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  1. Nothing good can come from this thread.
  2. Just more proof that the league hates the Flyers.
  3. Actually you are ..... I feel the same way. No virus is gonna keep me from enjoying life. However, there are hundred thousands of kids and adults who are immnocompromised due to a myriad of reasons who can't fight infections like you and me. "IF" you become infected and don't know it, you can be risking the lives of those individuals whom you might interact with on a daily basis. Therefore just caution is a necessity. Listen closely...I am not saying one has to live in fear...but one needs to be mindful of others out there who can't fight infections. That is why it is called flattening the bell curve.... give folks in my industry a chance to get a vaccine or a treatment plan in place. Taking this nonchalant attitude that nothing is gonna keep me down is fine but we MUST be thinking about other individuals in our daily world. It begins at home and with each and everyone one of us doing out part which begins with good hygiene.
  4. You must reasonable about this. It is NOT just about the kill rate. Right now--at present--the kill rate is still less than flu. Legitimate expectations are still 1.X%. That alone is not worth panicking about. But that is not the whole story. 1.X% of WHAT? How many people are expected to get infected is an important stat in figuring out what the appropriate level is to react to this. If 2/3 of the country eventually get infected, but the virus still kills 1.X% of 2/3 of the nation, that's a LOT of people dead. WAY more people ill, but will recover. Do we need to turn our lives upside down? Probably not. Many of us are probably gonna get sick. Most of us will recover. BUT, if you or your loved one are the 1.X%? Do I think the NBA and NHL are overreacting? Perhaps, but the previous poster is right when he/she said that they did it to avoid the inevitable lawsuit from the few who will have loved ones die who went to that game that the NHL didn't cancel, regardless of whether or not they actually got the infection there or not, and regardless of whether or not they would have otherwise been infected by other means. That is unfortunately the state of our culture in America today. "I'm gonna get me mine." And because of it, we lose the rest of the season. Not because of the true lethality of the virus, but because the one mutant would potentially ruin it for the rest of us. <sigh> And yes, BTW, the DDS in my moniker is because I'm a dentist, so I am working in what is likely one of the highest risk environs of just about anybody other than those directly treating the confirmed-infected. Be smart. Be reasonable. Nothing wrong with taking a few precautions. But don't let it take over your life. My $.02.
  5. I ****** hate covid-19
  6. Well we didn't jinx the boys, but man they didn't play too well either. There are some talented guys on the Sabres and to give their coach credit they played hard. Teen girl mojo enjoyed her first trip to an NHL rink. We've been dragging her to AHL games her whole life so she's as much of a hockey fan as a 14 year old can be, however, the show at the Wells Fargo center was such a huge step up. Our seats were really good, so that helped too, production value aside, the arena the passion of the fans, epecially once the game got tight was eye opening for her. pretty fun night with a good result, I thought Braun died when he went into the boards, it was right in front of us, I was shocked when he got up. Same with Myers blocking that shot, he crawled off the ice and went right down the tunnel I thought he was done. I don't think he missed his next shift but he wasn't on the ice after he took the penalty under 8 to go. Farabee is larger in person, so is Raffl. Good night, the kid had a fun day at King of Prussia and then a fun night so it was a win for the parental units.
  7. so ...just for fun here ..... "IF" someone wins the Stanley Cup in an empty arena, does Bettman still get booed?
  8. It figures, the Flyers have their best year since forever, with a real goalie, depth scoring, and a team firing on all cylinders, looking like veritable contenders ("I coulda been a contender!"), and the NHL conspires with the Chinese to produce this thing thereby scuttling the Flyers chances! They should rename this virus the (Leon) StickleVirus
  9. It is. And that you basically have to be shamed into it by a guy like Derek Grant FFS
  10. Heck, I wouldn't even mind watching JvR take his stick for a skate.
  11. For some...and I have that game. But NHL '94 is where I'll spend my day today.
  12. You are completely off-base on this. In 1918, St. Louis cancelled public gatherings of more than 20 people. Philadelphia did not. Observe the difference in death rates between the two cities. Social distancing works. Crotch-chopping does not.
