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    IMO, wearing an A has nothing to do with being top talent on the team. I hope the younger players especially do look up to PEB. He may not be the most talented guy, but it is rare to see him take a shift off. He plays the game hard and embodies how all of his teammates should play. I especially love the way he can be a 1 man penalty killer by tying up the puck in the opponents own end and keeping it away from multiple attackers. I don't think players respecting or looking up to PEB is driving the losing culture on this team. Just my opinion though
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    On the fringes of a scrum in the first period, he waits until a Flyer is engaged and punches him in the back of the head several times. He won't fight Giroux, but will throw a punch once Giroux's arms are held by the linesman. He jumps Hartnell from behind, but turtles once Hartnell turns and the bill is about to come, only to have Adams attack Hartnell from behind... and pull his hair! There is no Man in that whiny punk, no cojones, just pure p*ssy. He deserves no respect, his team deserves no respect.
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    Passing of a legend. Condolences to the Snider family and Flyers fans.
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    Wow, you guys are harsh. This is a dude that knew he was living his dream. Manning was game, he would fight anyone, he would do whatever was asked of him. It is not his fault his coach mis/over used him. He worked his ass off and made it impossible to keep him out of the lineup. I don't mind the fact he liked playing for my team and thanked the fans on his way out the door. We should all be so lucky and driven. Edit: this sort of snarkily indifferent reaction should be saved for Dale Weisse
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    So, I have a question: how slow would he be if he wasn't on coke?
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    Greetings: I looked at my profile last night and noted registration was November 12, 2011. I recall that many of us jumped ship from the old site on Philly.Com around that time. This is a much better environment. I forget who led the exodus--Radoran, Rux? What I know is that we have a group of thoughtful, respectful members. We live without popups and spyware. This is an extended cyber-family and we should appreciate what's happened over the years what we have in the future. Best, Howie (no...haven't even had a Merlot yet, and no tears...just expressing thanks to the gang, especially pilldoc, HF, and Tropical Fruit Girl, for maintaining a good environment)!
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    Moderators are probably like "oh no"! I want to start by apologizing for going off the other day. I do come here to vent. All I want to do is talk hockey, and this is the only outlet I have. So when I bring up a valid topic and the first two replies I get are emojis and "you know nothing about hockey", even though I've been watching hockey for 30 years, that disturbs me. If you disagree, just tell me why. Then we can go back and forth in a civil manner. Again, that's why I'm here...to have a conversation about hockey. I haven't been the most positive person on here for the most part, because it's hard for me to see the positives. The team has been very disappointing for the past 5 years or so. This year, after hearing so many good things about the rookies and the fact that they were going to make the team, I'm quite disappointed in the first 4 games. They can certainly turn it around, but we're not there yet. I want to talk about where they are now. I'd like to clear the air a little from the last locked thread. @murraycraven @flyercanuck You probably know more about hockey than I do. I've been watching for 30 years though. I watch almost every game, frequent the NHL network, and watch a lot of YouTube videos. I've seen what is successful and I've seen what doesn't work. I've never played organized ice hockey, but I can skate, and I have played in-line. I know how to shoot and pass. To say I know nothing about hockey because I disagree with your assessments isn't very accurate. If you know something I don't because of your experience, explain why you think I'm wrong. If I still disagree, we can have a nice little debate. @DaGreatGazoo I think "skating" was the wrong word to use. Provorov can probably skate, but he doesn't seem to be able to handle the "pace" of the NHL yet. I think we saw that again last night. I believe that 19 year olds that can't handle the pace of the NHL should go back to juniors. I was 99% sure he could go back to juniors if he only plays 9 NHL games. I didn't appreciate you telling me I was completely wrong and that it isn't possible to go back to juniors. If it was an honest mistake, no hard feelings...let's move on. @Podein25 If I don't explain myself well enough, I apologize. I'll try harder. @murraycraven You are right. I am too extreme with couturier. I made that comment after the first game, but I shouldn't have. One game doesn't show me enough. I still think this will be his best year because of better linemates, but I don't think he's a 25/60 guy. We shall see. @OccamsRazor As I said to dagreatgazoo, skating was the wrong choice of words. Provorov just isn't ready for the pace of the game yet. It's not instinctive to him yet and he's out of position. Last night, he had another moment that gave up a goal. I'd rather have him grow before he is on the Flyers. I also think he is smaller than I'd like for the Flyers. Perry stuck out his butt last night and almost knocked Provorov over. Without the acting from perry, I don't know how much Provorov would have moved him after the whistle. Guys like perry need to be moved from in front of the net or things aren't going to be good. @Poulin20 You're exactly right. I need to vent and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have a 3 year old and don't leave the house much. A flyers forum is the only place to talk hockey. I am very stubborn sometimes because I think I'm right and I won't back down until I prove I'm right. I think that rubs people the wrong way.
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    We all love to bash Eddie... And there is a lot to agree with when we do bash him. But, the guy brought hockey to Philly and when you look at it he always has tried to win. No matter if it was a good or bad decision he wants to win. I think we have the right Coach and the right Captain to do that honestly. Good things to come... PS: G Suk
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    Amazing what a guy can do if you just give him a chance huh? He's our 2nd leading goal scorer and our 4th leading scorer. His point totals have gone up every year and he's on pace to do that again this season. Too bad we couldn't have got rid of him for someone who'd be 35 now with 5 years left on a $6 million a year contract. Welcome to the new Flyers.
