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  1. zac rinaldo is 24. those guys the draper mccarty maltby line weren't those guys until they reached that mythical "prime" . Zac is not a finished product, plus he has improved his game since last year. He works hard , who knows, he may wind up being a shawn thorton, type... maybe not that good but a discount version of him. i'd be fine with that, i don't think on a team in transition Zac Rinaldo is the worst of the problems. I definitely think there is room to let him grow his game, he is not stagnating, his game is improving.
  2. Yeah, but then if we traded them, they'd be great again and it would be another reason to criticize the organ-I-zation.
  3. I would add Del Zotto to the list of keepers. He's logging heavier minutes as we go on, and is looking fine doing it. Like you, I would keep Coburn and Streit. I would move Schenn only because he has more value than Grossmann, and I think Schenn has no future as part of the core of this team moving forward. He's the wrong defenseman playing in the wrong era.
  4. No one on the Sixers roster that they got rid of was the equivelant of a Giroux, Voracek, or Simmonds. The Sixers were not going anywhere with the likes of Holiday, Turner, Hawes, Thad Young. The Sixers plan isn't limited to just Noel or Embiid. It's about acquiring picks and assets to find the right pieces to build around. Rather than just add random FA players hoping the can make a mediocre team better.
  5. Sounds an awful lot like Obi-Wan's "from a certain POV" speech to Luke. It's not about what you, me, or Razor thinks is important, it's about facts. Rinaldo has been here a few years now. How is that experiment going? What's he does that results in winning games? They lack toughness, I get it. I actually posted on another thread just today I think they are a soft team. But in all seriousness, what has he done of any value?
  6. Thanks. Now my daughter wants one and asked if it comes with snow.
  7. If he's not careful he's going to be M"VD" and not M"DZ". Edit: Maybe his captain should be advising him on the proper way to obtain a date? Oh wait - nevermind.
  8. Their plan is not going to work. Just look at who they are pinning their hopes to. Noel has not play a single NBA game and Embiid is in the same exact boat. They are building their franchise around not one, but two, guys who have not proven anything. Not only that, they are supposedly tried to get rid of MCW - the only player they've got worth a damn. You think attendance is bad now, wait until their "plan" doesn't work out. I don't want the Flyers to get rid of G, Voracek, Simmonds and some of the other young core to do something as monumentally stupid as the Sixers have done.
  9. Not to poo on anyone's party, but they were in the PO last year after missing the previous year and they are rebuilding. I wish they were better, but it's not as bad as it could be. I agree with you @CoachX about them being soft. They are not a tough team and haven't been for some time, but are particularly soft this last year or two. They need some size and toughness. Not at the expense of skill or anything, but this team lacks physicality. What this team needs is to start thinking about those moves to take the next steps. They have plenty of youth in their core and have even more waiting in the wings. If we're lucky, two of those guys make the team in the next year or two. If you can add 2 from this group: Morin, Ghost, Laughton, Haag, and Alt to the roster, that's a nice turnaround. If more than two of them make it, that's great, I'm just being realistic. But they can't just sit around and wait for these kids to develop and simply expect them to lead the team. They need to be aggressive in adding pieces that are as close to a sure thing as you can get. They need experience, leadership, and toughness. They got a decent young core, but they are lacking a few things. Personally, I think their biggest two targets should be a top line winger (you could arguably play Simmonds there, but you don't want all your eggs in one basket) and an impact defenseman.
  10. at least in the A Akeson has shown the ability to score...so take that for what it is worth, Akeson has better hands , by a mile and has a scoring mentality...Zac smash. so there is that difference. i get that Akeson is tweener in the NHL he's not really top six material but plays a top six game. so can he change and play a more straight line "energy" game or can Zac conjure better hand eye coordination ? i would think the first is more likely than the second. Meltzer mentioned putting Akeson in the Giroux role on the 2nd PP unit, that seems like a decent idea, if he's taking up a seat on the plane might as well benefit from his abilities.
  11. I hope they can get something for the few turds that litter this lineup.....i'd take just picks in return. They need a 2nd anyways to recoup what they lost in the Mcdud trade.
  12. Addendum: I think I meant Hextall but this is largely Homer's legacy. The Malbec and aging are diminishing my brains....yikes.
  13. The penalty kill is coming along from an early bad start, but the PP is looking really good. A big reason for it seems to be that they are way more willing to shoot the puck off of quick passes than pass the puck around the perimeter. Their puck movement is so much better than in previous years, and they're using the slot a lot more also.
  14. If this is riled up, I better see a doctor. I'm half asleep here! @pilldoc help me!
  15. Howie, Watched the 'highlights' on hockeystreams... It was nice to see you along with the 4 or 5 other fans in attendance last night. Hope you at least bought a drink as it must be close to turning out the lights time down there at that arena. Speaking of lights out... It did seem that Luongo had the hot hand last night. Maybe your seats were a bit higher than you realize because he looked to have been tested often and made some great stops. Having said that... it's pathetic the Flyers lost to an AHL team. I can agree with one thing... what a disappointment.
  16. @B21 This team has the potential to be a dominant force in the league this season. The filling out of the bottom six really helps, and who would've thought Comeau would skate so well on Malkin's wing?
  17. Carlo underarmor for the game!!! He is ready to go!!!!!!!!!
  18. They guy that constructed this team is certainly to blame. I'll give you a hint, his name ain't "Hextall"
  19. @murraycraven Both Laughton and Ghost know they'll have NHL careers. They've been working for it most of their lives. A few more months, or one more year isn't going to kill them.

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