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    That is completely unacceptable! There are thousands of ogres and millions of jackasses offended by that graphic. These men have families and have lost loved ones in the name of pasteurized milk, velour couch cushions, and chrome playing on reproduction auto parts. To mock their contribution to society...
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    Aint that the truth...watching Crosby lift Lord Stanley again would be vile, sick, disgusting....all of the above...but it will probably happen because God hate's Flyers fans....true story....LOL>
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    For both teams, you basically had to make the mistake of high sticking someone to get a penalty. But that's okay, our PP is so bad, we don't want penalties to be called. Understand it, and use it. But to me, this game was about the little details, and the Pens did not take care of those. Too many players trying to do too much with the puck, instead of making the little area play and use their speed. Classic example was what led to Ward's goal. Letang and Crosby coming up ice shorthanded 2v2, and instead of Letang dumping the puck into the corner and letting Crosby retrieve(also killing the rest of the penalty) he makes little lateral pass to Crosby along the boards who is covered and nowhere to go. Play turns into a 3v3 the other way, tie game. There were many instances of that all night, make the smart play and regroup instead of trying to skate through everything. Same with the power play, they would cross the blue line and try a little lateral pass that kept getting blocked. Same with the Sharks forecheck, Murphy dump it, don't try to skate through it. Probably what Murray has to work on in the off season is what happened on the third goal. He basically went down the the butterfly, but then made himself even smaller by almost sitting on the ice. Butterflying is okay, but you need to make yourself a little bigger to take away that short side. Short side top as well as far side top was wide open, I expect the Sharks to learn from this and see this more.
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    Fun game, best game 'artistically' in the series to date. It annoys me that the ratings are down so heavily in this series, Good Lord the series has Crosby, Thornton, Pavelski, Malkin, a Wookie for Gods sake. Two OT games in the first three. Hard clean hitting hockey that is fun to watch. Sorry every game is not 6-5 firewagon eighties hockey but it is one Hell of a series so far, game 4 will be critical to both teams as the Pens try to regain momentum and the Sharks look to hold serve. What more do people need?
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    No worries Joe, HJ had your back. He guaranteed a Sharks victory last night so there was no need for you to watch.
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    Got smashed drunk and fell asleep before the game. Nice to wake up to a win.
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    One correction - Steven Reinprecht*
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    As for the officiating...eh, i didn't see anything that i thought was horrible. like the missed roughing Thorton v Crosby in game two...wtf was that ? guys are holding, guys are grabbing sticks....its the finals. i see it both ways, for every Crosby dragged down in the slot, there's a stick being held in the crease the the other way. i don't think there's a legitimate gripe about the officiating so far.
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    Last night was the first night the Sharks competed for pucks and were hard on the puck when the Pens checked them. I don't know if it has been a wariness of the Pens speed in the first two games but last night the Sharks didn't quit on contested pucks, they banged the smaller guys and maintained possession. If this trend continues we'll have a fun series. I don't know if the refs were "letting stuff go" so much as the Sharks finally engaged in the physical nature of the game. I know Bonino had the high stick penalty but I think he's going to get paid when his contract is up, he is an ideal character bottom six guy. I've been impressed by him, more than Rust but he's probably going to make some bank too because he's got a nice game too. I guess Shero didn't **** the organization so badly after all.
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    Nah but pulling Crosby down from behind in the slot was complained about. I just figured I'd try for an unbiased review so I knew whether they were being objective or homers. You fail
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    They were never going to sweep them. Two softies by Murray. Gotta make that save in OT. The Ward goal....my God. No screen. Another one he has to make.
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    @MrDanglez67 the New York Islanders are now on the clock! I would be ecstatic if McLeod dropped to the Flyers at #18 and he Flyers would be able to draft him! My draft wish list right now if the Flyers are unable to move up in the 10 would be Jost / McLeod / Fabbro / Kunin in that order.