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    Honestly I dont get the panic. We are perennial contenders and never champions because of this kind of panic. While I appreciate the desire to win every year lets build a core team out of our youth, opportunistically take advantage of other teams panic and pick up some role player vets along the way for an affordable price to help close the deal once the young guys get on a roll. I really liked what the Phillies did to win the World Series in 2008, they built around their core who were young and talented at the time and then added Victorino, Lidge, Werth, Jenkins, Feliz, etc. to push them over the top. Now we are going to make some stupid move so we can get into the 1st, maybe 2nd round of the playoffs and lose again and in the process watch Laughton win the cup with Sbisa and the Ducks in 5 years. I am really sick of this cycle of futility...That list of Flyers who won with other teams is really galling every time I see it.
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    That's what they meant by "Lehtera is on the fourth line tonight."
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    I admire his toughness and commitment, but at what point does the organization simply shut a player down? I mean, if he's out the first six weeks of the season, might he return in better form and make a better contribution later in the season and in the playoffs? A player like Simmonds is going to play until you tell him he can't. Just seems like the organization should have taken notice and said, "Take a rest and come back stronger."
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    Vis: "Wow....look at the body on that!!" Podein25: Yeah!.....He must work out..... (...just picked you guys randomly...although I think the "sheep guy" can take a joke....;)
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    But we have. People have to have patience longer than an egg timer. No, we're not challenging for a cup this year. We're not supposed to be. This IS the rebuild people think they're clamoring for. Good lord. As for later round picks, I don't think people (this isn't directed at you, Howie) understand what they're talking about. And 2016 being a disaster draft? Again, no idea what they're talking about. The starting goalie for team Canada and a really good C/LW and then some. Patience people. Last year was an illusion. This is about where we should expect. And if you think Buffalo is on a fast track, again, you haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.
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    "Seems" is the operative word because of the level of attention that gets paid to it. However, the group of idiots here are downright proud to be such and are oblivious to the fact that everyone else -- the team and its current and former players included, if they were speaking off-the-record -- finds them to be embarrassments. Bernie Parent's family in attendance last night got up and left last night witnessing the display that was going on. Ed Snider's family was there. Think about that one for a moment. Who does the idiot contingent "think" is in their corner, other than a few fellow idiots? And that's just it...there are a contingent of knuckle dragging jabronies in our fan base that relish the bad reputation and they make sure that they add to it any chance they get. I don't think there was an official count, but I heard the 1st bracelet toss was around 50 and they never said how many the 2nd was, but lets just call it 150 total just to be on the high side. That's 150 idiots out of the nearly 20K that came to watch the game that night. Unfortunately, that's all it takes to perpetuate the stereotype that ALL Philadelphia fans are horrible. I am happy to say that my bracelet is at home, so I can't be lumped into the morons! I was certainly embarrassed by the bracelet throwing, but that REALLY pissed me of and still has me fuming is that a couple completely classless pieces of crap could not keep their mouths shut during the moment of silence for the man who made it possible for them to be sitting in that arena watching a playoff hockey game. They could not control their stupidity for just 10 seconds to honor Ed Snider. I seriously wish security would have tossed his butt out. And we just got done talking about how a few Pens fans had done the same thing and here it happened in our own building.
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    For the next installment we will recap the Coach Hakstol session. Like Hexy, Hakstol was greated warmly by the fans and was welcomed to the city by the first questioner. After the welcome though the first questioner brought up shootouts and mentioned how we have already left 6 points on the table this year due to the dreaded shootout and we could be chasing the Isles if we didnt lose all those points. He asked Haks point blank if he had any sort of plan to try an improve on our S/O performance and continued on to say that other teams seem to be at least .500 at the S/O and we have never been able to figure out out after all these years. He told Haks to google our record historically in S/Os. Coach said that he "Didn't need to Google anything" and continued that when he was being considered for this job all he heard about was that "the Flyers can't win / suck in the shootout". He says if there were a magic switch he would flip it and they are perfectly aware how bad they are at it. Haks said the key is a combo of ability (in the S/O not overall ability) and mentality and they need to work on both. He said it is something they are addressing, have addressed and continue to address and no matter what he and we think of them they are part of our league and we have to deal with them. He said that they are fully aware how valuable those points are that we lose and he wishes he could tell us that they had a plan in place that worked so well that guaranteed that we won the next S/O, he said he cant guarantee that but can guarantee that they are working on it. The next question was regarding the fact that the Flyers seem to give up a lot of goals 6 on 5 when the goalie is pulled, the questioner wanted to know if this was something that they are constantly evaluating and working on. Haks agreed that we have given up too many and attributed some of it to them playing in a lot of close games however after the near miss with the big save vs Minny Coach said that they had to make some real changes. He said since then they have made a structural change which he calls a "Box + 1" he said the big change has been that they have modified how aggressive the "+1" guy is going to play in terms of pressuring on the 1/2 wall and stepping outside of the middle of the box rather than allowing time and space along the 1/2 