  13. I find it fascinating if nothing else. No matter what it is, if you have enough people involved, you’ll inevitably have the gamut of opinions. From abortion to COVID-19, everyone thinks their opinion is right and most can’t even fathom how someone else could think differently then them. My opinion is for the success of the older and sicker members of the heard, I'd rather be overly cautious. While a majority of us are younger and don't have a compromised immune system, we can become unbeknownst carriers. Then we go visit our elderly neighbors or parents. The flu has a vaccine for those that are vulnerable, this doesn't. Let's think of the whole heard, not just our little clan that *probably* won't be effected as severely. Social distancing is really the only thing that works now. If we all practiced it, it could potentially be over much faster.
  14. Why are the Sabres struggling? There are some good players in that lineup. Going to be at the rink for this one. Much different feel around the team this year compared to the March Islanders game we saw last year. Teen girl Mojo 's first NHL game.
  15. This is my preferred model. Flyers are cerulean blue.
  16. I am now Happy halifax chose to shut it down so early before we even had confirmed cases. It has definitely made a difference
  17. I've never loved him more.
  18. My wife and I have a company which delivers health care to (mostly senior and elderly) people here in Victoria, and we're scared for our clients. One passed away yesterday from pneumonia, and two others are suffering from it as well, with the prognosis looking quite bleak for the other. One client we spoke to described his son visiting earlier in the day, freshly arrived from France, "But don't worry, he's not sick at all." and up to late last week, some homes were still feeding their residents all together in the main dining room. With that, though, is a glimmer of hope. The Public Health Officer of British Columbia released some promising data two days ago: The number of new cases, shown in orange boxes at the bottom of the chart, has been quite flat for almost a week. I can only hope it will continue like this. There are big reasons behind this: a) Social distancing has been adhered to pretty well here, aside from some of the usual covidiots we're seeing everywhere. b) Much good credit has been given to South Korea for their extensive testing regimen, but BC has actual been testing at twice the rate of the South Koreans, more than 2x as much as the rest of Canada's provinces, and 5x as much as the United States. I suppose it's been to BC's benefit that our Public Health Officer is a person that has spent her entire career battling things like Ebola, SARS, H1N1, etc.
  19. Wild Sign 3 Forwards: Damien Giroux, Adam Beckman and Mitchell Chaffee I share my thoughts on the 3 forwards the Wild signed over the last two days, I have video and stats too! Enjoy and discuss...
  20. I think Canada is just running about a week behind you guys with this thing. Of course our smaller population spread out over a larger area helps immensely, but I'm pretty sure the worst is yet to come. I honestly am just concerned about family and friends and I'll worry about the hockey season once this is in a major recession (the virus, not the economy...that's a given). But I'll continue to pop in here daily to see how all the assholes I've come to know and love on here are doing.
  21. The Carona Crisis (or whatever) took hockey and just about everything else by storm. This will be a strange season with an asterisk...no strike, but disease shortened. It will make every GM's assessment of future personnel calls a lot harder to make. But relative to sickness, death, and economic chaos...the NHL and its product seem a bit trivial. Hopefully, next fall brings back hockey...and no 2nd wave of the Carona. I hope the gang here is OK. These are stressful times. Sincerely, Howie
  22. The mortality rate for the seasonal influenza is around 0.1%. They’re estimating the mortality rate for COVID-19 to be about 3-5%. Pretty significant difference.
  23. Boston. I thought it would be Tampa, but without Stamkos or a HEALTHY Stamkos, I don't think they would beat the Bruins. The Flyers will win the Cup next season, if the apocalypse doesn't occur before then.
  24. CDC.gov.....(if you "trust" the government that is (this is a HUGE problem in our society right now. People's inability to find sound scientific or medical information from trained professionals...like doctors and pH.D scientists and such. STOP GETTING YOUR INFORMATION FROM FACEBOOK PEOPLE!!!!) (That was not "aimed" at you fly4ever! good luck making your decisions.)
  25. Here's my final word on this: In order to flatten the curve, we have to do the necessary things before they seem necessary. This is contrary to how we normally live our lives, which is why it's legitimately hard for people to really grasp and why those advising it can seem alarmist. It's actually how public health prevention measures have to work though.