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    The Philadelphia Flyers would like to apologize for the delay in making their pick. (Sorry sometimes family duties take precedent) After much thought and deliberation, Ron Hextall and Dave Hakstol are excited to be picking arguably one of the best and fastest skaters in this year’s draft. The Flyers are happy to announce their pick at #18. Please welcome from Mississauga, Ontario and playing for the Mississauga Steelheads (OHL), Micahel McLeod (C). During the 2015-16 season, McLeod had a breakout season scoring 61 pts (21G, 40A) in 57 games. He also recorded 9 pts (3G, 6A) in 7 games during the playoffs. Twenty-four of his 40 assists were primary, so it would be fair to say that he was not just a passenger out there, he drove the play. Obviously having Alex Nylander as a common linemate gave him a good supporting cast, but he really opened things up for his linemates thanks to his skating. Skating is easily his biggest asset. He has elite top-end speed, and acceleration that allows him to get there in a few short strides Cutis Joe, Elite Prosepects: Michael McLeod is a highly skilled power center that relies on nobody but himself to get the job done. His size and skating make him difficult to contain, and his competitiveness gives him an edge against other teams' best. His deft puckhandling skills and control over his speed are the defining aspects of his offensive abilities. All-in-all, a top talent that is both dynamic and hard to play against. Future considerations: McLeod has an excellent skating stride which includes several different gears and the ability to instantly change speed to shoot through holes in the defense. He is defensibly responsible and plays the game from goal light to goal light. Has a very high compete level, plays physical and will do whatever is required to help his team. Creates plenty of chances off the rush using his speed and willingness to take the puck to the net. Strong in the faceoff circle and has some leadership qualities NHL teams will like. ISS: McLeod was the Steelheads go to player in all situations this year. Was assistant captain of the young team and showed excellent understanding of the game. As the year progressed it became clear that McLeod had more to offer than his steady two-way play improving his shot, hands and vision offensively. Rarely makes mistakes in his game but works his tail off to make up for the rare bad decision he has. Proved to be one of the best players gaining the blue line with the puck and can beat teams off the rush with his speed on the cycle with his size and vision. Matched up against top players on other teams routinely and able to contribute while shutting them down. A player to watch if he can put it all together and add some bulk. The best word to describe McLeod’s game is rapid — everything he does is with effort and a sense of urgency. What separates McLeod from the lot of draft-eligible speedsters is that he has the size, strength and puck-control skills to go along with it. McLeod could end up being a steal in this draft. The type of skating he possesses as an 18 year old is hard to find, and if he can refine other areas of his game, he could easily be a future top-six center on most NHL teams. He will probably need a year or two before being ready for the NHL. With this pick…the Flyers just got faster and quicker. Though he is not a LW which the Flyers need, but at drafting at #18, the Flyers were able to draft BPA. Draft Grade: B+/A- [Hidden Content]
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    Rick you're high. And frankly I'm jeleous No Hertl tonight, Karlsson up to the top line and Zubrus back in the lineup. 5-0 Pens. Because it's the opposite of what I want to happen
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    I gotta admit, the opening post got me going for a bit (I actually thought someone shot an NHL player), and it was damned funny once I realized what was going on. Good stuff.....even if a Penguins fan posted it....
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    Honestly? I would think one of the 2nds should put you in the 12-13 range. The Flyers moved up 5 last year using the very last pick in the 2nd round. While you're 10ish spots higher this year, your seconds are both better than that one, and the class is weaker. Value-wise, it's a little light, so you may need to add a late-round pick, but I doubt you need to put together a significant package to swap with Carolina or Ottawa. Edmonton is one top-ten team that I think may be willing to deal if they can get a quality defenseman in the trade, the other that keeps popping into my head is Calgary. They're in need of a goalie. I'm not sure who might be available around the league via trade (Andersen is tops, but they're in the same division), but the FA goalie class is terribly weak, and you could consider moving Neuvirth as part of a package if you want to run with Stolarz or Lyon as the backup. I'm not sure if 18+Neuvirth+48 or 52 gets you there, but it's an option I'd explore if you have a shot at Dubois or Tkatchuk. I probably wouldn't make the move if they're both gone, though. The problem is that player values on draft day are so volatile. Lehner got more value than most thought he would (#21. Though Legwand was part of the trade, it's likely he actually decreased the value Ottawa got in return), Schneider came in at 6th overall though he'd never started more than 33 games in a season, and when all was said and done Talbot, whom many thought was a better pickup than Lehner, came out around a 5th round value. If Neuvirth grades out favorably to Lehner in Calgary's eyes, 18/52/Neuvirth is just about perfect value for #6 (I'd actually written a long-winded mathematics post on this, but figured everyone's eyes would bleed and I'd get banned).
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    I like the new crest, not wild about the overall jersey design. But I hate everything so I guess that qualifies as a like....
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    That was exactly my thought: the crest in particular looks like it's from soccer
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    I kind of like it... reminds me of some of the European teams but without all the ads.

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