wall. He said they are going to go to a more "3 side situation". He also said it was not so much that we didnt pressure the opposing teams in this situation but that that our timing of when we pressured was not right and when 1 guy does pressure we have to make sure that the others all recognize that and step up their pressure as well, they all have to be on the same page which they were apparently not. He said a change was made in the last week on this and while he doesnt like making changes this late in the year however something had to be done to make it better for our personnel. The final point Haks made was that you have to make adjustments that fit the personnel you have on the ice. The next question was how do you deal with the team not playing a full 60 mins as it seems that at different times this year we have taken different periods off. Coach said that teams consistently have to address consistency and complacency issues and that he admitted that the team flat out quit midway through the 3rd period vs Calgary for about 6-7 mins. He said that this time of year consistency from game to game, period to period and even shift to shift dictates the outcome. Coach said that all teams deal with ebbs and flows during a game and he asked us to show him a team that plays a 60 min game consistently night after night after night. The problem and the thing to avoid is complacency which is what he again used to describe the 2nd half of the 3rd period of the Flames game. He said the few times we have had multiple goal leads we have taken things for granted and have let the other team back in the game and that has to improve. He said what he does like to see is how well we play with a 1 goal lead. He mentioned that it was quite ironic that the best 60 min game we played all year was the Canes game which we lost. Then there was a question about how Coach H decided to put the players together on the PP unit and the lines together at even strength. He said that he could speak on this subject for hours and if we "only knew" about the number of line combos he has written down on napkins, and pieces of paper in his car, bedroom, and even in the bathroom. He said you have to evaluate and look at everything. Coach went on to say that it all starts in training camp and that they look at what abilites, talents, and even personalities fit together and that you just have to try stuff. He continued that the season is not as long is one might think and there is not a lot of time for experimentation so when they do make changes a lot of thought has gone into it, specifically as to why the new combo might be better than the stats quo. With forward lines he said they look for pairs of players to go together based on abilites that compliment each other. However he said you cant imagine how many times things look good on paper and then in practice they fail because of personalities and "chemistry just not being there". Bottom line lots of thought and watching tape goes into making the lines but it is a crap shoot. For the #1 PP unit they said that the same unit that has been together for a few years (with the exception of Ghost who kind of took over Streit's role) and they were lethal for a long time. Then this year before Ghost, the unit struggled. Coach H said that he attribues that to scouting by the opposition. He thinks that they found a good formula and that all teams began using it against them in the "copy cat league" they play in. Then Ghost came in and shook things up but at the same time Haks said that the other 4 began playing better at the same time. He said that Ghost adds his own element of playmaking and one timing a puck. Haks said that he "one times a puck as well as anyone" he has ever seen.and that this is a major talent. He continued that you dont even have to put a puck in his wheelhouse in order for him to nail that one timer. In summary he said, while Ghost is a factor in the success of the #1 PP unit he is only 20% of why it is doing so well and that we have to give credit to the others as well as they have really stepped up their execution. The next question was about how Haks motivates players who are pressing or are not playing up to their ability. Coach said it depends on the situation. It could be lackadaisical play or a pressing too hard or somewhere in between. He continued that usually there is more going on that meets the eye and every player is very different. If he feels they are pressing then he said sometimes a trip to the press box is what they need to break the negative momentum. If he feels they are not pushing hard enough then maybe they need to watch a game, which he thinks works better than a 10 minute conversation of the ice or in the locker room. He said that every player wants to do well but sometimes they dont know how to or lose their way or need a kick in the pants or just a little bit in between, he said in his first year it has been a challenge to learn all about the different players, what makes them tick and how they react in different situations. Then there was a question about if Coach had any issues commanding the locker room when he first came on the scene and if there are any players that stepped up and led other players / the team unexpectedly. Coach H said that he works hard at what he does and has a plan in place and just goes about his business and whatever happens, happens. He said that there are no guarantees that this will be successful but this is the way he runs the team (executing a well thought out plan). He said we have a special group of players and that there trying hard to grow and develop and that within that group many have leadership abilities (maybe even unbeknownst to them). He said there are some vocal leaders in the locker room and some who lead by just being consummate pros. The final question of the session was if he found the NHL to be different from college and if the team is as he thought it would be when he joined. Coach said that you would be surprised to hear that in terms of daily hockey business there is not much difference for him. Yes the league is different and he has not dealt with certain challenges at the NHL level but he has dealt with the challenges in the game of hockey in his career so he is not finding it too much different especially when it comes to things that impact the team inside the locker room. Regarding the part about the team and if it was as he thought it would be he said yes that Hexy explained everything very honestly about the team during the interview process and everything was/is crystal clear to him about the team. He likes the group and was glad nobody was traded. He is glad that for the most part the team we started with is the team we will finish with and their goal is clear which is to finish strong and try and make the playoffs.
