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  1. I don't understand trading a high-caliber offensive defenseman for middle six wingers.
  2. I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but it does sound like we might not be totally congruent. I actually think it's entirely possible Patrick would have benefited from time in the juniors. That's what I mean. Again, perceived competence is something we know has a positive impact on development. If a person feels they're among the best at something, they're more likely to continue along that pace and keep getting better at it. Put in a CHL context, having Frost light up the league may in fact be the very best thing that could have happened to his long term success. The hope is that he goes from thinking he's a pretty good player who should be in the NHL to thinking he has what it takes to be elite-level good. When he hits the AHL next year, we should all want him to think he wants to be the best player in the league. The more he has felt like the best -- or one of the best -- in previous leagues, the more likely he will not be willing to settle for less in a professional league like the AHL. Again, the impact of perceived competence (e.g. feeling like you're very good at something, particularly in comparison to others), is a very good predictor of future growth and success. I don't think that's different just because this is hockey. Incidentally, this is another reason why players going from juniors straight to the NHL is generally not the best idea. The leap in the level of play is just so tremendous, many players are very likely to have a hard time adjusting. The downside to this is you get a guy who thinks he's a very very good player, and suddenly he can barely get a shot on net. Now he begins to think he may still be NHL good, but he's probably not elite NHL good. Given a more progressive development path (e.g. time in the AHL before the big club), that same guy may very well have turned out a better player. People don't do well when they're in over their heads. Most will tend to regress in those contexts. A quick look at the Edmonton Oilers offers a good number of case studies. Hextall was a huge believer in building a culture where people feel they can win prior to them hitting the NHL, and I think he was bang on with that.
  3. I wasn't a fan of the JVR signing but for all those complaining that Hextall didn't do anything to improve the team, this was the 2nd best FA available last summer. It just goes to show signing free agents just for the sake of it doesn't necessarily work either.
  4. I guess I fall into the underwhelmed on value for Fiala, but hey, maybe we'll be surprised after all is said and done. No matter what, something had to change. Count me in the 'wait and see group'.
  5. I'm glad, because Dave Hakstol's practices are clearly quite effective.
  6. They fired Hextall because they found out he has Fios.
  7. The Greenberg article he was talking about i read this yesterday and it was eye opening what we don't know that goes on behind closed doors but explains what happened and why... Paul Holmgren talked Ed Snider into bringing Ron Hextall back from Los Angeles as an assistant GM in 2013. A year later, Holmgren willingly stepped upstairs into the Flyer club presidency because a request by the Canucks to talk to Hextall about their open general manager position was only going to be the first in a line of such recruitments. Holmgren didn’t want to lose a rising front office star.There was another factor in Hextall’s ascendancy to GM; Holmgren feeling compromised in his ability to function through a lingering chill from his counterparts over his signing of Shea Weber to a Group Two offer sheet. But Hextall was Holmgren’s project from beginning to its shocking end on Monday.So it’s ironic that among the biggest reasons why it’s suddenly over was that Hextall never fully grasped what an asset he had in Holmgren, who was only at the head of a long list of people that the increasingly unilateral Hextall did not put to the best possible use.There was no explanation from Holmgren or CEO Dave Scott st Tuesday morning's press conference for the timing of the firing. A source said it was unrelated to Saturday night's 6-0 shellacking in Toronto or that there was any final confrontation over a move Hextall wanted to make or refused to make. Scott did make references to some urgency to compete now, but the move was only secondarily related to the current underachievement of a wildly up-and-down team. This decision had a lot more to do with morale in the office than in the locker room. Of course, morale in the stands–empty seats and the declining price of tickets on the secondary market–figured in, too, along with at least some sense that having announced it was time for the Flyers to contend, Hextall still was not operating like a GM of a contending team.But this obviously wasn’t a disagreement over the coach. Otherwise, Dave Hakstol would have been fired too, although he’s probably gone anyway because a new GM always, always