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  1. For your next trick, get fish to stop swimming.
  2. Absolutely! It'll "right your ship" into the rocks and out of the playoffs....and you will be playing against JimmyDozens and CammyCamera in the Junior league next year...
  3. Who'da guessed this would go poorly? The Kings deserve every bit of it for signing the jerk. One of the all-time dumbest moves by a GM.
  4. maybe its the Mt. Gay extra old talking....but this is BY FAR my favorite game of the season so far.... WELL EARNED POINT!
  5. I say it's time for radical change: put Jake on D, move Ghost up to F. It's not like either of them could be worse than the other is currently. A change of scenery of sorts. Or just trade the fukcers.
  6. Last week they played on my birthday. You got the win and i didnt Forum pet!
  7. That was one of their best outings of the year.
  8. I don’t care if they won in a SO last night ..... this team still sucks in SO’s. The lack of creativity is astounding..... (smh)
  9. Speak for yourself.....i hate everyone especially....that deranged schizophrenic bear lurking around here...
  10. Interesting you say that. During the game, I kept thinking, "well, I guess this is the year that the torch is passed from the older guys to the younger guys." Also, PP2 looks soooo much better than PP1. Oskar in particular is a possession beast.
  11. Good back and forth, guys. I think what all of this really speaks to is a frustrated fan base living through an unprecedented period of badness/mediocrity for this franchise. Fresh from expansion, the team made the playoffs in their first year, and 4 of the first 6 years. Then there were the 89-93 dark years with no playoffs. So it's a strong case that this is the franchise's worst stretch of futility / insignificance despite having one of the top NHL point producers this decade. For me personally, the frustration is in seeing NJ benefit from two #1s, but moreso Toronto deliberately bottoming out and turning it around rather quickly with top level elite talent to emerge as a Cup contender. Hextall chose the path familiar to Flyers fans - the on-the-fly retool. *Something* had to be done following the drunken Homer years to return this franchise to sustainability. But Hextall's solution, we're seeing, has not yielded true elite talent nor has it kept the team competitive. They've burned through three coaches and a GM. Whatever you might think of Patrick and his ceiling, there is no denying that he is one of the weakest top 2 picks of the decade. Ain't much we can do about that but hope he reaches MUCH MUCH higher than he has shown thus far. We're 2-2-1. Let's see how they do the next 5.
  12. If you can find anyone at wawa to wait on you... You might actually not be in Wawa
  13. I know. I just thought to let you know the background. It's all good. I think here are only about 5 posters who actively participate in other team's forums. The Flyers' fans are usually pretty self-absorbed and go on for hours about only their team. I just found it funny one of them "secretly" quotes someone in their own forum without trying to engage in a discussion in another forum with the person whom he quotes. So I would say "that posters here are all over the board in many cases" is a bit of a hyperbole. Since I arrived here a year ago the amount of active posters has stayed about the same which I think isn't good. It's about the same amount we had in the dead and buried Wild forum alone. This place could really use some more active, wide-minded posters.
  14. So does Dubnyk get the second assist on the Coyotes goal?
  15. i just dont think this team can compete with the caps yet, but we will get there. they have a great record for a reason.
  16. Haha...gotta admit... @CoachX has two goals with an assist from @flyercanuck in this thread. Very lemonade-out-the-nostrils worthy commentary
  17. I like Dumba as a player. I'd like him to stay, but I also realize the team is not in the best position to win and won't be for a long while...wasting away his prime developing years. Thus, I think he is best as a trade chip...provided the owner actually decides to do a proper rebuild and that the GM can get a good return for him. When I say he can "grow", I mean as a player of his position. It is one thing to become a good defender (he can still do that), but another thing to become a great, WINNING defender....harder to do in his current environment. As you know, defensemen typically mature slower than forwards due to all the extra responsibility they generally have. Especially when a defenseman like Dumba is being asked to provide both offense and defense. He can still go a long way with his own talents, hopefully learn a lot from observation....but without a winning culture to be immersed in, he likely never takes that next step to being top tier at anything he does. I was messing around with make believe trade scenarios, and since I am a fan of the Lightning as well, was thinking of a way both teams could make a trade...…. Dumba would fit in VERY NICELY on TB and the Lightning have quite a number of good young forwards they could trade for a 25 yr old like him. And some of the Bolts young pieces which they AREN'T using on the big club now are centers or top six wingers. Problem is the money doesn't work. Bolts are near the top of the cap, so if they want to take on Dumba's 6M, they would have to move out something similar...and just about all their big money players also have NMC or NTC's.... the younger guys they could spare (including Mikhail Sergachev), all are ELC's, team friendly deals, or about to get raises, but nothing monstrous above the 5 or 6 M mark... So while the player Dumba would fit in well in TB, and guys like maybe Verhaeghe, Sergachev, Raddysh, Sompii, even Cirelli (on the big club now) or Joseph would go nicely towards a solid Wild rebuild, the money, sadly, just doesn't work.
