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  1. I'm cool with it as well. My initial reaction was "Whoa - that's a lot for a guy on the books for $5MM+ for three more seasons who might have peaked 2 years ago...". We don't need Derick Brassard 2.0. That said, top 6 minutes on the Pens is not the same as top 6 minutes on the Wild (all due respect). I'm optimistic he'll fit in nicely. It's really the pick and Addison. Galchenyuk had to have been a throw in for salary space (i.e. - the deal gets done with or without him). And...JR still has most of the cap space from Guentzel on LTIR to play with. It's all about maximizing the Crosby/Malkin window at this point.
  2. It's also due to the fact that they had 98 points two seasons ago, 96 two before that, and 94 two before that when they lost in 7 to the Cup Finalist Rangers as a "good sign." In between those years they had 84, 88, 82 points. It's not that there aren't "good signs" (ahem). It's not that they're playing particularly poorly. They're not. They're playing pretty well. It's that this has happened essentially three times in the past seven years and all of them ended in first round losses. In between those years they fell on their faces and missed the playoffs. Rightly or wrongly, that's where some fans see Jeckyll and Hyde. Of course, in sports past results are not a definite predictor of future results - and this team does have some differences from the others (as the others did from each other) - but that's not to say that after seven years fans don't have reason to be skeptical. This team - and the "core" especially - has something to prove - and they've just got to go out and prove it. And not "haven't lost two in a row in over a month" prove it. Not "beat up the Caps" and "took 3 of four points against the Pens" prove it. I mean make the playoffs and actually achieve something in the playoffs prove it. Until then, they remain emblematic of the least successful stretch of hockey in the organization's history. That's just the unfortunate fact. There's only one group of guys who can change that. And just for the record, I think they can do it. They're 26 games away. So go do it.
  3. Team is playing solid team hockey. That's the important thing. That's what they need to make the playoffs. They will.likely need more once they are there. But the team playing solid as a team is the foundation upon which to build. Still much more to do.
  4. Obviously, this is related to the Hawks ending their title drought. The goal itself is really nothing special, as has been noted. It would be hard for me to believe that the "goal of the decade" came six months into the decade and that there wasn't a bigger one since, except that the best album of the '80s was released in (the United States) in January, 1980... (don't @ me, bro) In the end, these sorts of lists are interesting for the people that make these sorts of lists.
  5. It's absolutely true that in any given game any team can beat another team. But parity with the bubble Habs - and a 4-1 home loss - and OT/shootout regular season wins against the Bruins and Blues are two different things. Flyers need to "get up" for top teams and eke out regular season moral victories. Blues and Bruins can play below their top game and get points in the standings. I'm hoping we can see what this team can do in the playoffs. But they're going to need to beat teams below them in the standings to get there. No better example than the Habs who wish they has the six points they gave up to Detroit. Two Cup Final teams know what it takes to get there and most likely have that extra gear to get to on the way. A team that hasn't won a playoff series in seven years looks for regular season moral victories and gives up points on the way. I'm happy to give them credit for the three of four wins against top competition. I'm not giving them an excuse for laying an egg at home against the Habs. Thankfully neither is the coach. And I readily admit that this group doesn't have a long leash with me after the worst decade of hockey in organizational history. Prove. It.
  6. Don't take them lightly. Take care of business. Put this team down. Keep taking steps forward.
  7. Yeah, that does make sense. I would agree certainly that Myers is much more attractive than Ghost at this point. That said, I wouldn't be giving up Myers for Johnsson or Kapanen for exactly the reasons you've mentioned. To me, a guy like Myers is much harder to find than a likely mid-six winger like those two. But yeah, if I'm Dubas, starting with Myers would make more sense than Ghost. He seems to be much more of what they need anyway. The Leafs don't need another Ghost. This may be one reason why a trade between PHI and TOR is unlikely at this point.
  8. I will admit I don’t know the Leafs team inside and out, I just watch about 15 of their games per season. Unfortunately, I am a Ducks fan and we suck this year. But when we picked Gibson over Freddy I was so mad. I always liked Toronto but that trade made me a bigger fan of the Leafs! He is my favorite goalie, in Anaheim we would joke he was the Danish Canelo, always so calm and stoic in net. He can stick handle the puck and shoot as good as I’ve seen. As for the Leafs, I agree with others they need to be more physical imposing. I watched Jake Muzzin play in LA his entire career (cause I get their games locally) and when jake was traded I totally disagreed with the headlines saying “Toronto beefs up” etc etc. Jake is a great D man but I used to watch him shy away from the fights and physical play. Maybe the criticism is unfair but he’s a big dude and can play a lot heavier if he chooses. If they can get another veteran D-Man I think Toronto can go far. The only thing that makes me less optimistic is they’ll end up playing Boston in the playoffs. I’m not a fan of the new playoff format. I understand they want more divisional rivals but I think the 2 best teams should meet in the conference finals.