wants his own guy. It wasn’t pressure from Scott, a self-confessed hockey neophyte, or from Brian Roberts at Comcast’s very top. There has been belt tightening on the business side since Snider’s death in 2016, but every indication–the James van Riemsdyk signing being one of them-is that the hockey operation continues to pass the bean counters’ scrutiny. Snider’s death created trepidation that the Flyers, the franchise with the endearing heart, would become just another cold subsidiary to a huge corporate entity; that the passion and humanity brought for 50 years by the founder and Chairman would be swallowed up by the bottom line. The huge irony is that it wasn’t Comcast that has since made the Flyers a cold place to work, but Hextall. Loyal soldiers have lost their jobs or been forced to take pay cuts. Access to the GM- and by alums to the current players within long-established parameters – was limited and so was input from an inner Hextall circle that got smaller as these four-plus years have gone by. The Flyers, long known as one of the best places in the league to work, had become one of the worst. To anyone who has known Hextall through the year, this was impossible to predict. Hextall had been the best of teammates as a Flyer and the perfect lieutenant in LA and in Philadelphia. And he was the right guy with the right plan for what the Flyers needed in 2014. Holmgren, who brought the organization back from a last-place overall finish to a semifinal in his first full season (2007-08) as GM and made gutsy and excellent trades of the flaming out fast Mike Richards and Jeff Carter¬-for three of the current team’s anchors-Jake Voracek, Sean Couturier and Wayne Simmonds–was five years removed from the Flyers’ last long playoff run when he became president. Having struggled with the cap, he was not in position to disagree with a new, more patient, direction, particularly with Snider convinced the team had to stop chasing a championship every year and get back to the roots that made Philadelphia a Cup winner in Year Seven. The dying Chairman never pressured Hextall to speed things up. It is so hard to build a true contender without tearing it down and starting virtually over with high lottery picks that none of the last five Stanley Cup champions have done it, all enduring time as bottom feeders. But Hextall, thanks to Holmgren’s groundwork, almost had pulled it off until came this current goaltending disaster. Three have been injured and one is coming off an almost two-year absence–leaving the Flyers 10-11-2 on November 27, giving cause for media and fans to wail as if they are 3-18-2. It being six years since the team’s last playoff round win, the diehards would by now be tired of Peter Laviolette or Craig Berube or even Scotty Bowman. So, despite the fact that Hakstol’s team improved 10 points last year and finished 14 higher than the one he inherited from Berube, the fan boards make red herrings of the penalty kill, the bad first periods, and a lot of things tied back to the same three-decade-long Flyer issue that has had little to do with coaching: Goaltending.Holmgren, in the toughest of spots Tuesday morning for not wanting to bury Hextall, talked around almost everything but he did say he didn't necessarily fault the now ex-GM for having two incumbents coming off surgery and not prioritizing a better bridge to Carter Hart. The team president also said that that wouldn't be fair because he didn't know what were Hextall's options, which said everything about the wall that the GM erected. But considering Brian Elliott played well last year until he got hurt in March and had never suffered chronic problems until now, some of the criticism for not having a Plan Z is over the top. The talented Neuvirth was set back by a little of this and some of that going back to his Washington and Buffalo days, but that was before hip ssues have made him completely unreliable as a backup. Hindsight says that was a bad signing, but still was Hextall supposed to take on another veteran for multiply years-it’s a leap of faith to presume there was one out there better than Elliott-to block a superior prospect like Hart from playing time with the big team?Yet to be determined is whether Elliott is doomed to problems for this whole season, his last under contract, as it is with Neuvirth. The Flyers are all of five points out of a playoff spot. Just two games ago, praise was universal for their wire-to-wire 4-0 cooling of the red-hot Rangers. This coach accused of never finding answers to chronic problems rallied the troops to the fifth-best record in the league last season from December 4 on. He also started four years ago with a defense, third and fourth lines and even part of the second that were not nearly of contending caliber. The team stars have stayed the same since then but everything else, including the anchors on the blueline, all have changed for the younger and surely the better. Perhaps Holmgren watched Ivan Provorov, a rock in his first two years, struggling as team and his agent are far apart on a franchise