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    Its time for another installment of the STH meetings. Taking a cue from some other board members who have attended with me or in my place in the past I have recorded the presentations and will transcribe the interesting bits to you here. Since I have recorded them there is more info than when I did it from memory and so I will break them down into individual posts rather than 1 huge post with all the info. The first post will be the Hexy presentation. Hexy was introduced by the team as the "best GM in Philly" and entered to a rousing ovation. Several fans congratulated him on freeing up cap space and putting the team in a good position to succeed long term. The first question was about video replay and if it would be used to overturn bad penalty calls (the fan was intimating that the recent Gudas match penalties were bogus and could have been reversed by review). Hexy said that the reviews are long enough already and disrupt the flow of the game and there is no way they would use them ever to review penalties, although he agreed with the sentiment about the bad calls against Gudas. He said that there is talk to expand replay to verify whether or not a puck cleared into the crowd from the defensive zone cleared the glass cleanly or not (in order to assess a delay of game minor) but that is the only expansion being considered at this time. Next was a question about resigning Brayden Schenn, Hexy is not worried about him leaving as a RFA and said that "we will sit down this summer and hammer something out for him". Hexy went on to say that there is "no risk of losing him". Then there was a comment about how Hexy preaches patience all the time and that this particular STH felt that we have been patient so far and it has been hard. Hexy said he knows that we have been patient and appreciated it and there are days when it is hard for him to be patient as well. The STH then went on to ask if Hexy could let us know when more reinforcements were coming. Hexy said that he is absolutely not opposed to young guys making the lineup however he does not want to do anything to damage the career of any young guys over the long term. Hexy also said (as he has said in the past) that these guys need to appreciate how nice things are at the NHL level by spending some time in the minors. He gave the example of Morin whom he said is "having a good year and is playing 20-22 mins a night for LV. He said if he had come up in September flying on charters rather than buses he wouldn't have an appreciation for the NHL level and learning what it means to earn something in life. He said that none of us come out of college and become an executive right away, we need to work up to it. He said he doesnt want to take chances with the career of a young kid, especially a young defenseman and went on to say that he doesnt want to see him fail here, need a change of scenery and then thrive with another team. [If they are not ready to help the Flyers right now then there is no sense of them being here right now], is his philosophy. He went on to say that all too often a new kid comes up and plays big minutes his first night and then has them reduced as the league catches up to them and before they know it there are only playing a few minutes a night. Hexy said there is no sense in that which is why he likes them in the minors for now where apparently the top prospects are finding a lot of success playing big minutes, especially on the PP. Hexy also said that for next year they have ideas about who may be up (he would not disclose but said "you know our top prospects") he went on to say that if a kid comes into camp and shows the brass that they can contribute to the Flyers for a whole year (not just 2 weeks) then they are not necessarily opposed to them staying with the big club. He then told a story about Ghost and how in the beginning of the year he basically was a nothing player in the AHL. Then 20 games in or so he began to really take off and then Streit went down. They gave him the call up and if he didnt score the GWG vs Carolina he would have been back down again but he continued to progress at the NHL level and the "rest is history". His point was that the AHL experience was very valuable to Ghost (whom Hexy said would agree with that) and that it is an important part of the process and not a punishment in any way to any of the players (he also said "have you seen that new arena in LV? It is hardly a punishment to be there.") It is all about them helping the Flyers in a meaningful way, nothing more. Finally Hexy did tip his hand a little about next year saying "Quite homestly, if I'm a betting man we are going to have 1 or 2 of the young guys up with the Flyers at the beginning of the year and as the year goes on maybe even more". I then had an opportunity to ask about Jordan Weal and what the deal was with him and if he has a future with the Flyers. Hexy said he is caught up in a numbers game at the moment. He explained Weal was an AHL MVP and has mastered that level, however he had a hard time cracking the LA lineup which is stacked with good players and lots of depth. When we got him in the trade we were in the middle of our season and lots of our guys were playing well at the time. Also Hexy mentioned that we already have guys currently in our lineup who are his size and are playing the role that he would be suited for at the moment. They wanted to get him in the lineup but there have not been many opportunities to do so. Hexy said that this kid loves to play the game and is a highly skilled players (not the biggest or fastest however). Hexy said he will get a chance to prove himself (he was not sure when however..could even be as late as next season) but he will have to earn it and that he will definitely get a look at some point. Then there was a question about when the young defensemen come up, if they all come up on or near the same time if there are concerns about how they will mesh with an NHL lineup. Hexy agreed that all of them coming in at once, plus Ghost is a lot. He said it is going to be a process and it is going to take 2 or 3 years to get them all in. He also said dont forget that they wont all be ready at the same time. Hexy said he has a feeling that there will be at least 1 ready in October however again it goes back to their skill level and how much they can help the Flyers and not some formula about how we need to have X guys here now as this is our plan and we have to stick to it. He then went on to say he would be very surprised if 1 or 2 of the young guys are not up with the Flyers for at least part of the year next year but it will all be dictated by the players and their play. Hexy said the hardest part is keeping their roster flexibility as it is hard to try and keep the team together with enough forwards and defensemen and still have enough room for a young kid to come in and earn a spot. Hexy said the toughest part of his job is to try and predict and project all this kind of stuff. No matter what he said that they will not be ready all at the same time and will trickle into the lineup...maybe 1 at the beginning of the year and another later (middle to end of year). The final question was the plan for the upcoming draft do we take the best player or address our needs and will we look in Europe for FAs again as that produced PEB and Raffl? Hexy said that we will always pursue all avenues including Europe. Hexy then talked up PEB for a few minutes saying now here is a kid that cares, is all in, and wants nothing more than for the Flyers to win. He doesnt care about his own stats or anything like that, it is just all about the team winning in his eyes. Hexy said he wishes he had a few more players like him. Regarding the draft Hexy pointed out the obvious that we have many needs and are a little light in most areas. Hexy said that in a perfect world, no doubt we pick a forward with our first pick, however if there is a D man there who is better we could take him or move back in the draft. He said he cannot say for sure what would happen on draft day as it is all dictated by what players fall to where. Overall Hexy said he does subscribe to the best player available school of thought on drafting however if your need is great enough he would consiider a trade down to get the guy he wanted. Hexy said right now we are lacking in size and are looking for a big skilled LW and center and also big skilled defenseman who shoots right. He said the past draft and the upcoming one are rare as this will mark 2 years back to back the draft is extremely deep. He reminded us that they have 10 picks and he hopes they use them wisely. That concluded the Hexy portion of the meeting. I will post the others over the next few days!
