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  1. Hello, I'm yet another (going on) former member of the soon to be defunct MN Wild forums making a move. Formerly #3 on the tree of post count at 25,424 but #1 with likes at 1,792 and counting I hate rottenrefs! Which is why I originally joined the boards over there. Oh the irony.
  2. We became undesirable on the wild.com message boards, we therefore are no longer protected, let's be the Golden Knights of this forum !
  3. The grass green over here? lol
  4. here's another one soon to be kicked out of the old house cheers!
  5. @rottenrefs Glad to see you hear Rotty and glad you figured out that HFboards and Hockeyforums are two different sites.
  6. Present... and migrated from WMB
  7. (sigh) So yea, that's my wife.
  8. LOL, I had over 22K but most of those were from a few years ago and older. Good to see familiar faces over here.
  9. Stick with the program. Maybe, just maybe, the Flyers become the standard-bearer for whatever the "new style" is in 3-4 years. You start altering now and deciding you don't have the style for VGK or the Bolts or Jets NOW and take 3-4 or 5 or whatever years to emulate, you end up with a 3-4 or 5 year old style while whomever is raising the Cup has moved on with something new and suddenly you're reflexively changing to that and it's another 3-4 or 5 years. Rinse. Repeat. Clarke, and then Homer, did this with the Devils Homer did this with Buffalo. With Los Angeles Stop emulating and build whatever you're going to build and innovate.
  10. Another wild board outcast here. Good to see some others made it over here. Glad to have found a home. Now where were we? Who was calling who names? And where is the nearest "I hate Koivu" thread?
  11. Oh, and I will be posting articles here as well as CreaseandAssist and I are a package deal....
  12. Greetings all......I just posted my final post over at the wild.com boards. Post #26,653.
  13. It sure does! Also had a -moment when I saw my thread get stickied.
  14. The gang is growing by the day
  15. EJ checking in from the wild.com. Glad to see familiar faces around here!
  16. Moved over from the Wild Boards. Thank God they saved some much cash by shutting that down. Matt Majka can get a coffee.
  17. We are the Wild Message Borg...
  18. Also migrated from the WMB and getting assimilated quickly.
  19. I am really hoping too, that the WMB loss can be our real future gain. Trust me, we will try to make this ever cooler place much hotter as it was before. Give us a time.
  20. Oh wow.....took a bit of time away from the boards, only checking occasionally, and now I see there has been a Minnesota Wild fan explosion in here!! I like it!! Welcome, welcome, welcome to all you new posters! I am a duel TB Lightning and MN Wild fan, so I certainly am glad to see this! By all means, make yourselves at home, help expand us in the ways of the Wild (and other hockey stuff of course!), and glad you can come help make us an ever cooler place than what I think it already is! Sorry to hear about the Wild forums going kerplatt...but that loss can be our gain...and I think you new people will like our dedicated collection of hockey fans, smarmy comedians, online high rolling gamblers, and fantasay hockey addicts. Like I said...very cool group I was fortunate enough to find myself some years ago, and am now a part of. Any questions or concerns, track down a friendly member or mod, and we can help you out. Go forth and spread the word of the Wild!
  21. Me too, Antti. I am smoothly migrated yesterday . Nice to see our family is gradually building/restoring again like the bird Phoenix regenerated from ashes. I have more shy/modest results (posted at the Wild Message Board just 286 times) for the last 10 years than you Anttii, bbgarnett, CreaseAndAssisst(still prefer LIG- please, let me address you that simple easy way), rottenrefs, MNSOTA and many other members. I am glad to see you all again in our new home. Hope, this place is going to be more hot through our discussions , especially during the Wild hockey season.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm the former LemaireisGOD from the Wild.com message boards. Good to see some familiar online faces here!
  23. It's as if the old boards never shut down.
  24. We have a user (not here yet) who thinks nearly all of us are village idiots. Over there I took over the Game Prediction thread... I'm going to go out on a limb ( /sarcasm) and predict you will see a few more epic rants. Much entertainment.
  25. @hf101 Thanks and no worries this is your site/forum and you're free to run it or make it look however you want as I think my eyes must just be getting worse or something ( I am only 30) but have had issues with depth perception and Lazy eye etc my whole life so no need to make changes just for me as like I was saying I can just use my Chrome extension and that helps mitigate some of the issues as I can turn the page dark and even adjust the brightness and contrast etc etc. As for that app you said you could purchase I mean that's completly up to you and I would never expect you to go out of your way and purchase something just becuase I think it'd be a neat idea and especially if it's like an extra monthly fee and not just a one time purchase. Thanks though for taking my ideas/suggestions into consideration and I look forward to seeing this forum and community grow.