  9. Maybe we should go with a 4-man PP and go short-handed as the norm.
  10. [Hidden Content] We need to re-visit this again???? It's like a bad penny.....
  11. I hate the All Star game. Especially now with all the gimmicks. Either play it as a game or don’t do it at all. Stop with the ever changing formats. Stop with the ever changing jerseys. Stop having the fans vote. Just stop.
  12. Breaking: Michael Leighton will NOT be named NHL goalie of the decade.
  13. He has a very average shot. It's not particularly quick, or hard, or accurate. And so he's also not a confident shooter. He puts it in the goalie's bread basket most of the time. Has he worked on it? Not a lot of evidence for that. I don't understand how players don't improve parts of their game. It's their job, it's all they do.
  14. Hockey Wilderness did something similar to this... [Hidden Content] Not sure if I agree with a majority of the players getting "B's"...to me if they were "B" players the team shouldn't be dead last in the Central...
  15. Ever been to HF Boards? That place is a cesspool and Flyer on Flyer murder!
  16. Not official yet but Darren Dreger has stated that Kings forward Toffoli has been dealt to the Canucks, all players/picks going both ways to be announced within the hour. Great add for the Canucks who are one of the leagues top surprises this year.
  17. I'm the same, really. I love the Flyers and watch them to be entertained. In past years, I'd watch no matter what the score was or how boring the game was. But ever since Hex/Hak took over, I found myself tuning out for large parts of games and seasons, honestly. I'd rather write music or go to the gym or go out with friends. If we can make the playoffs this year, and show some real competitiveness, that will go a long way to rekindling my interest!! Man, ain't nothing like playoff hockey.
  18. I never understood the partying thing. If it gets in the way of games or practice or their overall health, then the coach or management needed to step in, but otherwise, these are 20-something kids most of whom never went to college or lived in a city with any kind of a "scene". Showing up hung over all the time and hence reducing your efficacy was a player is a problem and if the team can't keep an eye on that or step in with corrective measures, then that's really on the organization IMHO. But people seem to get jealous that Richards and Carter got to party and get it on with attractive young women... which... come on, really?
  19. Carter still would have missed the GW goal in game 6.
  20. Until the restraining order was issued. Now he just watches from more than 100 yards away.
  21. The whole league is weird this season. Leafs are still in a playoff spot. Who was expecting Vancouver to be near the top of the west? Or Columbus to be near top of the east after losing Bob and Panarin? Who was expecting Winnipeg, Nashville and San jose to suck this bad? At least you get Ottawa, NJ and Detroit for easy points. on paper they were expected to be where they are. The hard fall of the ducks and LA kings is hilarious to me but now I am joining them with a team on paper that should have been way better. With even league average goaltending the sharks are likely in a playoff spot. We have had league worst goaltending
  22. I don't have a problem with the way Hayes is playing at all. But he's months into a 7 year deal. On pace for his usual 40-something points. At $7 million a year. If that's money well spent I don't know what to say. There's worse contracts out there, there's worse on the team... but that doesn't make his good. Again, i'm talking about his contract, not his play.
  23. Dumba Strikes in Overtime as Wild Win 3-2 Over Chicago They seemed to have a sense of urgency, which is good. But it all is way too late. Koivu...honestly, shoot the dog and find someone else. He can't do his job and is too slow to keep up with the pace of play. The penalty kill actually did their job tonight, but they still have 3 tough games this week. Zucker seems to be checked out IMO. I have a full game recap, prospect news and an extended Iowa Wild report too. Enjoy...
  24. Almost... ...cheer up it's almost over sometimes you have to venture to the bottom of the barrell to find your way out and think of it this way you may get a nice consolation prize from sucking so bad come draft time...it can be a key piece to a quick rebuild sometimes.
  25. I also think medical technology and knowledge has advanced quite a lot in the last 40 years. There is more known now, similar to weather technology, now there are tornado warnings that are quite accurate based on models and radar signatures, in the 70's you knew a tornado was coming when you saw the funnel cloud. The truth will cost you everything.
  26. As for Gritty...haven't we all seen enough of this guy to know if you're going to a meet and greet with him you should expect a punch in the face?
  27. Well we saw a good team tonite, TO has the talent to thrive in the current NHL, it needs the leaders to lead and the followers to follow. TO's d was excellent tonite but that was because they had the proper support from the forwards, it isn't TO's d that's horrendous it's the commitment from the forwards to help defending. TO's lack of bruisers wasn't missed tonite, TO's speed had Pitts. on edge all night, TO out manned Pitts., out skated them, it's what TO should be.
