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  1. Passing of a legend. Condolences to the Snider family and Flyers fans.
  2. Couturier isn't the problem - but he sure as hell isn't the solution, either. This Roster of Misfit Toys isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They're not "a piece or two" away. They're not close to being anything like an actual, truly competitive team. After the organization "won the trades" this is exactly the time that all of those pieces should have been coming together to be a seriously competitive team. They're not even close. They just got their doors blown off by Edmonton and Calgary. They have no goalie. They are making the blue line much younger. There is no where near enough firepower from the forwards. They have no identity - at all. And they have a "captain" who has never been in the position of having to be "the guy" at any point in his career prior to being handed the C in Philadelphia. If he looks like he doesn't have any answers - it's most likely because he doesn't have any answers because he's never heard the questions before. And they have a coach who hasn't been in this position before, either. Not to mention the GM... And the "core" is pretty much locked up for the next 3 (4... 5...) seasons. Unfortunately, I think we've arrived at "Blow It Up" time. And that means Much More than "scratch so-and-so".
  3. Congrats to Wayne Simmonds 2017 NHL All star MVP with 3 goals and the GWG in the finals! Take a bow big fella; way to represent the Orange and Black!
  4. I don't understand trading a high-caliber offensive defenseman for middle six wingers.
  5. Considering how little Kane is worth, I can't begin to express how glad I am we didn't. San Jose can have him. I want nothing to do with him.
  6. You're all wrong. Morin will be Pronger. Provlov will be Bourque. Sanheim will be Lindstrom Ghost will be Neidermeyer. Haag will be Potvin Gudas will be Stevens And the Flyers will win 7 cups in a row.
  7. What I like about this move is the fact that Hextall has the cojones to do it.
  8. @Mario99 As much as I like MSL, isn't it high time we got away from trading youth/picks away for some guy whose wheels are about to fall off?
  9. So last night against the Caps Claude Giroux gets dumped on his butt after a hard (clean) hit from Steve Oleksy. Jake Voracek jumps in and gets the jersey up over Oleksy's head before pounding him with several rights to the face, leaving him cut and bruised. Whilst I am not a huge fan of fights after clean hits I have to say I love the fact that Voracek (first career fight!) stuck up for his linemate in this situation. When you have a guy that doesn't fight against a guy that has a career based on being a pest/hard checker/fighter willing to go to bat that says a fair bit about his character. [Hidden Content] "I'm proud of him," Timonen said. "You don't hit guys like Giroux like that and not pay the price." I totally agree with Kimo on this one. Whilst I would normally take issue with dumb penalties I have no problem with the ones Jake took even though it cost two goals on the subsequent PP. The fact that we came back to win makes it easier to say that of course but I would still have felt that way had we lost. So on this occasion a big attaboy Jake - just don't do it too often, no point in damaging your hands on inferior players.
  10. IF the Flyers window starts in 2 years, then the Flyers will need: Another dynamic top 6 player that can drive plays, create their own chances and make the opponent focus on multiple players. All the Pens had to do was shut down the Flyers first line and it was lights out. The Flyers will need someone at Giroux's level or above. Tavares instantly makes the Flyers top 6 one of the best in the league. (Think Kane/Toews/Hossa, Crosby/Malkin/Kessel, Kopitar/Carter/Williams) A legit goaltender. We are all banking on Hart but he is at the least 1.5-2 years from competing for the job. We'll know this time next year whether he really is as special as his JR numbers show. And let's say he's ready by the start of the 19-20 season, that's exactly when the window opens up and is great timing. So Ron needs to pick up a legit goaltender. Looking at what's available through FA (Bernier, Lehtonen...), best bet is through a trade. Simmonds or Jake gets you what would be considered a quality goalie. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know who Ron could try to pry away. A veteran stay at home defensive. Hopefully Morin becomes that guy but right now, the need one to solidify the group for the next few years as they grow. There are a few FAs that might fit the bill. If they can land Tavares and trade one of Simmonds or Jake for a goalie plus, you still end up with a top 6 of Giroux, Tavares, Couturier, Patrick, Konecny, Simonds/Jake. That's hell of top 6. Bottom 6 is comprised from the best of Raffl, Leier, Lindblom, Frost(?), Weise, Lehtera, Laughton, Weal, Vecchione, Aube-Kubel. Even the bottom 6 looks promising. If I was the GM and coach this would be my ideal lineup next year: Giroux - Couturier - Tavares (Coots here allows Giroux and Tavaras focus more on O then D) Simmonds - Patrick - Konecny (Up and coming line with Simmonds to provide space. Or Jake if Simmonds gets traded) Lindblom - Laughton - Leier (Just because their are all L's) Raffl - Vecchione - Weal (4th line that can score) Weiss, Filppula... Provorov - FA (I think Rux mentioned Carlson. Maybe Hamilton? Or maybe Jake gets you a goalie and a dman) Ghost - Morin (I think Ghost got exposed by the Pens being on the first pair) Sanheim - AMac Hagg & Myers waiting in the wings Elliot/Bernier? (would like to do better but I'm at a loss about who Ron could pry away with Simmonds or Jake) If that's the 2018-2019 starting lineup, here's my prediction: 2018-2019 - 3rd round playoffs. Ton of experience. Frost & Myers comes up 2019-2020 - Cup finals. Hart getting his playoff feet wet. Ratcliffe comes up. AMAC gone! 2020-2021 - Stanley cup champions. The team comes together at the right time. 2021-2022 - Digityman wins lottery.
