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  1. Simmonds is signed through *next* season - is there some pressing *need* to deal him rightnow? As with any player, if there is a solid deal on the table you have to consider it, but I don't get the "must trade Simmonds" approach. If anything, deal Voracek because teams will be bowled over by his possession numbers and assists. Or something...
  2. From my perspective..... love the hit. I watched it over and over. It was shoulder to shoulder and with how fast the play was developing I have no probable whatsoever with the hit Rinaldo laid into MacKinnon. HOWEVER ...... the sucker punch is just plain ole dirty and unnecessary. I get what @yave1964 is saying...players in general need to stop be offended by clean hard hits....however that does NOT give Rinaldo the right to sucker punch him. I don't know if either MacKinnon or Girard were injured....if not then 6 games sounds about right. Since he is a repeat offender with suspensions..... I would agree more games might be necessary. I would have been ok with a 10 game suspension. There is no place in hockey for this crap.........
  3. i saw a good amount of crying on reddit over the initial hit, which made no sense to me. Johnson gave him a proper mopping for the sucker punch. no problems there.
  4. @ruxpin The thing with Girard, he is a 160 pound undersized kid who came over in the three team deal for Duchene, still trying to make a name for himself and struggling mightily since the trade, almost as much as Duchene. He saw the teams top player bent at the waist after the hit, skated towards Rinaldo and gave a little tap which resulted in being more or less knocked out cold. He is still trying to get established in this game and paid the price for not knowing his opponent. And that is my problem, I actually have zero problem with the MacKinnon hit, hard, fast, clean hockey, center ice leveling type of hit, obviously MacKinnon was fine as he got into a good old fashioned fight with both Archibald and OEL seconds after in retaliation for the Girard hit. STOP TAKING OFFENSE TO CLEAN HITS even by slugs like Rinaldo, this is not the ice capades or Disney on Ice, it isn't baseball, it is freaking hockey.
  5. Zac Rinaldo has been suspended for six games for his conduct in a game right before Christmas against the Colorado Avalanche. First he drilled Avalanche star player Nathan MacKinnon at center ice with a good clean hard hit, rookie Samuel Girard voiced his displeasure to Rinaldo who dropped a glove and sucker punched the rookie knocking him out. It set off a brawl, the league took a look at it and decided that Rinaldo was deserving of six games for his fifth suspension. He seems to be following the path laid down by guys like Raffi Torres who sucker punched and dirty hit themselves out of the league. Truthfully, I am a bit shocked that in todays skill competition that is the NHL (no hit league) that there is still room for a Rinaldo, even on a bottom feeder team like Arizona. I know as a Wings fan that watching Witkowski fight is sometimes the only interesting thing in the game anymore, so I get it, a bad team needs something to wake the fans up at some point but Rinaldo is and always has been borderline awful. Let me be clear, the hit on MacKinnon was clean and a thing of beauty and I am tired of every time someone hits someone seeing a teammate come rushing to their defense for a clean hit, I do not in any way shape or form completely remove Girard from this, he skated over towards Rinaldo to voice his displeasure over a clean hit, he even tapped Rinaldo with his stick to get his attention. My problem is the roundhouse bare knuckle sucker punch. In essence Rinaldo cleanly laid out MacKinnon, Girard poked the bear and the bear (rinaldo) mauled Girard. Not defending Rinaldo, he is a slug and the lowest form of life in the NHL today but if the league put a stop to the ridiculousness of every time someone lays a good clean hard hit it leading to the opponent ganging up on said hitter this stuff wouldn't happen. I would give Rinaldo his six games for the sucker punch but there is an underlying problem when a clean hard hit leads to getting attacked more often than not. I am sure that Rinaldo was keyed up and expecting Girard and probably more Avalanche players to come after him for what was a nice clean hard hit.
  6. I just don't understand how an NHL team still employs Rinaldo. Aren't they run by some analytics genius? Was he taking a **** when they signed Rinaldo?
  7. Not when Nylander is picking the corner like *that*....nice shot.
  8. I don't know. It looks like a good but arguably late hit to me (and McKinnon provides a great object lesson on "keep your head up kids!"). Had nothing else happened, I wouldn't have argued much against an interference call for late, but it's really close to me. Otherwise, I'm fine with it. I'm not okay with Rinaldo in general, or with the sucker punch specifically. I'm good with what Johnson did.