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    Thanks to one of the best contracts in hockey...Simmonds should have great value each and every year of it. Again, if someone blows me away, I'm listening. I'm just not in a rush to deal one of our best goal scorers, one of our best team players, about the only guy who will stick up for any team against anyone, and a great contract at a fairly young age.
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    I know this is tongue in cheek, but while his skill degraded, he never did anything more than come to practice and sit in the pressbox. He could have been in the media talking about his playing time or whatever, but he handled himself well. I have no ill will towards him, and am only glad he's gone because his contract was a hindrance. Which is not something I can say about everyone the Flyers have traded away in the past.
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    I've never been so happy to see a player win a championship wearing another team's uniform. So happy for Timmo, kind of a story book ending. Now he can retire and get on with his life. He didn't play much of a role winning the Cup but I say it's still well-deserved.
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    I'm with @brelic about the inconsistency. But I also have a problem with the suspension. In fact, I had a problem with the major penalty. It was late. Yes. It was interference. Yes. It was not charging, and it was NOT a head shot. I don't think he even got the head on the follow-through. I'm not going to sit here and say stuff like "Perrault needs to look where he's going." But it's a crap overkill on the penalties on this. There is absolutely no good reason whatsoever for it. Tell me how this hit was different from the hit on Konecny. Allowing for a moment that Borowiecki didn't make initial contact with TK's head. He hit him late. I'd also argue that the initial point of contact was the head. So, late hit on the Flyer with the puck not there. Head is initial point of contact. Flyer has concussion. Player has twice been suspended for dangerous hits to the head: Not even a god damned 2 minute minor. No comment from the league, let alone a suspension. Flyer makes late hit on a player and the puck is not there. Head is NOT the initial point of contact and might never have been hit at all. Perrault gets a concssion. Flyer has never been suspended or even accused of a dirty hit previously. 2 min. 5 min. Game Misconduct. 3-game suspension. Someone attempt to argue with me with a straight face and tell me this league isn't utter bull####.
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    Who ever is the Flyers goalie mask artist he's making a killing this season. It's like one every two weeks.
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    I'm so happy we got Patrick. The future of this team is really looking bright. Lindblom/Patrick/Konecny as a line might be fun
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    That's just the thing. We're not really choosing, so where is the pressure and where is the hesitation? There are, by all accounts, two players above the rest. Period. It's not like the Flyers are picking first, so they don't even have the pressure of deciding which one. They simply go to the podium and pick whomever the Devils don't. Simple and straight forward. Maybe he is a bust and maybe he isn't. That's the crap shoot that is the draft. But we'll know sooner than the 13th pick (presumably the 2nd will make it or fail faster than the 13th) and the potential upside is higher. And all we "earned" was the 13th so zero pressure and zero risk here. Just enjoy it. You'll spend less money on Maalox that way.
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    Cechmanek was just awful His first year with the Flyers he put up 2.01/.921 and won a playoff game in a series in which the Flyers scored twice all series. The second year 2.05/.921 and then 1.85/.936 in the playoffs Third year? 1.83/.925 and then 2.14/.909 In Philadelphia this is called "the goalie's fault."
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    Couturier isn't the problem - but he sure as hell isn't the solution, either. This Roster of Misfit Toys isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They're not "a piece or two" away. They're not close to being anything like an actual, truly competitive team. After the organization "won the trades" this is exactly the time that all of those pieces should have been coming together to be a seriously competitive team. They're not even close. They just got their doors blown off by Edmonton and Calgary. They have no goalie. They are making the blue line much younger. There is no where near enough firepower from the forwards. They have no identity - at all. And they have a "captain" who has never been in the position of having to be "the guy" at any point in his career prior to being handed the C in Philadelphia. If he looks like he doesn't have any answers - it's most likely because he doesn't have any answers because he's never heard the questions before. And they have a coach who hasn't been in this position before, either. Not to mention the GM... And the "core" is pretty much locked up for the next 3 (4... 5...) seasons. Unfortunately, I think we've arrived at "Blow It Up" time. And that means Much More than "scratch so-and-so".
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    Be disappointed all you like, but your team had the misfortune of playing against the best team in the NHL. When you're overmatched, the results can be frustrating. All that you can hope for is to have a GM with his head screwed on straight, doesn't react out of frustration and anger, and leaves the gnashing of teeth for the fans.