  11. I've read that The Blue want Schenn to be their #1 center....they will be in for a huge disappointment if that's the case
  12. And a guy being a better player at a later pick doesn't make the earlier pick a bust. It just means that the ceilings on 17-18 year olds is really hard to judge. I'd have a really, really hard time describing a multiple 25+ goal scorer as a bust.
  13. I'm pretty sure if Hextall went "all in" your post here would be complaining that he traded away Giroux/Voracek/Simmonds. I'll say it yet again...how about you let more than TWO of his draft picks make the team (one of whom is our best defenceman whether you can see it or not) before you continue complaining about his ability to build a team. I don't know if he's a great gm or not...but he's certainly rebuilt our farm system in less than 3 years from one of the leagues worst to one of its best. He's also got the cap situation in a better place. But let's all hope Hextall doesn't mess up the Flyers and have them win only 2 cups during his time here....to go along with the 2 cups we've won in the last 50 years. Hell, I'd be happy with one.
  14. 365 days ago, this forum would have detonated if Ghost and Landeskog appeared in the hypothetical trade talks, such was the fervor at the time.
  15. I feel like Read needs to be put on waivers. There really isn't a need for him anymore. And honestly I think he made his money and is just riding it out now. He shies away from contact and refuses to take anybody one on one. His assets were his speed, vision and smarts. He still has the smarts but I think he's a defensive specialist at best for the rest of his career. Flyers have enough of those. I liked him for the first 2-3 years. But I just think he is done.
  16. Voracek has been such a disappointment this year. That contract is looking awful right now
  17. I know that many Flyers fans have a tendency to bash Mr. Snider, but the fact that the team has such an esteem for him should give such fans some pause.
  18. I really don't understand sitting Medvedev. Although he makes a few mistakes in the back, he's at least fun to watch. I'd take him over Manning and Schultz. Regardless, I've got a lot riding on this game. All of my coworkers are die-hard bruin's & patriot's fans. It's been a fun day.....(patriots haha)
  19. Thank you for your one and a half seasons playing for the Orange & Black. Thank you for screwing with the Philadelphia beat writers. Thank you for screwing with the Blackhawks heads during the SCF in 2010. Thank you for not retiring and screwing the Flyers salary cap since your injury. Enjoy Glendale, on paper. Can't wait to hear your HOF speech! Oh and Thank you in advance for all the suspensions you will give to Pittsburgh Penguins players.
  20. I personally would love to see a patented Homer type trade just for the sake of a trade that Flyer fans crave but will hurt the team going forward I don't care if it helps us or hurts us....just gotta have a trade. We should have sent all our good prospects and our 1st for Kane, I've heard his name before.
  21. definitely on blood thinners for sure... I would not imagine he is going to play this year. I wish him nothing but the best and at his age he needs to think of himself and his family. Kimmo was/is a warrior and has nothing to prove...
  22. I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but it does sound like we might not be totally congruent. I actually think it's entirely possible Patrick would have benefited from time in the juniors. That's what I mean. Again, perceived competence is something we know has a positive impact on development. If a person feels they're among the best at something, they're more likely to continue along that pace and keep getting better at it. Put in a CHL context, having Frost light up the league may in fact be the very best thing that could have happened to his long term success. The hope is that he goes from thinking he's a pretty good player who should be in the NHL to thinking he has what it takes to be elite-level good. When he hits the AHL next year, we should all want him to think he wants to be the best player in the league. The more he has felt like the best -- or one of the best -- in previous leagues, the more likely he will not be willing to settle for less in a professional league like the AHL. Again, the impact of perceived competence (e.g. feeling like you're very good at something, particularly in comparison to others), is a very good predictor of future growth and success. I don't think that's different just because this is hockey. Incidentally, this is another reason why players going from juniors straight to the NHL is generally not the best idea. The leap in the level of play is just so tremendous, many players are very likely to have a hard time adjusting. The downside to this is you get a guy who thinks he's a very very good player, and suddenly he can barely get a shot on net. Now he begins to think he may still be NHL good, but he's probably not elite NHL good. Given a more progressive development path (e.g. time in the AHL before the big club), that same guy may very well have turned out a better player. People don't do well when they're in over their heads. Most will tend to regress in those contexts. A quick look at the Edmonton Oilers offers a good number of case studies. Hextall was a huge believer in building a culture where people feel they can win prior to them hitting the NHL, and I think he was bang on with that.
