconsistency. We just need to find them attentively, develop well but not disturb by critics. I am sure most of them are reading our messages. Probably, the Traverse City Tournament this fall will be the first step of that differentiation between the past and the future. Hope, I was not wrong in my prediction. Time will tell us.
  11. Sam Morin. I like the guy. I"ve wanted him to succeed. But @jammer2 is right that it's do or die for him this season. And @JR Ewing is right that he's not a Fletcher draft pick (or from Minnesota). Morin doesn't really suffer there more than anyone else because none of the young Flyers' defensemen are Fletcher draft picks. But I agree that he also won't be given any kind of pass as a result, either. But I'm thinking about the defense currently on the Flyers and those right there. This has been posted enough that I'm sure people are sick of it, but maybe worth it again in this context. Provorov ~ Niskanen Sanheim ~ Braun Gostisbehere ~ Myers Extra: Morin, Hagg Morin is already going to have hell of a time cracking the line up as is. Then, Friedman is about ready and may already have been ready last September. Others in the system include Zamula, Ginning, Hogberg, Wylie, Bernhardt, and we just spend a first round draft pick on Cameron York. Myers is probably Morin with offense. So, it's quite possible Morin's window as a Flyer has already passed and they just need to show he''s healthy before moving him. They didn't get Niskanen or Braun to sit. Provorov and Sanheim are not going to sit. I suppose Morin could rotate in and out with Ghost and maybe Myers, but that won't last long. I don't know, but I don't like Morin's prognosis as a Flyer.
  12. I think his injury history will not work in his favour...however, valid point...the regime change gives him a somewhat longer leash. I dont think his skating improves much at this point, his ticket to the NHL will be hockey sense and defensive zone awareness.
  13. He's under contract for 700K the next two years you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper depth defenseman...I think he seizes this chance.
  14. Well with a new GM that is pretty much everyone in the system who he didn't personally select from Patrick to the equipment guy. I feel Chuckles has the intention of giving everyone a chance who is currently under the Flyer umbrella...Morin no different. They will sort it out. I think he has a place within the club. Guess we'll see because at the end of the day it's what THEY think.
  15. It is do or die time for Sam. He does not have to be stunning but solid and dependable are a must at this point. There comes a time in every prospects time line that demands progress, regardless of d men taking longer and injuries in this case. We have reached that point. He simply has to put it all together this fall. Another injury would spell his inevitable end in the org...his fault or not. There comes a time when you have to pull the plug. I have been a big proponent of patience with Sam..but the time to deliver has indeed arrived.
  16. Yeah, I agree completely. I just want the best players that I can get, regardless of who picked them. If the last guy is canned, but the pick works out for me, I'm happy.
  17. Or NOT from Minnesota....which is an asinine way to build a team.
  18. Sorry you forget one thing...and NO Andrew F**KING Macdonald!!!!!!!!!!! Carry on.....
  19. It's really true. GMs are much quicker to move on from draft picks who aren't their own.
  20. That Sabre's sweater is pretty sweet. Helpful too is the fact the gold is already in the team's color scheme. I wasn't keen on the Flyers golden anniversary sweaters. this is a good look imo
  21. this carries a lot of weight. he's not from Minnesota either so...
  22. I have always thought the VeeGees ® Radoran all rights reserved were good players. As fans we've been having to talk ourselves into the Dale Wiesse's and Matt Read's of the game as viable secondary scoring threats for so long some people have become understandably gun shy. Truly this year there should be no excuses for poor play. New coaches, a pretty good top 9 group of forwards some young studs in the making on the blue line, some vets who can play and have demonstrated track records of success...( can you tell I've been working on my resume'?) Finally a goaltending prospect. Last year the goalie carosel was truly a team wrecking situation. But the expectation from the goaltending was, well these guys don't suck... This year the bar is set higher. I'm bullish on this team too, I think they could be very good and exceed expectations. Sign the two young guys and let's drop the puck already.