  30. 11 points
    if the Flyers cannot easily dispatch of the Toronto Marlies tonight at home then they do not deserve a playoff spot.
  31. 11 points
    He scored 39 and 37 the past two seasons and his 27 in 47 this year projects to 47 points... You act as if Couturier is the one who assigns himself the most defensive zone draws and has told the coach that he demands to play defense-first. None of that, of course, is true. The franchise itself put Couturier into that position until this season. And his production has increased. And, again, history tells us that it is not at all unusual for players to fully develop at 24/25. Two great examples are Patrick Sharp and Justin Williams, who were both shipped out of town as "underperforming" and "disappointing" players who then blossomed into significant offensive presences in the league. The Flyers under Hextall, to their credit, are actually giving this player the opportunity to grow and develop here instead of myopically giving up on him. Time, of course, will tell if they are correct, but at the very least the numbers seem to be moving in their direction with Couturier averaging .57 points per game this season. That ppg average puts him in the same company this season as Mika Zibanejad, Tyler Johnson, Ryan Kesler, David Backes, Boone Jenner, Travis Zajac and Jordan Staal. Essentially: you seem to have a solution in search of a problem.
  32. 11 points
    my problem is that by moving simmonds for a pick/prospect, you are making the rest even more unsure. right now, you have a strong garbage goal player with a solid handful of intangibles, not a world beater or someone that elevates everyone else's games, but valuable for all that. trade him for, say, a #8 pick, and now you have nothing but "potential". moved a known for an unknown. and then, after 4 or 5 years, you realize you drafted alex burmistrov or alex picard or zach hamill (all #8 picks), and basically just flushed the "known" down the toilet. you trade players you have no interest or ability to keep for picks. redundant players, players that don't fit the team's style, players on expiring contracts you can't resign. you don't trade actively important and productive pieces for picks. you are just creating a hole you have no assurance the return will even begin fill. you don't move contributing assets just for a spin of the pick/prospect wheel, because you walk away empty handed as often as not. if its decided simmonds doesn't fit, for some reason, then you move him for a piece that does. a roster player of known ability that will plug a recognized gap in the roster. picks and prospects are only for pieces you actively don't want or need and can afford to throw away on a gamble. unless you are trading with a lottery winner and there is an amazing talent waiting at that first overall spot. i don't think that is in the discussion here, though.
  33. 11 points
    Can't come soon enough. I've actually enjoyed watching games again and is only going to get better
  34. 11 points
    For those who don't want to bitch and moan about a player they've likely never even seen skate.... The guy is 6'6", the biggest player in the draft. He's near 210 lbs, as a 17 year old. Which means he's also one of the younger players in this draft. He skates very well, not just for a big guy, but very well. He was the fastest riser in the draft this year...which meant he turned a lot of heads. He's got a mean streak. What's not to like about that?
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    The team is finally playing well! Yea!! But has anyone noticed watching on TV that a lot of people are coming dressed as grey seats to the Flyers games? It first struck me at some of the games I have attended and then I noticed more and more people writing about it. Anthony SanFilippo had a nice piece about it on Crossing Broad which makes for interesting reading. [Hidden Content] In addition I wanted to share a few points from a recent Season Ticket holder focus group that I attended a couple of weekends ago.... They invited a group of 30 of us to come down early before the Flames game a couple of weekends ago to speak with the assitant GM Brent Flahr and Chief Business Officer Mike Shane. Surprisingly there were almost no questions for Flahr about players but when it came to the business side, the pitchforks and torches were out in a major way! People came armed with 3 page lists of things they were pissed about. I'll get to those points in a minute. Before I do I wanted to give you some background on Mike Shane (37 years old). Like the president of Business operations Valerie Camillo he comes from the Washington Nationals. He starting out trying to pander to us telling us that he joined the team in April and how the city and his neighbors have embraced him and in 7 short months he now fully gets Philly and our passion and that we are 1000X more knowledgeable than the rubes down in DC. He said he loves the Flyers "culture" and the feeling of "family" that comes with this organization and basically acted as if he has been there his whole life. He said he has plans to do these focus groups on a regular basis. It was very rah rah rah go team, yea Fletcher, yea AV until the dialogue started... Firstly there was a complaint about the vast turnover of season ticket holder reps and how nobody contacted us to tell us that there was a change and how nobody reached out to us early in the season. (I didn't personally have this issue with my rep but the person who coordinates the high 5 program where my kids get to go on the ice during the national anthem left and nobody told me and as of now they wont be enjoying that benefit so I could relate. Shane apologized and said that they have to be better with the communication (duh!). Then the fireworks really started when people began questioning the ticket pricing scheme and how they decided to announce that they were hiking prices on us a week before we were supposed to renew. Shane said again, yeah we needed to do a better job with that communication thing again but our prices are definitely market value and right in the meaty part of the league curve. That sent people off the rails as they said they did their own research and that is simply not true and we are getting majorly gouged. One guy went as far as to stand up and say "Thats F*****g B******t! where are you getting these numbers and metrics? We want to see them". Shane then began tap dancing on that and we never got a clear answer. There was then a cacophony of voices about how they were so wrong on price point and that we as STH are taking in the shorts on trying to resell our tickets especially with Stubhub in the mix. People complained that because of the massive markdowns on stubhub we the STHs were looking like money grubbers to the public because we just wanted to get face value back. Shane said that was because last year the Flyers used to flood the market with unsold tickets and brokers would put them on stubhub for as low as $5. He said they are not doing that anymore and that is why there are so many empty seats. There was also the issue of the variable pricing scheme where they value each game differently and we don't know what the value of our tickets are (it is not printed on our tickets...you have to find this obscure chart that they have) making it hard to value in a sale. This scheme was also announced 1 week before we had to decide whether or not to renew, along with the switch to all electronic tickets. (That part doesn't bother me but for a lot it was a big issue). I could go on and on with the pricing and believe me they did and F bombs flew in that room over it but there were other things as well.... The in game (bass heavy) experience was also criticized heavily. Many said that since Ed Snider died it seems that the team culture died with him. One guy put it this way "Comcast doesn't give 2 s**ts about us". Shane vehemently denied that and said its not that they don't care, it is just they don't understand all of the issues and how to deal with them (very comforting to know that). Everyone told him loud and clear that we don't want an "experience" we want to see good hockey. We feel like you are trying to distract us with the lights and the loud music and the renovations and Gritty. Some even called for the axing of Gritty and accused them of trying to make him the face of the franchise. Shane shot back "That will never happen, not on my watch..Gritty will never be the face of the franchise!" Several people then chimed in that they have been to other arenas and that that fans and staff at those places were so much nicer than anyone in Philly and that the arenas and in game experience there seem so much more warm and welcoming. Curiously they noted that fans of other teams bought them beers while our fans did the a*****e chant to everyone. (I guess I have been going to the wrong places as I have mostly been abused at away games just for wearing my colors). Others said that they are trying to pander to low attention span millennials. Shane said that "we need the millenials to grow the game". Our group said yeah but they don't have any money to spend on the game so it should be more about pleasing us, those who are established customers with the money and the dedication who feel like you have abandoned us. Then I heard multiple 40 and 50 year STHs say this was their last year and that we have had it! One lady ended her I'm leaving rant by saying "oh and by the way, the Kate Smith thing is complete Bull****!". The topic was then supposed to shift to Kate but it got hijacked buy more price hike complaints. Shane would not apologize for the price hikes and said we will try and make it up to you by adding value to STH packages for the future (more special privileges and giveaways). Then in the midst of all of this we got kicked out of the room (more bad planning on their part). Shane admitted to us that the experience had been really rough and that he loved it and hated it at the same time. I wasn't going to let him get off that easily however, fueled by the free early morning Yuenglings and champagne they had for us I made a B-line over to Shane and got in his face about Kate Smith. He started out by saying that he was only here a week when it happened but that it had to happen because we cannot allow anyone to be marginalized. I congratulated them to him on marginalizing a chunk of their most loyal customers. I told him that he talked all about culture and family but that went out the window with the decision and the way they handled it. He told me she is never coming back and that they will play the song with just Lauren Hart when the time is right. I told him "good luck with that" and that they were so tone deaf if they attempted to do that without Kate. After pressing him very hard I got him to fully admit that they handled the entire situation wrong and that the team is aware that she was actually an advocate for people of color and spoke out against racism in her entire body of work. I told him that it was fine to acknowledge that to me in private but if they wanted to start a healing process with the fans that they need to do it publicly and admit they were wrong and they handled it terribly. I said "I know you cant bring her back at the moment but you need to apologize publicly for your character assassination of a woman who is not even here to defend herself and to her family, to whom you have marginalized and caused much pain". I told him that their unapologetic smear of an innocent woman is where my rage lies more than the loss of the tradition itself (which also angers me but not to the same extent). I said too "I know what you are doing, you guys are too smug and proud to admit your mistake and you are just hoping we all forget about it". At that point he thanked me for explaining it that way and that he will take this to their management and I will hear back from him and we can dialogue via e-mail. So far its been over 2 weeks without an e-mail. (Shocker right?) So between my anecdotal experience at the focus group and the above article, I have to say that there is definitely a big disconnect between the team and the people in charge at the moment. I think that this stems from the loss off Ed Snider and the influx of interlopers from the Nationals who think they know us but really don't and are coming off as completely tone deaf. They are going to lose a bunch of loyal customers in the next few years. It will take some wining to bring in new customers.
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    Fans, Philadelphians, Gritty, lend me your ears; I come to bury Hextall, not to praise him. The bad GMs do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Hextall. The noble Brelic Hath told you Hextall damaged the franchise: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Hextall answer’d it. Here, under leave of Brelic and the rest– For Brelic is an honourable man; So are they all, all honourable men– Come I to speak in Hextall’s defense. He was a Flyer, faithful and just to the franchise: But Brelic says he damaged the team; And Brelic is an honourable man. He hath brought few playoff wins to Philly; Yet he whose draft picks did the general roster fill: Did this in Hextall damage the team? When that the past seasons ended, Hextall hath wept: Damage should be made of sterner stuff: Yet Brelic says he damaged the team; And Brelic is an honourable man. You all did see that when it came to Hackstol He thrice had opportunity to can him, Which he did thrice refuse: and this was damage. And Brelic says he did damage; And, sure, he is an honourable man. I speak not to disprove what Brelic spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did love him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him? O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And the roster is full of his draft picks. Bear with me; My heart isn’t in the coffin with Hextall, And I will cheer the team he built so much of.