defenseman’s first big contract and believed that Hextall again was being stubborn to a fault, But such is speculation on our part. We suspect his impatience with Hextall’s patience grew over fixes he could have made by surrendering assets, whether they be prospects or picks, and then climaxed in some kind of disagreement that came in the wake of the 6-0 debacle. Radko Gudas being an exception (and five years of Van Riemsdyk pending), Hextall’s trades and signings for player assets---for Neuvirth, a clearly finished R.J. Umberger, Dale Weise, Boyd Gordon, Valteri Filppula, Jordan Weal, Sam Gagner—have been underwhelming. But a No. 1 pick acquired for Braydon Coburn was used for Travis Konecny and more good ones apparently are on the way. Hextall has done the math. When your next turn in the draft is not for another 31 picks, one good first-round selection a year will take an organization 18-20 years to build a Cup team. So these second, third and fourth round selections and any extra ones in the first round that you can turn into a Konecny are huge. Prospect evaluators agree that players are coming that will deliver on Hextall’s philosophy.Facing a crisis, he was forced to give up third and fourth rounders last season for Petr Mrazek. This bothered him then, so it probably bothered him doubly to less than a year later be faced again with surrendering picks or prospects when more good goaltending prospects than just Hart are on the way. But there was sentiment in the organization that Hextall was hoarding more prospects than the Flyers ever could ever fit in a lineup while the biological clocks of Claude Giroux, Voracek and free-agent-to-be Simmonds are ticking.So a once-beautiful working relationship has blown up, largely because one of the ultimate Flyers, ironically, failed to embrace the concept of team in the front office. That’s a shame, because whether or not this season ends up lost, or Hakstol is allowed to remain coach into the final year of his contract, or how many assistants ultimately get fired, Hextall did an excellent job positioning this team going forward
  8. You are not at all wrong. This is supposed to be the time where having the patience of the previous three years of developing a relationship between the players and the coach, and developing the coach at the NHL level is paying off. It's not. When a coach comes out and says it's time to "sack up" and the team goes out and gets blown out 6-1 by the Islanders on home ice, that's a total vote of no confidence. I don't know how that can be anything else. I mean, that's Ruslan Fedotenko and Marty Murray being the only goal scorers in a five game playoff series bad.
  9. I'm in the vast minority who actually like him. I think if it comes to moving one of the kid defenders, he may end up being the odd man out. But I think his game is badly underrated. He's the kind of guy you need one of.
  10. Well, that was one helluva hockey game. - That 2nd period was probably the most organized and dominant stretch of hockey I've seen the Flyers play in about a decade. - As brilliant as Hart was, last night really was a complete team effort. Special teams, all lines and defense pairs. They seem to just control play at will. The 1st period was more even - probably a bit of rust, nerves, and just a feeling out process. After that it was all Philly. - Hughes is already impressive even if he is still quite raw. You can see the vision. On the other hand, did Hischier even play? I honestly did not see him, nor did I hear his name. - Lovin' the Lindblom/Coots/TK line. Man, they are so strong on the puck. - Hayes is a difference maker. Superb acquisition by Fletch. He's noticeable every time he's out there. - G's line will get going eventually, and when they do, watch out. - Bobby Mac talking about a team "that first needs to move out some salary or a roster player" looking at getting Brian Boyle. Hope it's not the Flyers for several reasons, but mostly because that would signal that Patrick is pretty much out for the year. GO FLYERS!
  11. No way he’s getting that money unless he hits 50 pts once.
  12. What, no goalies from Minnesota available?
  13. I feel like this forum would be pretty boring if all we ever wrote were one line replies. Personally, I come here to read and write rather more thoughtful posts.
  14. Flyers slogan for 2020..."Hey, at least it isn't Bylsma!"
  15. Unless he changes his attitude, thinking he is still an AllStar that commands 26+ minutes, he will be an ever heavier millstone each season. There is an unhealthy and unrealistic relationship between Suter and CL which demands a reversion to owner/player versus fan boy/player. It is destructive to the team and coaching. Suter is a #4 defensemen now that is way overpaid, and in the twilight of his career - if only he realized that, and we didn’t have 6 more years to suffer his ego. I am guessing he will call CL at any hint of decreased line, minutes, or power play absence. Spurgeon, Dumba, and Brodin should see all PP, P.K., and OT, as well. Suter’s relevamce is past tense.