  9. I too fear for hitting in ice hockey going the way of the dinosaur. I get the NHL wants to promote skill, speed, and scoring. But at its core, hockey is just a rough, physical game....and not one just anyone can play at its highest levels. Flag hockey anyone? I hope not. The NFL already has gone to ridiculous extremes regarding that......sadly, I see the NHL going that way as well. It is true that many times teams overreact to hits on their teammates. The line between clean hits and not-so-clean hits seems extremely blurry.. That all said, I simply have NO IDEA why a guy like Zac Rinaldo still exists in the NHL. None. I am all for a guy who is just a grinder, hitter, PK'er that kind of thing, with ZERO offensive production. But Rinaldo is not that. He has never been a producer...at ANY level in his career.....and he isn't really a defensive specialist, or a particularly smart hockey player.....so what does he really bring? Toughness? Ok...LOTS of teams have tough guys who aren't necessarily fighters....but also, won't go around cheap shotting fellow players. You know, at first, when Rinaldo was let go by Philly, I thought that maybe he could do better elsewhere away from the microscope and scrutiny of not only the Philly media, but also the rabid fanbase. I even thought that maybe Philly fans were a bit harsh on him. But after watching some of his 'hockey career' unfold outside of the Flyers, I clearly see that the guy just doesn't belong in the NHL today. Not the NHL of speed, skill, and scoring. Not the NHL of no clutching and grabbing. And hopefully, this NHL won't continue on to my aforementioned 'flag hockey'.............. The NHL has been doing away with the Sean Avery, Matthew Barnaby, Raffi Torres, Matt Cooke types.....bout time Rinaldo joined that group and found his way to the nearest MMA center for training on his new career. Sure, rats like Brad Marchand and Alex Burrows (well, barely there) remain in the NHL...but those guys can ACTUALLY play hockey when they want to. Rinaldo doesn't fit that description. Hopefully, Arizona will smarten up and realize that if they want to build a contender, they best focus on players rather than goons. The Yotes have LOTS of problems........Rinaldo shouldn't be one of them.
  10. Yes on the part about the deal pre draft. I would do a similar deal for 2 main reasons....it would give you a chance to get your roster set for the following season during the offseason. And 2 it would give the team the proper time to get over this huge trade....losing a heart soul guy like this would take the players some time to get over i think so the summer would be a perfect time. And then they could come into 2018-19 ready to put everything behind them and play hockey.
  11. I'm with you on most of it except the MacKinnon hit. It wasn't dirty, it was slightly late (he'd JUST passed the puck, but you're supposed to finish your check) and it's nowhere near the head. He hits him in the upper arm below his shoulder. Literally nowhere near the head. That's a good check (except for arguably slightly late). But then the typical Rinaldo zoo animal comes out in him and he acts like the imbecile that he is. I don't want his sorry [censored] in the game at all. He has zero skill and provides nothing other than a circus like you see in the video. I like the emotion of the rough and tumble stuff. But there's certain rules of engagement and fair game and all that. It's all foreign to Rinaldo.
  12. too streaky, 45 points a year come in bunches and long stretches of nothing. I doubt it will ever change. The Ducks have been decimated by injuries, when the real players come back he will be a quality middle six forward which is his true role. He is fools gold right now, it is all illusion.
  13. Beat mem to it....the only name that i can think off. Except for abroken wrist/hand earlier in the year, the kidn has prioven he can flat out score....... But yeah ...he is gone at #2.
  14. Svechnikov will likely go 2nd...he's a pretty good scorer. I get to watch him play here...he's got good size, skill and can skate. But it'd likely cost more than I'd want to give up to acquire that pick...I'd rather stick with where we pick and take our chances. We've got Lindblom/Ratcliff/Frost/Rubtsov etc already in the pipeline...to go with Patrick and whatever we get with our 2-1sts this year. We may not have the leagues top scorer, but should be able get goals with these guys.
  15. @OccamsRazor And let’s face it, some of this is from history. Remember back in the day when there was only one ref and two linesmen? Back then, since there was just the one ref, there was no confab possibility other than linesmen saying what the saw, but rarely if ever was a penalty called or reversed if the ref didn’t see it. Later, the NHL finally got smart and added a second referee, but there is still a reticence to take back an improper call, even if the second ref sees it correctly, and I think to some degree it harkens back to when there was only 1 ref. They are smart enough to realize that one ref isn’t enough, but NOT smart enough to let the four officials on the ice work together to raise the integrity of the officiating. Instead, in order to “fix” the problem, they let them make yet another bad call to balance out the first bad one. It’s backwards! Yes, I suppose I would agree that I would prefer a poorly officiated game that affects both teams equally over a game which is poorly officiated and favors one team over the other. But there IS a third choice which is a well-officiated hockey game. And since it is inevitable that mistakes WILL be made, officials should strive to get their calls right the first time rather than “correct” bad calls with more bad calls.

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