  37. 10 points
    But if you were going to see it, the betting money is you were going to see it on the Flyers.
  38. 10 points
    Okay, I finally finished the farewell to the message boards article. Enjoy....and thanks to those of you who shared memories: [Hidden Content]
  39. 10 points
    Congrats to Wayne Simmonds 2017 NHL All star MVP with 3 goals and the GWG in the finals! Take a bow big fella; way to represent the Orange and Black!
  40. 10 points
    Read has taken a lot of flak on this forum, me included, and deservedly so. But he certainly looks like the Matt Read of old this year, a fast highly skilled two way player who can bury the puck. I know he was playing through some injuries, maybe it was tougher on him learning a new system than some others. Whatever it was seems to be in the past...glad to have the ol' #24 back.
  41. 10 points
    Love White's comment -- how much is money worth compared to being a Flyer?"
  42. 10 points
    Honestly, I'm tired of Flyers fans constantly complaining about the officiating. I was at the game last night and the group of guys behind me were saying Orpik was faking the injury to draw a penalty. Even after seeing the replay. Even after seeing him carried off the ice by 2 people. Even after seeing him go down the tunnel. I even couldn't escape it in the bathroom when after the 1st period the guy at the sink next to me turns and says "This officiating is killing the Flyers, always does". Seriously? What games are everyone watching? The fact is the series has been called even. Prior to the Flyers meltdown in the 2nd half of the 3rd period last night the PP's were even in the series. The difference maker is that the Caps have scored on EIGHT of their 17 power plays. The Flyers have scored on ZERO of their 13. EIGHT. ZERO. The officiating isn't killing the Flyers, the Flyers offense is killing the Flyers. They could have 20 PP's right now, it wouldn't matter. They can't score on them. Let's put it another way. Holtby has as many points in this series as Giroux, Simmonds and Voracek COMBINED. Through 3 games Giroux has just 6 shots on goal. Manning has 9. Gudas has 8. As for throwing the bracelets, it was disgusting. So was the "moment of silence" for Ed Snider. I love the Flyers, but games like last night make me despise some of my fellow Flyers fans. The Flyers and their fans need to stop blaming the officials for every loss and start accepting that their team is just not good enough to compete with the Caps.
  43. 10 points
    Let's not overlook that Washington is at home and has last change so it wasn't always possible to get Couturier out against Ovechkin. And, let's face it, if that's a Flyer taking out a Cap in that situation, it's what we all want to have done. Ovechkin had a chance to lay out his pesky defender and he did it. That said, Couturier wasn't why they lost the game. Losing Couturier wasn't why they lost the game. When you see a big ZERO up in the "goals" column, you're simply not going to win games. My girlfriend - a recent hockey convert - is getting her first real taste of playoff hockey and she just screamed at the teevee "Mason can't do it all by himself!" Got to score goals. Period.
  44. 10 points
    My brother and I had heard that things were not good with his situation, but you never know what is true or just rumors. I was really hoping that it was the latter, but obviously it was the truth. So while not a complete shock, it still hurts. We may not have agreed with his approach, but one thing can't be denied; winning was paramount in his organization. The man simply wanted to win and he was willing to spend a lot of money and make bold moves to do that. He didn't succeed again after the 2 Cups, but you can never say that it was for anything less than 100% effort. Never tanking for draft picks, always going for the gold year in and year out. For that, I have a ton of respect, especially in a business where winning isn't always at the top of an owner's list of priorities. Again, I realize this attitude did not always breed success and could be quite short sighted at times, but I always loved the fact that winning was #1 to him. Thanks for bringing such a great organization to our city...you will be missed Ed!!!!
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  46. 10 points
    Not so fast. A bump in the road and the torches and pitchforks will be back out.
  47. 10 points
    I think if you're going to trade Simmonds you could do better....it's not a horrible deal, but it certainly isn't great. Simmonds is the type of player Montreal needs, and has a great contract. Philly doesn't need to trade him. So the only way they should is for an overpayment. Which this isn't IMO.
  48. 10 points
    Flyers Goalie Controversy Of 2015-2016. The year would not be complete without one. Mason is your #1 from now until he loses the job. Neuverth is a solid backup (with a hot hand). Something the flyers haven't had in years: Two goalies that can steal a game. It's a warm, cozy feeling of goodness.
  49. 10 points
    I can say with certainty that I have never been this disinterested in the Flyers. The draft and the picks are all I have to carry me forward. Plus there's you guys and this place. Thank the lord for these small mercies.
  50. 10 points
    To me, MDZ is the kinda guy we want to keep on this team for years to come. He's young, he's still learning and has made some mistakes, but he has also rediscovered his game this year and has played at a very high level when asked to do so. He's the kind of player that in 3-4 years from now, could be a strong veteran leader and mentor for the young guys coming up while still being young enough to be in his prime years. I fear that Berube is alienating him and further destroying his confidence. I don't know that he realistically has any great options to get MDZ back in the lineup. I think what it boils down to is that Berube is in way over his head.

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