  18. It is really close between 2nd and 7th by 8 points.... heck I only have you by 1 point sitting 4th. The fact of the matter is we are all very talented and seasoned GM’s. This is a great competitive league.
  19. You know what... I have to amend this response. I was looking at the wrong games. Jake and Hayes got demolished in the possession game in both contests this weekend. I was flat out wrong. I was looking at last week somehow. There's something increasingly off there. Hopefully they can sort it out soon. Games are a little more up and down coming up, but there's very little rest. They're on pretty much every other night (w/one two night break) until December.
  20. Anyone else see Hak on the Leafs bench.....with that stoic, dead behind the eyes look.....
  21. Yeah, I read that article too. I found it interesting that it was known around the league that the Wild didn't have a cohesive locker room, yet Guerin said he was surprised at how close knit it was. I don't know. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but those rumors of a divided locker room came from somewhere. Russo's hinted at it for years, but he won't come out and say who is/was causing it. I'm guessing it's because whomever is causing it is still on the team, and he doesn't want to lose access...
  22. What would you trade Ghost for? Laughton will be back within 2 weeks and Frost will likely be here before January. He’s got 12 points in his last 9 games. So I think we’re set up front. Plus we have Patrick as a bonus if that ever happens. Moving Ghost opens a hole on defense for Hagg. That’s a weaker blueline IMO. i don’t see anything wrong with keeping Ghost as a #5 with PP time. He’s on a reasonable salary. He is a perfect candidate to move when you really need to, but I don’t think we really need to right now.
  23. Alex Henry was captain once...the employee of the month beginning of this club made who wears the "C" an irrelevant thing. A good leader not only speaks when they're supposed to but they lead by example. The problem with the Wild is all too often they have different people pulling in their own direction rather than pulling altogether. Lemaire used to get the team to pull in one direction...which is why those talent deficient teams were as tough as they were to play against.
  24. Trade him now! His value will never be higher
  25. Provy has had an absolute horror show of a game.
  26. I spent a rather enjoyable dinner at Invictus Brewing/The Tipsy Steer. I’m so glad my wife didn’t get tickets through her work to see this dumpster fire of a team.
  27. This is assuming current levels of production going forward ? A slight decline ? No more points from this moment forward ? JR Ewing did the Keltner test on Giroux a while back and he scored "borderline HHoF". I think just playing out this contract and not sucking (which he doesn't) will give him the career #s to be a hall of fame player. Of the people with similar numbers to G's more than half are in the hall. So I'm inclined to think unless he stops playing hockey today, he's likely to make the HHoF. The man can't help he was the center piece on a bad team for long time. I do agree with KK when he says this team has talent now, let's hope an NHL coach can get them to play winning hockey.
  28. I'd still keep Kahkonen in Iowa. No sense having him contaminated as things go toxic with the big locker room.
  29. @yave1964 @brelic For my part, I'm sick of hearing all of these years about how drugs aren't a problem in the NHL. I'm with brelic and always have been with respect to PEDs in hockey. It's rampant in every level of sport, from pro to amateur, but almost nobody is using it in the NHL? Give me a break.
  30. I’m beginning to think the best thing the wild could do, for long term success, would be. #1 rotate goalies until a clear and undeniable #1 goalie emerges. #2 rotate 3 defensive pairings, regardless of pp or pk. Let the younger guys get experience. #3 rotate 4 forward lines, regardless of situation. No pp or pk specialist.
