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  1. I'm neither defending nor offending Berube on this chatline, but I'm not giving the players or management a pass either. By having perhaps the weakest group of prospects in the NHL, in addition to the most ugly contracts, the NHL roster that stumbled all season for the Flyers was virtually unchallenged. Therefore, no commitment or accountability. Teams like Detroit are competitive because the players in the system are constantly pushing for big league jobs. Not so much the Flyers. In the salary cap world you gotta have competition for depth positions, or else you end up with guys like VLC or Umberger. The Flyers could get away with the nepotism prior to the salary cap. Not anymore. You have to develop talent all through the lineup now. This was another factor Berube had to deal with. Lack of depth, and lack of talent developed in the minors and taught how to be NHL players. The entire organization has to share responsibility for the past few seasons of mediocrity.
  2. I think we need to give Hextall a bit more credit here. I Interpret "evaluating" to include the potential replacements. There's an argument to be made that the guy he "really wants" might be more available in a year and Hextall has to weight dumping chief now and going with someone he may want a little less vs dumping him later for someone he does really want. Also, maybe he's got his eye on someone in the playoffs now and is waiting for their elimination and subsequent frustration to get the better of them. It's just not a time to announce this yet. And press conferences can just be a response to behind the scenes pressure from the press. If you're getting 40'calls a day from a beat reporter who suddenly has no beat because your team skunked their playoff run, it's easier to hold a pressed and give them all a story to write about your lack of a story. Gives them something to write about besides Vinny and his Agent anyway.
  3. I know it's fashionable amongst the "hockey cogniscenti" to allege that teams like Tampa and Nashville "have no fans" but the numbers - reality - simply doesn't support the contention. Tampa is ninth in the league in attendance. That simply can't be all "fans of other teams" in Florida. They play in the same division with Florida - are they besieged by the Panther hordes driving up from Miami? They draw about 1,200 per game less than Detroit. Their arena holds about 900 less than Detroit. Tampa has drawn more fans than the New York Rangers in each of the past four years. This season they are also ahead of Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Boston. Three franchises that apparently "have no followers"? Lastly, does anyone really believe that a team "in financial difficulty" would be restricting sales to their playoff games if they thought they couldn't sell out the building to their own fanbase? For me, the entire idea simply doesn't hold water. To be clear, I think it's a stupid rule, but I don't own myself a NHL hockey franchise...
  4. I didn't interpret this presser as "lip service" or a "show" at all. He said he didn't make a decision on Berube yet. Don't you think if he wanted to keep the coach who still has remaining term on his contract, he would just say so? To me, Berube is as good as gone unless he can't find a suitable replacement. He's keeping his options open and will take the amount of time necessary to make sure it's a smart decision - whether it's Babcock, Tippett, Julien, MacLean, Boucher, or whomever. If all else fails, I would suspect that Berube is the fall back. This is a smart move because he won't be caught with no dance partner at the end, and having to just put some inferior stiff behind the bench because he fired the last guy. I believe this is a strategic, forward-thinking move. The rest of the stuff, none of it felt like lip service. It was argued and told with passion and conviction. This is not a man going through the motions.
  5. Seriously, they held a presser to announce that they had nothing to announce?! Good lord they suck.
  6. I could maybe agree with this perspective if it were not for some of the very specific situations that he has been shown wanting in handling his players. Mason especially. I don't want a coach like that. You need a skilled surgeon employing a sharp knife to handle players these days not a brute wielding a dull axe. Berube has shown that he is most assuredly the latter.
  7. An utterly incompetent, delusional, moronic imbecile that should have never considered becoming a coach, much less one in the NHL... uh, I mean what a great coach!!!....
  8. I actually like that Berube is comparing Couturier to Bergeron. I like that he challenges / challenged him. I think that kid needs it. I also agree that Berube is defensive, gruff, and I agree that he may not be the best coach for developing players. I know Chief loves hockey, and maybe can't get past some his personal biases in regards to his players, he sees an effort guy like Umberger as worthy of ice time, while a talented guy like VLC "dogs it". I don't think he's a bad guy , or even a bad coach , i do think half his players hate playing for him for whatever reason and that's a problem, since you can 't fire half the players... I don't know who is available to replace him with.