  16. Good. Waste of a roster spot. Essentially they traded him for nothing.
  17. Far too early to call a "bust". And I don't blame Hextall for making the pick. I blame the organization for slotting him in at 2nd line center pretty much from the moment the lottery ball dropped. Speaks to the "overvalue the players" mindset from where I sit.
  18. Great, so they just need to fire a GM ....[checks math] 59 more times to keep this team interesting. Shouldn't be hard.
  19. A few things... I think there's a very good chance the Flyers *do* trade a defenseman. And Winnipeg makes a lot of sense because they are in need of NHL defensemen. Unless it's for someone that significantly moves the needle (e.g. Laine or Connor), I don't think the Flyers would want a roster player in return. So in that scenario, I'm guessing the defenseman we move is either Hagg or Morin for a draft pick or B prospect. Hagg will fetch more. I don't imagine the Flyers will make a major roster move this early, so this makes more sense to me.
  20. They Were Once Wild: The Star Talent That Passed Through Minnesota In this retrospective, I look back at the Star talent that was not drafted by the team and stayed here less than 5 seasons. Collectively its not a bad team I put together, but too bad we didn't get most of them when they were in their prime. Check it out and discuss.
  21. I'll skip right past the "good guy in the room" and save you the rerun. I don't bring him back. I swear to you, he was one of my favorite flyers and always will be. But his days even on the third line are done, and it was painful sending him off the first time. I'd rather plug it with a kid and take my chances.
  22. Its a bad signing, pure and simple. He is not coming into his prime, he is going out of his prime. The entire league is getting younger, (or people are just noticing that its always been young). Yet here the flyers are signing guys long term into their 30's for big money. Its ridiculous. They are STILL chasing the Schenn trade(who just happened to win a cup as a top 6 center for the 5.2 mil salary cap hit that hextall traded him during). Oh, and they have him for that next year too. Then they will probably let someone else overpay for him into his 30's and he will start a steady decline. Its a pattern. You have to get guys that are young and let them go when they get to 28 or so when they demand term and money. You only do that for very exceptional players. Look at pittsburg, their money goes to top players and they spread the rest around to younger, faster, cheaper guys wherever they can. Guenztel is a cap hit of 6 mil a year and is 24 signed till he is 28 or 29 and then they will probably walk way and let someone else over pay for him. And he will get a huge contract from some team and it will handcuff them for years while they watch a guy decline. Its always been a young players league. Bruins never regretted not signing Lucic, they knew they already got his best years. You know what a guy is before he is 25, and you likely have seen his best years by then and if not, you have before he is 27 or 28. Just look at all the stars through the years and their best years and what age they were, you might be shocked at what you see. Age is just one aspect, I get that, but its still interesting that most stars have their very best years when they are very young. Its different for dmen probably but even active players you can look at their stats and their best years and most come very young, first few seasons. gretzkys very best year he was 24 Orrs very best year he was 22 Lemieux best year he was 23 Jagr very best year he was 24 bossy best year he was 24 Ovechkins best year he was 22 Lafleurs best he was 25 yzermans best season he was 23 My best year I was 8
  23. Yup... everything is always terrible! That is why I took a bit of sabbatical over the past few months. The negativity is pretty taxing after a while and I would not even say, as a fan, that I am all that positive. Fletcher has a team right now that should make the playoffs and is better than the slop Hextall put on the ice last year - all the while Hexy was telling us the team is a playoff team - which was either overvaluing his players or just plain incompetent. See how it plays out... do I have faith in Fletcher? Not really... but I believe the team is better than they were last year.
  24. I live in NY, so I see a lot of Rangers games. Hayes is a less talented Stepan: another in a long line of young Ranger forwards who were supposed be stars and ended up being middle six guys at best. A high end grinder with a little skill, but not a dynamic game changer in any way, shape, or form. Hayes is worth $5M-$5.5 at best. Given the market, $6M would have been acceptable. At $7M+, Flyers fans will want this guy off the team in under three years.