  23. I wasn't a fan of the JVR signing but for all those complaining that Hextall didn't do anything to improve the team, this was the 2nd best FA available last summer. It just goes to show signing free agents just for the sake of it doesn't necessarily work either.
  24. Pretty sure I told this story before, but @OccamsRazor's "I can't believe people care" post made me think of it. So, my two daughters, my wife and I were at a State College Spikes game in State College. They are Single A. My daughters were 11 and 7. I got the tickets from my boss and they were literally on the home dugout, so it was kind of cool. Kind of. They have two mascots there (or did--this has been about 11 years now!). One is "Spike," who is the main mascot and interacts with fans. Being right at the dugout, the girls got to dance with Spike on the roof of the dugout and interact with him frequently. The other mascot is called "Nookie Monster." In dead center field, there is a "nook" in the fence where the outfield juts out slightly further than the rest of the fence. When the Spikes hit a home run, Nookie Monster would come out of a little door in dead center and do some sort of dance or cheer or something and go back in. So, it was late in the game and the Spikes were down with a runner or two on, and my youngest screams at the top of her lungs, "we want Nookie! We want Nookie! We want..." My wife and I glanced at each other instantaneously and "Noooooooooooooo!!!!" LOL The people around us thought it was hysterical. In the meantime, there was what I think was a 12-14 year old boy behind us with his grandfather. A know-it-all little twit who had running commentary on every single pitch, every single play, explaining to his grandfather (and anyone in earshot) what the player did wrong. On both sides. "He shouldn't have thrown a slider there (it was a curve)! He should have thrown a curve (it was)!" etc. Anyway, late in the game, Spike was in the aisle to our right, maybe 8 seats down, signing autographs. So, naturally my girls wanted some illegible scribble on their program. So off they went. When they returned, the know-it-all twit behind us says really loudly to his apparently deaf grandfather, "Man, some people just come for the puppets!" My 11 year old wheeled around. "I happen to like puppets!" she roared. "Especially hand-puppets." [while raising her middle finger and making a scooping motion with her hand]. "If you don't shut your hole, you're going to be one!" The people around us went into convulsions. The kid never spoke again.
  25. If you stop looking at porn, maybe your caps lock won't get stuck so much. Yeah, I really do hate the Caps. What of it? I prefer players that don't kiss their sticks and choke.
  26. @rottenrefs Glad to see you hear Rotty and glad you figured out that HFboards and Hockeyforums are two different sites.
  27. I dunno man, maybe Couturier is a 1C...he looks like a different player this year.
  28. It's actually getting to the point that if you are a forward. dman (or even a goalie for that matter), you better be an elite 1st round talent if you ever want a sniff of NHL ice. A middling prospect that the Flyers take a swing at, their odds of even making the Phantoms are slim to none. Eventually, the Phantoms will become a powerhouse, which is actually what Hexy was aiming for....kids learning to win before they even get to the NHL, a perfect scenario.
  29. Hart: Sandstrom: Hart/Sandstrom Movement Drill: Tomek: I have the most video of the second forward group. I was bouncing back and forth between the two rinks.
  30. Wait, My math must be off, because since 2006-2007, the Flyers have missed in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015, and will this year. That doesn't equal 6 years out of the playoffs, even if you're using new math in base 8: 2007-2008 - Playoffs, lost in ECF 2008-2009 - Playoffs, lost in first round 2009-2010 - Playoffs, SCF 2010-2011 - Playoffs, bounced by Bs in 2nd round 2011-2012 - Playoffs, Won round 1 vs. Pens, lost in round 2 to Debs. 2012-2013 - No Playoffs 2013-2014 - Playoffs, Lost in 1st round to Rags 2014-2015 - No Playoffs 2015-2016 - Playoffs, lost in first round to Caps 2016-2017 - No Playoffs Carchidi should really fact-check his fake news.
