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  1. ... and get my bold prediction in before the first game. I predict a breakout season for Cooter. I only saw bits and pieces of a few preseason games but he impressed me the most. He looked much more confident and poised out there. Not saying he'll put up 90 pts, but I think he will "arrive" this year.
  2. Just wanted to welcome everyone back. I don't post much here but read the boards every day. It is so exciting to see everyone coming back to post and share their insights (both good and bad) and I can't wait until tonight! And some of your posts always give me the chuckle I need to get through the day It has been a very long summer!!! GO FLYERS!!!!!
  3. That ought to set a positive tone for the season, as the first breakaway shall be saved!
  4. Not sure you can go with Gretzky, Bossy and Yzerman as the standards. They are more the exceptions - even more with a new generation of player. All three of those guys had the commitment to and the commitment from the franchises they worked for. I would say that there is less loyalty on both sides these days - it's a much more mercenary approach than it ever has been.
  5. @brelic Bold prediction. Don't mind Emery starting at all but hope he doesn't let in 4 goals
  6. @yave1964 In other words it isn't how you start, but how you finish.
  7. I would hope that hardly anybody would be satisfied with their performance last year (except Jake and maybe one or two others). I think confidence will be a big factor for Couturier. There were quite a few trade rumors floating around during the offseason and he was the subject of several of them. The organization has showed confidence in him by not trading him for a goalie or defenseman. I think he will respond.
  8. I see you promoted Z up a line. I always said you were smart.
  9. I completely agree. I have no problem with a bridge deal or simply holding off all-together (during the season) until he shows something. One of my biggest pet peeves in sports is overpaying and overpaying too soon. I hate it in general, but given that our GM has a habit of doing it, I want to avoid it.
  10. Couturier is a nobody dude. He is very young and has plenty of time and I'm not calling him a bust, I'm just saying the kid has done virtually nothing so far. I wouldn't be throwing his name into a conversation and scoff at people's notions that they need more help at center. He has proven nothing at this level so far. Vinny is nothing to get excited about either. I'm not saying he's terrible, but just ok. There was a short time he was an elite player, but he never sustained that for a long period of time. He's also on the latter part of his career. He's not bad, not great. He's ok. Giroux is great, but I don't really get your confusion over someone's opinion that the team isn't very strong at center. It could be worse, but it's not exactly the kind of thing that makes you go "Wow!" What exactly is it that you think should be acknowledged that isn't? As always, they have so-so goalies, they were a non-playoff team last year, and some of their young talent stagnated last season. I do like Giroux, Read, Voracek, and Simmonds, and think the team could make some noise is Schenn and Couturier stepped up. But that's the thing, they have to step up. I think the team has potential, especially up front, but it's unrealized at this point.
  11. People are forgetting one thing about Gill's signing. He was signed to be the 8th defenseman, not an every day player. If you want to actually develop Lauridsen, you don't sit him in the pressbox as the 8th defenseman. You play him top-pair minutes in the A and make him your first recall. Now if the Flyers had, say, moved both Meszaros and Grossmann, then signed Gill to play in the top 6 rather than play Lauridsen full time, I'd have a much bigger issue.
  12. The Flyers , more than any team should realize that defensemen are a valuable commodity. I am positive we have led the league in injuries to defenseman over the last 3-4 years if not longer. Considering how many injuries we have had, and also considering the age of Timmo and Streit and the fact that Mez and Grossman have also been injured a lot, I would keep Mez around for a while. There is no urgency to just unload him for a useless body, just to clear cap space. We are OK with cap space once Pronger is on LTR. What I would do, is keep him and let him play, Gus would have to be the odd man out for a while. We would hope that Mez, in a contract year, stays healthy and has a good season. If that happens, then his value shoots way up, and as we all know, at the trade deadline, teams overpay for defensive help heading into the playoffs. So ,considering what we gave up for Grossman, and Kubina, Mez can easily get us a second round pick. If other teams suffer defensive injuries we can get more. If Mez gets hurt or is horrible, we lose nothing, since we were giving him away anyway We all have high hopes for a good season, but a lot has to fall into place for that to happen. We need younger forwards to improve, we need a suspect defense to stay healthy and perform and we need a no name goaltending duo to play well. If our young guys don't come through and our defense/goaltending falters, we will be sellers at the deadline. So if we are sellers, then Timmo is another guy we can unload at the deadline, for his last shot at a Cup. If the Flyers are out of it ,Im sure he waves his no trade for one last chance to win.
  13. thanks for the link - Meltzer makes some good points doing a cost-benefit analysis. But I think his best point is this one: "...if the club as a whole would buy into and execute the concept of team defense with a semblance of consistency -- there is considerable room for improvement in back checking, gap control, puck support and breakouts -- goalies Ray Emery and Steve Mason might have a chance to improve the team's goals against average and save percentage." exactly what I said yesterday in one of those "we'll probably suck again" threads. (actually i can't remember what thread it was) Sure is a lot of doom n gloom on this board...I mean considering we haven't played Game One yet...
  14. Let Mason start, and show him the fans have his back (for now). Rinaldo with the first phantom call against Philly of the season on a clean hit in the corners.
  15. It's Homer we're talking about, anyone is already trade bait.
  16. I actually don't mind the signing. I figure Homer has a lot more hockey knowledge then I do. I find folks on here tend to blow some things out of proportion. Just my opinion.
  17. That's another reason to hate shootouts, and 4 on 4 fiascos. That third line worker is probably the main reason that a team has held on for a tie. And he won't see overtime ice while the 1st and second line guys who failed to do their jobs and produce goals are given the unfair chance at being heros.
  18. Sorry Digity, lol! I could be wrong entirely. Seriously. They could somehow catch fire and overachieve this season. At the end of the day, it's really up to them how they perform. I mean, I know we have a very high *individual* talent level on this team. Mason and Emery could very well play lights out, playing off their camaraderie. SHowing they have something to prove. Playing for their next contract. And maybe Coburn regains his defensive stability paired with Timonen. We sneak into the playoffs as the 8th seed, get a few favourable matchups, and face the Hawks in the SCF... oh wait. That's the beauty of actually having to play 82 games... it makes some of us armchair GMs look like fools!
  19. I know! That was one of the most surprising things that happened! Pens are always a cup favorite. Defense is improving, now all they need is consistent goaltending the whole season and they could be champs at the end
  20. Don't worry. Only "paper" moves...cap shenanigans. At least for Bennett.
  21. Rather easily, it's not like he's going anywhere in a hurry.
  22. why do we have to sign him right now? I would rather see what he does this year and if he has another below average year sign him to a bridge contract. Most people expect him to breakout but as FC stated - when? Honestly, I am not as high on Schenn as most people around here and find that he is wildly inconsistent. For the Flyers to make the playoffs the need Schenn to have a solid year and deliver on the scoreboard - somehow he needs to start making an impact night in & night out. I keep waiting for him to hit is stride but so far we see glimpses every once in a while. If I am GM I am not signing him to a lucrative deal unless he produces. His chance in my book is this year and if he does not perform this year? Give him a 1 or 2 year deal as a bridge (similar to Cooter) and hope he is not a bust...

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