  9. Peter Chiarelli has been relieved of his duties as General Manager of the Boston Bruins. An interim General Manager will not be named at this time. [Hidden Content] I expect a number of teams will be interested in his services. (Toronto for one as he knows how to get a return on Kessel)
  10. For sure! And it wasn't for a lack of trying to move VLC, for example. He also said at some point during the season that any deal with another team would have to involve them taking a bad contract back. So he knows he's handcuffed and tried to do something about it. No takers, apparently - or at least none that offered anything remotely reasonable. Yeah, I can see that. Maybe he was trying to rationalize it. I also agree with him that it's easy to look at it after year 1 and think it was a failure - but Hartnell's contract runs 5 years, so what about at the end of year 3, when Umberger is gone, and Hartnell still has 2 more years with declining skills? It would be VLC all over again. There is no doubt that we got screwed on the deal in year 1. Me too. So far, though, he has done the right things IMO that link up with the vision he's been selling fans. Patience, hanging on to the kids, acquiring draft picks to build through the draft. I guess what I'm saying is that I agree that he can't be fully graded after year 1, but he's done enough of the right things that give me faith in his vision moving forward.
  11. 27 goals, 58 points traded away for a guy who put up 9 goals, 15 points and flamed out at the end of the deal? "Monumental" might be a bit of an understatement. $4.75M looking pretty darn good for a guy who put up 27 goals and 58 points, no? HAS to be better than $4.6M for 9g/15p... That said, Hextall has to say he would do it again or he looks like a complete buffoon and basically throws a player under contract for two more years completely under the bus. A few more deals like that, though, and most GMs are out of a job.. For me, it shows the inherent folly of making a deal with the primary goal of cap relief - three years later.
  12. but you make up for it with your sheep skills...
  13. Ron Hextall on Craig Berube: 'At this point he's our head coach' |(@CBSPhilly tweet)
  14. Flyers after season press conferences...the show about nothing.
  15. I agree, I don't think he gets the axe...today. I think he gets it in the next 4-6 weeks however. Berube should be fired for a number of things, in any given order: 1. His inability to bench Umberger. Unless it comes out that Hexy ordered him to play him, there is simply no way Umberger deserves to be inserted in the lineup night after night, given his total inability to contribute ANYTHING for months on end. 2. His terrible lineup decisions, night after night, particularly on the blue line. Not splitting up Jake/G, made this a one line team for most of the year. Granted they put up numbers, but what's it matter; they missed the playoffs, and Giroux sucked 5-5, so splitting them might have helped. We won't know because he only did it sporadically. 3. Sorry, but Coots has more ability on offense than this coach will allow him to show. Just look at the pass to Ryan White(??) near the end of the season. He has instincts, but can't use them when he's always starting in a defensive position/matchup. 4. Playing Matt Read when he was obviously hurt, and/or not producing. Again, maybe Hexy tells him to NOT sit him, if not... 5. VLC. Yes, I hate the contract as much as anyone. But, I think they guy can contribute at some level, and possibly even be a leader-type..which this team is crying for. So, he alienates VLC and makes the situation completely unworkable for all parties. 6. Total lack of development of young players. Both Schenns, Coots, etc... 7. His post season comments. Many of them just prove he does not have the make-up to deal with today's athletes. I don't hear top line coaches making those types of comments regarding their players.
  16. Its just attention...they love it Hexy is going to give us the ol we'll look at everything/eveeyone and make the evauluations and do whay is best BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!
  17. Maybe they are doing this cause they heard in 30 minutes the smartest hockey guy Homer knows is going to be released and the Sharks want to scoop Berube up while they can...before someone else rushes to sign him.