  25. This quote says to me "The Hextall Plan Was Working" I think this was always the off-season Hextall was looking towards. Too bad he was too tough on the corporate suits. Oh, and, also, too, wouldn't fire Hackstol.
  26. With the third pick in the 2019 NHL Entry draft, the Chicago Blackhawks are pleased to select Kirby Dach, Centre, Saskatoon. Big-bodied playmaking center with outstanding passing skills and soft hands who is one of the best draft-eligible players at incorporating all his teammates into the attack. Dach has a tremendous wingspan and reach that help him maintain control the puck for lengthy periods inside the offensive zone. He is a confident puck carrier up ice, and you’ll rarely see him advance via direct routes. Dach can create time and space using a variety of methods on zone entries, and he can stutter-step defenders out of position. All these traits force opponents to back away from him, which provides him with the opportunity to unleash a wicked wrist shot. Still, Dach certainly is more of a set-up man than a shooter, and you can make a strong argument that he is the best saucer-passer of any forward prospect. Dach has elusiveness for a big man, and his agility in tight spaces allows him to outmaneuver pesky opponents. His straight-line speed is average but deceptive, and his skating style and stride appears a bit choppy and short. Nonetheless, Dach has no problem inserting himself into a rush or initiating one himself, and you can count on him to create several odd-man chances each game. He can run a power play from the half wall and has confidence in his passes from either forehand or backhand, and he can sense when the time is right to make a decisive pay during a stagnant possession. Defensively, Dach will pressure the points, and he relies on his long stick to break up plays. He is, however, neither physical nor consistent on draws. Dach will drop down to support his defensemen, but he’ll dig for loose pucks rather than use his strength to knock it free. ([Hidden Content]) If any team has the leadership group to break Dach of his few bad habits, it's Chicago. The upside here is immense. The Colorado Avalanche and @hf101 are on the clock.
  27. Me neither. But I was even less impressed by his pass blocking for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  28. a) Worst kept secret in hockey for the last two weeks. b) Dave Tippett has a history of making chicken salad out of chicken sh|t. c) I slept funny, and my neck is sore.
  29. I know- right ? I have worked with really arrogant guys in the production world from Boston. (and some cool ones- but far more douches) They are actually worse than New York crew because, well, it's not even New York and they act like they're the hottest guys not in LA. for the record LA guys are the worst. Screw Boston - Go Blues
  30. Very well put. Too bad that all too often people kowtow to the loudest complainer in the room just to keep the peace instead of standing by what is right. People who want to change history because they do not like it are doomed to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors. It is a trap set by today's political correctness that infects all of society today.
  31. Came here to say I wish I had started this thread. Genius.
  32. What I'd love to see is the Pens play the Caps and a blimp falls on the building.
  33. Yave, as much as I'd like to agree here being a Pens fan, I just can't. Itshay happens in every game, we can complain about it, but it doesn't matter. When you carelessly swing your stick at someone, no matter what's happened prior to that, you deserver what you get. As a generic hockey fan, I don't want to ever see someone injured by a swinging stick. Heck, he could just as well have hit Letang or Crosby, he didn't know who was back there. He's luck he didn't hurt someone. So I'm happy that the league suspeneded him even though there was no injury. This is the way it should always be. If they'd have gotten the original penalty right, that would have been good too, but Malkin got what he deserved.
  34. No doubt. Hard to believe about a 6-2 game, but if not for Hart that game is out of control the other way before the Flyers score their first. And that's the difference now. They can make mistakes or play like crap for stretches and it doesn't necessarily end up in their net (like it did almost every single time previously). And they seem to respond with energy to a huge save or sequence. Yeah, agree, it's all about Carter Hart.
  35. It's also about getting the most out of your players. We may not have elite talent, but we have some very good players and most of them underachieved this year. That's where leadership from the players and coaching come in. It also comes from actually "building" a team with a plan in mind, and how the pieces are going to fit. Not just drafting all playmakers and no finishers, not always drafting centers and hope they can adjust to playing wing. Sometimes you have to draft by need , you are missing a certain element, you have the making of a good line and you draft a player to complete, that line. The Flyers of today, dont have much chemistry. The Sixers had high picks for a few years and picked the so called best players and they didnt fit and were basically given away for nothing. They wasted picks..sometimes you have to draft to fit a need and complete a lineup with chemistry and style of play in mind.