  31. Gosh, I've been up all night about this hit. Couldn't sleep. Kept looking at it over and over again. Almost vomited once or twice. Any way, I'm feeling a little better now and actually discuss it I think, and I, a Pens fan, have come here to defend Wayne Simmonds. Oh God, there goes my stomach again, maybe this was still too soon. Maybe not, I just soldier through with this. Okay here goes, but first you need a better look at the play. This one has some better angles. First off, the play starts out a bit wreckless with the puck up in the air and Shultz and Doumo reaching for it with thier gloves. Simmonds takes a hard swing at the puck, at head level, and if his stick doesn't hit Doumo's glove, he would have just about taken off Shultz's head. A little wreckless, but no harm, no contact and so no penalty. But from there, in this video around the 1:16 mark of the video, you can clearly see the puck come down on Doumo's back. I think that's what Simmonds is reacting to . I think Simmonds sees that at the last moment and throws out his elbow to get it as Doumo is turning over in the opposite direction searching for the puck and catches him, accidentally(there goes my stomach again), right on the button. WIthout the puck being there, its looks pretty awful, but seeing the puck puts a different light on it. If you'll excuse me now, I need to go for some Pepto.
  32. @icehole You started the thread posting an article that the Kings were in trouble and used that as a means to question Ron Hextall's approach in Philadelphia. As has been pointed out, the major moves that have put the Kings in a bad position - the signings of Kopitar, Gaborik, Brown (representing 28% of the team's cap space) - happened after Hextall left. Mike Richards didn't look Ron Hextall in the eye and lie to him about his situation. Slava Voynov wasn't a Hextall draft pick - he was Dean Lombardi's pick - and Hextall had nothing to do with Voynov's problems. The Kings' current situation has absolutely nothing to do with Ron Hextall. That's not "absolving" Hextall for potential problems here in Philadelphia at all. That's just the facts of the situation. In fact the process that Lombardi used in both San Jose and Los Angeles was shrewd drafting and development of young players that he complimented with veterans through trades and signings. The Sharks were only the second team in league history to see increased points per season for six seasons in a row. The Kings won two Cups. If I'm not mistaken that's exactly what you are advocating for the Flyers. Well, it took six seasons to come to fruition in Los Angeles. Six Seasons. The Kings didn't even make the playoffs for the first three seasons of Lombardi's tenure in Los Angeles. They lost in the first round the next two seasons. They then won two Cups in the next three years. In San Jose, the Sharks didn't make the playoffs in the first two seasons. They lost in the first round the next two.. Ron Hextall is in his third.
  33. Thread was to large to wade through, skipped the last 4 or 5 pages, so apologies if I'm repeating something that has already been posted. Tampa Bay was one of the teams that was deemed to be at risk of losing the most significant players in the coming expansion draft. This story I posted in the Tampa section details their position perfectly....the listed Fippula or Killorn as two of the guys that could not be protected by the Bolts, thus this deal. [Hidden Content] I see getting Fippula a tad differently than a lot of Flyer fans have in this thread. I'm thinking Fippula is now EASILY our 2nd best center (assuming Schenn is on the wing that is). He was buried on a very talented Tampa team, but IF he was moved into the Flyers top 6, which I believe he will be, he will come in around 42-48 points. He's a much better set up man than Cooter, and more suited for a top 6 role then Cooter. He will help the 2nd pp and will be the perfect stop gap measure until a young prospect center is ready to assume a top 6 role. This trade tells me a few things, A)the team has finally admitted to itself that Cooter is NOT a 2nd line scoring center, so a move was made to acquire one. If my 40+ pts is close to being correct, than paying 5 mill for said production is not a bad deal at all, in fact, it's probably right in line with what decent 2nd line centers make these days. B)The Flyers have finally decided that Schenn belongs on the wing, or this trade would not have happened. After the stop gap one year from Fipps, they still save the 5 mill from Streit, it's just delayed for a year and the club fills a hole in the meantime. Fipps and a 4th (plus conditional) is a good return for Streit from where I'm sitting.
  34. 3 way deal...Flyers send a 3rd round pick to the "Nucks for Miller...then trade Miller to the Sabres for Eichel/Ristolainen/Reinhart and a 1st. Everyone is happy.