  18. I highly doubt Berube will be fired today.
  19. I don't think Berube will be fired today, especially at the presser, as teams just don't announce a public pressor a day in advance to relieve the duties of a coach. Something should have leaked out. This team just lacked offensive scoring on the second and third lines most of the season, and I don't care how you want to mix up the lines or not, they underachieved. Hextall failed on his Hartnell / Umberger swap - that is not on Berube. Berube really didn't have many options with Vinny. Vinny needs to do us all a favor and retire. For those to say bench this player or that player, it really isn't that simple as there is a 23 man roster the needs to fit under the cap. The Flyers, as like a few other teams in the NHL didn't have that much roster cap space available especially as the decision was made to carry 8 d-men. Courturier had very little offensive success this season, not because he wasn't given a chance he really isn't a good offensive player and didn't play well as a 2nd line scoring center. The fact that he didn't have the right mix of wingers made it all the worse. Having the right players on the roster again wasn't Berube's fault. Playing Mason too early - yeah I get that, however if we had a better back-up netminder Mason wouldn't have needed to be over worked. This presser today imo, will be about the changes Hextall needs to make to move the team forward.
  20. Hoping Hextall relieves Berube of his duties so Chief can pursue the now vacant GM position in Boston. Lol We are more likely to hear that Berube has been reassigned to Special Assistant to the Traveling Secretary!
  21. This. If the Bolts and Preds weren't drawing so well this would be a bad business move but since they both are among the better franchises when it comes to attendance - good for them.
  22. Wait, one man ruining it all? Are we talking about Ben Lovejoy again?
  23. That's pretty funny. And as @WingNut722 and I have already talked about, DELAYS should not be tolerated for sorting scuba gear....so will post this here to have it ready for Habs players.
  24. I agree with the bolded. The rest, not really. If anyone looked at this roster over last summer and seriously thought the Flyers were going to challenge anything in terms of a Cup run, they were simply fooling themselves. So I'm with you to a great extent on the talent level thing. Clearly, the talent on defense isn't there, but it's not great on the forward line either. But the fact of the matter is that they should have been better than they ended up being. Berube put players in positions to fail (all but guaranteed failure), both within the lineup and on the ice. The inconsistent play and effort actually is about the coach. It's ultimately his responsibility to get the players ready to play. It's actually no one's job BUT his. Yes, each individual player is responsible for his own performance, but in real life the coach is responsible for the group. The group, whether it's a team or business unit or church group, takes on a personality independent of, and sometimes in opposition to, the personality of the individuals that make up the group (group > sum of it's parts can work in both ways). It's the coach's responsibility to harness and steer that. Not only did he fail in this enterprise, he actually did nothing to actually create a group. This is how you end up with 4 or 5 players all on the same side of the ice in the defensive zone, as if none of them are confident their teammates can take care of business and all of them not where they're supposed to be. This is why you end up with so many passes to nowhere. This is why so much "dump but don't chase," etc. etc. etc. The fact they had such a good record against good teams and such a horrific record against poor teams goes to coaching. It can't be solely about emotion and energy. It also takes a certain amount of talent and synergy. It's not Berube's responsibility to provide or acquire the talent. That's Holmgren's failure. But it IS his job to create the synergy. And he horribly and completely failed in that. Add that to the horrible misuse of players (VLC, Couturier, MDZ, to name a few), and the complete lack of common sense and elementary judgement (Mason, Read, Umberger) and the guy needs to be standing in line at the PA CareerLink waiting to talk to the woman with way too much facial hair about how to hide a termination on a resume. WORST.FLYERS.COACH.EVER. ...in quite a long line of bad coaches.
  25. That's pretty much how I feel as well. I think Berube knows his hockey, and he definitely has the team doing some things better than they were doing in Lavi's last season + 3 games. But he seems too hard headed and inflexible in his approach, which for a first time head coach in the league maybe isn't so surprising. Whether he really is a good coach is hard to tell with the roster he's got, although the fact that the team had a playoff worthy record at home but was abysmal on the road has to fall in large part on him. Basically I'm ambivalent as to whether he should be replaced or not, if there is a clear upgrade available then I'm all for it.