  23. Those were just the top ten prospects under 23 that The Athletic listed. Eleven through 23 were: 11. Louis Belpedio D (Good: Skating, hands, skill, compete. Bad: No projectable role. Doesn't do anything particularly great) 12. Brandon Duhaime RW (Good: Skating, hands, skill, compete Bad: Does everything well, just not great.) 13. Adam Beckman LW (Good: Scorer, skill, finisher Bad: skating, undersized (6'1", 168 lbs)) 14. Kaapo Kahkonen G (Had impressive first half of the season, faded in the second half. Needs to show more to move up) 15. Ivan Lodnia RW (Good: Skill, playmaking, scoring Bad: size, skating) 16. Connor Dewar C (Good: Skating, scoring, playmaking, compete Bad: speed, size) 17. Fedor Gordeev D (Good: size, skating, skill Bad: hockey sense) 18. Filip Johansson D (Good: skating, compete, hockey sense Bad: scoring) 19. Hunter Jones G (Good: athletic goalie Bad: loses focus, trouble tracking puck) 20. Simon Johansson D (Good: skill, playmaking, scoring Bad: skating, defense) 21. Marshall Warren D (Good: skating, compete Bad: size, inconsistent offense) 22. Dmitry Sokolov RW (Good: scoring, skill, shot Bad: defense, play away from the puck) 23. Matvei Guskov C (Good: playmaking, size, vision Bad: inconsistent) Honorable mentions: Brennan Mennell Luke Johnson Damien Giroux Nick Swaney Nikita Nesterenko Sturm wasn't included in the Top Ten List because he is 24. But he was reviewed as their #4 prospect (which is odd). Sturm is being projected as a 3C-4C. According to The Athletic, Hentges does everything well (speed, quickness, skill, set up, finish, compete, etc.), just not spectacularly. He was an integral part of the #1 ranked St. Cloud State team as a freshman. If he continues to develop, he is projected as a bottom six guy. And that's the knock with most of the Wild prospects. They project as good players, not great players. None of them project as players that will make a difference or that you can build a team around. And it's nice seeing someone who isn't involved with the team making these evaluations. I think Wild fans have a tendency to overvalue the prospects and players on the team.
  24. Very cool. I'll take it because I didn't disagree with anything he said prior to that. I really wasn't being sarcastic or ironic or whatever with my post. Barring an extended injury to Carter Hart, I'm really very bullish on this season.
  25. a) He's 24 and barely played hockey for the last two years, and b) He's not one of Chuck Fletcher's picks, so c) If he becomes a regular NHL player, I think it will probably not be as a Flyer. Of course, I could be very very wrong about that, but history shows us that's the likely outcome.
  26. I forgot to mention one more forward prospect who is merit our special attention also – Adam Beckman(2001). Hope to see him in the Wild uniform at the Traverse City Tournament too. Regarding our 5 prospects goalies, having more interest to see there Lindberg, Kahkonen and Robson. More skeptical about Baribeau and Jones performance because their overall stats are not too promising.
  27. I am not sure why did they put Sam Hentges on that list? According to his stats of the last 3 seasons - nothing is too exciting. I also would like to add a few more promising youngsters to this list - Dewar, Firstov, Lodnia, Sokolov, Giroux, Guskov, Sturm, Nesterenko. I am sure, that out of those 12 players not involved yet to the big club , we will be able to find at least 3 players(our possible hidden treasure), capable to make a huge difference to our Wild team and able to produce consistently 30 and more goals per season. Just I do not believe that we are so poor on a real talent. Good exciting news came not long time ago from our Jason Zucker - he is having a goal on 30 and more goals production every season for the Wild team. Definitely he has that chance and potential, if will not be injured (physically and psychologically). Interesting news I found out recently, that Traverse City Tournament is approaching to us in about 3 weeks. For the first time Toronto team will participate there by replacing usually a strong Carolina team. Here is an article from Detroit about it. [Hidden Content] IMO, if most our mentioned above players will be involved there, then we will get a chance to win that tournament for the first time in our history. No Wild roster yet published for the tournament. Hopefully soon. So far intriguing roster as well as intriguing tournament for the talent exposure. And preparation for it should be done more seriously and better. Hope, Tim Army with his Wild team will get the Cup of that extremely tough and short tournament.
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