  35. Some Facts. In the 11 games prior to Couturier's return to the ice from injury the Flyers were 5 wins, 3 OT/SO wins, 1 SO loss and 2 losses. Since Couturier's return on December 28th in 11 games the Flyers have had 1 win, 1 SO win, 1 SO loss, and 8 losses. Granted Couturier isn't the only reason for the lack of wins, but he is a big part of the reshuffling with forwards trying to find a line that works with a slow, nonimpact center that waits for the puck to come to come to him so he can pass it off. The second and third lines have issues where at least half of those 6 forwards lack real NHL talent. The problem with this team is the issues are not limited to what to do with the 2nd and third lines, but a healthy defensive core means we need to sit 2 d-men each night. I can't blame Hakstol for rotating these players, unfortunately, none of these lines really look good. Changing them up constantly blows the entire unit on the ice. Flipping the defensive lines constantly also messes with goalies, who frankly just haven't been playing their best hockey to bail the misfits upfront. Firing Hakstol does nothing to help this team. Hextall on the otherhand has players he can offer for trade.
  36. Ummm. Actually he was. We just didn't like him. But he was a pretty good player and a half decent two way center. Our hatred on these boards always confused me. We'd kill for a 2C like him now.
  37. @ruxpin @Samifan Rad and I have discussed this is in various posts but that contract is going to be a killer. No reason for Hextall to make that deal when he did. Hextall makes this deal a yr too early and after one stellar season. This could have the potential to be noose around the Flyers neck for years to come. He is a good player but making elite money... This deal and the umberger deal are the two black marks against Hextall.
  38. His name is practically Caligula. Sign him! What could possible go wrong?
  39. @radoran Eklund reports VLC has burns on both feet after melted butter spill.. E-5....apparently Radko was passing the meted butter container to Vinny and he fumbled the pass.
  40. He's an RFA....make him earn it again. 2 year deal max...liked his game last year, but scared to death of regression as soon as he signs a 4 year deal.
  41. They should keep the spin-o-rama and ban the shootout
  42. Never change Rick... Here, let me get you started...The Sabres first pick in the draft, Ulf Dahlin, will be a mix between Jerry Korab and Ryan Miller.. Razmis Dahlin can skate better than Miller though, but can't grow as good a mustache as Korab. I'm not sure if he's an Applebees guy yet, but he's gotta try the coconut crusted halibut if he wants me stalking him for the rest of his life. I saw a writeup on another site that I got kicked off of multiple times that says he's pretty good. Does that mean Korab good, or Miller good? If we had Olly Dayleen against the Flyers we'd have won that cup 4 straight. I hate Brett Hall. The Bills got a pretty good player in the draft though. Oceans Razor, what kind of a name is that? Gobble gobble.
  43. This may have already been mentioned, but I think that one of the things that needs to be brought up is that some of those guys you draft who will eventually end up not panning out are still assets that a team can use to go outside the organization get players in trades. I can't think of any team that's been successful in the post-lockout era that didn't draft and develop most of their core players. Part of that for sure is luck, another part of it is good scouting, but that comes into play when it comes to building a roster and making good trades too. I think what Hextall has been doing is the right thing for the first part of that plan- find and develop the players you need to build a winning core- and once you've done that then you can start adding in the players you need to take it to the next level, which is made easier in the cap-era NHL when you can dangle the carrot of cap-friendly prospects to teams who are in the position we're in now. And you can't do that without assets in the pipeline. Of course its all a balance, and you don't want to continually be giving up young established players for shots in the dark, but like other people have pointed out it's not like this core of players has been wildly successful either and something has needed to change for a long time now, and it's not very often that you get Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson or Tyler Seguin for whoever type trades offered to you that improve your team overnight without much of a cost.
  44. I really think it is a legitimate concern. Bert and I posted the same thing about Jake in the "worst contracts in the NHL" board. Right now he is not in the list of those contracts but come 2017 if he has not turned a corner his contract would have to be on the list. I am not jumping ship on Jake yet but I would be lying if I said I wasn't very concerned. For all the praise Hexy gets this contract could be an Homer-esque sized albatross for the Flyers going forward. I guess Hextall signed him on good faith but I still don't get why you had to sign him that past offseason. One stellar year and the Hextall pulls a Homer. I really hope he turns it around and finds his game. If not this could cripple the club for years to come.
  45. A great hockey player, truly class individual. I wish him well and success in the playoffs.
  46. Flyer math Vinnie plus Umberger minus Mason multiplied by Berube divided by Philly media equals McDavid.
  47. @ruxpin I will say this much, the 4.5 will look like a bargain when compared to the contracts that are dooled out on July 5th. That much I'm sure of. The people who like this are saying, patience, Homer is not doen here....I'M SICK OF DESTORYING the CORE!! For one damn year, I just wanted to let them play in out, see what we have....and go from there. Healthy teams don't turn over 20-30% of their roster and expect to win. It's just not the way it's done. You add compliamntary pieces to the core you drafted. I'm know I'm preaching to the choir here, just blowing steam.....

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