  26. Berube as a coach has the same talent level as the Flyers roster has as players. They were a perfect match for each other. I have a hard time believing any coach would have gotten more out of this lineup. The inconsistent play and effort is not about the coach, it's about the leadership and level of commitment of the players. No accountability in the Flyer organization right now. It is the first priority, a return to a commitment of excellence.
  27. Wings fans rabidly follow their team across two Countries, regular season, playoff whatever. I have been to Nationwide many, many times in Columbus where there are more Wings sweaters than Jackets, and it feels like a home game. There is another post in here where a lot of the regulars even stated this is lame, a cheap ploy by Tampa. It is a way of keeping non Bolts fans from taking over the joint. Just gamesmanship really. It is cheap and petty, but come October or December the Lightning organization will gladly take the Wings fans money for a regular season ticket. Just hoping that Wings fans remember and plan vacations in Sunrise or Dallas or another warm climate and stay away from Tampa. The Wings don't have to do that. The Lightning do not have any followers to speak of. Just sayin.
  28. Brotha can ya testi-FY!! Haha...sorry, couldn't help it. Look, I am tired of hearing about how the Blues are gonna wack the Wild. Personally, I think the Wild are being underrated, but even if the prognosticators are correct, I as a fan, SHOULD feel and think of ways WHY my team can beat this supposedly 'unassailable' opponent. I expect Pitt fans to be no different going up against the Rangers. In fact, as fans, it is their DUTY to think that way!
  29. From a Bolts standpoint, I'd rather see the veteran Jimmy Howard go......so, yea, that means I believe Babcock made the best decision for HIS team in starting Mrazek. I already said I believe that Mrazek COULD be (not is, but could be) a star in the making, and I sure would hate it if he did at the expense of the Lightning in this series. I still like the Lightning's chances here, but this decision right off the bat already favors Detroit. Kudos to Mike Babcock by not simply sticking to ol "gotta go with the veteran" type spiel and actually starting the guy who absolutely gives you the better chance to win against the given opponent.
  30. I don't know if Berube is the worst coach in a list with Bill Dineen, Terry Simpson, Wayne Cashman, and Paul Holmgren. But I HATE him far more than any of them. He is such a stupid delusional douche bag. I cannot wait until they fire him and am going to throw one hell of a god damned party. Nothing he says or does makes the slightest damn bit of sense. He smells his job coming and he's throwing kids under the bus that HE set up to fail. Screw him. What the hell. Even with the horrible list above, he's the worst.
  31. This is going to be a fun series to watch. How much diving will the has get away with? Montreal in 6.
  32. I read quite a few summaries of the player exit interviews yesterday, including Berube addressing the media. I've got to say, Chief sounded bitter and came off as very narrow-minded. A few players also weren't happy with their roles. I don't envy Hextall. He's got an impatient overlord above him, a number of core and non-core players who aren't happy with the coach, and a coach who is very testy and defensive. What to do? In all likelihood, the team will be more of the same next year. Should be the same quality in goal, equal or slightly better up front, probably worse on the blueline. As much as want to shed guys like Grossmann and MacDud and possibly Schenn, the reality is they are NHL defensemen with experience, and that doesn't just get replaced and improved upon by slotting Manning, Ghost, and Morin in there. Those guys will have learning curves and will make a ton of mistakes - that kind that lose hockey games. Ghost alone made 2-3 egregious mistakes in the 2 games he played. Imagine that times 3 players over a full season. EDIT - I'm not saying to keep those 3 defensemen. I'm saying that moving them won't solve the problem short-term. It will get worse before it gets better.
  33. Wait, before we fire Berube, what is the 2016 draft looking like?
  34. I can say with certainty that I have never been this disinterested in the Flyers. The draft and the picks are all I have to carry me forward. Plus there's you guys and this place. Thank the lord for these small mercies.

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