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  1. I read something a few minutes ago that blew my mind. Guy Lafleur and Jaromir Jagr were the players used in the example, but there are others that could be used too. Jagr's career overlapped that of Lafleur, whose career overlapped that of Gordie Howe, whose career began in 1946. Seventy years of hockey history are connected in only two links.
  2. HA, Awesome stuff there. your cat and this site would be famous if you were able to get a youtube video of the cat smashing the lights, it might go viral. lol.
  3. There's not many owners of pro franchises like Mr. Snider.
  4. That's a beauty tradition. All the best FC.
  5. And he'd already have traded half them away for Jagrs rights in 2 years.
  6. I also started trying to get them all in one swipe (and I've been successful a few times). The cat part is awesome though. Lol
  7. Yeah. I was initially smashing the lights, refreshing, and smashing all over again because I, too, am too easily entertained. I even made up a game to see if I could smash them all in one sweep. But then, not just as bonus but almost as raison d'etre, I realized the sound was annoying the hell out of my wife! Life is good. And then, real entertainment: the desktop in the kitchen is an all in one touchscreen monitor. The cat realized that she, too, could play (and annoy my wife...who was now entertained despite herself) Hf, thanks for the family entertainment!
  8. I've smashed those lights quite a few times already. I think I'm way too easily entertained...
  9. And now we move on to the Feats of Strength. Traditionally this means a challenger takes on the head of the household until he is wrestled to the floor and pinned. However, since nobody is crazy enough to ever take on Ron Hextall, we’ll consider Feats of Strength each player’s strong point. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare: You stepped up in place of Sean Couturier and did an admirable job during the ten-game win streak. Nick Cousins: That motor never stops rolling, and you help create a lot of time in the other end with your tireless efforts. Sean Couturier: Your return this week will be a Festivus Miracle! Claude Giroux: 31 points in 36 games, including ten goals. Now that’s a strong effort. Boyd Gordon: Strengths.. strengths.. strengths.. Travis Konecny: A lot tougher than his size would suggest, and he might actually give the head of household a run for his money. Taylor Leier: Paying style matches the quintessential bottom-six forward in today’s NHL. Stick around awhile, eh? Roman Lyubimov: He can forecheck for days, and will catch at least one more goalie by surprise with that Russian Rocket. Michael Raffl: The perfect compliment to the chemistry of the top line will be missed over the next few games. Matt Read: The Matt Read Redemption Tour has been on hiatus due to injury, but Read will always be one of the smartest on the ice. Brayden Schenn: That power play mojo shown during the streak speaks to the importance of his game when he’s on. Wayne Simmonds: Just when you think his game couldn’t get any stronger, he shows up this year improved in several areas. Chris VandeVelde: A tough cookie. Probably a plain vanilla cookie, but a tough cookie. Jake Voracek: Talk about a bounce-back season. What a stud so far this year. Dale Weise: He’s got a big-frame that he uses for minor Feats of Strength, particularly on the forecheck. Michael Del Zotto: He’s returned much closer to form and is a steady presence on the blueline once again. Shayne Gostisbehere: The Ghost of Christmas Future is rounding out his game and becoming a more complete player. Radko Gudas: Those hip checks are true Feats of Strength. Andrew MacDonald: He makes Provorov look that much better.. Brandon Manning: Chirping skills are on point, particularly when it comes to certain “generational talents.” Ivan Provorov: His strengths shine through in every facet of the game, including when the Flyers are shorthanded in overtime. Nick Schultz: He’s probably a dope journalist by now at least, with how much time he’s spent in the press box this season. Mark Streit: When healthy, Streit really helps the league-leading offensive production from the blueline. Steve Mason: He’s been a complete stud for much of the last month between the two unadorned Festivus posts. Michael Neuvirth: A stellar backup goaltender, when he can suit up. Get healthy soon! Anthony Stolarz: His size and mobility help him perform saves of strength that a normal man couldn’t handle.
  10. Glad you started this Jammer as I look forward to the Tournament. Here is a look at team USA's preliminary roster. 9 picks in the first round with another 6 in the 2nd. -- That has to be a new record for Team USA.

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