  36. I hope soon. He shouldn't be hard to move. I just hope they get a decent return for him.
  37. I think Scott counting money - and not finding enough of it - is why he pulled the trigger on Hex and Hak. I'm pretty sure this hasn't gone how he anticipated it would go... HUNDREDS of tickets are available on StubHub for the Stars game. Many more on Ticketbastard. And "medium" availability in all but two sections of the first-sale site. This is not what Comcast had in mind when they put the money into refurbing the Big Bank Building.
  38. Holy Crap...that's a LOT of goalies used in just about a half a season!! When teams talk about their "top or bottom six", they usually refer to their forward lines or their top six defensemen..... NOT the goalies!!
  39. I think there are a lot of teams that wouldn't mind having an 80pt winger. He's kinda good. This is the thinking that tripped my trigger when you brought up stinkin' Brady Tkchuak. That kid didn't do **** for 50 minutes. a puck hits his ass and goes in the net and now he's awesome... Now imagine he played for the Flyers and didn't do **** for 50 minutes, still think he's all that ? This grass is always greener business is wearing me out. Teams would pay handsomely for Voracek, most likely, he'd be the best player in the deal too.
  40. Agree with you and McM-6..BB starts the season by saying he plans to give Dubnyk more rest but reverts the the 'Hot hand'. If he continues this way of thinking we might as well trade Stalock and bring up Kahkonen. But then he'll probably sit too much too. There has to be some reason why Stalock doesn't play, Do they not have much faith or like his game? I've never liked the hot hand mentality because what happens when it cools? You go to a rusty player. The tandem of Fern/Roly went decently but I doubt we'll ever see that again.
  41. Thank God Berube was hired as coach before this happened. Maybe God loves us.
  42. Greenlay... Is he really on the payroll or do the Wild just accept his time to announce as a donation? Tax write off? Fans are PULLING their hair out when he talks and he does ads for hair plugs. Coincidence?
  43. I’m sure the jerseys are really nice up close and in person, but I don’t like them on TV because I can’t make out the numbers or names very well. @ruxpin @mojo1917 Hockey has become boring in general, it’s not just the Flyers. And I suspect it’s only boring to those who grew up with something different. Here’s the thing - Olympic hockey, largely without hits and physicality, is amazing to watch. So what’s the difference? Talent. The NHL is too diluted to be really engaging during the regular season. On top of that, there’s little emotion and physicality during games, which kind of makes the whole game a non-event unless someone scores.
  44. I said it last time he was on IR. The Flyers need to waive him and move on. It's s constant disruption requiring roster moves and a source of instability for the team.
  45. @hf101 I get your POV, however, I will add ..."IF" Hak has lost the locker room, there is no way that this team will respond to anything he says. A change in coaching is a must. I will acknowledge the fact that the players must still perform on the ice and that simply has not been happening. Agree goaltending is a Halloween nightmare and that squarely falls on Hexy's shoulders for not addressing it during the off season. Last point ... can we all agree that it was wise sending Hart to LV and avoiding this sinking ship. (I know some advocated keeping Hart with the Flyers during the preseason)
  46. Ordinarily, I’d lay some blame on the players for running another coach out of town, but really this is Hakstol’s mess. His teams have played emotionless, safe, perimeter hockey with no discernible improvement over the course of his tenure. The PK has been and remains a complete disaster (and after the coaches supposedly “studied” it over summer). He has sucked and sort of grit or aggression out of their game. They played today like they want him gone. That said, they are heading on a long road trip. I kind of doubt they do anything to the coach until after the trip. It’s just sad what this team has become. I remember hearing about how Dave Hakstol’s teams play hard. Dave Hakstol is intense. You never want to get “the look” from him. Welp, absolutely none of that has been the case. Yes, I do think players share blame here. By no means am I happy with the vets in particular. And I’m not happy with the GM either. But I am most unhappy with the coach. I’m tired of him. And it looks like the players are as well. Question is whether the GM is tired yet.
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