  28. The future Wild stars turned out to be overrated. Zucker is going to be good and he was good here but he is not a number one option so he will be great being third or 5th in the Pens. Nino is and will always be streaky. Granny, is he still in the NHL? Coyle solid third line center that costs more than Ek. Next we will have to trade away Dumba to get rid of Doobs. Brodin for a Center, sounds like for Vincent Trocheck and a piece. Hopefully we can get Staal and Koivu to waive no movement clauses to get some more pieces. Looks like Galchenyuk, when he is playing fast, is a good player. I have no idea if it is motivation or what but he seems big enough to play and can shoot, would love him on a cheap deal. Kaprisov, hopefully, is coming over That is a hell of a top line if we have Fiala, Kap and Trocheck. Second line with Zuccarelo, Kunin and Donato. Third Line with Greenway, Ek, Foligno. Fourth Line use as a scoring line because the third line can do both check and score. Add in an NHL goalie that can actually make a real save and steal a game and we do not look too bad.
  29. Does anyone find it funny Parros is the head of player safety? I used to watch this guy beat the crap out of players on the ice! Anytime the ducks needed energy the crowd would start to grunt “alright put Parros out there already!” LOL.
  30. The Flyers are manic depressive. They usually play a good second half, but can be awful in the first lately. The injuries may have the Flyers come out underestimating the remainder of the Jackets... though home ice is good the the Flyers this year.
  31. This is two years old, but it may be of interest to you. I found it interesting anyway: [Hidden Content]
  32. Folks in LA might be a little more used to young punks having more money and getting more **** than they do.
  33. All i can do is pray he fully recovers...scary stuff.
  34. I appreciate you seeing everything through o/b lenses. However, I dont share your enthusiasm. Until I see a team that can win in the playoffs, and continue to get better as the seasons go, I wont jump on the bandwagon. I believe in the coach and i like the GM. I dont think G should be stripped of the "C", and I dont think I ever said that. If I did, i misspoke, because that is not how I feel. However, I think he is declining as a player and isn't doing a good enough job as captain. Fact is, maybe he just cant anymore. And when you have three main scorers (jake, jvr, G) all regressing, being a team just good enough to make the playoffs does not give me joy-joy feelings
  35. I don't know how that Sea Sloth, Sashsquatch, of a Sigmund the SeaMonster does it but Kevin Hayes can Scoot! It's like he puts everyone in the opposition on Slow MODE and stays in front of them to score Shorties and breakaways....Bravo! Good Sir.....Bravo.
  36. Well I got the 5 right. Im not even close to insightful or smart, so how did I know? Easy. They were playing a team they were supposed to beat. Wash...rinse...repeat I think this team is a total work of fiction. The reason they are beating better teams, i suspect, is because those teams are playing down to the flyers, like they supposedly do to weaker teams. This makes them appear better than they are, when in reality, they are equal to the bottom teams in the league. Again, fiction, or farce if you prefer
  37. No I put some of it on Elliott. Sure no one person cost them the game. But I know what he didn't do is win it for them. And I didn't watch the whole game and I just watch the condense version this morning over a cup of coffee and what he also didn't do is stand out....but I'm sure it was a Pens conspiracy to leave out all his good plays they fell on the clipping floor. At some point he has to bring it while games are dwindling away the Pens Captain showed up but hey they have the break excuse. Exactly and it's time. They need him now.
  38. My wife told me last night so not sure how true it is but when they found Kobe's body he was still hugging his daughter. Sorry I can't speak for anyone else but thinking about that and being a father it left me very emotional last night before bed. I had to get up and go kiss my little girl who was sound asleep...sometimes we forget in our lives how much worse things could be. Love them while you can...
  39. Is Kapanen Sami's kid?!....If so, Land him on THAT alone. LOVED me some Sami Kappenen back in the day.... (Google Kasparitis/Kapanen hit).
  40. Back to hating players for a second... There are two right now that I want to punch in their ugly mugs. Brady Tkachuk. Borowiecki. Carry on.
  41. Honestly that was more poking Occ about his current Mark Alt Friedman obsession.
  42. Ha ha. Genius. I'm stealing that.
  43. thank you! in honesty, I just recently came upon this word. Wow, what a lot of wasted time and missed opportunities. However, I never seem to find appropriate times to use it
  44. OH AND THIS. We have 28 points through 49 games, on pace for 47 for the season. If we manage only 47 point it would be the lowest in teams history since 85-86 and third worst in club history (86 we had 40 points, 77 we had 41) This team is easily among the all time worst Wings teams of all time and arguably the worst non expansion team of the past 30 years.

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