  31. I've been paying a bit more attention to the Wings this season (you can thank having Stevie Y as your GM for that) and you have to think that the Wings not being good defensively WAS going to be a reality. Spike hit the nail on the head: When Danny DeKeyser isn't there, the depth falls off a cliff when it comes to actually preventing goals. IMO, DeKeyser himself probably shouldn't be a top pair D, but on this team he is, and well, there is part of the problem as well. Offensively, you have guys back there that are still pretty good, and that part of the game is lead by Mike Green and hopefully for Wings fans, Filip Hronek. I STILL have the Red Wings as playing out a season that won't be as bad as some people think (they won't be last), but despite them playing some solid games throughout the season, they will miss the playoffs as they are not good enough to crack the top 8 yet. Bright spot? Yzerman, despite being a forward in his playing days, seems to know a little something about drafting, developing, and fixing defenses and goaltending quandaries. When he took over the Lightning's GM seat, the Bolts had a defense very similar to what the Wings have now.... poor defensive minded players, some way too young players, some players who were at the end of their useful NHL careers, and still others who were being played well out of their ideal slotting. The Detroit GM will sift through what he has, and if he does anything like he did in TB, the Wings can expect, at some point, to have a very good, mobile, and probably larger sized defense (he seems to favor the bigger defensemen over the smaller ones...as long as they can skate). And along the way he will also look at different options for goaltending (and not just plug in bodies for the sake of it) who have a real shot sticking..... again, just like he did in TB....and, since the Wings will be drafting relatively high (probably top 10 in most instances), you can be sure that he will acquire some very good talent along the way. In the meantime, expect your Wings to go through a few highs, lots of lows, with "serviceable" players place holding positions till the younger crop can definitively take over. DON'T look for Stevie Y to go for the "home run", sign some player to a ridiculous contract based on past glories, knowing full well his team, as a unit, simply isn't ready to compete. If a player is a vet, has a good skill set still, and is reasonable on the contract, he can play for Detroit on short term deals till a proper contending core can be formed. Also, don't be surprised if Yzerman trades off some good young talent now, which may cause some people to initially question his decision making, to acquire BETTER talent (or picks) for down the road.....seen him play that card with the Lightning as well. And almost every time, he makes his critics eat their words. Watching the development of guys like Larkin, Chowolski, Hronek, Bertuzzi, and Adam Erne (he is really stepping into his role as agitator with the Wings...a role he played lightly on the Bolts), who could be the Wings' version of a Patric Hornqvist, should still at least, be entertaining for the present time.
  32. Best for this team would be to lose, a lot. Winning here and there only makes Leipold think things will work out with this roster. Which obviously won't happen. Which is better: hanging on a loose rope for years or to suffer enormously for a while.
  33. this is depressing. Another year with high hopes same disappointment. the Flyers are just full of third-line players that's it
  34. From my observation, we mainly have on this forum fans of 2 professional NHL teams -the Flyers and the Wild. I still would prefer our personal predicting Wild thread here as we had for decades before on a Wild.com link, just to focus our fans exclusively to the team's results instead of wasting/spreading our attention to other teams which are possibly not presenting a lot of interest to the Wild fans. Because we do not know perfectly well the other teams players; lines; goalies and their potential. We would be welcomed to include any other fans to our thread if they will have even a minimal interest to the Wild team. Let's make a try. Just my thoughts.
  35. I agree. Granlund saw steady improvement every year he was on the team. I also don't know about "slowing the game down", unless that means he tried to be playmaker a bit too much at times, but seems to me, he loved playing the north-south game and still tried to help out on defense when and if he could. His trade counterpart, Fiala, other than loving the offense, doesn't seem to be nearly as good as Granny in other aspects. Yes, he is younger, but good lord, those turnovers and decisions under pressure....
  36. Those flakes on the Left Coast are gonna let you into the country eh? That's the kind of soft-on-immigration attitude that's gonna be the death of us!
  37. Jeez Laweeze, EEK couldn’t score in a monkey whorehouse with a bag of bananas...
  38. On top of the product on the ice, one of the most annoying things is that they are so cap strapped that every single move they make will need massive roster juggling and or LTIR which only hurts them in the future. Add to that the retained salaries they have to eat and next season will be a problem. Braun is turning out to be a luxury we couldn't afford. And he should never have been traded for. Sure do wish we had that Stewart cap space right now. (sarcasm font) This is what happens when corporate suits think they know sports. Hexy spent years trying to get this team in a position where they could be flexible. Say what you want about the tempo of his plan, but if he were here still the same would probably be better off, at least not any worse....and they would be in a better position to do something about it. Freaking dumpster fire from a management standpoint. And that is who I blame just as much as anyone.
  39. Kordic fed exclusively on roids, but I don't think Wendel was on the juice. He was definitely fit and strong, but didn't come across as a jacked up weight lifter. He just looked like what athletes used to look like before high school athletes had bodies that would shame an 80s pro.
  40. I hope this is wrong, but only because I really hate the guy.
  41. I thought we had something special! And you go and treat me this way? I think I deserve better. Doesn't all this time count for something? We could'a had it all.

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