  26. Some on here know that I was very sick and in the hospital for 14 days over Christmas and New Year's. Flu, double pneumonia, MRSA and sepsis. It got to the point where I was told I'd be intubated by the next morning and "if you have anything you'd like to say to your daughters, now is the time." I began responding to treatment on a V60 external ventilator and ultimately avoided intubation and the death they were not-so-subtely predicting. I missed the early stages because the symptoms were the same as the sinusitus/bronchitus/allergies I've dealt with my entire life. Here's the thing, people: the KNOWN cases of Coronavirus are doubling every 3 days. Known cases. We don't have tests. We have 75000 or so tests for 327 million people because Nero has fiddled with his groin as Rome burns. Unlike SARS or Ebola or West Nile, etc. there is no coordinated action among nations and no leadership to bring that about. Truth: there are vastly more cases than we could possibly be aware of due to no way to test. So, as allergy season approaches, myself and thousands like me will miss early symptoms because "it's allergies" or "it's sinusitis" and "take Mucinex and Excedrin for a few days and I'll be fine." Until it's in the lungs and we're in trouble. And no ventilator to save our lives because the hospital has 3 machines and I'm 24th in line. So, I like everyone here. Truly. But f### you to those worried about a Goddammed hockey game.
  27. It was kind of like the Sabres game in reverse. We dominate, they have a goalie stand on his head and win. Don’t count the Flyers out in a 7 game series with the B’s I think they would have their hands full with us.
  28. I swear some people still believe in the boogeyman. Theres nothing wrong with taking precautions but stealing masks and lining up for a years supply of TP is ridiculous.
  29. Find someone that looks at you the way Oskar Lindblom and Ian Laperrière looked at each other during Flyers picture day.
  30. So that’s what it feels like to have a goalie steal a game. I’ve forgotten as we really didn’t haven’t seen this kind of thing since 1986-87.
  31. Just don't let Simmer effect this game's outcome.... ...sure he can have his X Flyer haunting goal i have come accept that it always happens i don't care any more just win the damn game!!!! A good read on Lindblom and Hagg... [Hidden Content]
  32. It's amazing how much better guys can play when they're motivated...like EIGHT AND A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR TO PLAY HOCKEY shouldn't be enough.
  33. You can borrow all of our parade floats if you like, although they're kind of burned.
  34. This Flyers team is good. I don't know what the future holds, but I have really enjoyed watching this team play hockey this season. Teams that are supposed to be good, this team has been mauling. Last night's contest wasn't even, the Flyers were the better team for 3/4 of that game. Other teams have good players and there will be unfavorable match-ups occasionally, last night there were a few times the 'canes played keep away - even when that happened, the ++ chances don't materialize and unlike the last 6 years the Flyers are now chipping the puck out when they do catch up and proceed to tilt the ice the other way. Amazing what more than 5 good players and a professional coaching staff can accomplish.
  35. If you squinted, Farabee = JVR last night. 3 shots on goal, noticed him from time to time in the offensive zone. Didn't make any glaring mistakes in the d-zone. Perfect swap. On a different note, look how even the TOI was for the whole team last night. [Hidden Content],game_state=final,game_tab=stats Obviously the tail end of a back to back but also when a team is firing on all cylinders, it doesn't matter who you put out there.
  36. At this rate by the weekend I will be referring to myself in the 3rd person!
  37. one potential upside....if they cancel the season we can say the flyers didnt lose the Stanley Cup
  38. Ah, no big deal. We were overdue for a loss. We were overdue for a home loss. So was Hart. And it was unlikely we were going to sweep the Bruins in the season series. The stars aligned and Rask stole the show. Reboot.
  39. I forgot about Jack Straw!! My fellow Dead Head Flyers Fan!! Come back home to Witchita Jack! (lyrics from the song).... Also, I promised my 7 YO son if we won the cup, that he and I would get in the Kia and drive down to Philly. School day and all! He is now DOUBLE excited for the playoffs!!.....:)

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